After the release of flightless bird’s new book, the Weibo app that had been struggling for a day finally went limp.


In fact, although the author ‘flightless bird’ had a great influence in the net literature industry, it was still limited compared to those big stars, and it wasn’t even as high as Mr. J’s appeal.


His reader appeal was far from enough to make Weibo go offline, it was mainly because it had accumulated too many explosive high traffic news, the programmer shakily thought things were finally over and he could relaxed, but as he relaxed a little, the result was like the last straw that crushed the camel.


It just fell apart!


The programmer didn’t know whether to scold Shi Fei for getting into trouble or to blame ‘flightless bird’ for picking this time of year to release a new novel.


Touching a handful of his increasingly scarce hair, he wiped a handful of bitter tears, and quickly maintained the system.


The programmer was helpless here, and the owner of the website was miserable. Judging from the history of “Flightless bird”, as long as he made a release, the website would definitely go offline. The website announced half a month ago that “Flightless bird” would release a new novel in half a month, which led to a bunch of authors being afraid to release a novel during this period, fearing that they would be badly abused.


Shi Fei released the novel and didn’t wait to see the uproar, he grabbed his book and started reading, he had an exam tomorrow, so he needed to review.



The book he was reading was “Murphy’s Law”.


If at this time his class teacher Ming Lihui saw this scene, she would shout at him again, a high student was reading “Murphy’s Law” to review, how would a high school ask questions about this?



The next day, Shi Fei found the books he didn’t use regularly, then he dressed up and went to Jiahuan private school.



The new school security guard stopped him.


“I remember exactly which students come in and out of this school every day, which school are you trying to blend into? Are you here to chase after Yi Jialin?” The security guard questioned him with a righteous expression.


“Big brother, this Yi Jialin is obviously a boy, you can clearly see that I’m a man, will I come here to pursue a man?” Shi Fei said while taking out his student ID card and handing it to him.


The security guard saw the name and photo on it, hesitantly compared with itthe mask and hat wearing Shi Fei, and asked in a low voice: “Pull the mask down a little.”


Shi Fei looked at the empty gate and took off his mask, “Brother, look.”


The security guard quickly confirmed his identity, “Go in.”


As he walked in, Shi Fei heard the security guard’s quiet voice from behind: “He has a good-looking face, why block it, is it a cold?”


Shi Fei realised that the security brother didn’t recognize him at all, he didn’t know who he was.


Shi Fei wanted to pick a shortcut to avoid the large group of people, so he deliberately picked the music building side of the road, as he passed the building, he heard a crisp and pleasant sound inside.


Shi Fei raised his eyebrows, this was the sound of a violin.


There was still an hour to go before the exams started, yet there was still someone playing the violin so leisurely at this time of day? The sound of the violin was quite good, it was consistent, it looked like the person had been learning for many years.


When he turned the corner, he saw a lot of girls blocking the entrance of the music classroom in front of him.


Each and every one of them was looking at the direction of the classroom desperately, they held flowers in their hands, and their eyes were shining.


“So handsome, the way Jialin plays the violin is so handsome that my legs are weak.”


“His fingers are so thin, long and white.”


“How can someone be so perfect, so handsome, so good in studies, so charming in playing the violin, is there anyone more perfect than him in this world?”


“Sophomore (1) class Shi Fei, he’s good at reading, singing, writing original songs, his guitar playing skill is also first-class, he’s the internationally renowned Mr. J, and the most important thing, he’s super handsome.”


“Don’t mention it, when he wasn’t yet famous, I fell in love with him, for him, I specially transferred to this school, yet for a whole semester, I didn’t see him, so I climbed a wall.”

[TN: Climbed a wall —— moved on to another person (in this context)]


“Me too, compared to the unseen and untouchable Shi Fei, it’s a male god like Jialin that I can see up close that makes my heart flutter.”


“Brother Fei, I’ll only cheat for five minutes, I’ll be back soon.”


The girls were whispering happily.


Shi Fei listened to theur discussion, it turned out that the person playing the violin inside was the person the security uncle mentioned, ‘Yi Jialin’, when he was around, he never heard of such a popular person, was he a new transfer student?


He reached down and pulled down his cap, ready to quietly pass behind the group of girls and go to his classroom building.


At this point a few girls moved back, and one straight-haired girl accidentally bumped into Shi Fei and knocked his duck-tongue cap off.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” The straight-haired girl quickly picked up the hat for Shi Fei, and also patted the dust on it, ready to hand it back to Shi Fei, when their eyes met.

She quickly recognised him, “Shi Fei.”


Shi Fei subconsciously touched the mask he was still wearing, were these star-struck girls so powerful? With a pair of eyes, they could recognize him?


“I’m not, I’m not Shi Fei.” Shi Fei wanted to struggle a little.


“Just don’t resist, you can’t escape the eyes of us star-struck girls even if you’re fully covered.” The straight-haired girl said excitedly, her hands and feet bouncing in place.


Shi Fei smiled and asked: “But I just heard you say you’d climbed the wall?”


