Zhou Yuhe was in a very awkward situation.

On one hand.

There were quite a few players who wanted to use him to achieve the goal of advancing directly to the next phase.

On the other hand, he urgently needed to get out of trouble.
In the eyes of other players, he was also a dangerous person.

In such a situation.

Players who offered him an olive branch weren’t trustworthy.

But if a female player like Player B was wary of him, fearing that Zhou Yuhe would do anything to cheat her in order not to be eliminated –
This was the reaction of a normal player.

Zhou Yuhe took a lot of effort to persuade female player B to team up with him.

As soon as they reached an alliance, the countdown in the castle ended.

This meant that the time left for the players to establish an alliance was over.

Everyone came out of the room.

The duel of cards officially started –
Everyone started dueling in the groups they had been divided into.

The camera jumped to three groups, Zhang Sheng and Player C, the man with glasses and Player A, and Zhou Yuhe and Player B. They all sent three wins to each other first, as agreed.

Just when the audience was confused whether the show was going to go on smoothly like this –
The fraudster appeared.

The man with the glasses had three wins with the female player A. According to the original plan, he was supposed to lose three more games to the female player A. That way they would each have three wins to keep both players safe.

But then he suddenly said he wasn’t going to play.

Player A looked at him in shock, as if she couldn’t believe she had been tricked.

The man with glasses smiled at her as a victor, “Sorry, I’ll take these three wins, just think of it as paying an IQ tax.”

After saying that, he and Lulu walked into the small room one after the other.

It looked like those two were the allies.

Totally cheated ……

The female player A was standing helplessly with the remaining six cards.

The other players around her were busy with their own duels and didn’t seem to notice the situation on her side.

She was cheated and had no one to comfort her, so her mind immediately broke apart.

With a dumbfounded expression, female player A walked to the corner alone, her mind blank.
She didn’t know how she had managed to get there.

It seemed that someone came to her three times to duel, right? She had no recollection, all she could think of was the mocking smile of the man with glasses before he left.

They were all socialist successors, living in a normal sunny world.

No one could adapt to this kind of environment where they could be cheated and betrayed at any time and anywhere, which was too cruel and ruinous for them.


There were still the last twenty minutes left on the clock.

Only after a while did someone notice the situation of female player A.

Player C, a relatively smart looking girl, noticed female player A and couldn’t help but walk up and ask: “Little A, what happened to you?”

“I’ve been cheated …… I’ve been cheated by Brother Liu (the man with glasses)!”

“How could this happen?!” Player C’s eyes also flashed with unacceptable astonishment.

It was one thing to know the rules of the game, it was another thing to really see someone abandoning the lower limit to betray a teammate who trusted you completely.

The shrewd Player C took the deceived Player A to the small room where Zhang Sheng was.

She explained what happened to him.

Zhang Sheng replied, “Things don’t seem to be so simple …… Zhou Zhou was also cheated did you guys know that?”

Player A and player C were stunned: “Zhou Yuhe was also cheated? It can’t be!”

They were mainly surprised because Zhou Yuhe’s popularity was so high, that Player B dared to cheat him was really very courageous!

But it wasn’t very surprising that Zhou Yuhe would be cheated.

Because this little fresh meat had been making people feel like he was more naive throughout the course of the competition.

At this point the guide also very cooperatively showed the scene of Zhou Yuhe and Player B when they were dueling –

And the withdrawal.

When Player B had three wins and Zhou Yuhe was about to win three games, the man with glasses suddenly wandered past them and said, “You’re still competing?”

As soon as he said this, Zhou Yuhe immediately felt that something was wrong.

But it was too late.

Player B, who heard the “password”, immediately told him that she wasn’t going to continue.

And then very simply put away the remaining six cards and followed the man with glasses away.

Zhou Yuhe was left alone in the same place, confused.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought about the possibility of being cheated.

He just didn’t expect to be cheated by this girl.

She looked innocent and honest, and she was always timid when chatting with Zhou Yuhe, as if she was afraid he was going to cheat her.

At that time, the preparation time was almost over again, and Zhou Yuhe was in a hurry to prove to her that he wasn’t trying to harm her – but forgot, on what grounds did he have to prove himself and not her?

“Careless.” Cheated, Zhou Yuhe had a shattered smile on his face, he wasn’t angry, but he felt more amused that he had made such a big blunder in such a small place.

The audience looked at his somewhat forlorn back and instantly cursed Lulu, the Man with glasses and Player B – the three-man fraud team.


“So you shouldn’t worry too much, I have observed, Zhou Zhou in addition to the three duels with Player B, had three duels with Xie Yifeng, by definition, he should also have three cards in his hand that can’t be used, and when the time is up, he and you would be left, but he’ll be eliminated.” Zhang Sheng analyzed while comforting the female player A.

“Really?” Female player A also panicked for a moment, and could only take Zhang Sheng’s words as a life-saving straw.

The game time was over.

Female Player A walked out of the small room under the leadership of Player C and Zhang Sheng.

In front of the table, all the players were waiting.

Female player A glanced at the man with glasses with resentment, and the man with glasses immediately said, “Little A, I had no choice but to do so, the show’s tournament system is like this, you can’t be angry with me, right?”

With so many viewers watching, female player A of course couldn’t tear him apart on the spot, she could only grit her teeth and say, “Of course not, we will still be friends.”

“That’s good.”

After a short exchange of pleasantries, the results of the game began to be announced.

The big screen first showed the players who were absolutely safe and wouldn’t be involved in the battle for superiority.

Wu Kun won, Zhang Sheng and player C, Lulu and player B, each had three wins, and now Xie Yifeng, the man with glasses, player A and Zhou Yuhe’s ranking weren’t announced.

The Man with glasses took a look at Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe, and suddenly asked: “By the way, I have a question. What if, I mean what if, what if Zhou Yuhe and the infiltrator are directly eliminated at the same time? There is such a possibility, right?”

Zhou Yuhe was at the bottom of the points, and the infiltrator didn’t get the first place, this situation wasn’t impossible.

Then there would be only seven people left in their team.

The host explained, “If Mr. Zhou and the infiltrator are eliminated at the same time, then we will directly open the newcomer fill-in mode in the next period, and a new player will take the two’s place.”

The man nodded, “Then I have no problem.”

The results of the four people were about the winners, and the creation of the elimination alternates, so they were announced at the same time.

A moment before the announcement, Player C was still comforting Player A: “It’s okay, you’ll be fine, don’t panic …… !!!!”


Everyone sucked in a cold breath –
Because the big screen showed –
Player A: 0 points, Zhou Yuhe: 1 point, glasses man: 9 points, and Xie Yifeng ……

He had ……

10 points !!!!!!!

“How is this …… possible!!!” The man wearing glasses was dumbfounded.

Other people in the room were even more confused.

According to the alliance between Xie Yifeng and Wu Kun, even if Wu Kun exchanged all his cards with Xie Yifeng, the full count would only be 9 wins, not to mention that Xie Yifeng also dueled with Zhou Yuhe three times, exhausting his big cards.

How was it possible that Xie Yi Feng had 10 wins when Wu Kun already had 1 win, and ……
Zhou Yuhe ????

Zhou Yuhe actually had 1 win ????

Zhou Yuhe actually used up his cards?

Didn’t he get cheated too!

Everyone looked at Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe’s incomparably bizarre final scores like they were looking at Demons!


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