C11—- The Runaway Bride X

Even if Kou Dong had guessed countless reasons, he wouldn’t have expected such a plot development.

He didn’t say anything, and neither did the godfather. The man stood silently in the wind, the corner of his robe soughing in the air, like a tumbling wave.


“Come back with me.” He finally spoke, “Let’s go back, and pretend that none of this ever happened.”


Kou Dong finally came back to his senses and avoided his hand, “No.”

The godfather’s brow furrowed completely. He opened his mouth and his voice sounded like it was bursting out of a tight clockwork, “No?”


He barely moved the corners of his mouth, “Reason.”


Kou Dong thought, what more reason do I need , big brother, I have to pass this copy ah ……


You can’t say go back and I’ll go back, won’t I lose face?


But instead, he said, “I don’t want to be that way.”


“Nonsense!” The Godfather rebuked, “You want to live–”


Kou Dong suddenly raised his eyes and interrupted him, “You call that living?”



The Godfather’s jawline tensed.


He never knew that the child he had raised was so eloquent.


Only after a long time did the Godfather reply, “That’s living.”


Kou Dong didn’t answer, he silently stared at him.


He looked at the youth and repeated in a low voice: “That is living. No one can say otherwise. –None of them will know.”


No one would know.


His godson would still be on his lap, within his reach.


Just don’t say–


His fingers trembled slightly.


Just don’t say ……


“Do you want to keep me?”


The godfather took a violent step backward. He heard the child’s voice, distinctly within earshot, but as if it were a blur, pouring slowly into his ears, word by word.


“Do you want to keep me so badly that you prefer to skin me and turn me into a mannequin to accompany you?”


The godfather pursed his lips. His gaze wavered slightly, but suddenly he saw his godson lift his knife and plunge it toward his own arm – in shock, the man moved his wrist and shouted, “What are you doing!”


“Don’t you want this human skin of mine?”


His godson asked him with reddened eyes, “I’ll peel this skin off for you now, okay?”




How could what he wanted be that skin.


Seeing his struggle, Kou Dong became more confident, without saying a word, he put the knife to his neck.


“If you don’t let me go, I will immediately return the skin to you.”

Game system: [……]


What kind of operation was this? It had been doing this for so many years, this was its first time seeing a player who threatened NPC with himself.


What was worse, the NPC seemed threatened ……


After the godfather pondered for a long time, he slowly let go of his hand, his voice hoarse.



System: [!!!]


Kou Dong: “!!!”


It was just a test, he just casually spoke but this trick actually worked?


The game system was also silent, and only after a long time, did it respond: [He really loves you.]


Kou Dong didn’t answer.


Now he vaguely understood what a good feeling of over ninety really meant.


–These NPCs, actually had true love for him.


But this was too absurd. They were just data in the game, how could they know what love meant?


Kou Dong shook his head, perhaps he was thinking a little too much.

“Go,” the godfather closed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “just – remember to go home.”


He personally pointed out the rest of the way for his godson.


Kou Dong walked along that direction for a long time, always listening carefully for sounds. He didn’t know if it was because of the godfather’s help, but he didn’t see the viscount’s figure until he ran to the iron gate.



The iron gate symbolized that the way of life was close at hand, and the big stone in Kou Dong’s heart could finally be put down. He didn’t slow down, and reached out to try to push the door –


At that moment, he heard a voice behind him.


“Brother,” the voice calmly asked him, “still want to go?”




Kou Dong’s scalp tingled violently.



He finally knew why he hadn’t seen the little puppy.


It turned out that he deliberately ambushed him here at the end.


Kou Dong also realised that the sun was about to set. The last bit of light remained, and the sharp shadow of the iron gate reflected against the ground.


The little puppy was standing in the shadow of the fir forest, if he didn’t look closely, he could barely see his figure. He was in his human form and was slowly moving from there, Kou Dong gritted his teeth, reaching out to push the iron door.


He couldn’t push it open, the iron door seemed rusted, it was so heavy that his entire strength didn’t make it budge.


Kou Dong made his best efforts, but still failed to push it open. Instead, the little puppy came closer, and he kindly asked him: “Brother, do you need my help?”


Kou Dong was silent, before he drily replied: “Yes.”


Would he help?


The Viscount hugged his arms, surprisingly smiling: “Brother is so cute.”

Kou Dong: “……”


He heard an insult to his intelligence in that sentence.


Also, if the little puppy came to his aid, he’d become a ghost. Kou Dong could only rely on himself, as he tried to open the gate, he also tried to find a topic to delay him: “Did it hurt?”

The viscount’s expression became solemn, and then he paled, he obviously remembered the fear of being hurt by the chili powder.


But he quickly smiled again and asked in a warm voice: “No need for me to help?”


Kou Dong’s lace sleeves were rolled up, but he still couldn’t push the door. He finally realized that this thing wasn’t unusually difficult, maybe the devil in front of him did something.


