The onlookers on the sidelines were also stunned by Jin Jiangshui’s words, this legendary relic, everyone had almost heard of it, but when it came to witnessing it with their own eyes, there weren’t many people.



“I didn’t hear it wrong, did I?”


“I heard that some statues of Buddha will indeed hide relics, but that most of the extremely valuable statues of Buddha, has long been preserved intact to take to the auction or put into the temple for worship, the chance of buying a statue of Buddha like this is simply lower than winning the lottery!”


“No ah, this Buddha statue is broken, but it was artificial repaired, according to reason, even if there is really a relic, it should have been taken away, how can it still retained until now?”



Onlookers all of a sudden stirred, before everyone also formed a circle like watching the order, now they heard that there was a relic, how could they still stand? One by one, they all wanted to squeeze forward.


Fortunately, they were surrounded by stalls, so there were things in the way, wanting to casually crowd into a group wasn’t easy, and old Zhao and Chen Song’a side had bodyguards, once they found that some people rushed over, they immediately moved to stop them, the crowd looked at the bodyguards’ fierce expressions, and knew at least that old Zhao and Chen Song weren’t easy to mess with, Jin Jiangshui had an immortal aura and also looked extraordinary, so they slowly subsided, one after another, they slowly stopped, each staring at the black mud in Yun Jing’s hands.



Yun Jing knew that Jin Jiangshui and Chen Song were both cultivators, the spiritual energy in their bodies was more than normal people, after the spiritual energy nourished the body, it was also invariably strengthened, the treasure’s aura, they could sense it, so when the treasure came out from the statue of the Buddha, but hadn’t yet shown its true face, Jin Jiangshui took the lead in revealing the treasure’s identity, and Chen Song couldn’t stay calm any longer, and exclaimed.



Yun Jing’s world didn’t have relics, but the good thing was that the original body liked to read novels, the appearance rate of relics in a lot of cultivation novels were quite high, after reviewing it, Yun Jing vaguely knew that the relic was the treasure of the Buddha’s way, it was unattainable treasure, no wonder the aura was more dense.


Thinking this way, Yun Jing slowly set aside the excess black mud block in his hand, only to see a white round bead the size of a pinky fingernail cap, that was moist and light, appearing in everyone’s field of vision.


Jin Jiangshui came close to scrutinize it for a moment, and revealed a hint of a smile, “It seems to be a non-true body relic, this is a derivative relic, but a derivative relic can have such energy, it is evident that this relic is certainly extraordinary, Xiao Jing, this is instead a good thing for you, true body relics are too rare, and it is a curse rather than a blessing for regular people to possess them, this derivative relic is just right for you right now.”


Jin Jiangshui still had some words that he didn’t say, the relics after all, were the bones of a monk, if they got it privately, it was fine, but getting the treasure under the eyes of the public was troublesome, disregarding the comments from the crowd, Chen Song was already extremely greedy for the relic, if it was a real body relic, dealing with it would be a hassle.



Jin Jiangshui was very clear that Yun Jing didn’t have a showy temperament, if it wasn’t to help him look good, he definitely wouldn’t have revealed the treasure in the Buddha statue, so after seeing that it was the derivation of a relic, he let out a sigh of relief.


But he had to say, when luck came, no one could stop it, he even got the treasure that was the most suitable for him.


As expected, once the surrounding masses heard that it was a Derivative Shari, some people who had researched on relics immediately lost most of their enthusiasm, and a bunch of the remaining masses who didn’t know what was going on also calmed down slightly, and were asking what a Derivative relic was in a cross-examination.


Jin Jiangshui saw that old Zhao and Yun Jing didn’t know much about the Derivative, and immediately explained: “It is a special treasure that appears after the cremation of a virtuous monk, it is the cultivation and merits of a monk’s life, and a priceless treasure.
It has a spirit, and it is said that after a long period of worship, the original relic will grow into a large relic, and the large relic may even give birth to many small relics, these small relics are not the real body of the monks, it is known as the derivation of the relic.”


“I don’t know more specofics, I’m just interested in this topic by chance, this statue seems to have been made hundreds of years ago, I don’t know how many people have had it, and it broke in half, yet the relics still exists in the Buddha, until it fell into your hands, it means it was destined to you to get it, as for the deeper mystery, you will slowly explore it. ”


Old Zhao immediately asked: “I used to hear that the relics have spirituality, take a sledgehammer to smash the relic, the relic won’t move, but as long as you take an egg that can hatch chicks, and gently knock against it, the egg won’t be damaged, but the relic will turn into powder, this is because of the compassion of the monks, monks have a heart of compassion, they don’t want to hurt the little creatures, they’d rather hurt themselves! To be pulverized, rather than hurt the life within the egg, is this true?”


As Old Zhao’s words fell, Yun Jing hadn’t reacted much yet, but the Dream creature in his bag vibrated violently, as if urging Yun Jing to hurry up and use it to knock on that relic to try.



Yun Jing was shaken by it somewhat helplessly, and hurriedly freed his hand to appease and pacify it, after a while, it reluctantly stopped.



On the side, Mr. Jin shook his head: “This old man doesn’t know, I did hear that some people have used scientific methods to explore the composition of the relics, and ultimately confirmed that the composition of the relics is the same as the meteorite diamonds, even if you don’t look at its spirituality, relics are also valuable treasures.”


