Mo Yuting just came to the set, she first went to find Han Tian, but was told that Han Tian had gone out, and only after thinking about it, came to find Jiang Chengyi.



Although she didn’t like Jiang Chengyi, but in the end she was with Jiang Chengyi for a long time, she more or less still had a little affection for him, Jiang Chengyi insisted on breaking up, after carefully thinking back, she also felt that she did make a mistake.



Unfortunately, when she just had such a perception, Mo Nan’s reprimand after reprimand once again made her guilt disappear. She was very confused, clearly she was Mo Nan’s daughter, why did Mo Nan have to help Jiang Chengyi all the time?



Moreover, now Mo Nan had a very bad opinion of Han Tian and kept not allowing her to be with him ……



“What are you doing here?” Jiang Chengyi’s good mood from seeing Yu Rui before all of a sudden disappeared, and he looked at Mo Yuting coldly, in a very bad mood.



“Jason, I have something to say to you!” Mo Yuting saw Jiang Chengyi’s cold expression and felt a little guilty again. She had seen in the media, after breaking up with herself, Jiang Chengyi was in a trance and very sad, this time facing her, why did he pretend to be indifferent again?


Jiang Chengyi had no intention of letting the other party in and spoke directly: “Say what you want to say!” If it wasn’t for the fact that his contract with Morning Light hadn’t expired, and if it wasn’t for the fact that offending Mo Nan wouldn’t do him any good, he believed he would have blown the person in front of him out.



“Jason, I don’t know why my father thinks so highly of you, but can you please go and tell my father that the two of us have broken up and it’s no longer possible.” Mo Yuting opened her mouth, Mo Nan had been hoping that she could get back together with Jiang Chengyi these days, but she was unwilling to do so.


Hearing Mo Yuting’s words, Jiang Chengyi only felt funny: “Miss Mo, it seems that you are also clear that the two of us have broken up, it’s no longer possible, in that case, I think there is no need for us to be involved with each other.”


“But my father …… Jason, can’t you just talk to him clearly?” Mo Yuting frowned, if she hadn’t been unable to convince Mo Nan, she wouldn’t have had to come and beg Jiang Chengyi.



That’s your father, not my father! Jiang Chengyi’s face flashed with a trace of mockery, but he also counted to understand, Mo Yuting this person, her head structure was different from normal people: “Miss Mo, Uncle Mo is your father, between you father and daughter is no overnight feud, feel free to say anything, but he is my boss, if I go to say such words with Uncle Mo, have you considered the consequences? ”


Mo Yuting blinked: “My father has always been very good to you, what consequences can there be?”



“Do you really think that Uncle Mo treats me better than he treats you? That’s just because we don’t have much contact so we are more polite to each other!” Before incident between him and Yu Rui happened, Mo Nan still treated him well, but once the incident between him and Yu Rui happened, didn’t Mo Nan immediately start to snowball him?


Although he and Mo Nan had a good relationship over the years, in Mo Nan’s heart, it was estimated that he couldn’t even compare to one tenth of Mo Yuting.



Mo Yuting saw the mocking expression on Jiang Chengyi’s face and immediately froze, she had been annoyed with Mo Nan these days and had always felt that Mo Nan was biased towards Jiang Chengyi, but hearing Jiang Chengyi say so …… was right, her father still favored her, and the things he said in front of her would probably never be said to anyone else, but he had decided that Jiang Chengyi would be a good husband. She couldn’t accept this point: “Then ……”



“Miss Mo is all right? If you’re okay, take your time.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, Yu Rui should almost be about to wash up, instead of chattering with Mo Yuting here, he might as well go and chat with Yu Rui.


“Jason, then I’m leaving, by the way, in the crew, can you not make things difficult for Han Tian?” Mo Yuting thought of what happened before when she went to look for Han Tian and he was not there, and heard that Li Hui had advanced Jiang Chengyi’s scene to let Han Tian cooperate with Jiang Chengyi, so she was also a bit dissatisfied.


Yu Rui’s shower was fast because of his subtle mood, and when he heard the doorbell in the bathroom, he also thought it was the hotel staff who delivered the bed coming over.


Jiang Chengyi had just paid attention to his underwear, and he always felt it was a bit awkward to have to face Jiang Chengyi alone, so he planned to go out while someone was around. However, what he didn’t expect was that after he hurriedly got dressed and went out, he saw Mo Yuting, and he heard Mo Yuting’s words.



Jiang Chengyi was so good to Mo Yuting, Mo Yuting gave him dru-gs and said she didn’t like him, the two had broken up, but to go to her ex-boyfriend to ask him not to embarrass her current boyfriend …… And, did Jiang Chengyi have to feel sorry for Han Tian? It was Han Tian who tried to embarrass him, right?



