The sudden sound of the system made Su Zhe freeze, and the system continued.

“Perfect Healing aura lv2 description: automatically activated after obtaining, it will always nourish the host’s beauty! At any time, it’ll maintain the host’s body, speed up the host’s healing process, perfect healing doesn’t leave dark wounds – the perfect idol should be from the inside out! (Remark: Aura cannot be turned off, in the state of healing, it consumes 100,000 reputation value per day)”

Until the cold mechanical voice stopped, Su Zhe’s originally calm heartbeat finally jumped again.

He sat on the stretcher, and looked at Zhao Zhixuan with glittering eyes: “Brother Xuan, tomorrow’s 110m hurdles final, I can run!”

When Su Zhe was taken away on a stretcher by the logistics staff, the live feed was still connected and the image of Zhao Zhixuan taking off his shoes was captured on camera and sent to the viewers.

Wang Miaochuan: “From the picture, we can see that Su Zhe’s right instep is seriously swollen, and now the staff has sent Su Zhe to the medical site of the National Championships, I hope that the injury will not affect his subsequent matches.”

Zhang Jing: “The medical team of the National Championships is composed of the key members of the Department of Sports Medicine of the First Hospital of Province G. I think they can provide proper treatment for Su Zhe in time, please rest assured!”

Although the commentary said so, the picture of Su Zhe’s injury still made all those who followed the game feel distraught.

In the stands, Su Zhe’s fan girls looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces, and the banners that were originally raised high were hanging down weakly.

The little girl with a ponytail looked around anxiously at her companions: “Will he be okay?”

Another cute little girl with short hair and a round face immediately said, “He’ll definitely be okay! Didn’t they say it was just a contusion? As long as he treats it well and recuperates, he will recover quickly!”

In fact, they also understood that there was no definite news, everyone at this point was just hoping to get positive affirmation, they were praying together for Su Zhe’s health.

The sports fans on the sidelines were also anxious, and all were discussing whether Su Zhe could still participate in tomorrow’s 110m hurdles final.

The middle-aged man who had first posted Su Zhe’s qualifying results on the Athletics Kingdom forum earlier had been staring at the back of the staff carrying Su Zhe away.

“They just said it’s a soft tissue contusion, so it shouldn’t be a big deal, right?”

Another young sports fan on the side frowned: “Theoretically it’s no big deal, as long as he recuperates well, it can certainly be good, but Su Zhe pushed himself hard, the internal bleeding and swelling symptoms were probably aggravated, the follow-up treatment will certainly be more troublesome.”

Tao Sheng was also blearily watching the stretcher go out of sight before speaking sullenly: “Su Zhe was really too desperate, I’ve watched the idol show he participated in. He started out as basically nothing, night after night of practising, it was hard to catch up with the progress of others, and he got low scores because of his poor foundation.”

Sighing, Tao Sheng continued: “Look at that game, I can’t understand others, but this child’s desperation, I can understand. I asked a few of my old acquaintances from the S provincial gymnastics team, since he returned to the gymnastics team, in order for him to recover the muscle memory of various technical movements, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe intensified his training, he didn’t say a word, and accepted it.”

“This is his first national competition …… I hope he won’t leave regrets.”

Tao Sheng couldn’t help but sigh, striving to advance and talented young athletes, who didn’t like them? Not to mention Su Zhe’s achievement …… had been infinitely close to 10 seconds 10!

The country was about to give birth to a new athlete who could run into 10 seconds 10, at this moment, all sports fans were praying, hoping that Su Zhe’s injury didn’t have any after-effects, so as not to have an impact on his future performance.

People who followed the race on site and on the internet for a moment began to worry about Su Zhe’s injury, and the Weibo of the S provincial sports team began to be constantly @ed by people, hoping for them to announce Su Zhe’s condition as soon as possible.

In the hospital room, Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan were staring at Su Zhe, who answered old man Su’s phone call and received his frantic and furious roars on the other end of the line.

