Wen Run was really scared and he didn’t easily stop coughing, his face was still red, even his ears and neck were scarlet, his black eyes looked hazy, he looked up and down, left and right, but he didn’t dare to look at Ye Hansheng. He was a little ashamed, he couldn’t help but raise his eyes and glare fiercely at Guo Congfei who spoke nonsense.

Guo Congfei saw his glare, he not only didn’t feel angry, he felt that he was really f*cking beautiful. Good-looking and obedient, unlike all the enchanting people he had seen. Thinking about it, he stopped feeling happy. Although Ye Hansheng hadn’t caught him, he couldn’t be compared to the sum of the men and women he had been with.

At this point he looked at Ye Hansheng with a little jealousy, he didn’t really have any thoughts on Wen Run, he simply felt that Ye Hansheng was a bully in all aspects, he was older yet his target was even better than others.

In his heart, he felt that Wen Run was better than those he was thinking about. Guo Congfei’s attitude towards Wen Run became even better, but he still remembers to save face for his “dad” and didn’t dare to be too attentive to him. He tried to ease the embarrassment he caused: “The targets don’t move, so it’s no fun to play. It’s better to use moving targets, Yu Xin expanded a new area last month, and it hasn’t been opened to the outside world, you can go try it. ”

The Yu Xin he mentioned was one of the largest investors in the resort and also one of the owners.

Yu Xin was in the second generation circle in B city, he loved to play, but he also made money, and Guo Congfei and Ye Hansheng were familiar with him.

Ye Hansheng looked at him coldly and ignored him, he turned to Wen Run and asked, “Still playing?” After such a scene, he estimated that Wen Run wouldn’t want to continue.

Sure enough Wen Run shook his head, he didn’t have the heart to play. The red layer on his face receded a bit, but there was still a thin layer of pink, and it looked like he was still embarrassed by what he had just said.

“Then let’s go eat first.” Ye Hansheng thoughtfully didn’t bring it up.

Wen Run nodded, and the two of them, plus the bodyguard, went out of the shooting room to the restaurant to eat. The restaurant was in the resort area, in order to maintain a unified style with the wooden house villa, it was also a wooden house, it was made into a triplex style. The back was against the woods, the front had an artificial pond, and the middle yard was set up with tables and chairs.

Today the weather was good, the two didn’t go to the restaurant to eat, but sat down in the open courtyard. Ye Hansheng first ordered a few signature dishes, and then handed the menu to Wen Run, so that he could order a few more.

After ordering, the waiter took away the menu, and Wen Run was obviously restrained. He subconsciously recalled Guo Congfei’s phrase “is this my mother? Or should I call him little dad”, although it was just a misunderstanding, it still made his face red, until now his heart hadn’t completely calmed down.

Sneaking a look at Ye Hansheng, he felt an indescribable feeling, he lowered his eyes as he drank the tea to hide the emotions in his eyes. Wen Run reassured himself that it was just a misunderstanding, he shouldn’t have taken it so seriously.

What he didn’t know was that when he sneaked a look at Ye Hansheng, Ye Hansheng was also looking at him.

Just now, he secretly glanced at him, his eyes were dark and clear and his cheeks were reddish. He didn’t know he had seen him, and he was still sipping from his teacup, he obviously thought he was looking at Ye Hansheng without making it obvious.

Ye Hansheng pretended not to be aware of the look, allowing him to continue.

They sat face to face at a double wooden table, behind them was a simple wooden house, overlooking the forest of green trees. Although they didn’t speak, the air around them was smoldering ……

However, there were always people who were interested in breaking the atmosphere by coming over.

Guo Congfei sat at the next table, but stretched his neck towards Wen Run’s table, like a duck with a long neck, “You really didn’t go ah? I heard that the new scene is very exciting, and the equipment is also the latest.”

Wen Run was still holding a grudge, he turned his head to ignore him. Ye Hansheng faintly glanced at him, his face gloomy, “Roll.”

