After Yun Jing got the Buddha statue, he turned his head to look at the stall owner: “Fifty thousand.”


The stall owner looked at Yun Jing, doubting that he had heard wrong, something worth more than ten million, if Yun Jing gave him a price cut of ten million he could accept it, how did it become fifty thousand in a moment?


The stall owner immediately got angry and pointed at Chen Song: “Just now this brother said, this is a gilt statue of the mother of God from the Ming Dynasty, this is an antique, a treasure! It even sold for hundreds of millions at the auction, and now you’re offering me 50,000, are you kidding?”


Yun Jing looked at the stall owner’s greed-filled eyes and sneered in his heart.

He called out Eighteen million yuan, thanks to his courage. The true value of this thing was the treasure hidden inside, which could only be sensed by experts with strong spiritual power like Yun Jing. Although the outer shell was a Buddha statue, even if it was a real antique, it had already lost its spiritual energy and had no value at all.


If Chen Song hadn’t intervened in this thing, Yun Jing could have bought it for a few thousand yuan. Now it would cost 50,000 yuan. Yun Jing wouldn’t be the one who was at a loss, whether it was the boss who wanted to slaughter customers and Chen Song on the side, they must regret to the point of vomiting blood.


Yun Jing was very calm, “The owner is joking with me, you want to sell the things on the stall at auction price. This Buddha statue has not been processed, evaluated by experts, or applied for a certificate. What qualifications do you have to claim it to be a Ming Dynasty gilded mother statue? Just rely on the words’ Ming Yongle Nian Shi ‘”


The owner of the stall was instantly caught up in the question, he was also instantly enamored by wealth, plus Chen Song was stirring up people’s hearts on the sidelines, which made him quote a price of more than ten million, and now when he thought about it, it was really unrealistic.


When he and Chen Song discussed the price, they were surrounded by onlookers, but they all uniformly stood aside to watch the fun, no one had the will to bid.


Among this crowd, there was no shortage of rich people in suits and elegant dresses, but no one was moved to his statue, since the price of the statue dropped, everyone’s focus wasn’t on the statue, but they all looked at Yun Jing, to see if Yun Jing may spend 18 million to buy the statue!


Everyone was watching the fun!


Thinking of this, the dream of getting rich was shattered at once, the boss’s expression wasn’t very good, he pointed at Chen Song, “But, your brother said straight out that this Buddha statue is very famous, your brother can’t possibly be lying to you, right?”


“Brother?” Yun Jing laughed lightly, “I met him at a stall on this Yi Gu Dao street, and we only met once. We had known each other from beginning to end for less than an hour, and it was he who called me brother. Perhaps he and you are brothers.”


As Yun Jing’s words fell, many people around him chuckled softly. Not to mention, the stall owner and Chen Song were miraculously similar in appearance. When Yun Jing didn’t say it, it was okay, but as soon as he reminded them, they really looked more and more like two brothers.


Chen Song was furious, especially after a large group of onlookers around him agreed, which almost made him feel suffocated.


He was the son of a local property tycoon, if it was another place, it was estimated that many people would know him, but mostly foreigners came to the lively place, today’s onlookers also happened not to recognize Chen Song, at this time, everyone was pointing to Chen Song and the stall owner, openly discussing their similarities.


Chen Song looked at Yun Jing with a sullen expression: “Friend, your words are not decent, I am kindly helping you, what do you mean by this?”


“Now you won’t call me brother?” Yun Jing raised his eyebrows, “Since you call me a friend, then I ask you, do you know my name?”


Chen Song choked, in that case, it seemed that Yun Jing had indeed not said his name.


In Chen Song’s opinion, Yun Jing was just a small person, he didn’t bother to remember the other’s name, so Yun Jing didn’t say it and he didn’t ask, he didn’t expect this moment.


And then looking at the surrounding people’s expressions, that was even more joyful, they completely grouped Chen Song with the stall owner.


“I felt before that these two brothers have something fishy, look at their thieving eyes, it’s obvious they aren’t good!”



“Yeah, and don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence? A tourist came to see a Buddha statue, before asking the price, another person rushed over and yelled how valuable this thing, how many millions it sold at auction before, didn’t they think about where this is, this isn’t the auction, this is a street stall ah, he just casually mentioned millions, my embarrassment has reached its peak, they really treat people as fools? ”


“This is forcing someone to buy, right? I’ve always heard that Yi Gu Dao street’s order is quite good, I didn’t expect that there is this kind of thing, Fortunately, I didn’t come over to see this stall when I first passed by, otherwise now it would be me being dragged to be the ‘brother’ of those two brothers!”


