After all, they were in the corridor, it wasn’t good to stay outside for too long, Ye Hansheng repeatedly instructed Wen Run to focus on his career, not to disappoint Zheng Xuan and the company’s decision to cultivate him, Wen Run seriously agreed, he only slightly dispersed the fire in his heart, and let him leave.

After Wen Run left, he went back to his compartment, his compartment and Wen Run’s compartment were separated by several numbers, but coincidentally, the two compartments were exactly diagonally opposite. He leaned against the window, and through the carved wooden window and the adjoining corridor, he could just see the movement on Wen Run’s side.

As soon as Wen Run came out, he hurried out and blocked the way to the door.

Gu Sinian waited in the box for a long while before seeing him slowly turn his wheelchair in. In comparison, his face was a little better than it had been a moment ago. His nephew’s erratic temperament was something that even he could easily guess, and seeing that he didn’t take the initiative to mention it, Gu Sinian didn’t pursue what he was rushing out for, only continued to talk to him from where they stopped.

“I’ve already sent someone to spread the news, and if that family is indeed hiding there, they probably won’t be able to resist showing up soon to ask about the news. It won’t take too long.”

Ye Hansheng’s eyes were gloomy, his fingers rubbed the wheelchair handle and a grim smile rested on his lips, “Find someone and control them first, it’s not time to use them yet.”

In the meantime, Gu Sinian slightly disapproved, “What do you want to do?”

Ye Hansheng raised his eyes slightly, his eyes were full of deep hatred, “Nothing, just let them also taste the pain of losing a loved one.”

This family had gone into hiding after his accident with the money the driver had given them. The driver wasn’t stupid back then, he took the money to kill the mother and children, but he was afraid of getting his family involved by killing them, so he took the money Qiu Jihe gave him when everyone wasn’t paying attention, and then let his family take the money and hide from the limelight.

The driver himself, however, voluntarily admitted his guilt and bit the bullet that the car accident that year was a drunk driving accident. For causing one death and two serious injuries, plus the lawyer hired by Ye Hansheng to maneuver from there, the driver ended up being sentenced to eight years.

Now it had been five years, plus the driver had been doing well in prison and had been fighting for a reduced sentence, he had less than two years to go before he could be released. And Ye Hansheng had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Even the commutation of the driver’s sentence had him pushing for it behind the scenes. Seeing that he was about to get out, the family he was hiding was probably waiting impatiently for him to come home…

With so many provinces and cities in the country, and even more countless towns and villages below, it was too easy for a few people to hide. It would be a needle in a haystack for him to find someone, but it would be much simpler if they couldn’t help but show their tracks themselves.

When the driver was sentenced to prison, he was first seriously injured and hospitalized, and then sent to a mental hospital by Ye Maokai, which delayed quite a bit of time, Qiu Jihe was also afraid that he would find something, and had already cleaned his tracks, wiped clean. These years, Ye Hansheng bided his time, but secretly spent a great deal of effort to find them, now, he finally found a trace.

He had later visited the driver’s former residence, and the neighbors all said that their family was very affectionate, it was just that the old lady was always sick and the family was poor, so life was very difficult. Such an affectionate family, if something suddenly happened to the driver in prison, they would definitely be unable to resist showing their heads and asking for information.

As long as they found someone, it would be easy to do.

Ye Hansheng’s clenched fingers loosened and he looked up at Gu Sinian, not slowing down, “Uncle don’t worry, I have a sense of propriety.

Gu Sinian scoffed in his heart, but his face didn’t dare to annoy Ye Hansheng. His nephew’s character he knew very well, when he was determined, he wouldn’t easily turn back. He was the one who didn’t take care of his sister and children when he was abroad, but now he could only try to make up for it, and at the same time, he also wanted to watch Ye Hansheng so that he wouldn’t do anything too out of the ordinary.


Wen Run went to the bathroom before returning to the compartment, and on the way, he thought of Ye Hansheng again. He thought about what Ye Hansheng said to him, but he was too nervous to notice many details. Now he had some doubts. How did Boss Ye know that he just got off the plane, and how did he know that it was a woman he had dinner with?