Listening to Jin Jiangshui and Old Zhao’s words, Chen Song took a step backward like he couldn’t bear the blow, his eyes staring at the relic in Yun Jing’s hand.


That was a relic!


Chen Song got a chance to worship under his master, but his talent wasn’t outstanding, after cultivating for so many years, he had only reached the introduction stage, he always thought it was because his treasures weren’t enough, if he had a precious treasure, why would he worry about the progress of cultivation?



Therefore, this auction, he specially came over to see if there was such a thing, but didn’t expect the most precious thing, to be missed by him, then he watched Yun Jing picked up a leak!


When he appraised the statue before, although he intentionally ignored the flaws of the statue of Tumor to praise it high, but what he said was true, that the Buddha statue that was auctioned for 100 million Hong Kong dollars, there was a relic hidden inside for it to be able to sell for such a high price, and now, Yun Jing only used 50,000 yuan to actually buy a Buddha relic!


Although it was a derivative relic, the onlookers thought that the value of this relic was greatly reduced, but Chen Song knew that since the aura was so thick, it was perhaps better than the general quality of a real relic, so what if it was a derivative relic, it was a treasure as long as it was a treasure!


The more he thought about it, the more Chen Song became reluctant.


Speaking of this Buddha statue, before he also had the opportunity to buy it, the moment the statue was taken away from him by Yun Jing, he had a sense of mind, but didn’t take it seriously, at this moment, really the more he thought about it, the more remorse he felt.


At the same time, Chen Song also had to be vigilant, looking at Yun Jing with a few moments of testing and sizing up.


Unfortunately, no matter how he looked at it, Yun Jing was an ordinary teenager, his face and body shape were in the stage of growing, although the look between his eyebrows was calmer and lighter than normal, but ignoring the look and just looking at his face, he was really still an underage little guy.



Chen Song recalled his words and actions after meeting Yun Jing, it really didn’t look like the style of their world’s families and sects that he understood, and it may be really his good luck to buy the relic like this, but it wasn’t certain!



Sacrificial relics could be encountered but not sought. This treasure was in front of him, but if he missed it, it would disappear.



Chen Song gritted his teeth and made up his mind.



He didn’t believe that without the tutelage of a family, such a genius would be born out of nowhere!


Chen Song looked towards Jin Jiangshui, “Mr. Jin, may I ask if this young teenager is your disciple?”


Jin Jiangshui inwardly wanted to worship Yun Jing as his master, how would he dare to admit that Yun Jing was his disciple, he was about to retort, but Yun Jing jumped ahead of him, “What are you asking for?”


Chen Song smiled faintly, “Mr. Jin seemed to disagree quite a bit with what I said just now, taking advantage of today’s free time, why don’t we have a match, no matter who loses or who wins, it doesn’t matter, just think of it as a time for fun. I thought that if you are Mr. Jin’s disciple, then it would be fine for us juniors to fight, but if Mr. Jin doesn’t even have a disciple, then I have no choice but to challenge Mr. Jin, to see if Mr. Jin still has the qualifications to challenge my master next time, how about it?”



Jin Jiangshui’s face turned pale when he heard this.



Being provoked by Chen Song, a junior, in public, with Jin Jiangshui’s status, if he didn’t answer the challenge, he would be laughed at for fearing Chen Song, but if he answered the challenge, even if he won, what would happen, the onlookers would only think that he was bullying the young, and that win would be dishonorable.


He knew that Chen Song didn’t really want to provoke himself, he was coveting Yun Jing’s treasure, but took him for a ride, forcing Yun Jing to give in!



If Yun Jing was someone else, it would be fine. Today, Jin Jiangshui just owed Yun Jing a life, and inwardly admired Yun Jing, but as a result, Chen Song came to find fault with Yun Jing in his name, which was even more difficult for Jin Jiangshui to bear than if he was humiliated himself.



Jin Jiangshui let out a snort and just wanted to pull Yun Jing and Old Zhao to leave, but he saw that Yun Jing was staring at Chen Song’s neck without moving his eyes.



In the next moment, he heard Yun Jing say to Chen Song, “I am not qualified, Mr. Jin said that he needs to examine me more before leading me to the door, from the matter of choosing the treasure just now, Mr. Chen is not as good as me, if you want to challenge Mr. Jin, why don’t you go through me first.”


Chen Song, listening to Yun Jing’s nonchalant words, laughed in anger and didn’t bother to talk more nonsense, directly exposing his true purpose: “Good! Let’s do as you say, if you lose, this relic will be handed over to me!”



Yun Jing lightly glanced at the rope hanging on Chen Song’s neck, the rope was hidden in the collar, ordinary people couldn’t see what was, but through the aura, Yun Jing could judge that it was the most valuable treasure on Chen Song.



Chen Song pit him to spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy should have been a few thousand. At this moment, it wasn’t enough to show the Buddha’s relic and slap his face. The cash paid by Yun Jing was real, so Chen Song couldn’t leave without shedding some blood.



Yun Jing said, “If Mr. Chen loses, the thing hanging on your neck will be given to me.”


Chen Song’s expression changed slightly, but he thought that he had been practicing for several years and it was impossible for him to lose again and again, not to mention the fact that the relic helped in cultivation and was hard to come by, in the end, Chen Song gritted his teeth and nodded.




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