Jiang Chengyi knew Li Qianqian, he also had contact with Li Qianqian – after Han Tian and Li Qianqian reconciled, he once told Li Qianqian about Han Tian and Mo Yuting, Li Qianqian was furious and went to confront Han Tian, but she ran into Han Tian with another woman, and finally the two had a fight, then they broke up for the second time …..


It was because of that incident that Han Tian held a grudge and finally gave him an ap-hrodisiac to drink with Yu Rui.


In Jiang Chengyi’s impression, the youngest girl in all of Han Tian’s women, was very hot-tempered, she and Han Tian first broke up because Han Tian couldn’t stand her temper, but Han Tian still missed her “talent”, so the two got entangled again but this second breakup was more trouble, her father also specifically made trouble for Han Tian, later if not that Han Tian wrote a movie “My Savage Girlfriend” to coax her, the two wouldn’t have reconciled.




Of course, when they reconciled again, he had gone abroad, he didn’t read a lot about Han Tian’s psychological description in the book when Li Qianqian’s father suppressed him, of course, it was impossible not to hold a grudge, it was also impossible not to plan to retaliate, in fact, the fact that Li Qianqian’s father died unexpectedly and the g-ang fell into the hands of Han Tian, was his handwork.



In the book, Li Qianqian was the female lead, and she appeared more than Mo Yuting, but this eighteen-year-old girl became Han Tian’s woman, at the beginning, she was vivid and lively, but in the end, she just became a good little woman around Han Tian …… also, she was so stupid that Han Tian cheated her of everything. But he was also like her with Mo Yuting.



“Ba-stard, are you there or not?” While Jiang Chengyi was silent, Li Qianqian spoke loudly.




Jiang Chengyi certainly didn’t want to admit that he was an bas-tard, but he still wanted to talk to Li Qianqian: “Who is the bas-tard cursing?”





“Bas-tard scolded you! Idiot!” Li Qianqian spoke loudly at the phone, but didn’t find the language trap in it. She was now eighteen years old, although she was born into a ga-ng, her parents loved her, but she was spoiled to the point that she didn’t know the world, she was full of anger, but she only cared about Han Tian, after all, in her opinion, she broke up with Han Tian because of her father’s obstruction.



“That’s right, the bas-tard scolded me ……” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, then in order to avoid the other hanging out, he immediately said, “Do you want to know why Han Tian fought with me?”




Perhaps it was because he said the previous sentence too quickly, Li Qianqian surprisingly didn’t find anything wrong yet, only focused on Han Tian: “Why did Han Tian fight with you? Isn’t it because he stole your role and you don’t like him? You are really too petty! Not at all like a big star, I used to like the movies you acted in!”



Li Qianqian was once one of his fans? Jiang Chengyi couldn’t help but be a little surprised, but even so, he still didn’t have any good feelings towards the other, but, someone like Li Qianqian could always be used: “Since you know my phone number, you should be able to find out more things, right? You should be able to find out if you go to Morning Light and find a random person, that role was given up by me of my own accord, and I fought with Han Tian because he stole my girlfriend and instructed my ex girlfriend to give me laxatives!”




He wouldn’t remember wrongly, Mo Yuting’s laxative was given to him by Han Tian, and the laxative in Han Tian’s hand was given to him by Mo Yuting, and when they were together, the two of them also used laxative together to rectify those who looked down on Han Tian – in this book, there were always many people who looked down on Han Tian, but none of these people had a good end, even Han Tian’s father-in-law.




Li Qianqian was only eighteen years old, if not for her family’s special circumstances, she would still be in school at this age, and something like chasing after a star was something she would do at this age. When she first met Han Tian, who rebelled against the triads, it was because she was going to see the movie emperor Zhao Ziwen, and later she fell in love with Han Tian because of his “talent”.



In recent years,Jiang Chengyi didn’t have any scandals. After listening to the details, even if she told herself that Han Tian wouldn’t do such a thing, she couldn’t help believing it. But she quickly thought of the wrong thing: “You’re lying, you don’t have a girlfriend!”


“What do I have to lie to you? My girlfriend …… no, it should be ex-girlfriend, is Mo Yuting, the daughter of Morning Light’s chairman Mo Nan, you just need to check, you can definitely find out! Even if you go ask your father, he should also know!” Li Qianqian’s father, Li Baqiu, was a big man, and later Han Tian was able to have so much power because he inherited everything from him. But that said, Han Tian’s luck was really good, after he calculated Li Baqiu to death, he could still make Li Baqiu’s men think he was a good man ……



“I’ll go check it out right away! You better not lie to me!” Li Qianqian threw down a sentence and angrily hung up the phone, her dad wasn’t going to lie to her, she was going to check it out herself!


Jiang Chengyi breathed a sigh of relief, he was telling the truth, and at that time, many people were watching Mo Yuting’s “declaration” and reaction, since this was the case, then it wouldn’t be difficult for Li Qianqian.



