Jiang Chengyi went back to his room first and just sat down, Yu Rui also came back.


After listening to the disguised confession, Jiang Chengyi naturally tried to see some clues on Yu Rui’s face, but unfortunately, he couldn’t see anything ……


It was true that Yu Rui was very concerned about him from the time they first met, and hadn’t changed much over the years, so of course he couldn’t see any difference.



However, he was disappointed in love now. What a good opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Why didn’t Yu Rui grasp it?”


“Ah Rui, you and Li Chao are very close… Are you classmates?” Jiang Chengyi asked, he knew that Li Chao and Yu Rui were good friends, but why was Li Chao so close to Yu Rui?


“Well, we grew up together when we were young,” Yu Rui said. Then he suddenly realised that something was different, “Why did you call me Ah Rui?”


“That’s what Li Chao calls you. I think it makes us closer.” Jiang Chengyi didn’t continue to ask. He knew that Yu Rui was an orphan. Since Li Chao grew up with Yu Rui… then he didn’t need to probe deeply to avoid Yu Rui’s sadness.

Yu Rui thought that Jiang Chengyi’s performance was a little strange these days. Li Chao had never made such a reminder before, which was somewhat strange. But how many days had it been? He wouldn’t be so narcissistic that he thought that Jiang Chengyi, who was thinking of buying a gift for Mo Yuting a few days ago, would like him in such a short time, so he didn’t take it seriously: “If you like it that way, it’s fine, what do you want to eat at night?”



“Didn’t I buy food? Just something random, you don’t have to go outside.” Jiang Chengyi lived in this community although security was very strict, but there were still people that slipped in, now with his scandal flying around, it wouldn’t be good if Yu Rui was photographed.



“Okay.” Yu Rui nodded, cleaned up the things on the table, and then went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.



Jiang Chengyi had just been reborn these days, and things were happening one after another, so although he had managed to get Yu Rui to live in his house, he hadn’t really cared about housework, and only when he saw Yu Rui cleaning and washing dishes did he remember that the cleaner hadn’t come since he was reborn.



Jiang Chengyi stood up and squeezed directly into the kitchen: “Ah Rui, I’ll do the dishes!” Basically no one limes to do housework, Jiang Chengyi certainly didn’t, but at this time, it wasn’t a matter of liking it or not – he couldn’t let Yu Rui serve him all the time, could he?


“Then I’ll wash the vegetables.” Yu Rui responded, although it wasn’t yet time to cook dinner, it was okay to wash the dishes first, in addition, Jiang Chengyi brought back those vegetables, so he needed to put it the refrigerator.



While Jiang Chengyi washed the dishes, Yu Rui had also washed the vegetables, so the two of them simply took their respective laptops and surfed the Internet in the living room.



Jiang Chengyi bought this house after he became popular and paid in full, the decoration was good, but there was only a desk in the study …… Now he couldn’t let Yu Rui and him surf the Internet together in the study, so he had to get a laptop and surf the Internet in the living room.


Now with the existence of the Internet, the response of the media was always quick. Even if there was no media, netizens also worked hard. So soon, Jiang Chengyi saw his “soul lost” photos put up , while many people below were commenting that he was too vulnerable to attack and so on. Of course, Jiang Chengyi still had loyal fans, so some people spoke for him. They thought Han Tian clearly didn’t respect his predecessors.


In any case, this fight attracted many people’s attention, and the company also responded to this, saying that this wasn’t a fight at all, but an audition.


Jiang Chengyi wasn’t surprised that the company would react like this. At the same time, he saw several famous artists of Morning Light also stand out. Although they didn’t say that they saw the audition, they just said that fighting was impossible in the company. At the beginning, it was Jiang Chengyi who gave up playing the leading role and decided to play supporting role, so Jiang Chengyi had no need to fight Han Tian.


This explanation was believed by those who were willing to believe it, but it was impossible to make those who were unwilling to believe it.


Jiang Chengyi looked at the general development and focused on Yu Rui. Yu Rui was now a little famous. He used to adapt scripts, but now he began to write original ones. Jiang Chengyi suddenly felt calm when he sees Yu Rui’s hands dancing on the keyboard and making intermittent sounds.



In fact, he also thought carefully, if Han Tian didn’t give them an aphrodisiac and then framed Yu Rui, maybe then he would have gotten together with Yu Rui over time …… But after the accident, his career was buried by Mo Nan, and Yu Rui disappeared, so they didn’t get together even until the end.



