“I said… Mr. Jin, Xiao Jing… can I still live in this house now?” Old Zhao asked weakly. He spent hundreds of millions to buy this house. After buying it, he became a pauper for two years. He made the brothers under him very miserable. He hadn’t even lived here for several years now, […]


Yun Jing ignored the landscape painting and the struggle of the spirits, then he happily and easily reached out to take off the landscape painting.   That miserable white hideous appearance, at this moment in the eyes of Yun Jing wasn’t at all horrible, but extraordinarily lovely.   He lost most of his aura, so […]


They finally arrived in Zhao House, the three got off, Mr. Jin took out his compass and Feng Shui ruler to check up, in addition, he also carried a small orb.     Once the orb was taken out, Yun Jing’s eyes were immediately attracted, at first glance, the orb looked a bit like a […]


  Yun Jing looked at brother Zhao without moving, and was about to release his spiritual energy, when at that moment, a much more condensed aura than normal slowly appeared not far in front of Yun Jing.     Yun Jing immediately focused, he looked up and saw an old man with white hair and […]


The people around them! immediately bid on the Royal Purple: “Little brother, is this Royal Purple for sale, I offer two million.”   “Two million and you want to buy the Royal Purple, you’re still dreaming, five million!”   “Six million, no more!”   “I’ve been coveting the Royal Purple for years, and all the […]


The owner of the stone was so furious that he slapped his companion, “You fuc-king scourge! I’ve gambled so many times, but it’s the first time I’ve encountered this kind of bad luck, it’s all your fault!”     The woman fell to her knees, covering her face and crying, but the man was still […]


Twenty minutes later, Yun Jing and his group arrived outside the entrance to the river bank, in the eyes of ordinary people, there was only a piece of stone gambling area in front of them, in Yun Jing’s eyes, the fullness of the aura was close at hand, as if reaching out to suck them […]


“Bang, bang, bang, bang,” the sound of rough kicking kept coming.   “Yun Jing, fu-cking come out!”   “You have enough guts to hide ah, you dare take our money and run away, I know you’re in there, come out!”   “Don’t think you’ll be fine if you hide and don’t say anything. Don’t forget […]