C8– An All-Network Boycott!

With a clear goal in mind, Shao Xingchen and Zhao Changhe set up a series of special training for Su Zhe, from starting to accelerated sprinting.

In June, S city had begun to step into the heat of the summer, the sultry weather coupled with the blistering sunshine, made the staff of the light-driven drama crew feel very worried about Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe, who were receiving training outside the scene every day.

They wouldn’t wait to start filming and the main actor and important supporting actors had turned into two black charcoal heads, right?

Shao Xingchen’s team set up a full set of skin maintenance for him every day, as soon as the training was over, he was pulled inside, and they also communicated with Zhao Changhe, who was responsible for his training, to see if he could transfer some of the training programs inside.

Zhao Changhe didn’t care. After all, Shao Xingchen was not a real track and field athlete. He had his job, and if he became as tanned as a track and field athlete. What would he do in the future?

Instead, Shao Xingchen himself didn’t mind, insisting that he wanted to train like a real track and field athlete and didn’t need special treatment. Some people in the team were worried after Shao Xingchen had communicated with them privately, all the team members also gave him a full set of physical and chemical sunscreen measures.

What was surprising was Su Zhe, although he also used sunscreen, compared to the full set of physical and chemical sunscreen of big brother Shao, his little sunscreen measures could be considered as a small child, but even under such rudimentary sunscreen conditions, Su Zhe’s entire body still looked white, especially when he stood together with a group of gymnastics team members, the contrast was simply too cruel and stark.

Regarding this, Su Zhe was also confused at first, his skin was in pretty good condition in the past, but it was simply getting better and better lately. So he re-examined the Super Idol system that had been quietly there except for posting 10km missions every day.

Sure enough, after re-examining it once more, Su Zhe found a message in the corner: persistently complete the 10km mission for 1 week to activate the Super Idol System’s basic function, the Perfect Maintenance Aura.

This aura’s description page read: automatically enabled after acquiring the aura, nourishing the host’s beauty at all times, and ensuring that the host always has the perfect idol image! (Note: Halo cannot be closed)

After a long, silent silence, Su Zhu finally accepted the reality that he had been set up with a 24-hour super beauty treatment. What else could he do? This system didn’t even have intelligence, ah, the manual didn’t exist, everything was spontanious ……

After being educated by Mr. Shao and experiencing the brief gossip in the make-up photoshoot, Su Zhe had finally learned to send at least one Weibo post to his fans every day.

The previous Weibo storm had dissipated but had unexpectedly given a small boost to Su Zhe’s fan base, with only a small number of these new fans attracted by Su Zhe’s face value, most of them were netizens who wanted to see if the retired former boy band idol was serious about training.

The “philosophers,” on the other hand, kept their giggles every day after Su Zhe retired – their pup learned how to do business after retiring! And as long as he trained carefully, they’d have a race scene to look forward to soon! And all and …… they didn’t know why, after retreating from the industry, his already beautiful face value surprisingly seemed to be even more refined. ……

Ah, licking his face every day, it was so beautiful!

Occasionally there were fans of other stars passing by, they never expected that other people’s idol would bring happiness to fans in this way.

After the list of the draft provincial games was confirmed, there were only less than 3000 fans but S province sports team weibo page, as usual, posted a participation list. This unimaginative message would not theoretically attract the attention of any passersby except for those in the S city sports industry who would pay a little attention to it.

But there were exceptions to every rule.

This time the exception came from the 100m participant in the track and field event on the list, Su Zhe.

A certain sports commentary Verified blogger Tao Sheng, who was also in S City, naturally paid attention to the posts of the S Province gymnastics team because he was a sportsperson. This day when he refreshed his home page, he just happened to see the list of the provincial games posted by the S provincial gymnastics team.

Tao Sheng clicked on the list and scanned it, preparing to write a short article encouraging athletes to struggle and advance in the Provincial Games. But when his eyes swept to the name Su Zhe, his brows furrowed.

The name Su Zhe was somewhat familiar to him but definitely wasn’t a well-known athlete.

After carefully reviewing it, Tao Sheng recalled a hot spin content he had seen on Weibo the other day – a certain boy band idol had quit the entertainment industry and changed his career to become a professional athlete, entering the S Province gymnastics team and participating in training under the name of Su Yinsheng, whose main event should be the 100m sprint.

At that time, Tao Sheng had angrily retweeted, commenting – the sports circle is not a circle where any bull or snake can just come in! It would be an insult to other sports players to use athletics as a shortcut to fame and hype!

At that time, his agitated and strong wording caused many of his sports colleagues to agree that the boy band player was simply making a fool of himself. Later, it was said that the boy band player was Su Yinsheng’s son.