Sure enough, the little puppy instructed him carelessly, “Brother can choose to come back.”




“What about my other options?”

“Or,” the little puppy showed his two tiger teeth, as if he was saying something insignificant, “Brother can choose to kill me.”


He was still wearing his groom’s attire, which was uniformly flat from top to bottom. The game’s human model was built quite perfectly, and the viscount looked less like a demon and more like a wild god.


Kou Dong swallowed his saliva and negotiated with him, “A kiss?”


Viscount: “……”

He shamefully found it a little tempting.

Fortunately, he soon came to his senses. What was a kiss?


Obviously, it was more cost-effective to take him back.


He finally stopped hiding his sharp claws and teeth and lifted his feet towards Kou Dong, his voice deep: “There is no other choice, brother.”


The beast revealed its sharp claws and stared at its prey with glee.


There was nowhere to hide, if Kou Dong wanted to run into the forest again, the viscount was faster than him – he would be dragged back before he reached the edge of the forest.


He wanted to fight him, yet the ashes would no longer glow and only quietly stayed in a small pouch, without any semblance of movement.


He could neither escape nor hide.


Kou Dong gulped, and tightly held the knife in his hand. He tried to use the same tactic he used in the Godfather and placed the knife to his neck tentatively.



But there was a difference. The little puppy didn’t try to stop him, instead he had pleasure written all over his face, he even tried to teach him: “Brother, you shouldn’t cut from that place. Come, I’ll teach you–”

Kou Dong: “……”

Cr*p, this was a real pervert!


At least when the godfather saw this scene, he knew when to stop!


This time, all the tools in Kou Dong’s hands and his talent for acting were useless. The tough demon easily kicked away his knife, held him tightly from behind, put his fangs on his throat, letting out a satisfied, low purr, and with force, he pierced his flesh.



Demonic saliva slowly dripped from his fangs. Under the effect of it, Kou Dong’s thoughts became a little fuzzy, and he gradually relaxed.


“Don’t be afraid,” the demon whispered vaguely, “it doesn’t hurt ……”


His fingernails poked into the hem of his skirt, almost embedding itself in his skin.



Underneath the other hand was his beating heart. As long as the demon exerted a little bit of force, it would completely pierce his chest.


At such a time, Kou Dong suddenly calmed down like never before. He slightly tilted his head, staring at the sky now that the afterglow was still there, knowing that this was the last thing he’d see.


He didn’t feel any fear, in fact, it was like soaking into warm water, his body was relaxed.


It wasn’t bad to die in this person’s hands like this.


He drifted through this thought and struggled to lift his eyelids. The last thing he saw was a man, coming out of the woods.


It was the Godfather.


The Godfather stood in front of them, looking down at the scene. The demkn didn’t pay attention to him, in the end, the Godfather was just an ordinary man. If not for the contract made when he was summoned, the demon would have devoured Kou Dong directly.


He didn’t even raise his head, he saw him from the corner of his eyes, but he didn’t pay attention to him.


The godfather couldn’t stop him, he knew it well.


The godfather stood in place, watching his godson in the arms of the demon, shudder. He still seemed to want to struggle, but there was no way – he was wrapped in a long torn wedding dress, his slender legs and arms were covered with twig scratches.


He had tried so hard to escape.


The godfather’s hands trembled. He didn’t say a word, he suddenly reached out and slowly took off his hat.


Seeing that, the originally nonchalant demon was stunned. He stopped drinking and stared at the man in surprise, “You ……”


The godfather didn’t answer. He rolled up his wide robe, letting the sun shine unrestrainedly on his skin.


He tilted his head back, the daylight bathed his face, his neck, his arms. He removed his clothes, completely exposing himself, and the light surrounded him completely, and turned into countless blinding white rays.

Kou Dong smelled flowers in the midst of his drowsiness. He finally sensed that something was wrong and desperately poked his head out of the demon’s arms, but only had time to see one scene –


It was light.


They weaved so densely, like a huge, dense spider web. It came down towards the Godfather, and under the red and purple evening sun, the Godfather’s face was also reflected in the red color.


Kou Dong suddenly realized what was going on.


He had seen such a scene, with the butler.


–How could it be?


How could this man also be a mannequin?



He subconsciously cried out: “Godfather!!!”


No one answered him. The man pursed his lips , not even letting out a cry of pain, it was all just a blink of an eye, with a soft sound, the world suddenly went dark.



When Kou Dong looked again, a handful of scattered ash was left on the ground, and gently, it was scattered by the wind.


The glow of the dust enveloped him, and the demon was suddenly ejected. Kou Dong finally came back to his senses and stumbled to push the iron door – this time there was no obstruction, he easily passed through the door and landed heavily on the soft soil.


He breathed heavily, and for some reason, his eyes got a little sore.


“Remember to go home.”


Those were the words that the man said to him.


He didn’t know whether he could ever return.

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