Shen Muxun had many thoughts in his mind, but when he saw Wen Run’s dazed face, he thought that he wasn’t overthinking it. Wen Run’s character was pure, he wouldn’t lie to them because of this, which meant he didn’t know anything about the house. But the company wouldn’t give such a nice house to an artist who just had a little fame for no reason, this was like a golden house.

Looking at Wen Run who was still talking about the future with Lu Zhan, his smile curved and his eyes were pure, obviously not thinking too deeply about the house, Shen Muxun could only press the doubt in his heart, and in the end, he didn’t tell the two people his thoughts and only continued to drink.

Since Agent Song left Starland, he and Lu Zhan both got a new agent, the new agent was much more reliable than Song Li, he got him a part in Jinling Terrace, and immediately gave him two endorsements and a new drama, while Lu Zhan participated in an outdoor reality show, the response was very good. So in fact, all three of them were very busy right now, and it was actually very rare for them to get together to eat, drink and chat like they were now.

After a small gathering, the three of them started to get busy again.

As soon as New Year’s Day passed, “Folding” started, and Wen Run left for the filming.

The film base was in S City, Wen Run went to the hotel a day early to rest, but as soon as he arrived at the hotel lobby, he met Xie Yupan. Xie Yupan smiled and leaned in, “I’ve been waiting for you here for a while, you were the one who cooked for me before, I’ll take you to eat something delicious today.”

It was only recently that Wen Run learned that the female lead of “Folding” was actually Xie Yupan, and the two of them had a good relationship in “Farming”. After knowing that there would be cooperation, they would often talk about the drama on WeChat, and this time before departing Xie Yupan also specifically asked him when he would arrive, Wen Run usually arrived early, so he didn’t expect Xie Yupan to be waiting here in advance as well.

“It’s not good for us to go out like this, right?” Wen Run was a little hesitant, there were many squatting fans and reporters on this side of the film and television base, he was afraid of going out and causing any trouble again.

Xie Yupan wasn’t afraid, she had been here a few times and was familiar with the area, she winked, “Don’t worry, no one will find out.”

She swore by what she said, and Wen Run believed it. The two put on their sunglasses and masks, and left their assistants behind at Xie Yupan’s urging, and drove out secretly.

  Xie Yupan didn’t deceive anyone. She was very familiar with the neighborhood. She drove on the small roads that were specially selected for driving. After turning around, she stopped in front of a very elegantly decorated private restaurant.
  Because the film and television base in S City was famous for its large residences, in addition to the crew to film and set, many tourists also came here to visit and play, so the restaurants and hotels near the film and television base were mostly exquisite antique buildings.

The “Plum Garden” that Xie Yupan chose was directly converted from a three-entry old mansion. The Plum Garden was located in the back of the alley and had a quiet environment, as it only accepted reservations and received only ten tables of guests per day, so the courtyard was a bit quiet. But this was convenient for Wen Run and Xie Yupan.

The two got out of the car and did not take off sunglasses and masks, although covering most of their faces, their temperaments were extraordinary, the waiter had received a lot of stars, so he wasn’t surprised and led them over.

Through the front corridor and hanging flower door, the two of them were led by the waiter to the backyard box. Xie Yupan was whispering to Wen Run about how difficult it was to decide on a location here, and Wen Run was listening, neither of them noticed the sunken eyes looking over from the other side of the corridor.

Ye Hansheng immediately saw that it was Wen Run.

Although wearing sunglasses, a mask, and wrapped in a bulky down jacket, Ye Hansheng could still immediately tell that the person who was talking to the girl with his eyes bent was Wen Run.

Ye Hansheng recalled the itinerary sent by Zheng Xuan, he should have come here to shoot a movie. He must have just gotten off the plane, right? He was so quick to come here alone to eat with a woman of unknown origin.

Looking at the figure that disappeared in the doorway, Ye Hansheng narrowed his eyes, a bit of coldness flashed.

“Mr Ye?” The man beside him looked at him in confusion, “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing.” Ye Hansheng withdrew his gaze and joined the man in the other compartment.
 Only after entering the compartment did the two finally take off their sunglasses and masks. Xie Yupan let out a breath and complained quietly, “Finally, I can have a full meal.”

Wen Run looked at her questioningly, “You usually don’t have enough to eat?” You obviously ate a lot when you recorded the variety show.

He didn’t say that, but Xie Yupan wanted to cry. “You don’t know,  I’ve been on a diet for half a month for this drama. After returning from recording “Farming”, I haven’t eaten a full meal. ”

The heroine of Folding was Meng Jian, a famous actress of her generation, her voice was like a milky warbler, her face was like a peach blossom, and her body was even more graceful, walking like a willow swinging slightly, attracting countless heroes to bend over. Xie Yupan was also good-looking, but she loved to eat, even though she was a slim beauty. But if she wanted to have the tranquil willow figure of Meng Jian, she had to be thin.

