Jin Jiangshui nodded to everyone, then continued: “In addition, from the quality, the copper used in ancient Buddha statues is of high purity, high density, and medium quality, especially when the casting objects have thickness. However, for imitations, alloy materials are used instead, resulting in impure copper and it being light weight. From a craftsmanship perspective, in ancient times, all of them were manually made. The cast Buddha statues needed to undergo meticulous sculpture techniques, and the marks of facial expressions, clothing, and base processing were clearly visible, while for textiles, the product is polished using modern instruments to generate regular processing marks. Upon closer inspection, the difference between the two can also be distinguished.”


“This gilt Buddha statue is nearly thirty centimeters high, but weighs less than five pounds, the quality must have adulterated, and then carefully check the lotus base, everything is clear. It is obvious that this is an imitation of an antique that was put together from remnants, using black clay to cover the remnants, and then putting together the old and the new, adding a new rosette to the statue to pass it off as a complete old product.”



After Jin Jiangshui stopped, a burst of warm applause rang out, his analysis was clear and well-reasoned, which was more convincing than Chen Song.



After receiving applause, Jin Jiangshui wasn’t complacent either. Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew up his spacious and retro clothes and pants, but he had a calm expression that seemed to have already seen through the world, and these external disturbances had nothing to do with him.


Old Zhao watched Jin Jiangshui shine from admiration, and when it came to the demeanor of a prodigy, if Mr. Jin dared to rank second, and no one dared to rank first.




Jin Jiangshui turned his head and asked Yun Jing: “Xiao Jing, how much did you ask for this Buddha statue?”



Yun Jing said, “Fifty thousand.”


Jin Jiangshui shook his head: “50,000 is slightly too high, this object is too damaged, I’m afraid that after the real thing is taken out, even a complete statue can not be found, at most it’s worth 20,000.”


The stall owner on the side saw that Chen Song had never spoken up since he was said to be his brother. With him alone, there was no qualification to charge exorbitant prices. The stall owner also understood that these tens of millions were beyond his wildest imagination. Now if someone bought this Buddha statue, it would be considered a good thing. The dream of becoming rich overnight was better to go back to bed at night and do it again.


The vendor immediately fiercely said to Yun Jing, “You just offered a price. As a person, you can’t be dishonest. Fifty thousand yuan, not a penny less!”


After speaking, he realized that there were so many people watching beside him, and his posture didn’t seem very good. The vendor grabbed a handful of various small items that were originally placed next to the Buddha statue, threw them into a bag and packaged them for Yun Jing, “You’re a food person, I’m sure you won’t be defaulting on your debts. These things can be given as an additional bonus, 50000 yuan in cash! ”


Yun Jing watched as the stall owner grabbed the pebbles he really wanted and stuffed them into his hand. He looked at the stall owner with a mischievous appearance and couldn’t help but laugh.



It just so happened that the cash that Lao Zhao stuffed into his backpack was 50,000 yuan, and Yun Jing wasn’t ambiguous, he directly handed that bag of money to the vendor.



The stall owner didn’t expect Yun Jing to be so quick to bring the cash at once, he immediately smiled and held the cash in his arms.


Old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui on the side saw Yun Jing just give the money away and sighed with some regret, “It’s a pity, it’s still too expensive to buy.”


Hearing this, the stall owner’s heart was extraordinarily comfortable, although he didn’t earn tens of millions, but at least he got 50,000, which he definitely didn’t expect before today.



Suddenly, he thought of something else and hurriedly came forward and said to Yun Jing: “You have bought this Buddha statue, I still have some treasures here, do you want to buy?”



He poured out some miscellaneous things, rummaging around a few times, and finally found a few broken pieces of copper: “These copper pieces if you want, together will be 10,000, how?”


The crowd fixed their eyes, then found that the copper block was actually a part of that Buddha statue, Yun Jing and his party hadn’t yet spoken, the surrounding onlookers immediately cursed: “This treacherous businessman!”





“Greedy and insatiable!”


The stall owner didn’t expect to be suddenly surrounded by curses, he hurriedly explained loudly: “Everyone listen to me, everyone listen to me ah! In fact, I also didn’t know, if not that this old man explained clearly, I wouldn’t understand ah! When this Buddha statue arrived in my hands, it was already on the verge of cracking. I thought it was an antique, and it would be a pity if it cracked like this. So I quickly found a way to stick the Buddha statue with various methods and added a lotus base to fix it. Don’t look at the black mud, It took a lot of effort! These copper blocks fell off at that time. I thought they were useless, so I casually put them in the bag. If it weren’t for today’s explanation from the old gentleman, I might have forgotten that these copper blocks could still be used.”



“Then you quickly return the copper pieces, he paid 50,000 yuan to buy your Buddha statue, this copper piece, by definition, is also his!” A passerby immediately shouted.



The stall owner looked at Yun Jing with a difficult expression: “I’m afraid this …… is a bit difficult to do, I carry this copper block every day, i got no credit but also worked hard, young man, since you have spent 50,000 to buy the Buddha statue, if you don’t take these copper blocks, it will definitely become your lifelong regret! I am a foreigner, I came here to set up a stall for only these two days, I’ll soon leave, even if you want to find me then, you won’t find ……”



Many people immediately cursed, no wonder he did his business like, his original intention was to make a profit and leave.