“In fact, taking a closer look, this gilded statue of the mother of God is indeed a little different, but the damage is really too much, the mass of black mud is obviously not to cover the real body of the treasure, but to repair the treasure’s broken place, that is, these black mud hasn’t been removed, once it’s removed, the statue will be in pieces, even if it is a real antique, it is not worth much, this thing, even if you take it to the appraiser to see, the valuation will not exceed 150,000, not to mention putting it into the auction, which will result in a series of fees such as identification fees, even if the treasure can really be put up for sale, there are 8% to 18% commission and tens of thousands yuan of preliminary publicity fees, under the assumption that it is genuine, after deducting the remaining, 50,000 yuan is a very reasonable price, it seems that this teenager is a connoisseur, these two brothers met an iron plate. ”



“Hey, I say, when it comes to this kind of situation, it is actually possible to call the police, right? Although this antique is a matter of willingness, but this kind of cheating isn’t right!”



“Anyway, I’m going to send out a post, 18 million haha, the two brothers’ joke is enough for me to laugh for a year!”



Some young people laughed without any concern for the stern-faced Chen Song, and took out their cell phones to take pictures.


Chen Song was shaking with anger and sent his bodyguards to forbid people to take pictures, otherwise they would be violating his rights.


The bodyguards hidden on the side stood out, and only then did the onlookers realize that Chen Song’s identity wasn’t ordinary. Finally at this time, a person recognized Chen Song and said in a loud voice: “I know, this man is the son of Chen Fuhao, ah, the heir of a real estate tycoon, a rich second generation!”


Chen Song’s identity was finally exposed in front of everyone, but Chen Song wasn’t happy at all, but at this time, the sad-faced stall owner looked like he had found a savior and shouted, “The son of Chen Fuhao said that my treasure is worth a lot of money, could it be that the son of Chen Fuhao would deliberately cooperate with me to cheat money?”



Once these words came out, Chen Song had the heart to kill the stall owner.


Chen Song was hesitating whether to spend 18 million yuan to buy a broken Buddha statue to make himself look good. Although he was very moved at the moment when he held the Buddha statue, this was 18 million yuan, not 1800 yuan!



Even if his family had any money, it was his father’s money, and over ten million yuan wasn’t little!



Just then, Old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui, with the help of their bodyguards, finally made their way out and came to the forefront of the crowd.


They heard from afar that there was a multi-million yuan treasure coming out here, and hadn’t planned to come over to watch, but the more they heard, the more they felt that one of the person involved seemed like Yun Jing, so old Zhao and Jin Jiangshui immediately couldn’t hold back and quickly came this way.


When he saw Chen Song standing opposite Yun Jing, Jin Jiangshui froze, and then his face completely sank.


Just now in the crowd, they heard enough, although they had only known Yun Jing for only a day, but after all, so many things happened before and after, the two owed Yun Jing a life, this time they naturally had to save the life of the benefactor.



Jin Jiangshui immediately went forward, took the Buddha statue, then he slightly lifted the Buddha statue and carefully observed, because his image and temperament was too good, at this moment Jin Jiangshui began to identify the treasure, the crowd of onlookers actually magically quieted down and watched this gentleman.


A few moments later, Jin Jiangshui spoke up in a fairy style: “Through the sitting posture of the Buddha, handprints and other details, it is indeed a good statue of the Mother of god, judging by the face and body type and dress, it is also true that the style of the Ming Dynasty, the Yongle years of gilt Buddha statue regardless of shape, technology and ornamentation, have reached the highest level of all generations, but also the highest value of modern gilt Buddha statue collection. It is the most valuable modern gilt statue in the collection, but only if it is really a complete gilt statue of the Buddha from the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty.”



The stall owner was immediately offended: “Are you saying that my treasure is a fake? I tell you ah-”


Jin Jiangshui interrupted him without delay: “Whether it is genuine or not, you will know at a glance.”



As he said, he gently wiped away the dust on the surface of his gilded doumu statue, because the dust and black mud had stuck to the statue for too long, not all of it could be removed with a light wipe of the hand, not to mention that most of the statue was covered with black mud, so Jin Jiangshui only wiped two parts, one was the face, and the other was the lotus on the base, and then showed it to everyone.


“The reason why antiques have spirituality is only because the craftsman’s efforts were exhausted during the manufacturing process, and Buddha statues are among the best. In ancient times, people believed in Buddhism and had a reverent and devout heart when making each Buddha statue. After the Buddha statue was made, it was placed in a Buddhist niche for worship, which has been eroded by human fireworks and the sun and moon for a long time. Especially the gilded copper statues, the surface color of real antiques is dim, and the light is soft under the refraction of sunlight. This kind of luster is the new imitation of fake, old treatment of the Buddha statue doesn’t have it.”



The crowd poked their heads out to take a closer look, surprised to find that the two parts Jin Jiangshui wiped really had a different color.



If there was no comparison, with their amateur or half-educated eye, there was absolutely no difference, but after Jin Jiangshui so deliberately pointed out the comparison, the more they looked, the more problematic it looked.



“This… the face color of the Buddha statue is soft, but the light of the lotus flower on the base is more dazzling! ” The person who just praised Yun Jing as an expert said.


With him taking the lead, those who weren’t sure started discussing.


Jin Jiangshui was teaching everyone. Who didn’t come here to explore antiques on the Antique Street? Now that someone explained on site, everyone immediately became interested. Countless pairs of eyes were shining as they looked at Yun Jing and the group.



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