Only a pure and gentle person like Wen Run could get close to the guarded and cautious Ye Hansheng and make him take down his guard a little.


Chen Zhen had a good impression of Wen Run, her profession made her very good at chatting with people, so with a few words, the atmosphere eased up, even if Wen Run didn’t like her at first, soon he and Chen Zhen started chatting happily.


Wen Run was a bit disappointed, no wonder Boss Ye liked her, she was good-looking, had a good temperament, and good character, such a person was too hard to hate.


He felt inexplicably lost in his heart as he decided that this elegant and affable lady was Ye Hansheng’s future partner.



When Ye Hansheng came out of the kitchen, he saw the two of them talking happily. Before Chen Zhen arrived, Wen Run seemed a little jealous, now, at this moment, that was completely gone. From the side, the corners of his mouth was curved, and the small hidden dimple by his cheek was visible, he looked very cute.



But now that lovely smile was facing Chen Zhen, for a moment, Ye Hansheng had some doubts about whether his approach was right or wrong.



He coughed gently and drove the wheelchair forward, “Aunt Zhen.”


Chen Zhen answered, smiling: “Hansheng, your friend is really good at making people laugh, just now he said I look a few years younger than you.”


Ye Hansheng glanced at Wen Run and replied with a light voice: “Aunt Zhen isn’t old.”


The two of them were speaking in turns, but it was Wen Run who was stunned into wide-eyed wonder. He had a preconceived notion that Chen Zhen was Ye Hansheng’s girlfriend, and even though Chen Zhen seemed a few years older than Ye Hansheng if he looked closely, he only thought that Ye Hansheng didn’t mind age, or that he liked older women. But it never occurred to him that the other would be Ye Hansheng’s elder.


As they chatted, he deliberately said that Chen Zhen looked less than 30 years old.


The result was that she was actually Ye Hansheng’s elder, Wen Run’s face became red from embarrassment, after the surprise, he seemed a little helpless, he looked at Chen Zhen and then looked at Ye Hansheng, his black eyes were filled with obvious panic.


Ye Hansheng laughed lightly and formally introduced him, “Aunt Zhen, this is my friend Wen Run, he lives next door.”



Chen Zhen’s expression slightly changed and she meaningfully glanced at Ye Hansheng.


As if he wasn’t aware, Ye Hansheng looked at Wen Run: “This is Aunt Zhen, you can call her that, Aunt Zhen and my mother were good friends.”


Wen Run’s eyes drifted, not knowing if she had seen through the self-serving guesses he had just made, he numbly called out, “Aunt Zhen.”


Chen Zhen wanted to tease him, but seeing his red neck, she couldn’t bear to, so she smiled and changed the topic. Wen Run’s thoughts naturally couldn’t hide from her, she hadn’t been very happy to help Ye Hansheng with this favor, after all, wishful thinking often didn’t have good results, but because her heart softened, she decided to help. But now she liked Wen Run, she thought he was good boy, and saw that he liked Ye Hansheng, that was why he was a little more attentive.


As her eyes swept over the two, Chen Zhen suddenly turned, “Is there something burning?”


Dumbfounded, Wen Run quickly reacted, “I’ll go check.”


The pot of chicken and mushroom stew had burnt. The food could no longer be eaten, Wen Run turned off the fire and threw the stew into the trash, fortunately the remaining dishes were enough.


Originally Wen Run prepared eight dishes, now with one less dish, there were seven left, but it was still enough for three people.


Seven dishes with full color and aroma were placed on the table, although it wasn’t as good as a chef’s cooking, the home-cooked food was more appealing. Chen Zhen tasted them one by one and constantly praised Wen Run.


There were only three people at the table, and no one cared about eating without talking, so they chatted while they ate, the atmosphere was very cordial.


Chen Zhen poured a bowl of soup for herself, meeting Ye Hansheng’s eyes, she gently sipped the soup and asked him: “Do you still have insomnia? When you’re not busy with work, go out more, don’t always stay at home alone, it’s not good for your condition.”


Ye Hansheng nodded, “I know.”



The two of them spoke without avoiding Wen Run, but Wen Run was a little confused, he looked at Ye Hansheng in doubt, “Is Mr. Ye sick?”


Chen Zhen didn’t say anything, so Ye Hansheng lightly replied, “It’s an old problem, Aunt Zhen is also my psychiatrist.”


Wen Run froze for a moment, almost subconsciously associating it with the car accident, he mumbled quietly, but quickly realised that asking questions wouldn’t be appropriate, and finally he could only ask in a low voice: “Is it serious?”


“It’s not.” Ye Hansheng replied indifferently.


Wen Run couldn’t ask more questions, so he sullenly poked the rice in the bowl with his chopsticks.


Chen Zhen saw the situation and continued: “Does your leg still hurt recently? The Chinese doctor I found for you before, you also refused to see him, this isn’t a small matter, you need to pay more attention to yourself.”


Ye Hansheng frowned slightly, “It only hurts occasionally, I don’t like people touching my legs.”


Chen Zhen saw him like this and secretly sighed, although she was cooperating with Ye Hansheng, her words of persuasion wasn’t fake. Ye Hansheng never liked talking about his injured legs, his legs had been disabled for a long time without use. Bl*od didn’t pass, so the muscles gradually atrophied, not to mention that there was frequent pain. She once introduced two old Chinese doctors to Ye Hansheng, for him to get regular massage acupuncture so he’d feel less pain, but Ye Hansheng refused.



Wen Run listened and secretly raised his eyes to look at Ye Hansheng, he had thought about this before, Ye Hansheng wasn’t short of money, so he should have special care, but he never thought he would be so uncomfortable with others touching his legs.


