Wen Run’s home had warm yellow lights, which made whole house look warm, like a little sunshine on a rainy day, warm and comfortable.

As soon as Ye Hansheng entered the door, the smell of food wafted out of the kitchen. Wen Run pushed him to the living room, and poured a cup of warm barley tea and handed it to him, “I’ll go to the kitchen to bring out the food, the soup isn’t ready, sit for a moment.”

After saying that he hurriedly went to the kitchen, Ye Hansheng stayed in the living room, the living room TV was on, a crosstalk with Guo Degang and Yu Qian was playing.

Guo Degang said, “What should I do? I’m so rich, I don’t know how to spend it, hey? Yu Qian, why don’t I pay for you?”

Yu Qian asked, “Pay for me?”

Guo Degang sighed: “ah …… no ….. Since I’m rich I have to look for someone with good looks ah!”

Ye Hansheng listened and suddenly laughed silently, his eyes moved to the busy back in the kitchen. Wen Run with a lemon yellow Pikachu apron, the apron had a thin band, so it wrapped around his loose thin sweater in a distinct arc, and then in a random bow, the excess rope hung down to his hips and swayed around.

His body was well proportioned, his shoulders weren’t wide or narrow, his waistline was long and his waist was thin, his hips were a bit round, his legs looked long and straight. His light blue jeans were rolled up, with a pair of white sneakers, the rolled up part exposed a small section of his delicate ankle, the exposed ankle had a bit of s*dual appeal, making him want to fondle it.

Ye Hansheng somehow remembered the previous comments on the variety show, there was a face fan that boasted about Wen Run’s body, especially his two fair and slender legs that looked smooth and delicate like jade in the sunlight, they could play with it for a lifetime and not get tired.

At that time, Ye Hansheng reported the overs*xual comment, but now that he thought about it, that comment really wasn’t wrong.

How long had it been since Wen Run entered the kitchen, and how long had Ye Hansheng looked at him? It wasn’t until Wen Run was done with the food that he took his eyes off as if nothing had happened.

The slightly cold dishes were reheated again, then Wen Run brought out two bowls of boiled white fish soup, one of the bowls was placed in front of Ye Hansheng, Ye Hansheng picked up the spoon, but his mind was fixed on Wen Run’s hand.

Wen Run’s hands were also very good-looking, white and long, his knuckles were well-defined, on the back of his hand, he could vaguely see the green veins, it wasn’t obvious that this was a pair of hands that had done a lot of rough work.

Ye Hansheng took a sip of fish soup and somehow remembered when he first entered Starfield and asked, “Why did you enter the entertainment industry in the first place?”

He heard that it was Song Li who took the initiative to sign him, but he had always been a little curious, Wen Run was a famous school graduate, why did he enter the industry as soon as he graduated. There were a lot of people who wanted to be stars to make a name for themselves, but he knew. Wen Run wasn’t one of them.

Wen Run froze, he lowered his eyes for a moment then whispered: “I don’t know.”

He still remembered that day he happened to pass by the Starland building, he suddenly thought that maybe Ye Hansheng was in a certain office on a certain floor, and stayed a little longer out of focus. He happened to meet Song Li, who was going out. Song Li took a liking to his looks and asked him if he wanted to be a star. Wen Run actually had no concept of this, but when Song Li asked him, his heart suddenly moved, as if a seed planted in his senior year, waiting for an opportunity, finally broke out of the soil and sprouted. He immediately agreed.

In fact, he felt an impulse to retreat afterwards, he regretted it a little, he was about to attend the second interview of a large enterprise, and the possibility of passing the interview was very high, but then he had signed a five-year contract on impulse, he had no choice but to perform. He could only stumble down this road.

Later he gradually fell in love with acting, although he was just a small transparent actor, but the money he earned was enough to support his family. More fortunately, he later met Zheng Xuan then his career took off, and he met his former benefactor, became friends with him, and could sit together for dinner and talk. Instead of occasionally remembering, he knew how he was doing now.

Wen Run narrowed his eyes and smiled and said, “It was probably just an impulse at the time.”

Ye Hansheng watched his expression and sighed that he had thought too much. After learning that Wen Run still remembered the matter of financial support back then, he sometimes wondered if it was because of him that Wen Run had entered the entertainment industry after graduation.

But now it seemed that it was really him who thought too much.

Taking another sip of the fish soup, Ye Hansheng changed the subject, “How long will you rest at home this time?”

Wen Run replied that it wouldn’t be long. “Brother Zheng gave me another variety show called “Eat Chicken Tonight”, which will start recording in early April.”

The “Eat Chicken Tonight” was a variety show with the same name of a previous hit game, which took the star reality show of survival in the wild as its selling point, the ratings had been good since the start of the broadcast. The contract was only negotiated and Zheng Xuan didn’t even make it clear who exactly was participating.

But Wen Run watched two episodes of the variety show, he knew how it was.

“I watched two episodes of the show, it looks similar to another show, but each recording location and mode will be a little different. Qu Haowen has also been there, he said it’s quite fun.”