“What did Laozi tell you?! Regulate, control, and distribute your energy wisely! What did you do? Every race is like a desperate race! You think you are young, don’t you? You think you’re in great shape, don’t you? Do you have the ability to run at your peak for every race? Do you have the ability to guarantee that you will be physically fit in every race?”

“8 days, 7 pre-finals, you’re running very fast, aren’t you? You’re not afraid of getting hurt, are you? Have you thought about your next race? You don’t want to participate in the next World Championships qualifiers? What?”

Su Yinsheng’s voice was louder than ever.

“You are young and healthy now, but what about later? When you get yourself injured and sick, then come back to regret?”

This time, Su Yinsheng was really angry, as Su Zhe’s coach, he should have gone with the team as his coach, but S summer athletics training camp also happened to start training during this time, he and Zhao Changhe as the highest people in charge of this training camp, had to arrange the training program of all camp students, but also pick out potential reserve players from these seedlings.

Out of the reassurance of Su Zhe’s state, and the fact that Zhao Zhixuan was such a stable character, he had relented, but who knew Su Zhe simply wouldn’t listen to his pre-game advice.

He fully understood his son’s desire for victory, but the chase for victory required a certain strategy, rather than endlessly consume his strength.

Athletes were not gods, could Su Zhe always maintain the best form?

This wasn’t possible.

Su Yinsheng understood clearly in his heart that if Su Zhe couldn’t change this problem, he would sooner or later suffer a big loss in the middle of the game.

Whether as Su Zhe’s father or coach, he didn’t want Su Zhe to face this situation – Chen Zhi’s situation was enough.

Naturally, Su Zhe understood what his father was worried about, but the fervour he felt as he galloped across the field and sprinted toward the top made it hard for his heart to contain itself.

He was an athlete, track and field was his battlefield.

He certainly knew that he should have strategized for the series of battles, and tried to do so, but on the battlefield, in the heat of battle, he would feel ashamed of his identity if he couldn’t spare his effort in fighting.

If fighting with all his might in every battle now would make his father worry, then he would try to become stronger, so strong that everyone could feel at ease with him!

They were father and son, as well as master and disciple.

Both understood what the other wanted and both had their own insistence.

After two years of seperation, they were both still figuring out how to bond again.

The phone call ended with a sigh from Su Yinsheng on the other end.

“You are going to continue to participate in the 110m hurdles final tomorrow?”

Su Zhe paused and affirmed in a soft voice, “Yes.”

“Must you participate even with injuries?” Su Yinsheng’s finally calm voice came from the other end of the phone, “Are you sure of winning?”

“No, I’m not sure.” Su Zhe answered very crisply and sharply as well.

Zhou Tianjue, Ye Jun were extremely good 110m hurdlers, other participants who could run into the final of the National Championships were also not to be underestimated. Participating injured, he wasn’t really sure of victory, but just because he couldn’t, did he have to give up? That wasn’t his style.

Su Yinsheng on the other end of the phone couldn’t help but sigh again and he finally said, “Control your state and don’t let your injury get worse. If you continue to compete with injuries, do you still want to run in 10:05?”

Obviously, Su Yinsheng had seen through his son’s ambition – to run into the Olympic entry standard.

This goal, which originally seemed to him to be unattainable in the short term, was now gradually becoming a faint possibility.

Su Zhe’s hand holding the phone tightened, then he nodded solemnly and said, “I understand.”

After the phone hung up, the doctor’s examination results had also come out, the film results showed that no bones were injured and the contusion wasn’t suitable for injection closure, so after a simple treatment, the treatment also came to a temporary end.

The race’s doping prosecutor had been waiting for a long time, and after completing the necessary urine test, the three of them, with the help of Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan, took a smooth ride back to the hotel designated by the organising committee to rest.

“I have a spare room card for your room here, call us over if something happens, get a good night’s rest and remember to spray before you go to bed.”

