C28— Acting Style


Honestly, that scene just now, Zhang Liran had only one line, the whole time she was dazed and shocked at the other’s beauty.

But her heartfelt amazement was exactly the right psychological mood that Yang Dingding needed in this part…

It could be said that Zhang Liran muddled through.
But not Zhou Yuhe.

Emotions, demeanor, even his fingertips.

She could clearly feel the other getting into the frame.

Part of the surprise was attributed to the face value.
Part of it was also attributed to his acting skills.
That sense of dominance in his acting.

Because each person had a unique personality and temperament, Zhou Yuhe’s acting style was completely different from Xie Yifeng’s.

This was especially evident in the display.

Xie Yifeng was the kind of actor who took the initiative to familiarize himself with the scene, the director, the cinematography, the images and integrated himself into the scene as much as possible.
This was because he had an extremely malleable face.

But Zhou Yuhe didn’t.
His face stood out too much, he had a strong personal style, and to sacrifice that style to match the frame, he had to work a lot harder than Xie Yifeng, and it didn’t always come out well.

So how did he do it?

The drawing paper and brushes he used were brought from home; the half-open window, the choice of his seating position, the first button on his shirt unbuttoned – all habits from his high school days; he also wandered around the entire set for a full ten minutes before going to the shoot, letting the place take on his own aura! ……..

He used all the small details that could be changed to make the scene “familiar” to him as if this really was the place where he had lived for three years.
This “familiarity” greatly enhanced the sense of harmony.

  It was as if a shabby school always had a student who was particularly good at reading, or a down-trodden town always had a young man who was soaring to the top, or it always had a good-looking bully, and when the actor’s familiarity with the scene reached a certain level, his gestures and demeanor were natural enough to shatter the stereotype, the audience’s subconscious persuaded itself that it was possible, it was plausible.
His ability to dominate the image made one believe, deep down, that he was part of the town.

If Xie Yifeng was merging himself into the frame.
Then Zhou Yuhe was dominating the frame!

In the monitor, the image had been replayed up to thirteen times.
“This is definitely going to be a famous scene ah… “Director Cai sat down on the director’s chair and played it over and over again, not tired of admiring the scene.

It was just the initial scene, and before it had been processed, it had already achieved a scene effect that was no less than a movie.

One could imagine that when coupled with the right style of graphics, the switch between close up and distant scenes, and the editing to make Zhou Yuhe’s face completely blend in with the film… if it didn’t even f*cking explode, that audience was blind!

Zhang Liran, of course, also from the repeated playback, experience the feeling of shock again, in fact, her reaction was greater than the people around her, but looking at the people’s “calm” attitude, she could only exert all her strength to control herself not to lose her temper and shout out “how handsome”.

She couldn’t understand it: was she the only one who thought he was badass? He was a newcomer! He had been in so many bad movies before! Why did everyone act as if they were “taking it for granted” like they were watching some Big Brother show?

In the next rivalry scene, Zhang Liran finally understood why everyone took it granted.

Not to mention the low-level mistakes like walking, lighting, and forgetting words, even the emotions, gestures, and movements of each performance were so natural and smooth that it made her question her life!

He and Xie Yifeng became the only two actors in the entire cast who the director barely shouted NG [Not good], and even if they did, it was mostly because the camera didn’t get the best picture and wanted the two of them to re-shoot a scene.

Was this normal! Wasn’t he the new guy who had been in a lot of bad movies! This acting was so good, it was embarrassing, okay?
This guy…he didn’t have a twin brother, did he?
Zhang Liran seriously doubted that the actor she had seen before and the current Zhou Yuhe was the same person.

And it was just the three of them in the main cast, were those two acting so well to do something!
She simply wanted to cry.

During the lunch break, she had just returned to her personal lounge from training with Director Cai, she passed by Zhou Yuhe’s lounge, the door was open, and Zhou Yuhe was sitting on a chair, his head drooped down, looking like he was sleeping.
Why didn’t he go sleep on the sofa?

The main actors had their own lounge, which was naturally different in size from the lounge shared by the other supporting actors, and not only was it equipped with a special sofa, the sofa was complete with pillows and velvet blankets.

Zhang Liran didn’t think much of it, she walked into the lounge to wake up Zhou Yuhe to sleep on the sofa, who knew that she would be stunned as soon as she approached him.

The teenager was holding a thick script in his hand, the color of the script was slightly yellowish, obviously completely different from her script which could be said to be snow-white,  the script must have been turned over many times to make it that color.

Normally, the yellowish pages would not be more eye-catching than the snow-white white paper, but Zhou Yuhe’s script was not. Zhang Liran was almost blinded by the densely packed markings on it.

There were a lot of markings, a lot of notes, and a lot of sticky notes.
Those who didn’t know would have thought it was the most valuable research report of some Academy of Sciences researcher.

It was, like, he memorized his lines until he fell asleep!

  Zhang Liran was startled.
The teenager’s even breathing, in the cramped and narrow lounge, was so clear, each breath was like a soft whip gently snapping at Zhang Liran’s heart.

The extraordinary growth in acting skills, the almost mistake-free performance on set… everything seemed to have a reasonable explanation.

Remembering that she had wondered if the other party had a twin brother before, Zhang Liran felt incomparably ashamed.
She sighed, took the velvet blanket from the sofa and covered the teenager’s body, and quietly exited.

As she passed by Xie Yifeng’s lounge, Zhang Liran stopped and knocked lightly on the door.
“Come in.”

As soon as the door opened, she saw Xie Yifeng, who was eating a box lunch, holding an equally thick, fully marked script in his hand.
His two eyes seemed to be glued to it, and without paying attention, he mistook a piece of ginger as meat and put it his mouth and chewed it with relish.

The actress who came in looking for comfort: “…….”
“Excuse me.”
She closed the door with a complex look on her face.

Can’t you guys have some self-awareness for a little fresh star! Are you trying so hard to kill the heroine?

Xie Yifeng mindlessly finished his box lunch as if his consciousness had just returned from the script, and he hadn’t noticed this little episode of Zhang Liran coming in, but in any case, by the time he had fully regained consciousness, his footsteps were already subconsciously heading towards Zhou Yuhe’s lounge.

He wanted to talk to him about a scene.

Zhang Liran forgot to close the door when she went out, and from the crack, Xie Yifeng immediately saw that Zhou Yuhe was sleeping.
Since he was sleeping, it was naturally hard to disturb him.

Xie Yifeng was just about to close the door, who knew that at this time Zhou Yuhe would wake up.
Zhou Yuhe looked at the velvet blanket on him and then at Xie Yifeng who was about to close the door.
Zhou Yuhe: “……..”
Xie Yifeng: “…….”
  Zhou Yuhe: “… the script?”
Xie Yifeng: “…Right.”
Zhou Yuhe: “Then come in.”
Xie Yifeng had to walk in.

Zhou Yuhe carried off the velvet blanket on his body and smiled lightly, “Thank you.”
The smile on his face was different from Shen Yan’s sunny smile that was enough to melt people, but a faint, yet warm, smile that belonged to Zhou Yuhe himself.

Xie Yifeng was startled.
Somehow, he remembered Uncle Xu’s words, “He seems to like you a lot.”
Originally, he wanted to say that the blanket wasn’t covered by him, but when he waited, he cheekily turned it into-.
“You’re welcome.”

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