“Miss Mo! I truly doubt your intelligence, I remember, it was always Han Tian who was giving Chengyi a hard time, right?” If not for the fact that Mo Yuting was a girl, and also Mo Nan’s daughter, he would have wanted to curse.



Mo Yuting was waiting for Jiang Chengyi’s reply, but she didn’t want someone else to interrupt. When she raised her eyes, she saw Yu Rui standing in the room, and also saw the other party’s wet hair.


Yu Rui suddenly appeared to help him, Jiang Chengyi felt quite proud, but didn’t want to be questioned by Mo Yuting: “Miss Mo, this has nothing to do with you!”



This time, Jiang Chengyi had never said anything good, and now Yu Rui was even taking a bath in Jiang Chengyi’s room! Mo Yuting immediately thought of the initial thing – she drugged Jiang Chengyi, because of Jiang Chengyi’s scandal with Yu Rui!


If it wasn’t for the scandal that both Jiang Chengyi and Yu Rui were in the newspaper, she wouldn’t have listened to Han Tian’s words to teach him a small lesson, and there wouldn’t have been the things that followed: “Jiang Chengyi! You put it all on me, as if you were so innocent, I think it’s your fault, right? How dare you live together, you shameless! You ……” Mo Yuting couldn’t curse in the end, she was out of words for a while, but her eyes were wide and full of accusations, she looked very pitiful too: “You guys are disgusting!”



“So what if we live together? Miss Mo, we’ve already broken up! Don’t you think you’re minding too much?” When Jiang Chengyi heard the other party’s words involving Yu Rui, his expression became more and more ugly, and he also pulled Yu Rui’s hand.



Yu Rui stiffened, but didn’t shake off Jiang Chengyi’s hand, then the next second, he was dumbfounded, because Jiang Chengyi actually kissed his face sideways, and then with a force, he threw the door shut, shutting the equally dumbfounded Mo Yuting outside.



Yu Rui’s whole body was a little stiff, but he didn’t know what kind of expression he should have, let alone what he should say.


Jiang Chengyi still pulling Yu Rui’s hand, just calmed down his inner anger, he found Yu Rui’s hand some slightly trembling, he immediately thought of the intention he once had to confess: “A Rui ……”



The doorbell rang once again!


The sudden ringing of the doorbell brought Yu Rui back to his senses, and after he drew back his hand from Jiang Chengyi’s, he took a few steps forward and opened the door, he always felt that even facing Mo Yuting was better than facing Jiang Chengyi.


He had liked Jiang Chengyi for a long time, but never expected to get a response from the other side, so he was suddenly kissed, but he got scared.



This time, it wasn’t Mo Yuting who rang the doorbell but the hotel staff. Behind the female foreman with glasses, there were people still carrying a single bed, while Mo Yuting, who seemed to have not yet returned to her senses, was still standing on one side.


“Sir, the extra bed you want has been sent over.” That foreman opened his mouth, their biggest patron of this hotel was the drama crew that came here to film, and she had met many big-name stars, so she spoke without being condescending.



“Then bring it in.” Yu Rui smiled awkwardly and made himself ignore Mo Yuting who was standing on the side while making himself ignore Jiang Chengyi’s gaze, and then talked to those few staff members.


Jiang Chengyi was a little discouraged when he went out of his way, and at the same time, he glared at Mo Yuting without good grace, but he didn’t want to meet the other party’s eyes exactly.


“Jason, I know I’m sorry, but you can’t fall down because of this!” Mo Yuting spoke in a serious tone, “I know your previous behavior was trying to cheat me, please don’t do such a thing again, besides, I won’t say anything about today’s incident.” Since Jiang Chengyi had asked someone to add a bed in his room, then the previous matter was her misunderstanding, Mo Yuting was finally relieved.


Looking at Mo Yuting turning around and leaving, Jiang Chengyi suddenly had a feeling of powerlessness.



He was not afraid that Mo Yuting would tell what happened here. You know, Li Hui hated it when someone leaked things about the crew while he’s filming! In addition, Mo Yuting was too proud of herself to say anything, right?



Not long after Mo Yuting left, the hotel staff also left.


Jiang Chengyi finally had time to talk to Yu Rui, but he didn’t know if his luck was too bad today, but just as he was organizing his words to speak, the doorbell of his room rang again!



The doorbell rang for a while, but Jiang Chengyi wasn’t in the mood to open the door, in the end it was Yu Rui who opened the door first, and this time it was Wei Na who was standing outside the door.