Chen Song, who had been silent on the side, was overjoyed at the words. He had never said a word since his identity was revealed. After the appearance of Jin Jiangshui, he stared at him calmly for a long time, but now he slowly walked out, “Mr. Jin, it’s been a long time since we saw each other. Last time we parted ways, my master even muttered a few times, saying that you lost the weight of our last move. I don’t know if Mr. Jin has been affected. If we lose one battle after another, causing Mr. Jin’s cultivation to be damaged, then my master and I will be guilty for a lifetime.”



Yun Jing had noticed before that since Jin Jiangshui and Chen Song met, both of them looked a bit strange, but didn’t expect them to be in this kind of relationship.


Chen Song’s words were blunt and damaging, and the time he picked was extraordinarily poisonous. After everyone was convinced by Jin Jiangshui, he directly announced the fact that Jin Jiangshui had lost to his master, without the slightest concern for Jin Jiangshui’s face.



Jin Jiangshui may have expected Chen Song to say this, in the face of his provocation, Jin Jiangshui remained calm: “Say hello to your master for me, and thank him for his unstinting advice last time, I made another breakthrough, and in the future, when there is an opportunity, I hope to continue to ask for advice.”



Chen Song snorted: “I’m afraid there is no such opportunity, the master will only go further and further, how can mortals catch up with his figure. Perhaps those who were defeated under him at the beginning will only be able to challenge his disciples in the future.”



Old Zhao was extremely convinced of Jin Jiangshui’s strength, in the city of Baofeng where Yun Jing and the others were, how could Jin Jiangshui be considered one of the top figures, coming here but being ridiculed by a hairy boy, not only did Jin Jiangshui lose face, but his old Zhao’s face also looked bad.


Old Zhao was about to go forward, but was pulled back by Yun Jing in time.


Old Zhao turned his head to look, his heart was immediately happy.


He had forgotten that there was still Yun Jing in it!



The biggest reason for the impressive performance of Yun Jing in the Zhao residence was that Yun Jing seemed to be young, but he was able to explode with such terrifying strength at the critical moment.



Old Zhao believed that Chen Song also looked away, so why not let Chen Song see what Yun Jing can do, so that this kid who didn’t know the sky was high to eat defeat, know that they were not easy to mess with!



So, old Zhao coughed, retracted his steps, stood up straight and continued to maintain the reserve of a mob boss, but a look of watching a good show emerged in his eyes.


“With you, I’m afraid you’re not even as good as me.” This was, Yun Jing said to Chen Song.


Among Yun Jing’s group, Chen Song had the deepest resentment towards Yun Jing, as soon as he heard Yun Jing’s words, Chen Song immediately turned his head to look at him, and then his eyes rested on the Buddha statue in Yun Jing’s hand: “Oh, in terms of generosity, I’m afraid it’s really not as generous as you.”



The stall owner immediately interjected: “Young man, since the Buddha statue has been bought, it’s not bad for this money, so don’t hesitate, everyone is looking at you.”



Yun Jing smiled faintly: “No need, what I want is already in my hand.”


Yun Jing said, directly operating the little spiritual energy absorbed in Zhao’s house before, concentrating it on his hands, and then unloading the lotus flower on the base of the Buddha statue in front of everyone.


Others were shocked that Yun Jing didn’t show any pity for the newly purchased treasure, and even said that it would cost 50000 yuan to demolish the old one! And the small stall owner was shocked by the power of Yun Jing.



The lotus base was personally reinforced by him, although it wasn’t difficult to take down, but easily taken off with bare hands, it was too frightening.


Perhaps the Buddha’s upper head was cracked beyond recognition, so it was very loose and he just didn’t notice?



The little vendor comforted himself in his heart and looked up to see the Buddha statue, which had lost its support from the lotus base, slowly cracking apart. The mud and copper statues separated, breaking into pieces and falling to the ground.


Yun Jing picked up the fallen bronze statue, and in less than a moment, the Buddha statue completely collapsed, leaving only a handful of black mud in Yun Jing’s hand.



Watching the fifty thousand yuan bronze statue being destroyed in front of them, the onlookers took a deep breath, each in agony for Yun Jing.



Old Zhao was also dumbfounded. Although 50000 yuan wasn’t much for him, with so many people present, he was the only one who knew Yun Jing’s worth. He was most surprised when he did such a thing, but soon Old Zhao calmed down and let it go. At this moment, he chose to trust Yun Jing.

Yun Jing stared at the black clay in his hand, as the Buddha statue split into pieces, the object in the center of the statue also fell out, mixed with the black clay pieces lying quietly in his palm, without the cover of the Buddha statue, the aura of this treasure immediately emitted, unlike other treasures smoke like aura, the aura of this treasure was like a flame floating, the heat was much higher than the usual aura.


The dream egg behind Yun Jing, which had been sleeping peacefully, suddenly moved, seemingly interested in this thing.


Yun Jing gently patted it with his other hand as a pacification, telling it to calm down a little.


It reluctantly quieted down, and although it was back to being a motionless egg, Yun Jing could vaguely feel its desire for the treasure.


It’s consciousness must still be asleep, acting only on instinct at the moment, it seemed that it liked this treasure a lot.


Meanwhile, Jin Jiangshui was the first to react and stared at the treasure in Yun Jing’s hand, revealing a disoriented look for the first time: “She, She Li Zi!”



“Impossible!” Jin Jiangshui’s words just fell, Chen Song lost control and screamed, his voice cracked a little, he stared at the cupped black mud in Yun Jing’s hand, his face full of disbelief.




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