The straight-haired girl immediately shook her head: “You must have heard wrong, climbing the wall? It’s impossible to climb the wall, if you can sign this for me, it would be better.”


The girl reached into her carry-on bag and brought out two photos.


“You’re carrying my pictures, you’re definitely a true fan.” Shi Fei took the photos, “But I don’t have a pen.”



“I do, by the way, please sign this for me too.” The other girl quickly fished out a photo and pen from her shirt pocket and looked at Shi Fei with excitement.


As he signed it, Shi Fei asked: “Do you usually carry my picture like this? Or did you predict that I’ll come back today?”


Embarrassed, the girl quickly responded: “I usually carry it, I know Brother Fei goes here, so I’ve always brought it to school, in case I have a lucky encounter.”


The girls who had been gathered around to watch the violin were now looking at Shi Fei, with little stars in their eyes.

Some girls were so excited that they wanted to take and send some pictures to their friends, but the straight-haired girl immediately stopped them: “Everyone, post the photos later, don’t send it to your friends to spread the word, otherwise Shi Fei won’t be able to walk out of the music building, if you like Shi Fei, please give him some space.”


The straight-haired girl observed the star-struck girls, and immediately knew what Shi Fei would face if they posted the pictures.



Basically everyone was obedient, but it was difficult to stop some excited people, they secretly took a photo and posted it.


Soon one reached ten, ten reached hundred and more and more people rushed over.


Even some people weren’t fans of Shi Fei, once they heard that a star was around, they curiously went to look.


“I see more and more people coming, Shi Fei, run.” The straight-haired girls anxiously commanded everyone to get out of the way.

“It’s too late to run. Fans that have masks and hats with them, it’s better to wear them quickly. Those who don’t have hats and masks but have conjoined hats on their clothes, use that, just walk around, it’ll be easier.” Shi Fei’s brain turned fast, and he soon thought of a way.


Everyone quickly did as they were told, although this approach was quite poor, it was enough to muddle through for a moment.



Shi Fei ran up the stairs and quickly blended in among a crowd of students.


The girls who were still blocking the doorway to see Yi Jialin, ran away one by one.


Yi Jialin stood in the music classroom, he put down the violin on his shoulder, his beautiful eyes watched the scene unfold with a hint of melancholy.


“Shi Fei, we finally meet.”


He blinked, then put the violin back in its case and left the classroom with it on his back.


When the people of the sophomore (1) class heard that Shi Fei had returned, they all acted as escorts and went to the door early to pick him up, blocking those crazy girls from other classes.


Class president Zhang Xiaomei commanded everyone to close the classroom door, facing those who want to look for Shi Fei’s autograph classmates, Zhang Xiaomei directly brought out her class president majesty,: “What’s the hurry, he is our classmate, today is a big day. He can sign it after the exam.”


Everyone went back to their position, many people propped up their chins with their elbows, while some people also took out their cell phone to secretly photograph him.



Zhang Xiaomei turned back to see Shi Fei sitting on his seat, she instantly explodes: “Shi Fei, you can really play, can’t you be more low-key? Don’t you know how popular you are? You’re still on the hot search list, couldn’t you notify the school so they’d give you at least ten security guards in advance?”


Shi Fei sneakily moved away from her, he looked at his tablemate Zhu Yixin, “What’s wrong with the class president?” I haven’t seen her this angry before.”


Instead of reviewing, Zhu Yixin was playing a game before the exams started, he didn’t raise his head and he carelessly replied: “She didn’t get Shen Qingran’s concert tickets two days ago, these days, she’s like a firecracker, be careful not to provoke her.”


A star-struck girl’s outburst was terrible, no one could afford to mess with them.



Just after answering the question, his deskmate who was talking with him suddenly spat out curses with an angry expression: “Oh sh!t, this%&* $ #@ dog thing, can you play games? Sh!t, If I sprinkle a handful of rice, a chicken’s positioning will better than this garbage, cr@p … ”


Shi Fei raised his eyebrow when he heard him cursing, it seemed that he also couldn’t be messed with. He was playing a very popular game “Jedi Escape”, it was loved by many game lovers as soon as it went online two years ago.



It was mainly that 100 people parachuted to an isolated location at the same time, and the one who could live to the end was the king.


The configuration required by this game was very high, and many people’s home configuration couldn’t play this game at all, resulting in a lot of business for Internet cafes in the past few years.



When the game first came out, Shi Fei was addicted to it for a while. Later, something happened and he stopped playing it. Zhu Xinyi was playing the mobile game version that was just released this year, it became very popular as soon as it came out.



At this time, the preparatory bell for the exam rang, the girls standing near the windows reluctantly left.



Not a moment later the class teacher, Ming Lihui, came in, wearing a black suit uniform and holding a pile of test papers, when she saw Shi Fei she was obviously surprised: “Hey, when did you come back? How come you didn’t even say hello to me?”


Shi Fei “……” Oh, he didn’t know how to answer.





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