Many people in the sports industry didn’t say anything on the surface, but secretly there were also people gossiping, saying that although Su Yinsheng was iron-faced and selfless when training his team members, he really was spoiling his own son – you see, first, a child born from a good sports family, and with a certain amount of talent, not trained from a young age, and went into the entertainment industry. Now that he couldn’t make it in the entertainment industry, he was letting his son return to participate in training under him.
  Sprinting was the only way to achieve success without stopping training from adolescence, like this guy who didn’t train all out in adolescence and spent two years in the entertainment industry when he was 17 or 8 ……

Saying that Su Zhu didn’t make the provincial gymnastics team because of Su Yinsheng but on merit?


Basically, none of these sports industry guys believed it.

But entering the provincial team, just entering the provincial team, with Su Yinsheng’s qualifications, there was still no problem raising an idler in the provincial team, at most people would spit a few words in private.

But letting him, his son, participate in the Provincial Games?!

Didn’t it occur to him that his son had only been back in training for a few days?

Your son was dazzled by the world of entertainment in the first place, and you, Su Yinsheng, are being fed ecstasy now?! You can’t spoil your own son like that!

If this kept up, where was the fairness in sports? What did the athletes who trained for years and then had their eligibility taken away from them by someone like this think!

The more Tao Sheng thought about it, the angrier he became, so he angrily forwarded the gymnastics team’s post, criticized Su Yinsheng’s behavior, but also nailed Su Zhe to the pillar of shame.

He spoke: the Provincial Games is a sporting event that represents the highest level of S province, not a showplace for you to put on a show! I checked your best time, 11.34 seconds at the S City Games, two years off training, what can you run now? Can you run into the standards of a National 2 athlete? If you want to get ahead in the hype, go back to the entertainment industry and don’t come and ruin our sports!

Then, he also @ a group of fellow sports V’s, vowing to squash this unhealthy trend and get that Su Zhe back into the entertainment industry.

Tao Sheng’s statement was quickly echoed by his friends, competitive sports fans, for fairness was often the most important. This Su Zhe thing was simply a poke at their Achilles’ heel, and when the sports fans saw Tao Sheng’s critique, their blood rushed to their skulls and anger burned in their chests.

Can this be tolerated? This was intolerable!

The fire, which quickly spread from the sports world, then was noticed by passersby, and then the fire burst into the sky, sparking concerns from a wide range of passersby about the fairness of athletic events.

Many had voiced their objections in forwarded comments-.

[Honestly, I was worried when Su Zhu retired from the entertainment industry and returned to sports before, after all, can someone who has spent time in the flowery world of the entertainment industry sink down and train properly?

【I thought this Su Zhe was really going back to train well, but how long has it been since training resumed? Less than 10 days, right? Are they all able to compete at the highest level at the provincial level? Are athletes so easy to be?]

[“Boycott the injustice of sports competition! Get the right athletes on the field where they belong!]

The boycott of the show had quickly spread to the fans, and some of the fans who had fought Su Zhe’s fans quickly smelled a favorable smell – this guy who had returned to the sports industry, but still occupied a spot in the entertainment industry, if he was boycotted, maybe he would be replaced in the drama?

Won’t …… their beloveds have a chance by then?

So, some more anti-fans made the rounds to Su Zhe’s Weibo, and after seeing Su Zhe’s increasingly delicate skin after his exit from the industry, they quickly found a black spot.
  [Look at it, really playing games, he said he was retiring to participate in sports training, the results of 10 days and training, this Su Zhe looks more and more tender, can someone who is in S city in June during outdoor training for 10 days look like this?

[sigh,  cheating fans, and then cheating passers-by, people use the identity of the athlete to gain a wave of fans, and enhance their image.]

[The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Look at what people are like when they train as real athletes! (with a comparison of the athletes’ black leather sweat nine-gauge and Su Zhe training photos)]

For a while, Su Zhe’s name could literally be called everyone’s name, and even the Tian Federation’s Weibo had reblogged the sports circle’s big verified page, sending a message saying that the spirit of fair and open sports couldn’t be forgotten and hoped that all sports coaches would take a lesson from it.

Before Su Zhe’s little fans could even get excited about their beloved bean’s first game, they were suddenly faced with mocking pressure from all over the Internet. The “philosophers” were few in number and were little girls who had never experienced the storm before, where had they seen such a battle?

Although the “Zhe baby’s little cuties” felt pressure to call everyone together for Su Zhe’s name, they didn’t know Su Zhe’s sprint results, and with so many people’s anger, one by one they wilted, originally because of Su Zhe’s daily business and gradually active group chat, but also a moment to watch.

The “Banish Light” crew had a low-key start, Liu Zhengshi kept his wor and, put Su Zhe’s drama and his daily training apart, fully ensuring the crew’s work and Su Zhe’s training didn’t conflict with each other.

