After Guo Congfei was out, another system announcement followed: “Red team player Chen Zhaokang was hit in the head and died, out of the game.”

Chen Zhaokang was the one who tied the small grip.

Two people were out of the blue team, one person was out of the red team, it was a three against four challenge, the blue team’s Guo Congfei was out, now only Yu Xin was left. Their side had a good chance of winning. Ye Hansheng took the g*n handed over by Wen Run and loaded it, and filled the magazine, then opened the built-in communication and confirmed with Yu Biao: “Is there a flag on the blue team?”

Yu Biao replied positively, “Yes, on Yu Xin’s body.”

“You two guard this side of the square, don’t fight hard, and don’t let Yu Xin get the flag on the square, stall them.”

Ye Hansheng finished explaining, turned off the communication, and went out of the cafeteria with Wen Run, from the back around out, they avoided the battle on the square, and quietly went to the other side of the warehouse line.

The game hid a total of three flags, according to his guess, three flags would certainly not be too close, and it had to be placed in the open, so as to make it more difficult for both sides to capture the flags.

He studied the map, and found that there were only three places on the map where there might be a relatively large open field. One was the cafeteria square that their team would definitely pass. One was the basketball court that the red team would definitely pass, and the last one, was an abandoned warehouse.

In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of trucks, the abandoned warehouse generally left leave a large piece of open space. And the location of the warehouse, and the cafeteria square and the basketball court was a triangle.
Ye Hansheng drove the wheelchair and took Wen Run to dive against the wall. The wheelchair pressed over the tiny gravel on the ground, making a tiny sound. Fortunately, at this time they were far away from the cafeteria, and didn’t attract attention.

After walking along the road signs for about five or six minutes, the two found a flag in the open space in front of the warehouse.

Ye Hansheng didn’t ask Wen Run to immediately get it, they hid in the shadows, Ye Hansheng and opened the communication again and asked Yu Biao how many people were in the blue team over there.

There was a bang in the headset, and Yu Biao said, “I can’t confirm it. They are in the factory opposite us, I can’t see anyone.”

Ye Hansheng pondered for a moment, and cautiously observed the surroundings, and asked Wen Run to go retrieve the flag.

Wen Run went over and plucked the flag and ran back, he inserted the flag in the pouch on his tactical undershirt and asked in a low voice, “Going back now?”

Ye Hansheng nodded, “Pay attention, Yu Xin will definitely have an ambush prepared.”

Wen Run smiled and immediately raised his head and looked around, like a puppy with ears alert. Ye Hansheng was amused by him, but his amused smile was blocked by the mask, so Wen Run didn’t see it.

“Let’s go, no need to be so nervous.”

The two went back along the original road, they could vaguely hear the sound of gunfire from the distance, but there had been no casualties, it seemed that Yu Biao was really good.

After the staff dormitory area, Wen Run looked at several dormitory buildings, the glasses on the windows had been modified and removed, at this time, with such an opening, if someone ambushed them, they simply couldn’t defend themselves.

“This side is too easy to ambush, we’ll go through the inside of the dormitory, right?” Wen Run slightly lowered his body to speak, his helmet unintentionally hit Ye Hansheng, from the back, they looked a little intimate.

“Yes.” Ye Hansheng also had this intention, the two were about to go in to the nearest dormitory, a light sound suddenly came from behind them, then Wen Run felt something hit his body.

He froze, looked down at the electronic display, the number three had jumped to two.

“There’s an ambush, you go inside first!” Ye Hansheng fiercely turned his wheelchair, he led Wen Run, while backing up and looking for a tree to hide, to give Wen Run cover.

Wen Run ran quickly to the dormitory, he didn’t dare to run in a straight line, behind him, someone shot at him, two shots in a row were hit at his feet. The other installed a silencer, and didn’t make a sound. Ye Hansheng could only guess where the other was hiding according to the direction of the water bomb shot over.

But the other was very cunning, after two consecutive misses, he hid.

Ye Hansheng looked at the row of dormitory buildings diagonally across the street, behind each dark window, as if hiding people.

Wen Run had entered the dormitory, but Ye Hansheng was still outside, he didn’t dare come out behind the tree, or he may be hit.

Wen Run wrinkled his brow, turned around twice in the dormitory, and found a large green trash can at the stairway. Wen Run happily pushed the trash can out as cover, and then quietly moved towards Ye Hansheng.

Ye Hansheng heard the movement, he turned and saw him hiding behind the garbage can, Wen Run peeked out half his head to greet him, his eyes were blocked by a transparent eye mask.

Wen Run pushed the garbage can behind the tree, then let Ye Hansheng come over and escorted him into the dormitory building.

Ye Hansheng was tall, even in a wheelchair, the garbage can couldn’t block his head, fortunately this prop garbage can was clean, Wen Run simply put the garbage can lid up, which completely blocked Ye Hansheng.