Wen Run looked a bit expectant, “It should be more fun than planting, right?”

Ye Hansheng looked slightly moved: “Qu Haowen?”

“He was with me when we recorded “planting”, you should have seen it, he was cold and didn’t like to talk.” Wen Run laughed: “Most of the time, he looks cold and indifferent, but he’s actually very nice, and he talks more online than in reality.”

Ye Hansheng slightly pursed his lips, his lowered eyelashes blocked the emotions in his eyes, “In this program, you’ll probably have to use a gun, have you used a gun before?”

“No.” Wen Run shook his head: “It seems that the program team will hire a professional coach to guide us.”

“It’s not easy to win when you just started learning.” Ye Hansheng lightly said: “I happen to have a friend that has a shooting range, want to go to try? It has laser guns and real guns.”

“Really?” Wen Run’s eyes lit up, and then he shook his head, “Will it be too much trouble for you?”

“No trouble.” Ye Hansheng said unhurriedly, “It just so happens that I haven’t been there for a long time, so if you want to go, you can join us tomorrow.”

Wen Run was instantly tempted, who didn’t want to touch a real gun. He only hesitated for a short while, and then his eyes shone brightly as he agreed.

The shooting range was near the next city, circling a whole mountain, it covered an area of nearly six hundred acres, in addition to the shooting archery range, there were the outdoor and resort areas. The vacation and leisure area was built in the forest in a staggered manner, with single wooden houses.

Wen Run originally thought he would just go for a day, to see the place, but Ye Hansheng had a wooden house in the resort, so they could stay for three days.

The two walked side by side, Ye Hansheng gently introduced the place, “Not many people know about this resort, but it’s popular for many stars, retired military personnels are in charge of security, they don’t have to worry about the paparazzi so they can play openly.”

“This side, in addition to the shooting range, there are also outdoor shooting areas, my equipment is still here, if you want to play you can also go try it, let Yu Biao accompany you.”

Yu Biao was the bodyguard who came with him.

He was very familiar with this place, obviously he often came out to play, but when it came to outdoor shooting, a bodyguard accompanied him, Wen Run naturally understood the reason, so he shook his head and laughed: “I still want to try indoor shooting.”

Ye Hansheng nodded slightly, “I’ll first take you over to try.”

In the shooting range, the guns inside were complete, from military to civilian. However, the military needed a letter of introduction to use it, so it could only be coveted.

Guns were in the shooting room. After they passed strict inspection, they went in, the bulletproof glass door outside tightly closed.

Ten target positions were set in the shooting room, and the unloaded guns were placed on the target positions.

Wen Run excitedly touched the gun, eyes flashing with anticipation.

Each shooting room had a professional shooting coach, they were also retired military personnel, a coach came up to them, but was waved away by Ye Hansheng, “I’ll teach him.”

The coach had been here for many years and remembered him, so he nodded when he heard his words, “Then Mr. Ye, make yourself comfortable.”

“You can?” Wen Run heard him to and his shining gaze moved to him.

“Hmm.” Ye Hansheng fiddled with the g*n, his fingers skillfully loaded it, “I used to play here.”

He never liked to spend time with other people, shooting was one of the few hobbies he had. The wooden house in the forest was gotten because of how often he used to visit the place.

Wen Run didn’t blink as he stared at him, he saw as he flexibly loading the gum and then aimed, his finger pulled the trigger and he hit the target.

The coach took a look and said, “Nine rings, Mr. Ye hasn’t been here for too long, yet you’re still so accurate.”

Ye Hansheng smiled lightly and said to Wen Run, “You try.”

Wen Run nodded and somewhat nervously followed his example and held the gun.

He was a beginner, he didn’t know how to aim, the gun in his hand wavered around for a while as he tried to aim then he pulled the trigger, but it was off target.

Wen Run pouted like a sad puppy.

“Your posture is not standardized, your hands should be here.” Ye Hansheng was behind him, correcting his posture and teaching him the skills of aiming.

Wen Run took note and was about to fire a second shot when he heard an arrogant voice behind him: “Yo, isn’t this Mr. Ye? I thought I would never see you here again in this life.”

Wen Run couldn’t help but look back, his long eyebrows slightly squeezed.

The man who spoke was a young man with dyed silver hair, the man wasn’t bad looking, but from head to toe there was an air of arrogance that showed that he was a bully.

Wen Run secretly glared at him, seeing Ye Hansheng ignore him, he also turned his head and continued to study how to hit the target.

The two treated the man like air, making Guo Congfei more angry. He was the second son of the Guo family, less than three years younger than Ye Hansheng, but because he had a big brother to take over the family business, he was responsible for eating, drinking and playing. But Ye Hansheng was different from the typical second generation. Ye Hansheng was known as “other people’s child”. From childhood, he grew up with good grades, never got into trouble. When he graduated, he entered his family’s company, he was responsible for several projects that earned a lot of money. No one didn’t envy Ye Maokai for having such a good son.

