The death after being injected with h*roin, the uncertainty and despair of facing one’s life alone in that silent world, at this time, all seemed to be just things in one’s dreams ……         When Jiang Chengyi opened his eyes again, he was sitting in a movie theater, the air conditioner overhead blew cool […]


TN: WARRRRNNNNNNINNNNNG Homophobic language in this chapter, I censored it buh if it bothers you, prepare a sweeter novel to wash your brain? Say nooo to homophobia!!!!! [forgive my slightly hyper mood] I feel like there should be more warnings but I forgot most of them, so just prepare. Jiang Chengyi looked back out and […]


“For the innocent idle people to talk after dinner, or for the malicious idle people to be the seeds of rumors … Even the best actor is just a player.” Jiang Chengyi felt that this was a true reflection of himself, even if this sentence was said by Han Tian, whom he loathed the most. […]