“Stowaways?!” Zhang Kuan cried out in alarm.

Li Zheng and Xu Mingsheng looked at him at the same time, and Zhang Kuan subconsciously covered his mouth, shaking his head unceasingly. He didn’t mean it, he would never interrupt casually again.

“Children can’t talk, don’t mind him Li Zheng. With your academic level, it’s an honor for Hong Kong to have you settle here ah. It’s also weirdly cold outside, so why don’t we go inside and talk?” Xu Mingsheng pointed to the lounge next to him and said.

Li Zheng nodded and the two of them walked into the lounge one after the other.

When they disappeared from sight, Zhang Kuan nuzzled his mouth in dissatisfaction, “He is a child, but what is that young man called “Li Zheng”?

“Ah Li Zheng, do you mind if I ask you how old you are this year?” Sitting down in the lounge, Xu Mingsheng smilingly poured tea for Li Zheng and himself.

Li Zheng accepted the teacup with both hands and replied, “I will be 17 after the New Year.”

Xu Mingsheng’s hand carrying the teapot shook, and a lot of water spilled on the table, he shook his head and laughed bitterly, “It’s really a long river, seventeen years old, a good seventeen years old.”

“Mr. Xu is fallacious, in fact, the composition of this catalase is very simple, it’s just a matter of whether you want to get it or not. My mother used to go to France to study, and there are quite a few books at home, so if you read more, you will understand more.” Without blinking an eye, Li Zheng put all the blame on his mother, whom he had never met.

Xu Mingsheng nodded knowingly, in developed western countries, it was commonplace for students in institutions of higher learning to publish SCI papers. And Newton was able to discover gravity from an apple, a genius had always been uncommon in any era.

Xu Mingsheng intuited that asking further questions would only undermine his self-confidence, so he took a sip of tea and opened his mouth, “Ah Li Zheng, although your academic level is already solid, this industry still values academic qualifications, are you interested in coming to our school?”

Promise! You have to say yes! Xu Mingsheng’s face didn’t move, as if he had a calm appearance, but his fingers, which kept fondling the cup, showed that his heart was not as calm as it seemed.

When Hong Kong University was first established, it imitated the system of the University of Liverpool, “emphasizing science and technology but not humanities”. Nowadays, humanities and science and engineering had become a dichotomous system. The humanities were now powerful, and the university was required to change its financial allocation from science and engineering, which they were naturally reluctant to do so.

So the monthly “meeting” had become a “denunciation” and “belittling” meeting for both sides. . A student who published an SCI paper and was valued by a pharmaceutical company, this was enough to earn a big face for the science and engineering department. Xu Mingsheng really wanted to see the faces of those old pals in the Humanities Department when they heard this news.

“My pleasure, sir.” Li Zheng got up and poured tea for Xu Mingsheng.

Xu Mingsheng finally couldn’t keep his serious smile and laughed out loud.

“Good good good.” Three “goods” in a row expressed his current pleasant mood.
  ”Leave it to me about your identity, now that the first half of the semester is almost over, you’ll be enrolled in the spring, I’ll get your academic registration and you’ll take classes with the new students coming in this year, no problem.”

“No problem, Professor.” Li Zheng quickly changed the way he addressed him, going from Mr. to Professor meant that Li Zheng had quickly completed the role change from a junior in biology to a student.

“Professor, since I’m your student now, I’m not going to be polite to you. I have a request, I wonder if you can help me?” Li Zheng used the term “your student” instead of “student of the University of Hong Kong”, which made Xu Mingsheng feel very special.


He coughed twice, and a scholar who had already published an SCI paper called him teacher, sparing Xu Mingsheng’s thick skin, he couldn’t help but blush a little.

“If you have anything to say, you can’t call me teacher for nothing.” Xu Mingsheng said with a smile.

It was the matter of signing a contract tomorrow, this kind of patent licensing contract, Li Zheng had signed countless times in his last life. But this time was different, because of his identity as a stowaway, he didn’t apply for a patent in time. And with his current status, was the contract he signed protected by Hong Kong law?

Li Zheng had hoped out that the pharmaceutical company wouldn’t play tricks on the contract, but it would be great if there were professionals involved.

Xu Mingsheng was already very interested in this matter, but this was after all Li Zheng’s private matter, and he was too shy to ask, but now Li Zheng took the initiative to mention it, which was exactly what he wanted. He fully agreed: “Since I’m your teacher, it’s my duty to watch out for you. Tomorrow, I will go with Attorney Cheng. Attorney Cheng is an authority on patents, so there will be no problem with him.”

When they walked out of the lounge, a few young men and women in front of the registration desk were talking angrily, Zhang Kuan’s face was full of helplessness, and when he saw Li Zheng come out, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes, and the culprit came.