The truth was that most of the artists of the Morning Glory knew the truth about his fight with Han Tian, but for the sake of the face of the Morning Glory plus the involvement of Mo Yuting, Mo Nan would never allow the truth to be published, he didn’t want to make a big deal out of a small issue, but he, however, had made up his mind to make a big deal out of it.



The general journalists, absolutely didn’t dare to offend morning light, and those who signed with morning light, of course, didn’t dare to offend the boss – anyway, there were many nasty things in the entertainment industry, and he Jiang Chengyi wasn’t what they were, so why should they help him? So, everything right now, it was all up to him …… He hoped that what he did before, wasn’t useless.




Jiang Chengyi raised his head and saw Yu Rui looking at him curiously and worriedly, he just wanted to speak, the phone in his hand rang again.



It was Li Qianqian again: “Jiang Chengyi, you ba-stard, ba-stard, ba-stard! How dare you scold me?! Humph! Didn’t you want to follow Han Tian? I’ll have my brother find someone to keep an eye on you, see if you still dare to do anything bad!”



Li Qianqian said a bunch of things like a series of pearls, and then quickly hung up the phone, but Jiang Chengyi felt a little helpless, at the same time, he finally knew how Li Qianqian knew his cell phone number ……





He just found someone who wanted to help him keep an eye on Han Tian, he hadn’t even paid, yet it was surprisingly known by Han Tian’s ex-girlfriend …… He didn’t know whether it was Han Tian’s good luck or his bad luck.





No, Li Qianqian said “my brother” in the phone? He remembered that Li Qianqian didn’t have a brother, but there was a Li Baqiu who had specially cultivated a righteous brother and intended to make him a son-in-law.



Li Qianqian’s brother wasn’t small, but unfortunately he was loyal to Li Qianqian. After Han Tian provoked him several times, Li Qianqian became angry with him, and most of his subordinates were transferred… Of course, the man who dared to steal women from the main character ended up with the same fate as him – the man took his trusted followers to do the task, and then none of them came back.





Jiang Chengyi thought this unlucky man was like him, and suddenly thought, he had no influence at all, but Li Qianqian’s sworn brother was different.


Unfortunately, now Li Qianqian still liked Han Tian, Li Qianqian’s righteous brother would never betray Li Qianqian, then at this time, he would never cooperate with him.



Jiang Chengyi suddenly began to look forward to Han Tian’s charm, if Han Tian could hook up with a few more women at this time, then wouldn’t Li Qianqian make up with him again like she did at the beginning?





“Chengyi, are you okay?” Yu Rui spoke with concern, he inquired for a long time with Li Chao, but unfortunately couldn’t find out anything, and didn’t know what Jiang Chengyi came to Li Chao for, so he couldn’t help feeling a little anxious.




“What can happen to me?” Jiang Chengyi smiled. Although Li Qianqian scolded him a few times, he really didn’t take it seriously. After all, there were many people who scolded him in those years, and now he had made up his mind to use Li Qianqian – he couldn’t let Han Tian get the power of Li Qianqian!




The lost love and scandals wasn’t something? Yu Rui looked at Jiang Chengyi in confusion, according to his knowledge, Jiang Chengyi liked Mo Yuting, excluding the scandal, now his lover was gone, but he ……





“Chengyi, I also have contact with director Li Hui, should I go to him to clarify the matter this time?” Yu Rui thought about reaching out, in fact, he wasn’t familiar with him, but ……



Jiang Chengyi was a little surprised that Yu Rui knew Li Hui. He knew that Yu Rui knew some people in the industry, and also knew several directors, but those directors weren’t very famous, but Li Hui was different …… However, although Jiang Chengyi was surprised, he enjoyed his concern: “No, Ah Rui, the public will definitely know the truth. It’s okay to make a little bit of a fuss, maybe it will even get me more attention.” When his reputation was at its worst, it was actually the time when the most people knew about him, right?





“Chengyi, are you going to tell the truth? But in that case, will Miss Mo and her father be unhappy?” When Yu Rui heard Jiang Chengyi’s words, he was so surprised that he didn’t even notice that Jiang Chengyi was addressing him differently.





Yu Rui didn’t pay attention, but Li Chao, who had been listening to their conversation, heard it. He glanced at Jiang Chengyi and met the other’s provocative eyes, he was a bit stunned – Jiang Chengyi’s eyes were not pure!



“What does it matter to me if they are unhappy? Let’s just live our own lives.” Jiang Chengyi had already thought about confessing his feelings, so at this moment, although the timing wasn’t quite right, he hinted at it.