Thinking about it, Jiang Chengyi was a bit puzzled, since Yu Rui still tried to find his number after he left the country to send him text messages to comfort him, but when he was under great pressure in China, why didn’t he appear? Could it be that the Yu Rui at that time, also hated him?



Jiang Chengyi thought of when Yu Rui followed him around every day to shoot scenes, often waiting for him to rest when he had to squeeze in script writing, he couldn’t help but feel some heartache – now, he would never allow Yu Rui to treat his body so badly again.



“I’m going to cook, are you thirsty? Do you want to eat some fruit?” Yu Rui raised his head, saw Jiang Chengyi was dazed, and opened his mouth to ask.


He also went on the internet just now, and seeing that Morning Light had responded, he naturally relaxed.


“Huh? Okay.” Jiang Chengyi nodded, and then saw Yu Rui get up and go to the kitchen.


Yu Rui moved quickly, and in no time, a plate of fruit was placed in front of Jiang Chengyi.


Compared to the fruit, Jiang Chengyi clearly felt that Yu Rui’s smile was more appealing.


While eating it and thinking about what to do next, Jiang Chengyi’s gaze was subconsciously once again placed on Yu Rui who was busy in the kitchen.



Although Yu Rui didn’t say anything to him, he took good care of him. He complained that Yu Rui didn’t know to take advantage of the situation. Now thinking about it, was it possible that Yu Rui was working hard for this now?



Although Jiang Chengyi said little sweet words when he was acting, he really couldn’t say it in reality. So he felt relieved when he thought of this. At the same time, he thought that maybe he could beat Yu Rui and tell the other that he also liked him after he confessed to him… It seemed he needed to work harder.


Jiang Chengyi’s face was injured, and filming hadn’t started, so of course, there was no need to go to Morning Light, so the next few days, he seemed to be stuck with Yu Rui every day. When Yu Rui wrote the script, he was next to him making comments, when Yu Rui cooked, he was next to pass the plate, at the same time, he would also do housework with Yu Rui, thinking of ways to please him.



However, what made Jiang Chengyi feel sorry was that now his scandal had intensified, so he and Yu Rui couldn’t easily the door, let alone go out together to hang out ……



The matter of the fight between Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian, after the intervention of morning light, those media no longer continued to report, but although they didn’t continue to report, there were still a lot of news on the Internet, but also a new round of gossip came out.



First, someone took out a photo of the lobby of Morning Light, and after comparing it, everyone found out that the place where Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian “auditioned” was the lobby.

A large entertainment company couldn’t even have a place to audition for scenes in the lobby? In this case, Morning Light’s explanation was simply a lie! And why would Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian fight in a crowded lobby?


And just when someone questioned this, someone suddenly took out a picture of Han Tian at the hospital, saying that he was someone from the hospital, and at that time Han Tian had multiple bruises on his body, and it looked like the other had hit him hard ……



Jiang Chengyi didn’t hold back when he hit someone, so although Han Tian insisted on signing the contract later, he couldn’t bear it. Later, he went to the hospital. However, the person who took these photos, of course, wasn’t the doctor or nurse in the hospital, but Li Chao. In fact, the person who first took out the photos in the lobby of Morning Light was also Li Chao.


Jiang Chengyi gave Li Chao a sum of money just to hope that the other would make a big deal. However, he didn’t expect such success at the beginning. It was estimated that the person behind him was pushing the waves.



But that person wasn’t afraid that he would steal the chicken and not eat the rice!



“Jiang Chengyi, it’s time to put up those pictures you gave me, right?” Li Chao held the phone and was a little drowsy – he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep running around for Jiang Chengyi’s matter these days.



However, Jiang Chengyi was generous and gave a lot of money, even if he was busy, he was happy to have this kind of thing a few more times.



“It’s time.” Jiang Chengyi looked at the time, now it was May 28, the new drama would start production in the middle of June, he was sure to settle things before then.


“OK, I’ll help you put it up later.” Li Chao immediately responded, in fact, he was still very appreciative of Jiang Chengyi’s approach, if not that his brother looked at this person, he really didn’t mind making friends with Jiang Chengyi, but now? …… nowadays Jiang Chengyi was so ruthless to Mo Yuting, he was really a little afraid that Yu Rui would get the same end… Forget it, it was impossible to easily get together with Jiang Chengyi just because of Yu Rui’s gender.



The photo that Jiang Chengyi gave to Li Chao was a photo of him and Mo Yuting hanging out together not long ago and then being secretly photographed.