Then he thought of the first time he went to Ye Hansheng’s home a long time ago, Ye Hansheng was asleep on the sofa, and he touched his leg. Compared to his strong arms, his calves were much thinner, almost no muscles could be felt, only hard leg bones.


He frowned slightly and looked at Ye Hansheng disapprovingly, he looked at him like he was a small child who refused to take his medication.


Ye Hansheng slightly pursed his lips, pretending not to notice his gaze.


Chen Zhen glanced at him, and helplessly said to Wen Run: “Look, he grew up like this, he won’t listen when he doesn’t want to.” She held Wen Run’s hand, feeling a little helpless and worried: “He is so old and he has no one, since you live next door, if you’re free, come over more often and chat with him.”


Ye Hansheng wrinkled his eyebrows, she made him sound like an empty nester.


But Wen Run listened, he solemnly nodded, “Don’t worry, I will come over often to keep Mr. Ye company.”


Chen Zhen patted his hand with satisfaction, she secretly glanced at Ye Hansheng, she had persuaded him many times, but didn’t get any response, but now he found his nemesis, maybe in the future Ye Hansheng would obediently see a doctor. She looked at Wen Run and saw that his eyes weren’t less worried than hers, he seemed very concerned about Ye Hansheng’s health.


After the meal, Wen Run and Chen Zhen had reached a consensus. Ye Hansheng invited Chen Zhen to come over, to let Wen Run know that he didn’t have a girlfriend, and to let Chen Zhen properly “disclose” some things so that he could seem pitiful.


Wen Run had always been soft-hearted, he knew this, he would probably feel heartbroken for him. A man’s love for a woman sometimes began with pity, even if it was replaced by two men, it should also work.


He planned well, but didn’t expect that Chen Zhen wouldn’t follow the plan, instead she formed an alliance with Wen Run and began to condemn him for not caring about his body.


Rubbing his brow, Ye Hansheng was accompanied by a headache by the time they finished eating, and he finally sent Chen Zhen away.


Wen Run and Ye Hansheng escorted her to the elevator, then the two of them were left in the quiet corridor, he secretly glanced at Ye Hansheng, he tried holding his words back but he couldn’t help himself: “Mr. Ye, your illness …… Was it caused by the car accident a few years ago?”


His right hand behind his back subconsciously grabbed the corner of his coat, he was worried about Ye Hansheng, but also afraid that he would be offended and angry. But at this moment, looking at Ye Hansheng’s figure, he suddenly couldn’t help himself, he wanted to know what kind of damage that car accident had caused him to make him suffer enough to go to a psychiatrist. If he was intact and sound, Ye Hansheng certainly wouldn’t need a psychiatrist.


Ye Hansheng didn’t answer. He silently opened the door and went in, Wen Run followed him inside, then he closed the door, turned around again, and saw him stop at the entrance, as he looked at him with wary eyes, his thin lips became a line.


The lights in the house were turned off when they went out, leaving only a small dim light. The two didn’t want to move to turn on the lights now, Ye Hansheng faced Wen Run, the knot in his throat rolled several times, for the first time, his vulnerability was displayed in front of him, “That time …… My mother died and Jiajia became like that, it was very painful, and I also felt a lot of self-blame … …”


He narrowed his eyes, as if he was caught in a memory. If he had been more cautious back then, perhaps the car accident wouldn’t have happened and his mother and sister would be fine.


“I couldn’t sleep at night, and when I closed my eyes I would go back to the scene of the crash and see my mother and sister lying in a pool of blo*d ……”


He smiled self-deprecatingly, “From that time on, I had insomnia, and my temper became unstay, that was when I had to go to Aunt Zhen.”


He deliberately omitted the disgusting things the Ye family did, he wanted to make Wen Run feel heartache and treat him better, but he didn’t want to scare him.


However, even if he said it lightly, Wen Run still saw some hints from his words and expression. When he watched the news, he found out that he had a car accident, at that time, Ye Hansheng must have been suffering from unimaginable pain, and his stepmother and father didn’t care about him, just a little imagination of that scene made Wen Run’s nose sore.



He gently inhaled, half squatted down, and seriously looked at Ye Hansheng: “You can’t be blamed for the accident, no one can predict the future. If aunt knew, she wouldn’t want you to punish yourself for the mistakes of others, she would want you to live.”


Ye Hansheng lowered his eyes to look at him, the teenager’s nose was a little red and his eyes seemed wet, although he sounded extremely restrained, Ye Hansheng still caught a trace of a sour muffled nasal sound.


He was really hurting. Ye Hansheng’s heart softened.


Zheng Xuan and Chen Zhen said the same thing to him, but he took the bull by the horns and refused to release himself. But now, the same words were coming from Wen Run, but he felt relieved. It was as if the invisible shackles had been lifted, and there was a sense of relief like he had finally reached his destination after a long journey.


He originally only wanted to make him feel heartache, but after seeing his worried and fond gaze, he couldn’t restrain the feeling of exhaustion, he suddenly leaned over and embraced Wen Run, his firm chin rested on his shoulder, a rare exposure of his fragile emotions.


The two intertwined, Wen Run could clearly feel the temperature from his body. He thought he should move away, since this was a little too intimate, however, as his hand raised, Ye Hansheng whispered softly: “Don’t move, let me hold you for a while ……”


Wen Run’s raised hand slightly stalled, and finally, he gently placed it on his back. He thought the man might need a little soothing, he just needed to pretend like he was coaxing a child, the palm of his hand gently patted and stroked his back, a silent comfort.



Ye Hansheng hugged him tightly, feeling the gentle comfort of the young man. He wanted to squeeze him into his body, so they would never separate again, he wouldn’t need to plan anything deliberately, he wouldn’t need to fear that he would leave him one day.




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