So she was ordered by her agent to lose weight. Eating special nutritious meals every day for over half a month, she felt like she was about to become a vegetable.

It was hard to get through to the team, only two assistants came with her. She secretly booked a table in the Plum garden,  coerced and enticed her assistant, before abducting Wen Run to accompany her to eat.

Wen Run looked at her with sympathy, said: “Or you go to the gym. Total dieting is not good for the body.”

Xie Yupan was shocked and looked at him condemningly, “How can I go to the gym!”

After saying that she immediately added, “It’s impossible to work out for the rest of my life.”

In the middle of the conversation, the waiter had already started to serve the food, Xie Yupan could not care about this, her eyes were green, and stared at the freshly cooked food, but her mouth said, “You used to be the one who cooked, but this time I’m treating you, so don’t be polite ah.”

Wen Run smiled and responded, not slowing down to get the food.

Xie Yupan reckoned that he had really held it for a long time, although his movement was still elegant, the speed of eating was very fast, Wen Run had eaten the plane meal on the plane, so now he wasn’t hungry, and moved the dishes in front of Xie Yupan without moving, and held a bowl of mandarin duck chicken porridge himself and drank slowly.

Most of the dishes from the table went into Xie Yupan’s stomach. She sighed contentedly, “This meal today is going to keep me for the next few months.” In a few days, her agent would be coming to the drama set to keep an eye on her, and she wouldn’t have the chance to sneak out to eat anymore.

After the meal, Xie Yupan still had to sit and mellow out and savor her last meal. Wen Run, on the other hand, got up to go to the bathroom for convenience.

The courtyard was quiet, with only the occasional faint sound of the waiter serving food moving about. Wen Run walked down the corridor to the bathroom but was stopped halfway by an unexpected person.

Wen Run dumbfoundedly looked at him with confusion, “Mr. Ye, why are you here?”

Ye Hansheng was not in a good mood, a pair of dark eyes gloomily gazed at him and said word for word, “What a coincidence, why are you here?”

His eyes were full of aggression, and Wen Run was a little uncomfortable, sensitive to the fact that he didn’t seem to be in a good mood, so he said softly, “I’m here with a friend for dinner.”

“Which friend? You just got off the plane, didn’t you? Just couldn’t wait?” Ye Hansheng turned the wheelchair and took a step forward to approach Wen Run, Wen Run subconsciously took a step back and leaned his body against the wooden railing, hung his head, and looked at him somewhat at a loss.

Obviously a man sitting in a wheelchair should be in a vulnerable position, but when Wen Run was gazed at by him, it was as if he was being stared at by a fierce beast. Ye Hansheng’s gaze was too frightening, his dark eyes were so dark that it seemed as if he would be swallowed with his bones if he took one more look.

“Mr. Ye…”

Ye Hansheng grabbed the wheelchair, making his veins pop out, a fire lit in his heart when he saw Wen Run and a woman intimately together, he had never been a good-tempered person, the things he fancied he was even more controlling of. Especially after the car accident, there were so few people he cherished left, and Wen Run already paddled into his territory, he didn’t make a move because he didn’t want to scare him, so he took his time. He had to at least get him to follow him willingly.

But that in no way meant he was willing to see someone else covet the person he had his eyes on.

Ye Hansheng tried his best to control the hostility that was churning in his heart, he saw the panic in Wen Yun’s eyes and he didn’t want to scare him.

 Closing his eyes, he tensed his jaw and slowly controlled the wheelchair to back away, pulling away from him and squeezing out a smile again, trying to be as gentle as possible, “Your current popularity is not low, so casually eating out alone with an unidentified woman, if someone takes pictures of you, it will be bad for you.”

So that’s how it was… was it the fear of breaking the scandal that would be detrimental to him?

The panic suddenly turned into shame because of Ye Hansheng’s sudden approach, he thought that he was just out for a meal, it didn’t matter as long as he wasn’t discovered, but Ye Hansheng’s words reminded him that he was no longer the little transparent star he was, his every word and deed was watched by many people, and if he accidentally popped out any bad news, he would have to take the trouble to help Zheng with his public relations.

Thinking about this, Wen Run felt that he was too capricious, in fact, the assistant also reminded him before going out, but he did not take it too seriously. Now that he was being looked at by Ye Hansheng’s deep black eyes, he hung his head in shame and nagged, “I’m sorry, I didn’t consider well.”

Ye Hansheng didn’t want his apology, the smile on his face was a little more real: “This time is just a small matter, but you are young, it is inevitable that you will miss falling in love, although the company does not prohibit artists in love, you are now on the rise, the company still wants you to focus on your career.”

“I understand.” Wen Run nodded solemnly, “This time we’re just ordinary friends eating together, I will pay attention to it in the future.”

Only then did Ye Hansheng really smile, satisfied with the bright-eyed teenager, he knew that he wasn’t lying, he and that woman, were really just ordinary friends.

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