C28— Nuo Masks [I]



Kou Dong placed his hand on the exchange pool again.


This time, he waited for a long time but didn’t see anything roll out of the egg that the bronze snake was holding. Kou Dong turned it over and found a thin card with a pattern that looked like a tarot card. On the face of the card, a knight in a silver helmet raised his longsword and thrust it at a dragon that spewed out a ball of flame.


There was only one word on the card: Judgment.


Kou Dong didn’t understand what it meant.


Ye Yanzhi took a look at it and explained, “This is a foresight card.”


Kou Dong: “What?”


“Since it’s a foresight, it’s an important clue to your next copy,” the villain clasped his arms and gave a concise judgment, “a good card.”


Kou Dong was overjoyed to hear this, and happily put the card away in the luggage compartment.


“It’s good to have you, son,” Kou Dong sighed, “If it weren’t for you, Dad wouldn’t have been able to draw such an important prop–”



Hearing this, Ye Yanzhi raised his eyelids and looked at him.


Yes, definitely not.


Kou Dong: “…”

What was wrong with having Luck Value E? Did someone with E luck value have no human rights?


He looked at the very sophisticated Ye Yanzhi and suddenly stretched out his hand, without saying a word, he pinched his face. Ye Yanzhi wasn’t much bigger than his palm at the moment. He couldn’t avoid being attacked by his fingers. He was grabbed by his cheek but he couldn’t fight back. He angrily spoke, “Kou Dong -”



“What are you saying?” Kou Dong corrected, “Call me Dad.”


Ye Yanzhi’s face turned red, he said vaguely, “Wait…”


If you have the ability, wait for me to become big!



Kou Dong lovingly said: “Okay, I’ll wait.”


The attitude simply couldn’t be more perfunctory.


In the next two days, Kou Dong made some repairs. His home in the game was well built, with all kinds of facilities, and there was no problem in daily life.


The only thing that Kou Dong regretted was that he didn’t have kryptonite buy a swimming pool ……


[TN: kryptonite —- game money]

Wasn’t it 128 coins? Why was he reluctant?


Now he was a man who couldn’t enjoy the swimming pool.



After hearing him, Ye Yanzhi looked very regretful and asked if he could buy it now.


Kou Dong said with regret: “No.”


Alas, once missed was forever.


The little man was silent for a while, his hand pressed his shoulder, then he sighed sadly.


swimming pool ah ……



He couldn’t help but look at the youth slyly.


Kou Dong stroked his chin: “Speaking of which, that time Christmas recharge activities seemed to offer nursery ……”


Ye Yanzhi: “……”


Was this person was addicted to being his father?



He gritted his teeth, when the time came to switch places, he must pinch Kou Dong’s face, but also make Kou Dong turn around and call him dad, Even if he shouted hoarsely, he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.


In these two days, Song Hong also sent an invitation to form a team. The only thing was that Kou Dong looked at the [Accept Invitation] option, but he couldn’t press it.


Ye Yanzhi said: “If you have the foresight card in your hand, you can’t enter another copy.”


The implication was that Kou Dong’s next entry must be the one corresponding to the foresight card.


Kou Dong had to tell Song Hong about the situation. Song Hong replied quickly and immediately said it was OK to invite Kou Dong to come together next time.


This time, Kou Dong had to fight alone.


He entered another copy.

Before entering, the system still announced the team rules for him:


[The real identity of the player in the real world is not allowed to be disclosed in the team task; the word “game” or any game name is not allowed to be mentioned; the real software, APP, website and related applications are not allowed to be mentioned; after the copy is completed, the points will be allocated according to the player’s contribution value.]

[ Points of this copy: 300 . The number of team participants: unknown.]



Kou Dong froze, what do you mean unknown?


The voice of the system was without waves and gave him no chance to doubt.


[Please note that the copy will be opened soon.]


Kou Dong’s foot touched the ground.


The ground was firm but not flat. He stepped on it, facing an earthen wall.

This was a room with extremely high beams. It seemed to be three or four meters long, but the room was empty. There was only a bed in the middle, on which there was a mask with blue face and fangs. Kou Dong touched it. It was made of wood.


The eyes of the mask were big and round, the eyes protruded, and the two eyebrows on the top were dark and thick. It grinned widely, revealing two sharp fangs from inside.



The wall of earth was twisted and carved with a few lines of words that required some effort to distinguish.


“Put on the Nuo mask and play a game with ghosts.

There are twelve characters in this Nuo Opera.
Please guess——


Under the mask, who is human?

Who is the ghost?”


Kou Dong read these lines, the system also popped up a new prompt, electronic voice coldly ringing.

