Ye Tianyi first let a lightning bolt travel over the dried corpse to make sure there really wasn’t a murderer in it, then he smacked the dried corpse to the ground and stomped on the horribly shriveled skull.

The head was so crispy from being electrocuted by the lightning that it was easily trampled into powder.

He took a few steps backward, looking at the dried corpse without the head with disgust, this dried corpse had no nucleus, so it must have been absorbed by the shadow along with the flesh and blood.

Ye Tianyi thought of what Li Min said, that shadow had absorbed many ability users before, if it absorbed flesh and blood along with the balls, then it would definitely grow into a terrifying killer.

He just didn’t know if the shadow, whose identity was still unknown, was also harmful to zombies …… But that wasn’t too important, he had decided that he wouldn’t let this evil creature live around him.

The shadow might not be interested in zombies covered in rotting flesh, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be interested in mutant beasts as well. There was little leaf beside him that needed to be protected.

Ye Tianyi didn’t even look at Sister-in-law Zhang who was shivering at the foot of the bed with the baby in her arms and didn’t dare to look towards him, he walked towards Li Min, and the other people who were standing outside the room with Li Min and looking inside looked at him with a fearful gaze, and couldn’t help retreating when he approached as if seeing a monster.

But these people’s repulsion towards him was not because he was not as cowardly as them who were afraid of the dry corpse, instead, he was especially bold to step forward and crush the head of the dry corpse, so they felt scared. This was the cowardly fearing the strong, Ye Tianyi didn’t care about it, it was good that they feared him.

Ye Tianyi’s footsteps stopped in front of Li Min, his shoes were clean, as they had been isolated by the mental barrier, so they were not tainted with the dirt of the dried corpse.

He asked in a low voice, “Can you explain to me in detail the information about that shadow?”

Li Min was a bit hesitant, and the soldier following behind him to protect him also said, “Can’t say!” However, this person was restrained and didn’t divulge too much information, and only whispered a reminder to Li Min.

Ye Tianyi sneered: “Not telling? If you don’t tell me then you’ll just stay here and die!”

Anyway, he could totally leave here overnight with Little Leaf, fearless of the zombies and the dangers on the road, and as for entering the base to seek revenge on Su Tianyun, he could find another way, he didn’t necessarily have to use Jiang Yan to get on the line of Commander Jiang, even if it would be much more troublesome to use other methods.

Ye Tianyi completely felt that if he could deal with that shadow monster, he would try to kill it, and if he couldn’t deal with him, he could completely pat himself on the back and leave without any hindrance.

But for Li Min and the others, that shadow monster was like a life-taking talisman that couldn’t be escaped without being killed.

So after hesitating for a while, Li Min decided to forcefully inform Ye Tianyi of everything that he and the others had experienced before, even if it revealed some secrets related to the mission, it didn’t matter. After all, this arrogant young man in front of him was a rare lightning supernatural person, a very powerful one, it would be great if they could get his help, if they missed it, they wouldn’t be so lucky next time.

Li Min locked eyes with Ye Tianyi and said, “Can I have a moment to talk?”

Ye Tianyi also knew in his heart that Li Min must have some secret that could not be told openly, so he didn’t refuse and followed him to the side, even using a mental barrier to block off the surroundings so that no one could overhear.


The night was already very late.

Ever since Zhang Hu’s miserable death, everyone didn’t dare to sleep peacefully, even if there were powerful night watchmen.

The people all gathered downstairs in the hall, people leaned against each other for warmth, no one dared to leave at will, even to go to the toilet they also had to wait to hold it to the point of exhaustion so a few ability users would go with them.

Ye Tianyi sat alone on a rattan chair, he had a white cat lying on his shoulder, the dark blue eyes of the darkness made people feel a little scared.

He was waiting, waiting for the mysterious executioner to strike again.

And these gathered living beings were the best bait.

His mental energy had wrapped around everyone, and once someone was attacked, he would definitely be the first to notice that something was wrong, especially with those ability  users.