Guo Congfei persevered, he looked at Wen Run and then looked at Ye Hansheng, then he deliberately turned to Wen Run again: “Hey, you haven’t seen my father wearing camouflage with a gun, right? Really handsome and manly, the girls are always fascinated by him …… and this time the new area is an abandoned factory, the road is cemented, it won’t affect anything …..”

Wen Run imagined a bit, he was a bit curious about Ye Hansheng wearing camouflage with a gun l, but once he thought of Ye Hansheng’s situation, he lowered his eyes and didn’t respond.

But Ye Hansheng wasn’t normal, although hus face was still gloomy, he no longer asked him to leave. On the contrary, he looked slightly moved, he turned to Wen Run, “Do you want to try? It’s good to get familiar with the combat mode in advance.”

Wen Run was about to shake his head when he heard him say, “I’ll also go with you.”

Wen Run slightly froze, he worriedly looked at his legs, he didn’t want to hurt his pride, so he pursed his lips and agreed.

“Then I’ll go call a few more people.” Guo Congfei saw that they were finally convinced, then he left his food and enthusiastically went to call some people.

Wen Run and Ye Hansheng ate, then walked along the boulevard. After almost two hours, Guo Congfei came back, “Let’s go, they’re all together. Yu Xin is also here.”

The latter sentence was said to Ye Hansheng, originally Yu Xin went to play elsewhere in the past few days, but he heard that Ye Hansheng came, and hurried back. Other second-generations called by Guo Congfei were in a similar situation. After all, since the incident of the Ye family, Ye Hansheng hardly participated in any activities. Except for a few business talks where he had to appear, he pushed all the others away.

So this group of second-generations who liked to have fun heard that Ye Hansheng was in the resort, and that he wanted to play in the new area, no matter what, they all arrived.

Some people were purely curious, but some secretly wanted to see the fun, but when Ye Hansheng came out in a wheelchair, everyone was silent, although he was in a wheelchair, he didn’t look decadent, but more powerful than before, he didn’t look easy to mess with.

“You finally came, after you stopped coming, I had no opponent.” Yu Xin was the first to go forward, and punched Ye Hansheng’s shoulder.

Ye Hansheng smiled, and gestured to Wen Run, “I’m accompanying a friend over to have fun, don’t take it too seriously.”

He said he shouldn’t be serious, but Yu Xin was a master who liked playing. Soon the people brought by Guo Congfei was divided into two groups. A group of five people. Ye Hansheng with Wen Run and bodyguard Yu Biao, plus two second generations. One’s hair was tied with a fashionable small rope, the other had permed hair.

Yu Xin and Guo Congfei was on a team, with three second-generations.

Ye Hansheng’s team was the red team, Yu Xin’s team was the blue team. The new area on the other side of the mountain forest, was an area of more than 60 acres of abandoned factories. The factory was left behind a long time ago. Yu Xin had seen it before, then he deliberately bought it, and the development recently got completed.

The two teams changed their equipment outside the field, camouflage uniforms, bulletproof helmets, tactical vests, half-finger gloves, and a water-bomb rifle. After they were all equipped, the two teams were taken by the coach to different waiting locations to explain the rules.

The two teams had to compete for three flags, one hour was the limit, the first team to get three flags won. If time was up and no team had three banners, the team with two banners won. Banners couldn’t be hidden. It had to be worn by a team member after it was taken.

If you were hit in the head during the game, you died immediately. In the case of chest or back, you have to be hit three times before you die. Tactical undershirts had an electronic display that showed the number of hits received. After the verdict of death the member’s firearm would be automatically locked and out.

Each member only had a shuttle bullet, for the rest of the bullets and other supplies, they needed to search the abandoned plant to get it.

Wen Run couldn’t control his excitement as he held the water bomb gun, although it wasn’t a full simulation, the metal body texture was very good, it felt real as he held it in his hands, which added to his excitement.