[Notes for this copy are as follows:
1. Please do not take off the Nuo mask at any time.
2. At 8:00 every night, the system will randomly select two roles to authenticate other roles. Please be careful not to be absent.
3. The mask will be changed randomly at 8:00 every morning.
4. Players are looking for ghosts, and ghosts are also looking for people. Please don’t go out at night.
5. Players can pass only by guessing the number of people and ghosts. There is only one opportunity, please take it.]
It paused then added:
[Good luck to you.]


Kou Dong felt that this good luck wish had the opposite meaning.


He first took out Ye Yanzhi from the baggage bar.


Ye Yanzhi fell down from the lattice and said at the first sight, “What are these clothes?”



Kou Dong lowered his head and realized he was wearing a wide white robe that was so loose that no one could even tell if it was a man or a woman. This condition was certainly not good for him to distinguish others.



He picked up the mask on the bed.



“What is this?”


Ye Yanzhi looked at it and said, “Zhong Kui.”


Kou Dong said, “It doesn’t look like it.”



“Zhong Kui in Nuo masks.” The villain explained, “Nuo masks are divided into evil gods, right gods and clowns. Zhong Kui is the evil god, and he exaggerates.”



After a pause, he said, “The rules want you to wear it?”


“Yes,” Kou Dong held up the mask and placed it on his face, “I feel–”


Before he finished his sentence, Ye Yanzhi suddenly spoke, “It’s changed.”


Kou Dong: “What?”



“Changed,” Ye Yanzhi frowned, “the height has changed.”


He stood on the bed and had to exert some effort to see Kou Dong in full, “Put it on and try.”


Kou Dong, hearing the words, puts his mask on his face.


The Nuo mask was made of wood. It looked thick, but it was as light as nothing. His vision wasn’t affected, and he could still see clearly around.



Ye Yanzhi looked carefully, and his face looked a little ugly.


“Your figure has changed.”


Kou Dong said, “What has it become?”


Ye Yanzhi paused and immediately replied, “Ordinary.”


Just ordinary. Not fat, not thin, not tall, not short, like a standard person produced on an assembly line. Kou Dong’s original figure was quite distinctive. Although he was thin, his waist was thin and his legs were long. He looked very striking.


Now, such a figure was the kind that was automatically generated at the beginning of the game – there was no character to speak of.


This was obviously not a good thing.


Kou Dong was also shocked. He said through the Nuo mask, “Really? My whole body has changed?”


Ye Yanzhi rarely saw him panic, but he still felt a little stressed. He paused and wanted to comfort him. As a result, Kou Dong said, “What should I do? Am I small?”



Ye Yanzhi: “…”


He silently thought, Kou Dong said small, was it that type of small?


“It’s a big loss,” Kou Dong said, “I am a man with 18cm!”


Ye Yanzhi: “……”


The other words he wasn’t sure, but this one, Kou Dong was 100% exaggerating.


Kou Dong was still saying: “If you don’t believe me, I’ll take off my pants and show you…”



The little man didn’t say anything, but he actually had a little expectation. Kou Dong touched his body, then he put his hand down.


“Forget it.”


The little man didn’t move, but he was actually disappointed: “What?”



Kou Dong: “Ugh, Dad is afraid to stimulate you.”



You may not even be that long.


The little man didn’t say anything, it took a while before he squeezed out a sentence: “You think I’m small?”



Kou Dong thought he was too young? How could he be small???



Kou Dong saw that it really irritated his son, and he got very stressed.


“It’s OK. It’ll grow up.”


Ye Yanzhi: “…”



He paused and laughed gloomily again.



He wrote this down. Later, he’d definitely cry.



The sound of gongs and drums beating suddenly came, the crowd outside was suddenly very lively. The music got closer and closer, Kou Dong went to the door, pulled open a small gap.



Outside was a bright day, countless people waved red ribbons, hung drums on their waists and danced.


The drums were loud and deafening. Kou Dong frowned and reached out to cover his ears.


Ye Yanzhi noiselessly stood on his shoulder and covered one of his ears for him.


The crowd swarmed in and swept Kou Dong out of the room.


“Nuo god!” Someone shouted, “Nuo god!”



Kou Dong was pushed into the middle of the crowd with one hand. There was a circle there, and there were already several people wearing Nuo masks. At a glance, they were exactly the same height and weight, but their masks were completely different.



Ye Yanzhi laid prone, “The one on the far left is the land.”


The land god had a kind face, white beard and white eyebrows, with a smile on his lips, a common image on annual paintings.



“The one on the right is the Qin Tong.”



Qin Tong was a clown, his face was painted with large patches of white, his right eye was round, but his left eye was a long, thin one; the right corner of his mouth was cocked, but the left corner of his mouth wasn’t cocked. He also had a runny nose and wore a red hat, which at first glance looked like a little ugly clown from the circus.