Zhao Zhixuan repeated the instructions before being dragged out of the room by Zheng Jian, Su Zhe waved goodbye to his two best friends in amusement before carefully lying down on the bed.

The injury on the foot was sprayed with medicine, and there was no pain for a while. The slightly bored Su Zhe casually turned on the TV, but accidentally saw that the sports channel was playing today’s all-tournament highlights replay, and then he suddenly saw himself in the replay screen.

Watching the game from the TV was something else.

Su Zhe was watching the replay, analyzing the rhythm of his movements and the impact of his foot injury on his performance, when suddenly a bell rang at his bedside, he turned his head, but someone called him on WeChat.

Hey? This contact, is Big brother Shao?

Su Zhe grabbed his phone, and answered the call, and soon Big brother Shao’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Su Zhe?”

“Uh, Big Brother Shao ……” just as he finished those three words, Su Zhe instantly remembered the last sentence from Shao Xingchen during the last call. After a pause, Su Zhe swallowed the previous title:”That …… Xingchen?”

Suddenly calling Big Brother Shao by his names made him feel awkward. However, Su Zhe also understood Shao Xingchen’s idea. According to his introverted, stubborn and even somewhat rigid character, it may be that he thought friends should call each other’s names to show that they were more friendly.

“…… Yes, it’s me.”

Sure enough, after hearing Su Zhe’s correct himself, Shao Xingchen’s voice instantly had a hint of undisguised pleasure in it.

“What’s wrong?” Su Zhe breathed a sigh of relief, casually muted the TV and chatted with Shao Xingchen: “No night scene today? You’re usually busy at this hour, right?”

“Today my scene has already been finished.” After responding to Su Zhe’s question, Shao Xingchen said in a deep voice: “Your foot, is it okay?”

Hearing this question, Su Zhe scratched his head, he finally understood the reason for his call, so he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just an ordinary contusion, there won’t be any problem!”

Perhaps infected by the relaxation in Su Zhe’s voice, at the other end of the phone, Shao Xingchen’s originally somewhat tense voice also became softer: “That’s good …… If you have time, go online and inform your fans. Also, I’ll cheer for you on tomorrow’s game.”

“Hey?” Su Zhe froze: “You know I’ll be on the field tomorrow?”

“Well …… you already said that it’s just a normal contusion.” Shao Xingchen’s voice had calmness written all over it, “Since you are not absolutely unable to, you will definitely choose to continue.”

“Then …… you won’t stop me from competing?”

Hearing this question, Shao Xingchen was silent for a moment before saying, “I really don’t want you to go on the field with injuries, but this is your field, I can feel your desire for this field, in that case, I choose to support you.”

After saying that, and after a few seconds pause, Shao Xingchen suddenly added: “But …… if one day your injury is too serious, I may not be able to convince myself to continue to support your participation.”

This straightforward answer, made Su Zh unable to hold back his laughter: “Big …… ah no, Xingchen, please ask who would continue watching when someone else is seriously injured?”

This made Big Brother Shao on the other end of the phone embarrassed. Before he could figure out how to speak, Su Zhe smiled and thanked him: “Thank you, I received your concern and support. Ah, it’s great to think that I actually have a big name like you as my fan.”

Since he gradually became familiar with Shao Xingchen, Su Zhe also began to occasionally let himself go during their conversations, and at such times, big brother Shao tended to listen to what he said quietly and then give a serious reply.

Today was no exception.

“Yes, you’re great.”

This kind of sincere compliment always made Su Zhe feel very touched.

When they finally hung up and said good night to each other, Su Zhe looked at the call time and scratched his head with a sigh.

Unconsciously, he and big brother Shao were already friends who could chat for such a long time.

On the WeChat interface, big brother Shao finally sent a goodnight emoji and reminded him to make a post about his safety on Weibo. Su Zhe noticed that there were still many unread messages on his WeChat.

