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A stone stirred up a thousand waves, Weibo instantly exploded. The server was down for more than half an hour before it was finally rescued by the programmers and stubbornly survived.

The most fierce reactions were from the young master’s fans. The young master fans in the proportion of girlfriend fans were very large, every day they either shouted to sleep with their husband. This situation resulted in a lot of fans not accepting Chu Yu’s romance.

It was just that it wasn’t just a relationship, it was a fiancé.

[Isn’t she ashamed to be marrying into to a rich family, @Xie Yupan, please show some face.]

[@XieYuPan give up, young master won’t marry you, we don’t agree.]

There were a lot of comments like that, they scolded Xie Yupan and then went back to Chu Yu’s weibo page, saying that if Chu Yu was really with Xie Yupan, he would lose his fans.

However, Chu Yu had never been scrupulous about others, and he didn’t even give face to insiders, let alone these fans.

He directly turned to Xie Yupan’s Weibo, asking: When will you go home and get married?

The fans’ face was beaten, and some of them were clamoring to stop being fans, while some of them were still counting Xie Yupan’s black materials, shouting everywhere that Xie Yupan was not worthy of being their sister-in-law.

Suddenly someone sent a screenshot of the news three years ago, weakly asking, “is that not Chu Yu and Xie Yupan ah?”

–It was the news of the strong alliance between real estate giant Yichu Real Estate and financial giant Chang Xie Stock, and the photos of the engagement banquet took up a whole page in the S City Evening News.

The photos of the engagement banquet were a bit far apart, so it was hard to see the faces of the bride and groom, but the news report was clear: the second son of the chairman of Yichu Real Estate and the only daughter of the chairman of Chang Xie Co. were engaged. As they all knew, Chu Yu was the second son of the chairman of Yichu Real Estate, and he admitted that he was engaged to Xie Yupan, so it went without saying who the daughter of the chairman of Chang Xie Co. was.

This twist could really pop the face.

Some people mocked: the face of the young master fans estimated to be almost swollen by their own young master and young lady.

The only daughter of the chairman of Chang Xie Co., she still needed to marry into the rich family? She herself had a big family.

Xie Yupan debuted in a very popular talent show and won the first prize with her strength.

But over the years, she had never mentioned her family history. Fans only thought she was from an ordinary family. After all, she had never played Missy, and she was even popular in the circle because of her good personality.

It was because people didn’t even think of any other possibility. And her father also really hid his daughter too well, not a single photo had ever been streamed out. If it wasn’t for the news of the engagement banquet, no one would have believed it.

Fans and passersby alike were shocked by this sudden turn of events. Many people went to Weibo for confirmation. Xie Yupan saw that she couldn’t hide it any longer, so she took to Weibo to express her hope that people would pay more attention to her, not her background.

But how could passersby listen?

It was a marriage of two great families! And it looked like there was some drama between the unmarried couple too!

So the netizens started picking their way down again, and it was soon discovered that Chu Yu’s debut was exactly three months after the engagement banquet. That was obviously chasing his fiancée!

Chu Yu was usually not in a good mood, and people often used this to blacken his reputation. Even people that weren’t his fans called him “Young Master”, which was also with a sarcastic meaning. But now the netizens looked back but didn’t feel that he was wrong.

After all, he didn’t come here to be a star. He was here to chase his wife! His wife couldn’t even catch up with him, how could he be in a good mood?

The “good brother” Wen Run was naturally left aside. Even if someone wanted to hack him, they were quickly pressed down by milk fans and passers-by. After all, she was a “good sister”, and it was none of their business to play with an engaged couple

Now, the wind direction on the Internet was reversed instantly, and all netizens paid attention to the beautiful love of the giants.

Wen Run was so quietly removed from this a long-planned “love triangle” storm. Not only did he not get a little scandal, but also because the man and woman suddenly burst out of the “luxury perfect love”.

The storm, which was being pushed forward by many layers of people, vanished into thin air in one day. It even a bit of a happy ending.


“I thought you said it was foolproof!”

In a hotel room somewhere in S City, Ling Shangyao viciously flung his wine glass on the floor, his eyes red as he looked at his new agent.

The new manager, Song Guan, did not expect that his plan to push the rising Wen Run back into the mud would be broken so childishly. Now no one on the internet was even paying attention to Wen Run anymore, their eyes were all drawn to Chu Yu and Xie Yupan.

“It was supposed to be foolproof, but who knew that Chu Yu and Xie Yupan were already engaged!” And Xie Yupan was also the daughter of the chairman of Chang Xie shares. Song Li’s heart thumped as he thought that the people who tipped him off over at the theatre made a covert job, so they shouldn’t be able to find out about him, which made him feel a little more at ease. With a cold face, he said to Ling Shangyao, “It’s just one slip up, the worst that can happen is that we’ll find another chance next time.”