“Why isn’t there a single tube of reagents in the freezer, we had a two-month appointment to get to the lab, what kind of experiments are we doing without reagents!” The man who spoke was about 1.7 meters in appearance, not fat or thin, with a small flat head and a few pimples on his face.

Zhang Kuan shrugged his shoulders, “Sorry, the lab teacher only replenishes the reagents once a day, I can’t do anything about it.”

“What then, can’t we do experiments? What about tomorrow morning? Will it be okay tomorrow morning?” A girl said.

Zhang Kuan shook his head, “Sorry, it’s been booked out for tomorrow morning.”

The pimple man was instantly furious, he almost wanted to rush up and do something, the man behind him pressed on his shoulder.

The man was about a head taller than the pimple, a straight black suit, he was handsome and had a gentle temperament, which was very popular with the younger generation of girls, a “warm guy” type of person.

“I’m sorry, my companion is in a hurry. But you also know how bad this lab is for appointments, if we can’t do the experiments this afternoon, I’m afraid it will already be a month or two when it’s our turn again, we have a very important thesis on hand, we just need data demonstration to complete, can’t you help?” The man said sincerely.

Zhang Kuan sighed as he saw that the fire had subsided quite a bit.

“I’ll call the Logistics Department teacher for you, but if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing I can do.”

The man gratefully said, “Thank you”.
  Unluckily, however, the teacher from the logistics office was not at the school, and the warehouse key where the reagents were stored in the lab was also taken away by him. Hearing this news, the man’s face was not generally ugly.

Pimples became agitated, “Ming, what should we do? SCI thesis ah! In case someone else publishes it early, all our hard work will be for nothing!”

SCI papers? Xu Mingsheng, who had just walked out of the lounge, caught the keyword with a sharp ear, and the expression on his face was strange, what was wrong with the world now, these students, one or two of them, were all better than the professors?

“What SCI paper? Show me?” Xu Mingsheng strode closer.

He Zhongming naturally recognized Xu Mingsheng, his eyes flashed with a hint of joy, but his face took on a very humble expression, “President Xu, don’t listen to this kid’s nonsense, I just discovered a small phenomenon and wrote a paper. What SCI, it’s all a no-scores thing.” As he said that, he handed over a thick pile of papers from his bag.

He Zhongming was a famous academic in the medical department of Hong Kong University, extremely popular with the professors of various disciplines. He had published more than a dozen papers, large and small, and although they were not SCI papers, they were published in extremely prestigious journals and was dubbed by many as the first person in the medical department of Hong Kong University.

In an experiment, he accidentally discovered that the reaction between polyurethane and aspirin at high temperature produced a gas that inhibited the secretion of stomach acid, a discovery that made him ecstatic.

Both polyurethane and aspirin were home remedies, both had anti-inflammatory properties, and were often taken together by the general public. If the reaction between the two produces a gas that inhibited the secretion of stomach acid, did this mean that taking them together was harmful? Neither the instructions for polyaminophen nor aspirin pointed this out.

If he were to publish his findings in a paper, it would give him great prestige. Like Carlson, who once pointed out that the prescription heart disease drug “Cymbalta” was not good for the heart, he was treated as a hero by people around the world.

After checking all the journals to make sure no one else had pointed this out, He began preparing his paper. Now that everything was ready except the data, how could he be willing to do so?

Xu Mingsheng received the paper and looked at it a few times, a smile on his face, the paper was well written, but it was still some distance away from SCI. He casually handed the paper to Li Zheng.

“Li Zheng, take a look and give it a grade.” Xu Mingsheng said with a smile.

He Zhongming’s face turned ugly, but only for a moment, he changed back to that humble and gentle academic bully, which was why this smile seemed a bit stiff. For the sake of secrecy, He Zhongming didn’t even borrow the professors’ private labs, otherwise, with the appreciation, the professors had for him, why would he wait so long to book a public lab?

Dean Xu Mingsheng was fine, but what was this young man, who was he to read his papers!

Li Zheng’s heart was also a bit guilty, in case others deduced the catalyst recipe from the reagents he used, he poured all the reagents in the freezer into the sink, although he paid the full amount of Hong Kong coins at the market price, it was a fact that he delayed people to do experiments. So he was a little on the ball when he read the paper.

“The thesis is well written, the phrasing of sentences is remarkable, and the translation of English terminology is also accurate, except that the phenomenon of polyaminophen and aspirin high-temperature reaction was mentioned in Article 297 of the 1978 GlaxoSmithKline drug identification report, the gas produced by the reaction inhibits stomach acid, but at the same time the human blood’s own meta-iron element can neutralize it well, so its effect on the human body can be ignored.”


[In Taylor Swift’s voice] So now they got baaad blooddddd

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