Jiang Haning and some others sent messages of condolence, and Jiang Haning even scrolled around and sent him a string of emojis without stopping.

Friends he knew from the cast of “Broken Light” also sent him messages one after another, and the cast’s group sent many separate messages asking how he was doing with his injuries.

Even Chen Zhi, who was still in Germany, sent him messages, and even a missed call, with messages overflowing with concern, and he constantly cited himself as an example, warning him to make sure to take care of his injury and not to let it affect his broader future.

After replying to all his friends, Su Zhe also opened Weibo at the same time.

On Weibo, all the sports fans who were concerned about the track and field events of the Athletics National Championships were basically concerned about Su Zhe’s injury.

As a rookie runner who could be said to have come out of nowhere, although there were still people who were skeptical about his performance, more sports fans had unlimited expectations for Su Zhe.

The records of 10.11 seconds in the 100m and 14 seconds in the 110m hurdles were enough for track and field fans to put him in the clouds.

From the end of the live broadcast of the 100m final to the second fermentation of the news on Weibo, there were more and more track and field fans of the provincial sports team on Weibo, and the Weibo page of the S provincial sports team in fact gave a quick reply, confirming that Su Zhe’s injury wasn’t serious and he would continue to participate in the 110m hurdles final the next day.

But the public opinion on the network didn’t calm down because of this reply.

Many sports blogs compiled a list of injured athletes and started discussing whether they should encourage this spirit of athletes to compete with injuries.

The positive side said that athletes should have this spirit of unlimited struggle and tenacity, and that athletes with this persistent spirit had more hope of climbing to the top.

The opposite side also made sense, athletes had to consider their long-term sports career, and not compete in a moment of anger, which would make them fall into a state of injury and illness, affecting their long-term performance and overdraft future potential.

Supporters of both sides of the argument had been arguing on Weibo for a while, and this issue wasn’t a new one, as every year they saw news of athletes competing with injuries, and injuries were almost inevitable for athletes.

Long hours of repetitive, extensive training, so that the athletes’ bodies could withstand the pressure far more than ordinary people, the use of each of their body parts in training was also beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Insisting on training with injuries and competing with injuries seemed to have become the standard for athletes, but it also left many athletes with incurable injuries after retirement.

Even so, there were generations of sportsmen and women who had done so before, and continued to do their best to climb to the top.

The pro and con sides of this topic were mostly sports enthusiasts who had been following the sport for a long time, and at the end of the argument, everyone couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

They hoped that the athletes would value their bodies more, and they also expected the athletes to have better results.

And between these two expectations, it seemed to be a paradox in itself.

In addition to the discussion among these sports fans, many “philosophers” in Su Zhe’s fanpage were praying quietly for Su Zhe’s injury to heal as soon as possible.

[Many people are discussing the topic of athlete injuries, Su Zhe’s training is too hard, he has to pay attention to his bodies ah!]

[Because of Su Zhe, he began to pay attention to sports and athletes … They all work really hard, I watched some training videos of athletes one after another, and the amount of exercise was only a small part of their daily training. Think again, Teacher Tao said that the training of cub is very intense for athletes … Although I knows that this is what he wants, I still feels distressed. 】

[QAQ sister ……! I agree with every word you said, I also feel heartbroken for the cub, today after his injury, I hoped he wouldn’t continue to be an athlete …… I just hope he can be healthy and well, everything will be good.]

This “philosopher” little girl’s statement was praised by many people, but soon, “Baby A Zhe’s little mengmeng” issued a small thesis to refute the opinion.

[ Wake up, sisters! Have you forgotten that this is the path that baby Zhe chose? Chasing speed is Baby Zhe’s dream, and that’s our dream! He’s pushing forward with everything he’s got, so let’s not discourage him! We want him to know that whenever he is ready to go forward, we will stand behind him! We are watching carefully every footstep he makes towards success. It doesn’t matter what he does or where he finishes, we will see his hard work and relentless striving. He was working hard to become a great athlete, and we were fortunate enough to be able to accompany him on his growing journey and watch him shine.
Remember the glow in his eyes after he sprinted to the finish line. Remember his dazzling poise on the track. I love him just as much, but don’t bind him with our love, promise me, let’s be his solid backing with love, okay?]