The first time, in order to prevent Mo Yuting from being exposed to the public eye and being hurt, he caught the person who took the picture, but the other had already given the camera to someone else, and he wanted to force the other to take the camera back, but that person softened Mo Yuting’s heart and he let him go after she cried out.



He was very helpful at that time and had to let people go, but after sending Mo Yuting back, he asked Xiao Wang to find the two people and buy back the photos according to the previous information. The salary of Entertainment Record wasn’t high either . The two were still interns. He didn’t spend much money to buy back the photos, because he thought they were good. He and Mo Yuting didn’t have a picture together … It was just time to use it.



“When things are done, I will transfer the balance to your account.”



“Thank you!” Li Chao spoke freely, took the USB flash drive in his hand and went out of the door. Then he took a bus to an Internet cafe.



When Li Chao was running around, Li Qianqian, who had mixed into Morning Light, was also looking for people to inquire about this matter.


She was now only eighteen years old, her family still treated her as a child, always spoiling her, so she didn’t things based on her own preferences.


Generally, girls should still at school when they were 18 years old. Li Qianqian couldn’t go to school because of family problems, so she seemed to have nothing to do. At the same time, she liked being active. So after making up her mind to investigate Han Tian’s affairs, she came up with the idea of ​​sneaking into Morning Light.



Li Qianqian, by herself, couldn’t get into Morning Light, but she had a faithful brother who was obedient to her, so she soon became an assistant of a middle-aged artist.



This artist had long been married and had children, even if she often appeared in the camera, her role was generally the mother of the protagonist. Now, because there was a TV drama with a rural theme to be shot, and she had a lot of roles and only one assistant, so she asked Chen Guang to hire another one.



Li Qianqian had always been spoiled. When she was with Han Tian, ​​she also wanted Han Tian to coax her.. But she upset Han Tian, making Han Tian break up with her. Of course, a person like her wouldn’t serve others. At the beginning, Li Qianqian was worried because of this, but her brother also thought of it, and made arrangements early.


So, after the middle-aged artist recruited an assistant, she didn’t let Li Qianqian do any work at all, but gave her freedom to run around casually. In the process of running around, Li Qianqian also saw many things that she would never have seen before.



After running for two days and getting many signatures, Li Qianqian finally became familiar with several young stars.



These little stars weren’t very popular but they were in the hall when Han Tian and Jiang Chengyi fight. This alone gave Li Qianqian reason to approach them.



“You’re asking about Han Tian and Jiang Chengyi?” Wei Na looked at the girl who looked at her with big eyes.


This girl, who wasn’t old, was actually very noticeable these days, because of her running around, there were people who wondered if the paparazzi were mixed in, if not for that middle-aged artist saying that she was a relative of her family, no one would pay attention to her.



But Wei Na was different, she had a good eye, it didn’t take long to realize that although Li Qianqian only wore casual clothes, but those clothes were definitely worth a lot ……



“Yeah, I want to know why they fought, but no one else will talk to me.” Li Qianqian felt quite wronged, she asked several people, but those people refused to say a word.



“Of course they won’t say, the top has put a ban on talking.” Wei Na spoke mysteriously.


Li Qianqian was more curious: “Why would they put a gag order?”


“There’s a gag order, of course I can’t talk to you, who knows if you have a tape recorder on you ……,” Wei Na sighed.


“Ah?” Li Qianqian was a little surprised: “You think I am a reporter? I’m not, I’m really just curious.”





“More real than pearls!” Li Qianqian smiled, repeating the sentence that Han Tian had used before.



“You don’t look like one… I’ll tell you, Han Tian fought with Jiang Chengyi first, and it’s strange. It’s clear that Han Tian started the fight first, but later Jiang Chengyi’s girlfriend came to accuse Jiang Chengyi… Jiang Chengyi’s girlfriend really turned her elbow out. The day before Jiang Chengyi auditioned, she gave Jiang Chengyi a laxative, but Jiang Chengyi unknowingly gave his assistant. ”



Coincidentally, Wen Na was the person Han Tian insulted on the first day. Therefore, even if Li Qianqian was really a reporter, she may accidentally “leak” a little.



Li Qianqian’s face turned pale and she pursed her lips. Just as she wanted to ask, she heard a familiar voice: “Qianqian! You’re Qianqian! Are you looking for me?”



She looked back and saw Han Tian looking at her with a surprised expression.



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