The team also knew that Su Zhe would participate in the provincial games in S province, everyone had seen Su Zhe’s previous trial run, the team was still joking, saying that when Su Zhe came back from the provincial games, he might have won a championship, and then the “Banish Light” makeup photo was released, the publicity effect would be very good.

In the end, before Su Zhe ran in the Provincial Games, he ran into this trouble first.

When Shao Xingchen found out about this, he had just finished shooting the previous scene with Su Zhe.

At the end of the break, he found that the atmosphere of the crew wasn’t quite right, so he asked Li Cheng what had happened.

After understanding the cause and effect, Shao Xingchen turned his head to look at Su Zhe who also received the news and frowned irritably.

“Where’s the water army we always contact? Can you control public opinion by taking action now?”

After calculating in his heart, Li Cheng shook his head: “I’m afraid not, this matter has become too big, now we can only spend money to remove the search, but netizens are already concerned about this matter, rashly removing the search, will make them think that Su Zhe is indeed still using the entertainment industry means to do things, so it is more unfavorable. To make a move, we also have to wait until things have calmed down a bit, then we can release other material up to divert the public’s attention and focus.”
 After all, it was too late for them to find out the counter-trend, because this time, it didn’t come out from the perspective of the fan circle, the leader was big in the sports circle. After things got big, it was already a hot topic in the whole network, and the ranking on the hot search list was going up, and it was obviously unrealistic to use the same technique of the entertainment industry to control evaluation.

Hearing Li Cheng’s reply, Shao Xingchen hesitated and turned to the direction where Su Zhe was, hesitantly walking over. At the same time, but Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe were seen walking furiously to the crew shooting point.

Su Yinsheng was now very angry, and just now, he had received several phone calls in a row.

First, the organizer of the Provincial Games contacted him by phone, politely asking him if there was an athlete list that needed to be changed. He was very strange at the time, the list of athletes had already been determined several times, what could be the problem?

After the other party mentioned a few more sentences, Su Yinsheng very impatiently refused to replace the list and then hung up the phone.

Not long after hanging up the phone, the provincial gymnastics team in charge of the Sports Bureau also suddenly called over, the other party’s tone inside the phone was still quite affable, after all, Su Yinsheng was the provincial gymnastics team’s precious national coach.

“Oh my, old Su ah, that what …… heard that your son Su Zhe came back to the gymnastics team to resume training? Congratulations!”

Although Su Yinsheng didn’t understand what the other party meant, he was quite happy about this matter, so he replied slightly reservedly, “Yeah, that kid, he’s finally willing to come back to training.”

“Good to be back, good to be back! That is definitely going to shine in the sports circle.” The leader said, his words changed: “But Old Su ah, we can’t stop, you see the child has just come back to resume training, isn’t it better to wait for a period of training, after a certain performance, and then participate in the competition will be better?”

Hearing the old leader’s words, Su Yinsheng sort of figured out the meaning: “Director Zhang, say it straightforwardly, don’t you know what kind of person I am? I’m sick of all these detours.”

“Ahem.” Director Zhang on the other end of the phone then said, “That, the matter of Su Zhe participating in the Provincial Games, the internet is buzzing about it, I think he just came back to training and is not suitable to participate in the competition too early …… Do you want to see if you want to give a different team member to participate?”

When he heard this, Su Yinsheng felt his anger rising, “A replacement? No way! Director Zhang, I gave you my word here, I Su Yinsheng has never done favoritism, this provincial games, the gymnastics team did not have a lot of solid players, but if there is a stronger performance than Su Zhe, I will immediately resign!”

Director Zhang was stunned by Su Yinsheng’s momentum, and even refused to hear the word resignation: “Don’t don’t don’t, since Su Zhe has the strength, let’s give those people a good look on the field! Don’t you dare mention the resignation, our S Province gymnastics team’s athletics program is still pointing to you to lead us to the next level.”
  When the phone hung up, Su Yinsheng took Zhao Changhe for a lap to understand the situation, then rushed angrily to the filming location of the drama.

“Su Zhe, this Provincial Games, bring back the 100m gold medal for me! Show those bad-mouthers who are not being fair and open about it! I’m going to hurt their faces!”

“Uh …… okay, okay?” Su Zhe also didn’t expect, since he retired from the industry, it was hot search after another …… although these hot search, were not good.

In this kind of all-embracing atmosphere, the 12th S provincial games opening, in view of the # let Su Zhe roll out of the sports circle # the popularity was high, in addition to the provincial games regular report media, many network media also rushed to the scene, ready to pay attention to the upcoming appearance of the topic centerpiece – Su Zhe.

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