Ling Shangyao laughed gloomily and picked up the bottle of wine on the side to pour himself a glass of wine.

Ever since the last scandal broke out, the company had snowballed him. Not only did they no longer give him any work, but they had also even changed his manager.

He coldly glancing at Song Li, Ling Shangyao sneered and drank.

Song Li saw him start drinking again and also became a little impatient, after the labor contract expired Starland did not renew with him, he had been in Starland for a few years, his roots were there, now suddenly forced to leave Star land, he tossed and turned to find a few acquaintances to help him before he managed to enter Vortex Entertainment. Vortex Entertainment’s strength status in the industry was naturally not as good as Starland Media, with poor resources and poor treatment. The artist he was given was Ling Shangyao, who had been drowned in scandals and hidden in the snow.

Ling Shangyao began drinking heavily since he was hidden in the snow, and he didn’t have any good resources. All the contacts he had accumulated in Starland were also broken. He could only sit and eat.

As time passed, he accumulated resentment in his heart, especially when he saw Wen Run flying higher and higher, and even Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun, who used to be under him, also had their own good future.

The more he looked at it, the more his resentment grew.

He hadn’t reacted before, and only later did he slowly realize that the reason Starland didn’t renew his contract was mostly because of Wen Run.

He guessed that it was because Wen Run held a grudge against him, and after Zheng Xuan took him instead, his wings hardened and he began to retaliate against him.

He was holding a grudge but didn’t dare to really do anything, not to mention Zheng Xuan, but the current Wen Run, he might not have been able to offend him.

But it was biased that he met Ling Shangyao. If one wanted to say who hated Wen Run the most, it was definitely Ling Shangyao.

Song Li listened to his drunken curses, and gradually he was moved. He urged Ling Shangyao to find someone to keep an eye on Wen Run, and it also happened that there was someone he used to know in the crew of the “Folding”, so he gave him some benefits and got them to agree to secretly deliver news to him.

It was not long before he got the good news, Song Li felt it was like God was helping him.

Explosive material, water army, hot search …… the same shake out, layer by layer, online rumors could pick off a layer of skin to Wen Run. But he didn’t expect it to end like that

Song Li was annoyed in his heart, but on the surface, he still had to pretend not to be moved and said, “But it’s just a small defeat, the future is long.”

After the clarification of the “love triangle”, the atmosphere of the crew was instead even worse than usual.

Being forced to announce her engagement made Xie Yupan angry. She felt that she had gotten Wen Run into trouble and didn’t dare to lose her temper with Zheng Xuan even though she was forced to disclose her relationship. So she had to direct her cold face at the other culprit.

Young Master Chu, however, was uncharacteristically good-tempered and followed Xie Yupan. The only thing he could do was to call his assistant to buy all kinds of snacks and then carry them behind Xie Yupan and give them to her to eat.

Xie Yupan didn’t want to talk to him.

Xie Yupan’s agent wanted to beat him up but didn’t dare.

So the atmosphere in the crew became very strange. Xie Yupan was so annoyed that he wanted to go to Wen Run to talk to her, but he was afraid that there would be another scandal, so he had to sit far away and talk to Wen Run through WeChat.

[Xie Yupan: Chu Yu is so annoying, I want to beat him up.]

Wen Run reassured her happily: [He shouldn’t be able to fight back?]

[Xie Yupan: ……]

[Xie Yupan: Does he dare to fight back?]

Wen Run cut out the chat interface with her and texted Chu Yu: [Xie Yupan says she wants to beat you up.]

[Chu Yu: …… hmm.]

[Chu Yu: Assistant Director has gone to check the surveillance as you said.]

After Xie Yupan’s public affair, Chu Yu personally approached Wen Run to apologize, although the young master Chu even apologized in a cold and hard tone, but Wen Run had always had a good temper and did not like to hold grudges, and the two reached a reconciliation. The conversation also mentioned the person who was secretly filming at the time, so Wen Run secretly told him his suspicions. Chu Yu said he would find someone to investigate.

After that, Wen Run and Chu Yu’s relationship was much more relaxed, but because Xie Yupan was angry and saw Chu Yu as unpleasant to look at, Wen Run didn’t tell her.

The online controversy was quickly suppressed by other news, and as time went on, the story saved the crew a lot of money on publicity, and all that was left was a bunch of “Shuangyu douple couple” [tn: fans of them in real life and the movie] fans jumping around on the crew’s blog.

  Xie Yupan looked angry. Why was it not with Wen Run ?!

  Wen Run knew how the situation was. Even if he stayed, he knew that this little couple was awkward and he couldn’t get involved. He quickly changed the subject after saying a few words, mentioning to Xie Yupan that the person who secretly filmed was found.

It was a girl from the props group.

 At first, she refused to admit it. Later, after showing her the footage captured by the surveillance system, she confessed in tears, saying that she couldn’t help but share the gossip with her friends, and then it was accidentally spread out and begged them to give her a second chance.