[TN: Other people’s child: kinda like the child that your parents always compare you to😩, freaking other people’s child 😪]

His father almost had red eyes from envy, his eldest brother was much older and he couldn’t find faults in him, so he began to torture him. No matter what he did, he wasn’t pleasing to the eye. He was compared with Ye Hansheng every other time. The most common saying was, “He is three years older than you, and you both have one nose and two eyes. Why is this gap so big? It’ s almost a Mariana Trench. ”

Guo Congfei hated Ye Hansheng for many years because of the Mariana Trench. However, later he found out that Ye Hansheng liked shooting, as if he finally found a way to crush him, he began to practice crazily.

But this time, Guo Congfei didn’t concede defeat and practiced shooting and secretly competed, the result was that before he stepped on Ye Hansheng, Ye Hansheng had a car accident, he broke away from the Ye family, and never came here again.

Guo Congfei was secretly happy, thinking that since Ye Hansheng and the Ye family had seperated, his old man would have nothing to say about him, but he was still good, after more than a year, he started his own business from scratch, his old man continued sighing and scolding him, “Although his legs are broken, he wasn’t ruined. Look at yourself, what’s the difference with an invalid?”

Guo Congfei was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

He couldn’t stay at home, so Guo Congfei ran here to take a break, he didn’t expect to meet the wrongdoer, Ye Hansheng.

The young master of the Ye family, who was initially spirited, was now in a wheelchair, Guo Congfei thought he would have changed a little, but he seemed to be more imposing.

And he was also treating him like air.

Guo Congfei secretly sulked, but he still continued: “What, after breaking your legs, you also lost your guts? Do you dare compete with me?”

Ye Hansheng finally turned his head to look at him and said with a light expression, “What if you lose?”

Lose? Guo Congfei’s nostrils flared, he had been training hard for three or four years, how could he lose?

“If I lose, I’ll call you dad, and if you lose, you’ll do the same, how about that?”

“I don’t want a son like you, if you lose, get lost.” Ye Hansheng glanced at him expressionlessly, he turned his head to look at Wen Run with a soft gaze: “Stand aside, later I’ll continue teaching you.”

Wen Run nodded obediently, looking at him with a gaze full of admiration.

Ye Hansheng laughed, he didn’t resist the urge to ruffle his fluffy hair, then he moved his wheelchair to the target position.

The coach was the judge, one person had ten bullets, according to the total score.

Guo Congfei picked up his gun and gave him a provocative look.

Ye Hansheng unhurriedly wore the earmuffs, and when the referee’s whistle sounded, the two men pulled the trigger at the same time.

“Boom, boom, boom ……”

They aimed and fired almost at the same time, the coach went to take down the target paper: “Mr Ye won with a total ten rounds of ten rings, Mr Guo got nine rounds of ten rings.”

Guo Congfei’s face was dark, Ye Hansheng lightly glanced at him, and drove the wheelchair slowly to Wen Run, “Let’s continue.”


Wen Run stood in front of the target again, Ye Hansheng was behind him, he tried to hold it back, but he couldn’t help but turn around and whisper: “Mr. Ye, you’re great.”

Ye Hansheng raised his eyebrows, his face was obviously filled with pleasure, he lowered his voice, “learn well, you can also be good.”

Wen Run gave a “hmm” and started again with great enthusiasm.

Guo Congfei’s face was pale, he kept quiet for a long time before he spoke: “I lost the bet! From now on you are my father!”

Ye Hansheng slowly turned around and looked at him like he was looking at an idiot.

Guo Congfei was justified, at first he was embarrassed, but the limit of people could be constantly pulled down. After the first call, he had nothing to be embarrassed about. He even felt a little smug, his old man wanted Ye Hansheng as a son, but he was out of luck. Maybe his old man would be happy.

Ye Hansheng’s face was like frost, he coldly said: “Go!”

Wen Run couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Guo Congfei looked at him, thinking about what he had just seen, his eyes turned and he cheekily smiled: “Dad, this is my mother, right? Or should I call him little dad?”

Wen Run’s laughter froze, he started coughing hard.

He intermittently said: “No …… not …… I am not ……”

His face was red, and he waved his hands vigorously, but he couldn’t complete his sentence.

Ye Hansheng gave him a pat on the back, and replied, “You misunderstood, this is my friend”, but his cold expression had melted, and even showed subtle pleasure.

Guo Congfei raised his eyebrows, and immediately understood. He hadn’t gotten him yet.

Looking at Ye Hansheng, who was patting him on the back, he suddenly felt the pleasure of winning, he gotten many people but he didn’t expect Ye Hansheng to still be trying to win someone over. He glanced at Ye Hansheng implicitly and proudly.

Ye Hansheng was unbeatable, so what? He was still fishing! !

The corners of Guo Congfei’s mouth grew higher and higher, he really wanted to laugh!

Ye Hansheng noticed his strange expression, coldly looked at him and handed the water brought by the bodyguard to Wen Run.

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