The coach explained the rules, after the end of the system countdown, he opened the door to the waiting area. The five people moved forward along the concrete road, to the nearest factory building, then Ye Hansheng began to assign tasks.

“Split into two groups to search for supplies first, and then meet at the plant in front.” Ye Hansheng pointed to Yu Biao and Xiao Jiao, “You two, go search the building on the left. You come with us.” The latter sentence was said to Curly. The five people divided into two groups, the first went to search for supplies.

Ye Hansheng led them forward against the factory wall. Guo Congfei wasn’t wrong, the abandoned factory area wasn’t a big restriction on the wheelchair, besides on being able to go upstairs, the rest were quite convenient.

After entering the factory gate, Ye Hansheng found a perspective of the best position to hide, the water bomb gun quietly peeked out from the window a little, “You two go upstairs and search for supplies, Wen Run go to the rooftop to see if you can see a brocade flag.”

The location of the brocade flag wasn’t revealed in advance, they had to find it themselves.

Wen Run nodded, took the gun and the curly haired man together to go upstairs. Halfway up the stairs he glanced back and saw Ye Hansheng hiding in the corner, half of his body was in the shadows, out of nowhere, the atmosphere suddenly became cold and hostile. He was wearing camouflage, his back was straight; his face was covered by a helmet, only a pair of slightly narrowed eyes could be seen; he wore half finger gloves on his long, strong hands, the exposed knuckles were bent and taut, steadily on the trigger of the gun.

Thinking about what Guo Congfei said earlier, Wen Run thought he was right. The camouflage uniform on Mr. Ye was indeed handsome, he exuded an aura of wildness.

He didn’t dare see more, the curly hair man was responsible for the search upstairs, so he went up to the third floor. Here the scene was done with great care, the props were leftovers from the previous factory relocation, it was well preserved, the degree of restoration and authenticity were very high. The third floor was haphazardly stacked with abandoned wooden boxes, and he searched through them all before finding two bullets, a wooden-handled grenade and a map. Putting the stuff in a small pouch next to his tactical undershirt. Wen Run went up to the rooftop.

The rooftop was fully open, with a concrete parapet only half a person high. Wen Run was afraid of being discovered, so he carefully bent down and walking against the concrete guardrail. Only quietly revealing his eyes to see. The third floor was the highest building in the scene. But he looked around and didn’t see the banner. He cautiously went downstairs, and searched again to confirm that there were no omissions, before going down.

Curly found three bullets on the second floor, the harvest wasn’t bad. Ye Hansheng then studied the map found by Wen Run for a while. Then he led them out of the plant and continued to go forward.

There were guiding road signs within the scene, five people followed the road signs all the way, and soon filled a large bag full of supplies. During the first half of the journey, they didn’t meet the enemy and walked quite smoothly. About fifteen minutes later, the five people walked to the factory canteen. There was a small square in front of the cafeteria, the square wasn’t covered, in the middle was a large red flag. Xiao Jiao excitedly wanted to pick the flag, but Ye Hansheng stopped him, Instead, he asked Yu Biao to lie in wait on the third floor of the opposite factory building, and Xiao Jian and Curly went to the opposite factory to hide. He took Wen Run into the cafeteria.

The other group’s hiding direction, was exactly like a triangle. Ye Hansheng and Wen Run found the hiding place, Ye Hansheng opened communication and said: “Don’t take all the supplies downstairs, leave a little for camouflage. Everyone pay careful attention to the southwest direction, the blue team should soon arrive.”

He stopped talking and hid behind the window sideways, like a statue of a motionless guard at the window. Wen Run stood close to the opposite window, and also paid attention to the outside movement.
Ye Hansheng chose this place with a good perspective, the window he was guarding was exactly opposite to the windward fluttering brocade flag, while Wen Run’s side was facing the road that the blue team might pass.

