In the early morning hours, an explosive Xie Yupan, Chu Yu, and Wen Run’s love triangle topic quietly entered the hot search list.

The traffic in the early hours of the morning would have been bad, and at first, there was only a water army bouncing around, but gradually, there were late-night bored netizens getting into the topic, but they were surprised to find that this looked like an insignificant topic, but it hid such a piece of huge information!

The half-dreaming netizens were suddenly lying in bed, all energized.

The start of the “Folding” was low-key, but because of the director and the three lead actors, there had been some waterworks recently, although the discussion was not very high, there were a lot of people who know. The emotional line of “Folding” was a love triangle where two men competed for one woman. They didn’t expect it to be in reality, the three lead actors actually also staged two men for a woman, from the drama to a drama, this was really exciting.

The explosive hot search was just like a rocket, whooshing up to the front row.

The three people who had been exposed, whether it was the long-established Xie Yupan and Chu Yu, or the recent newly popular Wen Run, none of them were lacking in topics and attention. After the hot search leaped to the front row, the fans who were always concerned about their own favorites also sniffed the wind and finally arrived at the battlefield.

The fastest reaction was Chu Yu family’s young master fans. Chu Yu attracted a group of younger fans because of his family background. These fans may not be able to do so in other aspects, but their fighting capacity was absolutely first-class. Young master fans arrived on the battlefield and quickly launched a fight. Whether it was anti-fans, passers-by, or comrades-in-arms, they got started and tore it up.

For a time, it was revealed that Weibo was full of young master fans and people from all walks of life, among which Xie Yupan and Wen Run were the worst scolded.

[paste. don’t post about young master. thank you. ]

[Xie Yupan wants to marry into a rich family, she’s not qualified.]

[Can you stop pulling people around for hype? Haven’t you had enough people before? ]

The fans’ scoldings were very ugly. Xie Yupan and Wen Run’s fans, who arrived late, naturally couldn’t let their idols be scolded like this, and they quickly launched a counterattack. However, the fans of these two stars were still quite intelligent, and they didn’t scold too badly to avoid bad feelings of passers-by, so they only took away their own idol.

However, this lively event was not just a battlefield for fans. Passers-by who smelled gossip gathered, and there were anti-fans that stirred up the water. It was getting hotter and hotter.

It was soon picked up that it wasn’t the first time Xie Yupan and Chu Yu cooperated, Chu Yu debuted three years ago, and there were five dramas that cooperated with Xie Yupan. Although they were not always the male and female lead, it was also very interesting. Moreover, “passers-by” broke out many photos of two people going in and out together. Although their manners were not intimate, they were enough to make people feel better.

On the contrary, Wen Run and Xie Yupan, in addition to recording “Farming” outside, their interaction wasn’t much. But in such a lively situation, there was no shortage of “passersby” who would reveal information.

A photo of Wen Run and Xie Yupan dressed up in disguises and going out together soon topped the charts. In the photo, Wen Run and Xie Yupan, wearing regular clothes and sunglasses and masks, went into the “Peach Garden” together. A man and a woman, dressed up in disguise going in and out of a highly secretive private restaurant and said there was no secret. The passers-by obviously wouldn’t believe.

This was almost the confirmation of Xie Yupan’s love triangle.

At 3:50 a.m., the traffic skyrocketed, and the Weibo server was squeezed to the point of paralysis. The programmers who were still sleeping in their bunks had to work overtime to get up and maintain the server.

By this time, the teams of the three were also getting wind of the news and began contacting to remove the hot search.

This inexplicable hot search appeared and was quickly removed again. But the online heat didn’t come down so quickly. People had reverse psychology, and if Weibo removed one search, netizens could still brush it up with thousands of others.

One night over, Weibo was almost overrun by the love triangle. The various media were moved by the news, regardless of whether it was true or not, they tried to seize the initiative to send a press release.

By the time the daytime filming began, the trio’s affair was already well known to everyone.

But no one in the crew dared to mention this.

The director Cheng Wei’s face was okay, after all, the three spread the gossip, as long as it didn’t affect the progress of the crew shooting, in fact, it was beneficial, without spending a penny on publicity.

Instead, Chu Yu said nothing, his gaze swept over the crew, his face dark and gloomy, looking extremely ugly. The photo that exploded this time was the photo of the three of them standing together yesterday, he knew that it must have been someone from the crew that sold out.

The always smiling Xie Yupan’s face also sunk today, Chu Yu wanted to find her to say something several times, but she looked away.
  Only Wen Run looked quite normal, he didn’t lose his temper, but he also kept holding his phone to study the photos that had been leaked out. The photos from inside the crew were streaming out, so there must be a mole leaking them. He studied the angle of the shot, squinting his eyes for a moment to compare, and his eyes suddenly landed on a certain place.

There seemed to be someone there yesterday.

He was resting on the side after the scene yesterday, and Xie Yupan came to him with milk tea, followed by Chu Yu. He distinctly remembered that when he raised his eyes to measure Chu Yu yesterday, there was someone sitting just behind Chu Yu’s incline.