She cried miserably, Wen Run almost believed her, as a result, Chu Yu checked her phone, found the text message and the date, and with a bit of pressing, she admitted that someone bought the news. As long as it was related to Wen Run, it was sold.

   Wen Run didn’t expect that someone would spend money to buy news about him. After a while, he heard her say that the person looking for her to buy news was Agent Song.

    Wen Run couldn’t figure out why his former agent, who had left his job, would so deliberately try to ruin his reputation. After talking to Xie Yupan, he returned to the hotel at night and told Zheng Xuan the news.

Zheng Xuan consoled him and said that after the matter was taken care of, he would be in S City tomorrow and he would solve it then, so Wen Run didn’t have to worry.

What he didn’t say was that Ye Hansheng also knew.

Ye Hansheng flew back to B City on the same day after talking with Gu Sinian at Plum Garden, and as a result, Wen Run exploded with a scandal, he was initially furious, but now that the matter had been satisfactorily dealt with and the pusher behind it had been found, his fire was a little lowered, but another evil fire came out.

He wanted to see Wen Run, but he also wanted to punish the youth to make him remember.


When Zheng Xuan arrived, he didn’t go directly to the crew, but found a time when Wen Run didn’t have a scene to meet at Plum Garden.

Plum Garden was still secluded, and Wen Run was led to the door of the box by the attendant, who pushed the door in, but found that not only Zheng Xuan, but Ye Hansheng was also there.

His heart lifted, and he felt a little guilty, his eyes dodged, not daring to look at Ye Hansheng.

Hesitantly, he dropped his eyes to stare at the tips of his shoes, moved in with small steps, and sat down next to Zheng Xuan before calling out in a low voice, “Mr Ye, Brother Zheng.”

Ye Hansheng had a gloomy face as if someone owed him a hundred million. He replied with a very cold “hmm”.

“Mr Ye just happened to come over for something, so let’s have dinner together.”

Zheng Xuan’s mouth twitched, he couldn’t figure out what kind of mentality this person had when caring for someone, and what kind of mentality he had to have such a scary expression upon meeting him.

Wen Ren didn’t know what to say at the moment, he was silent for a few seconds, then he apologized. “I’m to blame for the running around this time, and I will pay attention more. It’s been hard for the public relations team. “

“What does this have to do with you.” Zheng Xuan didn’t mean to blame him, “Song Li holds a grudge, even if it wasn’t this time, there will be a next time, besides, it’s an agent’s job, you don’t need to apologize.”

When he said that, Wen Run’s psychological burden was a little lighter, because Ye Hansheng’s words last time at Plum Garden made him feel that if he hadn’t secretly gone out and been photographed, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal, and in the end, he had to make Zheng Xuan laboriously give him PR.

Zheng Xuan caught a glimpse of Ye Hansheng, and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He quickly made an excuse after serving the food, leaving the box for the two of them to talk.

Before leaving, he glanced at Wen Run, he felt that Wen Run seemed to be particularly afraid of Ye Hansheng today.

The waiter had already left, Zheng Xuan also left, leaving the two people in the box.

He wanted to take the initiative to find a topic to break the ice, but Ye Hansheng’s face was cold from start to finish, and he was in a bad mood.

When he secretly observed Ye Hansheng, Ye Hansheng was also watching him.

When he came over today, he made up his mind that he wanted to teach this kid a lesson, to let him know that he shouldn’t get too close to those women, and he wasn’t allowed to have a scandal with anyone in the future, and also to make him remember every word he said.

But as soon as he saw him, saw his guilty face and saw that he had lowered his head like a little puppy that had done something bad, his hardened heart softened again.

He wanted to pull him into his lap to hold and coax, maybe he would look at him and then …… He had a hard time controlling himself, managing to maintain the expression on his face.

The two of them had different thoughts, and after a seemingly long period of silence, Ye Hansheng opened his mouth, “This matter is not your fault, Song Li was angry with you because the company didn’t renew his contract, and was only angry with you. You’ve been doing a good job, it’s his heart that’s bad.”


Wen Run stared up at him blankly and heard him say again, “You don’t have to blame yourself, even if you did do something wrong, the company will protect you, and Starland will always have your back.”

Wen Run blinked slowly, looking a bit dumbfounded.

Ye Hansheng felt that he was more like a silly little lamb this way, he couldn’t help but reach out and rub his head, his hair was as soft as he imagined, he restrained his hand and withdrew it, and said as if nothing had happened, “The house that the company has arranged for you has been arranged, when you return after filming, you will be able to move.”

That little bit of guilty nervousness at the beginning just dissipated, he slightly leaned over towards Ye Hansheng, both eyes widened and full of laughter, and said in the kind of soft tone that Ye Hansheng liked the most, “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

Ye Hansheng’s face suddenly melted like ice, the corner of his mouth slightly hooked, revealing a shallow smile.


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