The flesh and blood of the ability users contained more energy than that of ordinary people, so they were also more popular, and they were more likely to become the prey of that dark shadow monster.

Until the second half of the night, it was as he expected.

Someone wanted to go to the bathroom, a few ability users got up to escort them, and Ye Tianyi focused most of his attention on the few who were left alone, the likelihood of them being attacked was high.

As they returned, there was a short scream from one of the ability users, and Ye Tianyi subconsciously moved his mental energy to wrap that person’s body.

Ye Tianyi scanned with his mental energy, but he didn’t see any shadow that attacked the person, but that ability user was gradually becoming dried up under his mental probe.

He even ran out to check the situation.

Only a few seconds after he ran outside, the attacked person had already turned into a dry corpse just like Zhang Hu, but this time Ye Tianyi had wrapped his body with his mental energy while the ability user was turning into a dry corpse, so the culprit that caused him to turn into a dry corpse was definitely still in the dry corpse.

It was just that no matter how much Ye Tianyi probed, he couldn’t find the shadow, and he asked the others who came out with the attacked ability user, “Did you guys see the shadow just now?”

A man closest to the attacked psychic wiped a cold sweat and palpitated, “I saw it …… I saw a shadow about the size of a cat jump on Wei Zi through the moonlight, and then Wei Zi blinked and turned into a dry corpse.”

While he wasn’t glad that his companion was dead, he was more than glad that it wasn’t him who died.

You know, he was the closest to the dead Wei Zi, if Wei Zi hadn’t walked a little ahead of him, he was afraid that he would be the one turning into a dry corpse now.

Ye Tianyi didn’t have the time to pay attention to the panic and celebration of these people, he looked at Wei Zi’s dry corpse with a dignified look.

He hadn’t rashly withdrawn the mental energy wrapped around the dry corpse yet.

If he guessed correctly, this shadow monster should also have abilities, and its ability should be immune to spirit detection.

That was why he had failed to find it no matter how much his mental power scanned the surroundings after Zhang Hu’s death, and someone had just seen the shadow, but his mental power hadn’t been able to scan the shadow in the slightest.

Immunity from spirit detection was not the same as shielding spirit detection.

Shielded mental detection was when mental energy scanned over and could find a piece of the place that couldn’t be scanned, and the mental energy was shielded, but the psychic powers could know where it was shielded, but they just didn’t know what was going on in the shielded area.

Immunity to mental detection, on the other hand, was that even if it generously appeared within the detection range of a mental ability user, as long as it wasn’t detected by someone else’s eyes, it wouldn’t be detected, even if that mental ability user swept over the body.

Therefore, Ye Tianyi suspected that this mysterious shadow monster’s ability was immunity to mental detection, and now it was most likely trapped in this dry corpse, but he just couldn’t scan and detect it.

After all, when he wrapped Wei Zi’s body with his mental energy, it hadn’t been completely sucked into the dry corpse.

Ye Tianyi stared at Wei Zi’s dry corpse, not withdrawing his mental energy that wrapped around the dry corpse, deadly blocking the shadow monster’s path of escape from the dry corpse.

He reached out and touched the little leaf on his shoulder: [Little Leaf, freeze this dry corpse, but don’t expose yourself.]

Little Leaf was a water and ice supernatural ability, freezing a dry corpse was a small matter. It was smart enough to understand Ye Tianyi’s meaning, it pretended to be sleep and nested in his arms, it turned back to wagging its tail, then the dry corpse that was lying on the ground with no one daring to move gradually froze up.

The others who saw this scene all looked at Ye Tianyi, they did not expect that Ye Tianyi was a dual-tier ability user.

  The method of manifesting mental abilities was rather hidden, so no one could see it, and the crowd had only seen Ye Tianyi’s body covered in lightning before, so they thought he was a lightning ability user. Now that they saw the frozen dried corpse, they thought that he was also had an ice ability.

But the convoy wasn’t too surprised, after all, the convoy already had a dual-tier ability user.

Jiang Yan’s wind and water abilities had already been exposed, he was after all just a ten-year-old child who didn’t know what it meant to hide.

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