Change privacy settings   Hearing this news, Yu Rui frowned, not caring about Jiang Chengyi’s previous actions, and immediately went back to his room.   “Ah Rui, you just escaped so quickly, are you shy?” When Jiang Chengyi saw Yu Rui come back, he immediately laughed.   Yu Rui was thinking about Han Tian’s matter, […]


Change privacy settings There were three cameras working in the room that had been decorated to blend in with the small restaurant, probably because it was the first scene, Li Hui looked serious and slowly pushed the camera in his hand, catching the different looks on the faces of the Japanese who were eating and […]


Change privacy settings   In the few days before the shooting of “Alternative Heroes”, Jiang Chengyi added a lot of things to his house. Of course, most of these things were for Yu Rui. Then, he contacted some people and said hello in advance to prepare for the production team.   The director was still […]