When Jiang Chengyi saw Han Tian’s distorted expression, he suddenly felt very happy.       Han Tian was a man of “true temperament”. Mo Yuting’s assessment of him was that he was frank, sincere and not hypocritical. Therefore, he would swear at others on the first day of dawn. Now, Jiang Chengyi said so […]


  “Jason, it’s already time to eat lunch ……” Xiao Wang came back and saw Jiang Chengyi sitting expressionlessly, and then spoke in a whisper, in fact, everyone else in the company had already eaten at this moment, but they ……   Jiang Chengyi was too lazy to have an expression, when he heard Xiao […]


  Mo Yuting rushed in and admitted that she had administered the dr-ug, and was incredibly cooperative, which made Jiang Chengyi very satisfied, but Mo Nan’s face turned blue: “Yuting! What are you talking about?”   “Dad, I’m not saying nonsense, I’m the one who put the dr-ug.” Mo Yuting spoke with a little puff […]


Jiang Chengyi’s words surprised Li Hui a little: “Which role do you want to play?”     “Cheng Jun.”   This was supporting role in this film that appeared quite a lot, he went to Japan to study, he was a hardcore traitor from the beginning of his appearance, helping the Japanese to do wrong, […]


Jiang Chengyi quietly discussed the script with Yu Rui, the two of them were very serious about their work, so unknowingly, it was already eleven o’clock.     “I’m a little hungry, are you hungry?” Jiang Chengyi ended the conversation and closed the script in his hand.     “A little, I’ll go make something […]


When Jiang Chengyi arrived at Cheonghuang, it was already 3:00 p.m. On the way, he ate his meal while looking at the news with his cell phone. The hottest news at this moment was undoubtedly the matter of female star Zhou Yunyun kissing the star Zhao Ziwen, who had been famous for decades, at a […]


  After Yu Rui left, Jiang Chengyi made a phone call to his father, Jiang Heng.         Jiang Heng quickly picked up his call, “Jason, what’s up?” Because of the time difference, it was exactly daytime at his place.         “Dad, I’m fine, are you okay?” Jiang Chengyi replied, yes, Jiang Heng was swirling around […]