Ye Hansheng hid behind the garbage can, Wen Run was hiding behind him, his hands grasped the wheelchair handle, and carefully moved it back. The two were very close to each other, Ye Hansheng didn’t resist looking back at him, between him and Wen Run, they were separated by a chair.

Wen Run crouched down, his eyes nervously stared ahead, then he pulled him back a little.

His alert expression was very cute.

Dazed, Ye Hansheng thought maybe they could try other scenes in the future.

The two were close to the door of the dormitory building when two dull sounds rang out against the garbage cans, the person on the other side probably became impatient. The game equipped them with with guns, with special water ammunition, when it hit the body, it caused slight pain.

Wen Run thankfully exhaled, the other was still lying in wait, if not, these bullets would have hit them instead of the garbage can.

The two quickly retreated into the dormitory building and into the room to hide, observing the building opposite the dormitory, he could guess where the other may be hiding. Ye Hansheng guessed that the person who came to ambush them was Yu Xin, the remaining two second generation of the blue team weren’t so cunning.

As one of the bosses of the resort, Yu Xin was very proficient in shooting and CS combat, they used to bring people to play against each other, they were very familiar with each other’s path and style. Yu Xin’s shooting wasn’t as good as him, but he was more patient, and had a lot of underhanded moves. Often if they weren’t smart enough, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

Ye Hansheng observed for a while, and didn’t find any traces in the opposite side, he narrowed his eyes, Yu Xin may have hidden a gun, it was abnormally quiet, “Go!

“Go! He isn’t there!”

Ye Hansheng reacted and took the immediate opportunity to retreat. He thought of the two shots on the garbage can, Yu Xin knew it wouldn’t hit at all, but still released the two shots, he wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t be calm, the two shots were probably to confuse them, so they would think he was still hiding in the opposite dormitory building. But in fact, he wasn’t even there anymore.

The biggest possibility was that …… he calculated that Ye Hansheng’s wheelchair would inconvenience his movements, so he was ready to come around from somewhere else to block them.

Ye Hansheng was in a wheelchair and his movement was limited, once he was blocked, head-on conflict would be inconvenient, Yu Xin’s chances of victory would be very high.

Ye Hansheng’s guess was right, they came out of the room where they were hiding and were about to go through the side door on the other side of the dormitory when they found the side door was closed.

Wen Run immediately pushed Ye Hansheng towards the door, just as he turned around, a black grenade was suddenly thrown from the side corridor, it skittered around and stopped in front of them about two meters, Wen Run was shocked, the explosion range of the grenade wass five meters, it had four seconds before it detonated, at this time he had a body. Behind the side door was closed, it was too late to push Ye Hansheng out, the left had a staircase to escape, but Ye Hansheng simply had no way to go up ……

“Go upstairs!” Ye Hansheng said in a deep voice.

Wen Run’s thoughts flew around, but he didn’t listen to his words, he pulled out a grenade and threw it towards Yu Xin.

Ye Hansheng looked at the grenade on the countdown of two seconds, he knew he absolutely couldn’t escape, he squinted and aimed at Yu Xin’s back and shot at him three times. The electronic display behind Yu Xin jumped continuously, and finally became one.

At the same time, the grenade detonated, the built-in radio announcement: “Red team player Ye Hansheng died of serious injuries, out of the game.”

“Red team player Wen Run ……”

The system hadn’t yet finished informing, when the sound of an explosion came again from the distant corridor, the grenade thrown out by Wen Run detonated, the explosion sound passed, the system broadcast continued.

“…… died of serious injuries, out of the game.”

“Blue team player Yu Xin died of serious injuries, out.”

“Yu Xin was blown up?!” Listening to the system’s “death notification”, Wen Run slowly opened his eyes wide, he couldn’t hide his excitement. He just saw Ye Hansheng shoot at him three times, Yu Xin still had one life, he thought Yu Xin had escaped the disaster! He didn’t expect him being blown up.

Wen Run looked back from the corridor and smiled at Yu Xin, “This is called a tooth for a tooth!”

Ye Hansheng took off his helmet and looked at him with a loving gaze, “Well, it’s all your work.”

Embarrassed, Wen Run scratched his face, he just angrily threw it out, he didn’t expect to really blow up Yu Xin, “I was just lucky.”

Yu Xin felt helpless, he calculated very well, the only weakness was that this corridor wasn’t covered, after throwing the grenade, there was no place to hide, he could only make a bet, he bet that Ye Hansheng wouldn’t be able to kill him, the result was that he was right, Ye Hansheng’s three shots hit him two times, and he dodged one. But he never thought he would be grenaded to death.

Yu Xin gave a thumbs up to Wen Run and laughed, “Good job!”