The young girls who saw the post nodded their heads. Indeed, the person they liked was still trying to move forward, so why should they use their love to drag him backward?

In these somewhat heavy topics, someone made a light-hearted comment.

【(Deep face) I was once just an ordinary face fan, I gradually became a die-hard career fan …… cub is really good-looking, the training uniform of Ah Zhe looks really delicious, Ah Zhe looks really good when he wins……QAQ, I have fallen into the sports industry …… alas, as an ordinary face dog, I fell.]

Under this post, a group of girls who once considered themselves just face dogs raised their white flag, each of them expressing their surrender.

When Su Zhe came online, the peak of the topic had already passed, and he saw these comments with a glance. He quickly sent a post indicating that he was fine, thanked everyone for their concern, and officially announced that he would participate in the final of the 110m hurdles tomorrow as usual.

Although S provincial sports team’s Weibo’s post was the same, after seeing his personal post, many people still breathed a sigh of relief again.

Under the comments of this post, sports fans and “philosophers” came to condole, and among these comments full of care and nervousness, there was one that stood out.

[@Su Zhe, little sheep, I heard that your feet are swollen, so watch this uncle’s performance obediently tomorrow! 】

This retarded and middle-aged statement was undoubtedly from Zhou Tianjue.

Su Zhe also couldn’t understand how this teenager could say this kind of words with obvious concern? But this kind of trolling didn’t stop Su Zhe from retweeting it.

[@Zhou Tianjue ^_^ Okay, see you tomorrow.]

So, the 110m hurdles final of this year’s National Championships made everyone’s nervously anticipate it and it received a lot of attention.

The second day, 1:20 pm, the 110m hurdles final began.

The 110m hurdles final was one of the key events in the afternoon of August 13, and the live track of Chaotix Sports Channel had already been set up on the field. On the commentary platform, Wang Miaochuan and Zhang Jing were communicating with the guide, waiting for the live signal to be accessed.

“Hey? Old Wang, do you see if Su Zhe is coming there?” Zhang Jing patted Wang Miaochuan’s shoulder and pointed to the check-in position in one corner of the field.

That location was slightly chaotic, around the stands werefew little girls nervously running to the bleachers near the checkpoint guardrail, to they didn’t dare speak loudly, they just stared at check point, waiting for Su Zhe.

“Alas, I admire this Su Zhe.” Wang Miaochuan couldn’t help but sigh: “Look at his talent. From the entertainment industry for two years, back to the sports industry in the blink of an eye, he won the preliminary national championship men’s 100 meters! I heard that the Athletics Center has listed him as a key player, yesterday’s race, many of the industry’s big players commented, if he did not hurt his foot, he would have run into the 10 seconds 10.”

“Who says he can’t?”

As sports commentators, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan naturally paid attention to the dynamics of the sports industry in real time, and the recent hot topics in the sports industry, as long as they talked about athletics, there was discussion about Su Zhe.

The two of them, as professional commentators on the sports channel of the court, they naturally had a lot of information channels, before Su Zhe participated in S provincial games, not too many people cared about him, but since the National Championships qualifiers, to his performance during the main competition, it had made more and more sports industry bigwigs focus on the young man full of potential.

Sprint was the country’s weak project, before, only on the men’s 100 metres, there was one leader, Chen Zhi, who held everyone’s expectations, and they once had the 110-metre hurdles king, it attracted and accumulated a lot of reserve talent in the 110-metre hurdles project, after the retirement of the previous generation’s king, because of the lack of top talent, it fell in a huge slump, until Lv Fei cultivated Zhou Tianjue, only then did people have new hope again.