He pondered for a moment and guessed that it was probably Zheng Xuan who had told him by accident… after all, the two of them seemed to be very close, and it wasn’t surprising that Boss Ye would know about his trip. As for the woman… he probably just happened to see Xie Yupan when he came in…

Wen Run shook his head, thinking that there was no point in thinking about it now, it just so happened that Xie Yupan had already rested, so she suggested that they go back to the crew. Wen Run then suppressed his doubts again, and after covering up tightly, he carefully returned to the hotel.


After the opening ceremony, the filming officially started.

The female lead was Xie Yupan, the second male lead was Wen Run, and the male first was Chu Yu, who had not been too good in the past.

According to Xie Yupan, Chu Yu was a rich second generation, he relied on his good looks, his family also had a little money, on a whim he came to the entertainment industry. He was a young master with a temper and had offended many people in the industry, but people were afraid of his family background and dared not do anything. He had made his debut two or three years ago, although he had made many enemies, his resources were not bad, and his acting skills were also passable, so he had a lot of younger fans. Chu Yu’s fans called him “Young Master”.

Xie Yupan pulled Wen Run and almost ardently instructed, “You stay away from him, this person isn’t good.”

Wen Run listened to her and brushed it off, because he felt that Xie Yupan was treating him like a kindergartener.

“Colleague” relationship. Wen Run thought that was fine.

Unfortunately, Chu Yu apparently didn’t think so.

After being in the crew for a little ten days, Wen Run found that Chu Yu might be targeting him. It was peaceful on the surface. But recently every time they met, Chu Yu either sneered or stared at him, the crew knew that the male lead and second male lead had contradictions.

But in view of Chu Yu’s past deeds, they all felt that it was definitely not Wen Run’s fault, Wen Run’s character was so good, even if there was a conflict, it was definitely Chu Yu’s problem.

The crew avoided Chu Yu , afraid that the bad-tempered young master would take out his anger on them.

Xie Yupan sneakily held two cups of milk tea to find Wen Run, as soon as she saw him, she stuffed a cup at him.

  ”Chu Yu has a dog’s temper, ignore him, who knows what he’s mad at again.” Xie Yupan held the milk tea to cover her hands, she gestured at Wen Run to drink and also drank from her cup.

Wen Run felt a little strange, Xie Yupan’s tone, she seemed to be very familiar with Chu Yu, but the thought of Xie Yupan’s bad expression when she mentioned Chu Yu , he wisely did not say anything, he drank a mouthful of hot milk tea and nodded his head: “I don’t care.”

Xie Yupan watched him take another big sip of milk tea, gulped, as she thought that she hadn’t eaten a full meal since she started the film, and then thinking of the ghostly Chu Yu, suddenly she felt out of breath, hugging the milk tea tightly in anger: “Had I known that Chu Yu was the male lead, I would have-”

“How about you too?”

The gloomy voice came from behind, Wen Run and Xie Yupan turned their heads at the same time, and saw Chu Yu standing behind with an expressionless face, he was still holding two cups of milk tea in his hand, and she didn’t know how long he had been listening here.

He was very tall, and his body was stronger than Wen Run. When he didn’t talk with a sullen face, he was a little intimidating.

Having been caught bad-mouthing someone behind their back, Xie Yupan was also a little guilty, but she was guilty for a while and then justifiably strong, “How I am is none of your business!”

Chu Yu sneered coldly, his gaze mockingly shooting towards Wen Run, “It’s none of his business, is it?”

Wen Run: “???”

How did it get to him… Wen Run coughed awkwardly, his eyes darting between the two, he thought that they didn’t hate each other that much, and that there might be a little something else in between…

He’d better not get involved.
  ”That …… I have something else to do, so I’m going back to the hotel.” Wen Run made an excuse and slipped away quickly.

What Xie Yupan and Chu Yu said later Wen Run didn’t know, but the next day everyone knew that Chu Yu and Xie Yupan and Wen Run were not getting along. After the tense filming, everyone secretly gossipped about what was going on between the three people.

There were also people who heard about it and secretly handed out the news.

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