In addition, there was Yang Rennuo’s face, with two hands holding his two black eyes; With fish spirits, the eyes saw two vivid and symmetrical goldfish; There was Erlang, with twenty-five eyes on his face, each of which was different ; There was Cow Spirit, and the nostrils were extremely large and round, which seemed to be able to breathe at any time.



These people wearing masks were surrounded by them, dancing slowly with the sound of the music. This scene was really mysterious and strange, it was clearly daylight, but its shape was like a hundred ghosts.


Kou Dong looked at it, then simply waved his arm and walked with the crowd. It looked like a part of the ceremony. If it wasn’t done, it would disturb the ceremony. He wasn’t sure what would happen.


After a few steps, a new person wearing Nuo masks was pushed forward. He was a smiling monk.


He didn’t even move after entering, but just stood there, looking around in fear. The crowd behind gradually swarmed over, he was still standing in the middle of the road and was hit squarely by the people behind him.



The person who hit him let out a roar of anger and jerked out his hand.


“Why don’t you move!” He shouted, “Are you trying to stop us from invoking the gods?”



The laughing monk shivered a little. He broke off, “I …… am not ……”



“You want to stop us from invoking the gods!”


The people behind him didn’t listen to his decomposing words, and their voices became even more shrill. The procession stopped, the drummers turned their heads, and all of them stared at him with the same grim and angry gaze.



Hundreds of faces were turned towards him. There were masks and Nuo masks.


Behind the Nuo Masks, there were an unknown number of ghosts.



The laughing monk staggered backwards, hands waving in front of his chest, still explaining, “I didn’t, I just got scared …… I ……”


He was a little speechless.


In fact, it was difficult for anyone to easily integrate into such a horrible and weird picture when he went out.


Kou Dong heard someone whisper, “Newbie.”


The words were full of regret.



A member of the faithful brought the torch over, and the fire was still burning.



“Please, village chief!” they shouted, “Please, village chief!”



Kou Dong snapped to attention – the guiding NPC appeared.


He turned his head and saw the man coming through the crowd, an old man of a certain age. With his hands behind his back, the old man looked kind, like a grandfather who was always taking care of his grandchildren. He said, “Why did you stop?”



Someone told him the story, pointing to the laughing monk.



“This one is a kunnanshi ……”


The old man’s eyes hung up at the corners, he looked at the laughing monk with a morose look for a few moments, then abruptly said, “Nothing.”



A discussion sounded among the believers.


“The gods will blame us for missing the hour,” the old man said, waving his hand, “hurry up and go, – we’ll talk about it at night.”



Kou Dong heard him mention the night, and suddenly had a bad premonition.



The laughing monk shuddered, looking at the torch that was almost on the corner of his coat that wasn’t taken away, and then breathed a sigh of relief. He survived, no longer daring to stay still, he busily waved his hands.



He was next to Kou Dong, he exhaled several times, finally calmed down a bit, then asked Kou Dong in a low voice: “You …… are also new here?”



Kou Dong nodded his head.


The smiling monk sighed. Although his face couldn’t be seen, it still let people know that he was sad.



“I’m afraid of these things…” he said, “What kind of ghosts? Look at the man.”



Kou Dong kept silent. He said to himself, Brother, you seem to have come for the first time.



Slowly, the team came to the end. There was a big temple, the temple was dedicated to the idol was covered with red cloth, its face couldn’t be seen. The people gathered around them in the temple, and after they had played the gongs and drums and offered fresh offerings, they dispersed.


There were only twelve of them left in the temple.


The people looked at each other, but no one dared to make a move first.


After all, no one knew for sure whether it was a man or a ghost under this mask.


Finally, a girl’s voice said first: “Let’s …… get to know each other first, shall we?”


She was wearing a land mask, and after saying that, she looked around.


No one said anything.


The game system said that you couldn’t mention your real name in the game, and you couldn’t mention your real identity outside.


Moreover, people were looking for ghosts, and ghosts were looking for people.


Who knew what the ghost would do after confirming the identity of the person?


The “land” also remembered this article, she quickly exclaimed, then went silent.



Kou Dong opened his mouth at this point, “We can talk about something else first.”


The crowd looked over.


For example?


“For example,” Kou Dong said, “talk about food.”


He folded his legs, indifferent.


“What’s your favorite food?”


When the words were spoken, everyone understood what he meant. This topic didn’t seem to be a big deal, nor did it violate the rules of the system, but it was convenient for everyone to test each other out.


So after a period of silence, one by one, people began to speak.


“Land” spoke the fastest, chicken.


“Erlang Shen” said that it was sheep.



Fish spirit, Yang Ren and a few talked about fruit. They were very cautious. They were all talking about fruits enshrined in front of the temple. No one dared to talk about them.