The two didn’t talk to each other, they probably waited for less than five minutes, before Wen Run saw a figure flashing by the large garbage cans in the distance very quickly. The other side moved quickly, Wen Run almost thought he saw wrong. But he stared at the garbage can for a minute, then finally saw the exposed corner of a coat.

Quietly making a gesture to Ye Hansheng, Ye Hansheng slowly turned his wheelchair over, and Wen Run continued looking at the person hiding behind the trash can.

The man probably wanted to go through the back door of the canteen. After hiding for a few minutes to confirm that there was no danger, he moved out cautiously, bent over and passed the gun quickly to Ye Hansheng
Ye Hansheng’s eyes narrowed, his finger pulled the trigger, then the built-in system made the announcement: “Blue team player Qian Sanshi was hit in the head, death, out of the game.”

Qian Sanshi was confused and looked at the gunshot, but didn’t see the person who shot him. With an indignant expression, he clutched his gun, threw the supplies he was carrying in place, and left wearing only his camouflage uniform.

“I’ll go pick up the supplies.”

Wen Run stared at the bag that was thrown on the ground stupidly. Ye Hansheng pulled his wrist and whispered, “There is no hurry.” After speaking, he didn’t let go of his wrist, Wen Run could feel his slightly higher than his own body temperature, uncomfortable, he gently struggled a little.

Ye Hansheng let go of his wrist and let him push him to a different place. After the two hid again, they saw that on the second floor opposite the window they originally stayed in, a barrel of a gun quietly poking out of a black hole.

The barrel of the gun aimed at the first floor of the cafeteria window for a while, the person didn’t find anything, and quietly pulled back.

Wen Run gulped nervously, and sure enough after a few moments, he saw a man come out of that building. He pushed a huge garbage can as a cover, carefully leaned over to Qian Sanshui’s pile of supplies, getting closer and closer ……

Wen Run subconsciously gripped the gun tightly, just when it became tense, several gunshots came one after another behind them. Wen Run looked back and saw that the red flag was still floating, but no one was seen in the square. Then he guessed that the people of the blue team should have entered the factory and met Yu Biao, but he didn’t know who won or lost…

The gunshot in the cafeteria square startled the person near the garbage cans, he stopped in place for a while without moving. After confirming that he wasn’t in danger, Guo Congfei continued to carefully push the garbage can.

Qian Sanshi’s gun was equipped with a silencer, he had to pick it.

He quietly walked for a while, and finally was only one step away from the pile of supplies. He quietly breathed a sigh of relief and continued to push the trash can slowly.

Inside the cafeteria, Ye Hansheng pushed open the protective mask and attached himself to Wen Run and whispered, “Go to the window on the left side of the cafeteria, then aim across the street and shoot.” Wen Run’s cheeks went red, he hurriedly pulled up the mask, and ran out.

Guo Congfei was only half a step away from the supplies, all hisattention was on the supplies, he didn’t pay any attention to the subtle movement of Wen Run.

Wen Run entered the building where Guo Congfei came out just now, he looked for a window, then poking out the gun and aimed at Guo Congfei’s back and fired.
The water bomb suddenly hit his back, Guo Congfei jumped and instinctively pushed the trash can to change direction, blocking the rear. The number three turned into two on the electronic display on his chest.

He was a little distressed, he risked his body to get to the handful of guns on the ground and grabbed it, he took off the silencer and wanted to run inside the cafeteria. The result was he turned right into the black muzzle of Ye Hansheng’s gun, Ye Hansheng didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, “bang”, a shot to the head.

Guo Congfei opened his mouth wide.

The system broadcast informed: “Blue team player Guo Congfei was hit in the head and died, out of the game.”

Wen Run ran back from the opposite side, and picked up the bullets on the ground and stuffed them into his bag, then urged him in a low voice, “Hand over all the supplies you have on you, hurry up!”

Guo Congfei indignantly took out the silencer and bullets and gave them to Wen Run, to Ye Hansheng hidden behind the window, he cursed him in his heart, this person was really too d*mn sinister!

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