Wen Run unmovingly went to the place where the person sat yesterday and took a photo with his phone, the background and angle were almost able to match the explosion.

He did not immediately say what he found, yesterday he just casually looked around, he did not pay attention to the characteristics of the person sitting there, he could only privately find someone else to adjust the surveillance to investigate, it was best to be able to pull them out without alerting the snake.

What he was worried about now was another thing.

The first time they met in the corridor, Ye Hansheng repeatedly told him to be careful about being photographed secretly, and he even assured Ye Hansheng that he would pay attention.

Although Zheng Xuan has already contacted him and asked him to wait patiently and let him solve the problem, Wen Run remembered what Ye Hansheng said to him and felt empty inside.

He messed around without thinking and now he was in trouble, would he …… be angry?


Of course, Ye Hansheng was angry.

It wasn’t that he was angry at Wen Run, but he was angry that someone dared to touch Wen Run. Wen Run was someone he wanted to protect, but now someone was going behind his back and trying to ruin Wen Run.

He called Zheng Xuan to his office to discuss countermeasures with him. If Wen Run got involved in the love triangle, all the good reputation he had built up from the interviews he had done would be in vain, and when he was famous, this would be dug up as a black mark.

“Someone wants to secretly deal with Wen Run.” Ye Hansheng knocked on the desktop and said, “The restaurant’s location is hidden and secretive, there’s no way that photo was taken by coincidence.”

Most likely, someone had been secretly stalking for a long time before taking the photo.

What he thought of, Zheng Xuan naturally thought of as well and said, “Already investigating. Their main focus is on ruining Wen Run.”

Although the other party moved carefully and cautiously, Zheng Xuan investigated. Having been in the entertainment industry for many years, he had seen this kind of tactic a lot, and it was almost clear who they really wanted to blacken.

“Find the person as soon as possible.” Ye Hansheng narrowed his eyes, his eyes flashed with coldness, “And this scandal must be clarified, we can’t let Wen Run take a loss.”

“Clarification may not be so smooth.” Zheng Xuan frowned, “It’s too big this time, even if the three parties clarified at the same time, if they can’t come up with strong evidence, it’s hard to make it go away.”

The scandal was already a catch, how were they going to prove that these three people weren’t related at all? Unless two of them both popped up married they could remove Wen Run cleanly, but how was that possible?

Ye Hansheng thought, his fingers tapping on the desktop, and after a long time, he said, “I was also at Peach Garden that day, and isn’t Xie Yupan’s contract just expiring? You go and make contact.”

“You mean to sign Xie Yupan to the Starland?” Zheng Xuan immediately reacted to the fact that Xie Yupan’s contract was about to expire, but there was no word on which company she was approaching, most likely she was just about to renew her contract with the old company. If Starland could dig her up at this time, there would be a logical explanation for the two of them disguising themselves to go in and out of Peach Garden.

With Xie Yupan’s contract expiring, it was really perfectly normal for Wen Run, as a Star Domain artist and a good friend of Xie Yupan’s, to pull strings in the middle for Star land’s boss and Xie Yupan to meet.

“But Xie Yupan may not agree.” Zheng Xuan replied.
  Ye cold voice sneered, “She’s the one who caused this, she has to be willing even if she doesn’t want to, you tell her that if she doesn’t want to, we’ll solve it ourselves on our side, but there’s no guarantee that something else won’t pop up. See if she chooses to admit it herself, or wait for someone else to pop up.”

Zheng Xuan was surprised and looked at him, did Xie Yu Pan still have something in Ye Chansheng’s hands?

He wanted to ask more, but looking at the gloomy look of Ye Hangsheng who looked like he was about to eat someone at any moment, he finally didn’t talk too much and honestly went out for PR.


Zheng Xuan was very efficient and immediately contacted Xie Yupan after leaving the office.

Xie Yupan was indeed interested in renewing her contract with her old boss, in fact, it didn’t matter to her which company she stayed in, because she was already preparing her own studio. But Zheng Xuan’s words came afterward, and she was silent for a long time, knowing that she and Chu Yu were the ones who got Wen Run into trouble this time, so she agreed to Zheng Xuan’s suggestion.

The two sides of the team approached and discussed some more, at 7 o’clock that night, Ye Hansheng took the lead in tagging Xie Yupan and Wen Run to a Weibo post.

[Ye Hansheng V: Thanks @Wen Run for pulling some strings, welcome @Xie Yupan to the Starland family].

Xie Yupan’s side quickly retweeted Starland Media’s official post, [Xie Yupan V: @Ye Hansheng @WenRun, please take care of me in the future. /doghead]

Wen Run followed up with a Weibo post, stating that they would all be family from now on.

This back and forth quickly attracted the attention of netizens. And that photo of the two going to Peach Garden together also had the best explanation, they went to talk about the contract!

While netizens were still arguing over the photo, Xie Yupan followed it up with another post.

[Xie Yupan V: Introducing to everyone, this is my good brother @Wen Run, and this is my fiancé @Chuyu].


Fi– What?!!!

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