The last smiling monk shivered and said he liked fish.


When it was Kou Dong’s turn, he said from the bottom of his heart, “I just want to eat a bowl of hot noodles.”



He looked around and murmured, “It should be done well…”



Everyone: “…”






They still didn’t know anything.



After a long time, finally someone stood up, “Let’s walk around and see. When it gets dark, we can’t move.”


The person who spoke was “Qin Tong”, there was always a person who had the most leader-like temperament in every copy, and no doubt this time it was him.


People and ghosts with Nuo masks nodded. He just didn’t know which mask was nervous, and which one was smiling.


Kou Dong stood up and walked towards the door first.


He wasn’t worried about people and ghosts, so he decided to explore the village first.


The houses in this village were built with a lot of character, each one was very tall. Kou Dong looked at the high beams, slowly walked forward, and saw a few children squatting over there to knead mud.


When he approached, the children didn’t react, as if they didn’t see him wearing such a shocking mask, they all treated him as a transparent person.


Kou Dong also squatted down, he didn’t talk to those children, but he silently reached out.


And started ….. kneading.


Ye Yanzhi: “……”


Kou Dong’s fingers flipped up and down flexibly. He had to say, he pinched quite well, and good and fast, Soon, the mud in his hand was very obedient. He found a thin stick on the ground, poked at the mud ball, poked a few holes, and put small stones on it.


The children had turned their heads away from him, but now their eyes began to drift towards his hands.

Kou Dong pulled out two small pieces on both sides of the clay ball and pointed. A little boy recognized it, “It’s a pig!”



After saying that, he looked a little chagrined, as if regretting that he wasn’t at all reserved, he lowered his head with the tip of his foot on the ground. Kou Dong didn’t respond to his words, and pressed the mud ball in the middle and poked two holes.



This time the others also saw that it was the pig – the two big ears, the big nose, it was obviously a pig.


They didn’t come together at first, but this time they couldn’t help but look at Kou Dong’s hands. Seeing that Kou Dong didn’t say anything, one simply hugged his legs and slowly moved towards him.


Before long, Kou Dong was circled by radish heads.



Ye Yanzhi looked at Kou Dong’s actions and was a little surprised. He didn’t understand where he learned this skill.



Kou Dong seemed to read his mind and said quietly, “Alas, when I was a child. I didn’t know better so I liked playing with these things…”



Ye Yanzhi: “…”


To be honest, you also seem to be playing quite happily now.



When it was finally made, a circle of children were stunned by his handiwork.


Kou Dong poked the finished piggy bank on a stick and held it up for them to see.


“Who wants it?”


Immediately, someone spoke up.



“Me! Me, me, me…”


“I want it too!”



A child tilted his head and looked bashfully, his eyes pleading.



Kou Dong raised his hand a little higher and said slowly, “I only reward good performances.”



A little boy raised his hand.



Kou Dong said, “Tell me what the temple is dedicated to.”



This time, several children looked a little hesitant. After a long time, the little boy couldn’t resist the temptation of the pig: “our family doesn’t let us tell ……”



“It’s nothing,” Kou Dong said, “you are already big children, you don’t have to listen to your parents.”



He sounded like he wanted to abduct children.



But Kou Dong was abducting NPC children.



In fact, these children already liked him – if not for the rules, they would have run after him. Now hearing him say this, the boy scratched the ground for half a day and finally spoke, “It’s a man ……”


He gestured down.


“It’s a …… very tall uncle.”



“Sitting like this.”


Kou Dong frowned more tightly a little, this wasn’t a serious God posture, but lazy, with a point of carelessness.



It was probably some kind of evil god.



He had a plan in mind, and asked the boy: “Has anything strange happened?”



The boy opened his mouth, as if he wanted to answer, but suddenly saw something, and shook his head.



Ye Yanzhi also spoke, “The village chief is here.”



Kou Dong immediately swallowed the words and raised the hand of the pig, “Come, I will give you a pinch of the Monkey King ……”



The village chief quietly walked over. He was an old man, walking without limp, his eyes eerily looked at Kou Dong, “What are you doing?”



Kou Dong didn’t blink, he opened his mouth and said: “making clay people to sell.”






“There are your children here, right?” Kou Dong turned his face and enthusiastically promoted, “See they all like it, won’t you buy one for your grandson?”





It had to be said, Kou Dong was really good at marketing in horror games.




kk, lesson 1


Nuo is a form of Chinese masked drama enacted by a priest or specially trained shamans as a means of exorcism; it is also a theatrical performance with a presentational aspect, and festival, with the idea of gathering to establish ties and norms between heaven and earth, life and death, man and gods, the ruler and his subjects, a very prominent Chinese cosmological concept.



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