When she saw Yu Rui, Wei Na didn’t look surprised, and after greeting him, she looked at Jiang Chengyi: “Mr. Jiang, just now I talked to the boss of Golden Emperor Film Production, and our boss is very eager to cooperate with you in your upcoming movie.”


The owner of Golden Emperor Film Production was Li Baqiu, who was a gangster, but now was almost half cleaned, and Golden Emperor Film Production, the company under him, was also the closest entertainment company to the film city where they were now.


Han Tian used to be a group actor controlled by a director affiliated with Golden Empire Film Production, and later met Li Qianqian then he wrote two small budget movies which was also produced and launched by Golden Empire, if not for the fact that Li Baqiu didn’t like him and deliberately had a conflict with him, it was estimated that he would continue to stay in Golden Empire.


Jiang Chengyi had already chosen a director this time, and the rest was almost done, so he didn’t need to work with anyone else, but when he heard the name Golden Emperor, he was moved.



In the film industry, the Golden Empire film production company’s reputation wasn’t very good, many of the films made were bad, but such bad films, their box office had always been quite okay and wouldn’t let the Golden Empire lose money …… this of course was also the reason! Maybe it was because Li Baqiu was used to being a gangster, although he opened the entertainment company, he still had a touch of banditry.


A big director like Li Hui, although he could also promote his films, he didn’t pay too much attention to the film production line. After his films were released, they may also be ranked on the best schedule and shows. But the movies shot by the Golden Emperor were completely different.


It was really normal for them to be released in the middle of the night! In the face of such a situation, Emperor Jin’s approach was completely different from other film investment companies.


Many of the movies made by Golden Empire were admittedly bad, and they didn’t do much publicity, but they had one thing that no one from other film companies can match – Li Baqiu had people stationed in hundreds of cities across the country, trying to make good relations with theaters, and once one of their films was released, they would always get one of the best venues, it wasn’t easy to lose money!

The cooperation in other areas was optional for Jiang Chengyi, but the advantage that Golden Emperor had in terms of cinema lines was exactly what he wanted: “Cooperation? I don’t know what kind of cooperation Boss Li wants?”



“Mr. Li is a very negotiable person, if you agree to cooperate, Mr. Jiang, Mr. Li has said that we can discuss the specific matters slowly.” Wei Na smilingly spoke.



She used to only play minor roles in Morning Light, but now she caught the eye of Li Baqiu because of Li Qianqian’s relationship. Li Baqiu even promised that as long as she could reconcile Li Qianqian and Li Qi, he would definitely make her famous.



Although Li Baqiu may not have clean hands, he still spoke well, because Wei Na was full of energy at the moment and had made up her mind to show off well!




“I do hope that our two sides can cooperate amicably, but of course we have to talk about it before we can make a decision.” Jiang Chengyi smiled, and at the same time thought of one thing – when the movie he made was released after “Alternative Hero”, the various cinemas arranged good venues, and in the end, it was even amazing at the box office, was it also the handiwork of Li Baqiu? At that time, Li Qianqian and Han Tian lived together, Li Baqiu was angry, so helping Han Tian’s enemy was normal! But now, they were estimated to really cooperate.


Wei Na once again helped with the production of the Golden Emperor film and said some good things. After several attempts by Jiang Chengyi, she also casually expressed her intention that she might soon switch jobs to the Golden Emperor – even if a small artist like her wanted to terminate her contract, the penalty for breach of contract wasn’t high, and people like Li Baqiu certainly wouldn’t care about such a little money.


Jiang Chengyi and Wei Na had a good talk, and after the talk, he personally sent Wei Na out, and then after Wei Na left, he immediately put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign.



Although after being disturbed several times, Jiang Chengyi’s initial excited mood had calmed down a lot, but he still didn’t want to waste the good time tonight.



Unfortunately, just as he closed the door and turned around, he saw that Yu Rui had already laid down on the single bed that had just been delivered to him, and then covered himself with a thin blanket, as if he was planning to sleep.



“You don’t even take off your clothes when you sleep?” Jiang Chengyi smiled. At this moment, Yu Rui didn’t even take off his pants, did he?



“I’m used to it.” Yu Rui’s mood was complicated, he simply didn’t know what to do, so naturally, he remained motionless: “Chengyi, it’s already very late, let’s sleep.”


Indeed it was already very late …… Jiang Chengyi looked at the time, thinking that tomorrow’s shooting was almost all his own scenes, Li Hui didn’t like to wait for people, he could only helplessly lay on the bed next to him and didn’t dare to do anything else.




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