The emergence of Su Zhe, as well as his talent in the 100m dash and 110m hurdles events, raised the expectations of many people who had been in the doldrums for a long time.

As long as he continued to maintain such a state, his future was unlimited.

In front of the checkpoint, Su Zhe had finished his event check and was guided by the checker towards the event preparation area.

After a night’s rest, he didn’t know if it was the excellent analgesic effect of the compound chloroethane spray or the accelerated repair function of the system that was really amazing, but at this time his foot injury felt much better than yesterday after the race.

When he arrived at the preparation area, many players focused their attention on him again, and Ye Jun, who was in the same group as him in the qualifier yesterday morning, had already gone ahead to him and patted him on the shoulder.

“How’s it? Is your foot injury okay?”

Ye Jun, as a famous domestic 110m hurdler, had seen many top domestic hurdlers, but there was almost no one who could compete with Su Zhe in terms of calmness between hurdles.

These two days, Ye Jun also repeatedly watched the video of the day of the preliminaries, he knew that if there wasn’t the sudden accident on the track, then according to Su Zhe’s rhythm of attacking the hurdles and his own excellent back-end acceleration ability, then the final winner of the qualifier would be Su Zhe.

This perception made him quite shocked, he originally thought that from the height disadvantage, it would enough to make Su Zhe fail in the 110m hurdles, but in fact, with this disadvantage, the other could still get such superior results ……

His height, was a bit of a pity ah.

Su Zhe naturally didn’t not know Ye Jun’s inner thoughts, he smiled and responded to the tall man: “Nothing much, just a common contusion, I just need a few days to recuperate after the race.”

The other players around more or less said hello to Su Zhe, but Zhou Tianjue wrinkled his brow.

After a while, a displeased Zhou Tianjue turned his face away and hummed at a volume that everyone present could hear: “You’re injured, so why come to the final if you’re not recuperating properly?”

When they heard his words, the players around them weren’t surprised and showed funny expressions.

All the players present, including Su Zhe, were older than Zhou Tianjue, most of these players had trained all the way from childhood, and many of them had seen Zhou Tianjue when he was a kid in the youth tournament.

This guy grew up with a temper that was like Long Aotian, they didn’t know where he learned it, he always spoke like a middle-aged man, he never left a good first impression.

But in fact, this was a brain of a teasing teenager.

Su Zhe naturally also heard the meaning of Zhou Tianjue’s words, he was just worried about his foot injury. He walked up to Zhou Tianjue with a slight sense of mischief and said with a sincere face: “You can’t say that, yesterday you asked me to watch your performance properly. How can I watch you perform without coming to the scene?”

Zhou Tianjue, who had a displeased face, first froze, then looked at Su Zhe’s sincere face, and after a long time, his face turned red and he said in annoyance, “Su, Zhe! Do you think I’m stupid?!”

It was a long time since he heard Zhou Tianjue call his name properly, but it was obvious that he had pissed off this middle-aged boy.

Although Zhou Tianjue’s words were really harsh, his words just now was really showing concern for him, but he still teased him at this time, he shouldn’t have.

Su Zhe first reflected on his occasional bad mischief in his heart and was about to apologize to Zhou Tianjue. The staff came at this time to inform the players that they could enter the field.

The 110m hurdles final was about to start, and the live signal from the Dynasty Sports Channel had been accessed.

On the field, the runners walked from the preparation area to the track one after another, and then arrived at their own track position.

On the stands, near the track the seats were full, one of the small areas, sitting as usual were the Su Zhe’s fans, in addition, there were more than a dozen wearing track and field kingdom forum t-shirts sitting in a pile, and there were some people like Tao Sheng who came alone or with friends to watch the game of sports, the hobbyist group.

When they saw the players come out, many of them let out excited shouts, shouting the names of the players they supported.

“Go, Tianjue! Go for it!!! The championship is yours!!!”

“Ye Shuai is invincible and number one in the world!”

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