The three of them threw the equipment on their bodies in place and left according to the nearest exit marked on the map. The game had been played for more than forty minutes, both sides still had two people left, and the winner hadn’t yet been decided.

At the edge of the scene, Yu Xin walked in front, Wen Run and Ye Hansheng fell behind.

Ye Hansheng was in a good mood, he glanced at him, then suddenly asked, “I asked you to go downstairs, why didn’t you?” If Wen Run listened to him and immediately rushed upstairs, it was possible to avoid the explosion range of the grenade.

But Wen Run did not.

“You’re my teammate.” Wen Run pursed his lips slightly, his thick eyelashes fluttered, and he said softly, “I won’t abandon my teammates.”

Ye Hansheng smiled and looked at him meaningfully. The phrase “will not abandon teammates or will not abandon me?” flashed in his mind, but in the end, he didn’t say it.

The three people went out of the scene, then rested at the table, a waiter brought refreshments, the six people chatted while they continued to watch the game inside.

The whole game was monitored, the large screen displayed the high-definition playback, players out of the game could still see the situation in the field.

Inside the scene, Yu Biao led Curly against the two remaining second generation of the red team. The two second-generation’s strategy and technology were general, Yu Biao was at least a professional bodyguard, with Curly easily crushing the two people, he got two flags, and then according to the team positioning, he found the last flag left by Wen Run.

Three flags gotten, the red team won.

Yu Xin looked at Ye Hansheng with emotion and laughed, “After so many years of not playing, I never thought you could still react so fast.” He originally thought that Ye Hansheng’s skills were more or less worse than before.

Ye Hansheng snorted, “It’s you who’s too gullible.” Thinking that he was in a wheelchair and Wen Run was a novice, he ignored the risk and rushed to sneak in.

Yu Xin shrugged, “I was willing to make a bet, tonight is my treat.”

Guo Congfei’s tone was a bit sour. “What guest will you invite? Didn’t you see my dad in such a good mood? He should treat us.”

He had watched from outside the whole time. Where were these two people playing games? They were flirting!

Yu Xin didn’t understand, he had always been insensitive to feelings.

Guo Congfei said cheaply: “Did you not see? Just now my father and Wen Run, were like, a husband seducing a wife …… what more could a husband want? Shouldn’t he treat us to a celebration?”

“……” Wen Run’s face became red, then he angrily glared at him.

This person couldn’t say a few words less!

However, if Guo Congfei could read people’s eyes, he wouldn’t have been so cheeky to call Ye Hansheng his father, he saw that Wen Run was annoyed, his eyes turned and he smiled and said: “Oops, the wrong words. Can’t use husband and wife, after all, they aren’t married yet, they can’t be considered a couple ……”

“It should be called ……” he squeezed his eyebrows and said, “Not born in the same year and the same month and the same day, but to die in the same year and the same month and the same day, right?”

“What a touching …… team camaraderie!”

Wen Run: “…………”

This person’s language was taught by an English teacher, right?

Wen Run’s face was red, but he couldn’t refute anything, after all, he was just joking, although the wording was inappropriate, but if he was really angry it would be him who couldn’t stand the joke.

He was ashamed and annoyed, he lowered his eyes and stirred the juice in front of him.

A cup of orange juice was stirred to foam, it looked a bit bad.

“Change it.” Ye Hansheng gently pressed his hand, summoned the waiter to change the cup.

Only then did Wen Run realize what he had done, another round of blushing, he tightly shielded the juice in front of him, and stammered: “No, no need to change. I can still, can drink ……”

Ye Hansheng looked deeply at him, and saw his red neck, he finally mercifully let him go, he no longer teased, and seriously said: “There is still some time before dinner, go back and change first. This evening is on me.”

Wen Run finally got a way out. He threw out a “I’ll go change clothes” and ran away in a hurry, even Ye Hansheng was stunned.

Guo Congfei laughed in the back, “Dad, you won’t go after him ah, and then wait for him to run away.”

Ye Hansheng expressionlessly glanced at him, he didn’t say anything, but the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile, then he let Yu Biao push him.

Wen Run ran out in a panic, he was out of the door before he reacted to the fact that he couldn’t recognize the road, he could only turn back to go find Ye Hansheng.

Before he could figure out an excuse, Yu Biao had already pushed Ye Hansheng out.

Ye Hansheng raised his eyebrows, he didn’t tease him again. He hid his playful expression and became the considerate and reliable Boss Ye. “Go, go back and take a bath and change.”

Wen Run gave a low “hmm”, hung his head and followed behind him.

After playing in the scene for nearly an hour, he had sweated a lot, and when he smelled himself carefully, he could smell a sour smell. He wrinkled his nose in disgust and went back to the cabin to take a bath.

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