Yu Rui hated Mo Yuting at first, but even if Mo Yuting would offend him with her words, because Jiang Chengyi liked her, he never cared, but now that Mo Yuting suddenly dumped Jiang Chengyi, he no longer hid his dislike. Looking up and seeing Jiang Chengyi looking at him, Yu Rui couldn’t help but whisper, “Well, Miss Mo actually drugged you, this is too much.” Then he got worried, Jiang Chengyi never allowed others to say bad things about Mo Yuting ……



“That’s right, this is not only excessive, it’s simply vicious!” Jiang Chengyi agreed with Yu Rui’s words, “Ah Rui, you are still the best!”



Yu Rui’s eyes widened because of the adjective “best”, and he felt puzzled by Jiang Chengyi’s sudden dislike of Mo Yuting, but then he thought that the other should be especially sad about being betrayed, so he behaved abnormally, and then he also put his mind at ease.





Yu Rui just didn’t understand, but Li Chao beside him was shocked by such meaningful words. What was the meaning of “We should live our own life”? Who’d live with you? Also “the best”… He took a look at Yu Rui who had moved here and suddenly felt powerless.



He and Yu Rui grew up together and were sponsored by the same person to go to school, they weren’t much different from real brothers, but their personalities were the opposite of each other. He grew up lively and jumpy, when he was in elementary school he knew to court the girl he liked, and in junior high school he had a little girlfriend, and in high school he hooked up with several schoolgirls, although this brilliant experience was ended in college, but at least it was also very rich, but Yu Rui was different, he was studying in elementary school, in junior high school he was reading books, in high school he was learning to read and write books, and in college he was learning to read and write books and scripts …… but he never fell in love!



In the past, he always thought that Yu Rui was too nerdy to fall in love, so four years ago when Yu Rui suddenly ran to him, and announced in front of his hard to chase girlfriend, that he liked a man, he was really stunned.



There were few people around Yu Rui, but they were the closest, so at first he thought Yu Rui liked him …… Finally, when Yu Rui said that he liked Jiang Chengyi, he immediately relaxed, then he tensed again.



Yu Rui and Jiang Chengyi, wasn’t possible, before Jiang Chengyi had a girlfriend and Yu Rui just had a crush, now Jiang Chengyi’s attitude was ambiguous ……



When Li Chao said goodbye, he nudged Yu Rui.



Yu Rui, of course, understood what he meant, and immediately walked him out of the door.




After leaving the apartment and turning a corner, Li Chao immediately looked at Yu Rui: “Are you really planning to move in with him?”



“Yes, now Chengyi’s assistant is still sick and he is in a bad mood, so I can come over and watch him a bit.” Thinking of the previous situation where he came over in the afternoon and Jiang Chengyi hadn’t eaten, he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.



Jiang Chengyi wasn’t in a good mood? How did he feel that Jiang Chengyi was in a good mood? Li Chao spoke again: “Have you found that Jiang Chengyi has unkind thoughts to you?”




Yu Rui was a little surprised, but then he smiled: “How could he be unkind to me? Even if someone is ill-intentioned, that person should be me, right?” In front of Li Chao, he was always very relaxed.



“What kind of unkindness is that crush of yours? I’m telling you, you should be careful of him, don’t be sold out and still help count the money!” Li Chao suddenly had a feeling of hatred, but he really felt that the Jiang Chengyi he saw this moment was completely different from the Jiang Chengyi Yu Rui always talked about before.



“Chengyi is a good boy.” Yu Rui smiled and didn’t take it seriously, he knew Jiang Chengyi very well, although he was occasionally bad tempered, he was good around people, Mo Yuting just didn’t know to cherish him.



Li Chao felt that if he said more, he would vomit bloo-d from anger, “I’ll just remind you, don’t fall too deep.”




“I won’t.” Yu Rui smiled, he was grateful for Li Chao’s concern.




“Sh-t! You spoke so fast, don’t tell me that you’re actually in deep?!” Li Chao suddenly thought of Yu Rui’s consistent performance.





“Yes …… go back quickly, be careful of being scolded by sister-in-law.” Yu Rui laughed lightly. He didn’t know he liked men, and then by mistake, he found out when he was by Chengyi’s side, he hadn’t decided on what to do when Mo Yuting appeared ……



Li Chao left, Yu Rui stood in the same place for a while before returning to the room, because of this, a certain person who came out to eavesdrop because of uneasiness, wasn’t caught on the spot.





Of course, Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t deny that he was eavesdropping, because he was clearly sending the guest out openly and then “just happened” to hear it.




However, Yu Rui liked him, even he just learned about it, how could Li Chao already know? Jiang Chengyi frowned, although Yu Rui mentioned “sister-in-law”, he still felt that it was very necessary to be aware of Li Chao.



After his rebirth, he had heard that word several times, but he wanted to rush out to beat him up after hearing Han Tian’s words. This time, after hearing Yu Rui’s words, he wanted to hug Yu Rui and kiss him.



Li Chao was right. He really had unkind thoughts, but why did Yu Rui just talk about it without taking any action? They lived together these days, and he hadn’t seen any “malicious” behavior from Yu Rui.




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