Jiang Chengyi had been in the entertainment industry for seven years, the first two years, he basically had no money, but these years, he had earned a lot.



And he wasn’t an actress, he didn’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain his image, and he wasn’t responsible for his family, so he saved a lot of money, so when he decided to hire someone to watch Han Tian, of course, he also had the money to find the best agency.




He just didn’t expect that he had just finalized the price with someone when Yu Rui came back: “You bought food so fast?” Jiang Chengyi asked curiously.



“I didn’t buy groceries!” Yu Rui spoke: “Li Chao called me and said that the photos of you fighting with someone was posted ……” He repeated all that Li Chao said, somewhat anxious. Although Jiang Chengyi wasn’t good-tempered, he had never fought, so he was worried.



“Where?” Jiang Chengyi frowned slightly, although he fought with Han Tian in front of many people in Morning Glory, but a large company like Morning Glory would never allow photos from within the company to appear in the media, but now ……



He had been dating Mo Yuting for so long, people outside still knew nothing, when he and Han Tian fought verbally in his last life, no one outside knew anything, and even when a certain Mo Yuting dr-ugged him, even if the people of Morning Glory knew, no one outside knew ……



As a star, it was difficult to have privacy, a little thing would become a scandal, but a large company like Morning Glory would definitely handle the internal affairs of the company, Jiang Chengyi thought about it and knew that this would never be done by Mo Nan, but except Mo Nan, who had the ability to do so?



“The news shouldn’t have come out so quickly, but Li Chao said it’s already available online.” Yu Rui quickly opened the computer he had placed on the dining table.



Jiang Chengyi heard Li Chao’s name several times and was already a little uncomfortable, but since Yu Rui was worried about him …… he was in a good mood right away and immediately followed him over, and sure enough not long after, he saw a post in a big forum with several photos attached, he looked at the angle the photos were taken and thought back to the morning scene, he quickly remembered that there were a lot of small and big stars crowded there, anyone could have taken these photos.





Jiang Chengyi had been popular for some time, these six months also made many people know Han Tian, so this post, once posted, was seen by many people, there were people reposting constantly ……



The reason for his fight with Han Tian, the people present should be aware of, and it was Han Tian that moved first, but this post was completely distorted, this post only said, he Jiang Chengyi was bullying newcomers, he resented Han Tian for stealing his role so he hit him, then some anonymous Morning Light employees broke the news that he always liked to bully others.




“There are quite a few people scolding you …… now what do we do?” Yu Rui looked at the number of people cursing Jiang Chengyi, his expression became more and more ugly.



Jiang Chengyi knew that even if Han Tian had the ability to find people to take photos and post, he wasn’t capable of sending photos to those well-known entertainment reporters, after all, he didn’t have the connections …… and with Mo Nan’s righteousness, he wouldn’t do such a thing, as for Mo Yuting, she had always been very well protected, she never knew about taking advantage of her connections: “I’ll contact the company first, don’t worry, it will be fine.”



“Mm.” Yu Rui nodded, now the photos were out, the faces of the two main characters were still clearly photographed …… If Jiang Chengyi couldn’t come up with a definite explanation, it would definitely be disappointing for the fans, but fortunately, there were still people helping him out.





Jiang Chengyi wanted to contact Tang Chengping and Mo Nan, and after taking out his phone and thinking about it, he gave up on that.



He could imagine the result after contacting Tang Chengping and Mo Nan, both were from Morning Light and would certainly put the company’s interests first, so this time he and Han Tian would definitely end up using reasons such as they were auditioning for a role, which was indeed the best reason to use given that Li Hui also showed up at the time.



However, if they didn’t, although these photos wouldn’t have any effect on him, it didn’t have the slightest benefit, and in the future, when he and Han Tian had a conflict, how could the media not rehash old debts?



When he and Han Tian were filming, it was clear that they were filming different scenes and still had many conflicts, and this time they had to stay in the same crew ……



After thinking about it, Jiang Chengyi quickly put down the phone, and then looked at Yu Rui: “Is there any food at home? Do you want me to go buy food?”



“There are still ingredients left in the house, but what are we going to do about this?” Yu Rui asked in a small voice, there were still ingredients left over from the last time, even if he didn’t go to buy food, it was also okay.



“Just relax …… By the way, how about Li Chao?” Jiang Chengyi asked, he used to hate Li Chao, because after his accident, he fabricated fake news to make his situation worse, but now thinking about it, Li Chao did it for Yu Rui, even though his disgust was less, of course, he was wary.




“He’s quite good, if you have something, just look for him.” Li Chao grew up with him and he had always been trustworthy.




If only Yu Rui didn’t boast… Jiang Chengyi couldn’t help being jealous when he heard Yu Rui: “I see. Call Li Chao and ask him to come over for dinner. I’ll go shopping.”




Yu Rui watched Jiang Chengyi go out and opened his mouth a bit unsure, now the ingredients at home were enough for him to cook a few dishes – anyway, Li Chao wasn’t an outsider, why did Jiang Chengyi have to go out?



After Jiang Chengyi went out, he went to the supermarket near the neighborhood, his face was white, his face was still injured, he looked muddled, but he wasn’t ambiguous, he bought a lot of things.



His father, Jiang Heng, went abroad more than 20 years ago to develop, his grandparents quickly took over, so he grew up living with his grandparents, sometimes in a year, he could only see his father a few times. Later, when his grandparents died, he began to live alone, so although it had been some years since he bought vegetables, the art of picking vegetables was still there.




With a bewildered expression, he carried a large bag of things like he was sleepwalking down the street …… Jiang Chengyi’s behavior attracted a lot of people’s attention, especially some people who just got the same surprise as Li Chao.




Jiang Chengyi had been a star for a long time, and he also knew a little about secret photography. If nothing unexpected happened, he must have been secretly photographed.



Just thinking about what to do next, Jiang Chengyi’s phone rang. He leaned against a wall carelessly.



A call from Tang Chengping and a call from Mo Nan both informed him about the photos and also that they would take care of the matter, and Jiang Chengyi, as long as he recuperated well at home, would be fine.




Jiang Chengyi gave a few perfunctory responses and hung up the phone, even more sure that someone was targeting him, only that the person who was targeting him didn’t know anything about him and Han Tian, or he thought that he wouldn’t disclose the fact that he was dumped by Mo Yuting to save face? When people didn’t know the truth, Han Tian was able to gain sympathy based on his relatively weak status as a “newcomer” and “just joined Morning Glory”, but if all the things were revealed, he would be the one to receive sympathy, right?



The fact that the relationship between him and Mo Yuting was now severed in front of everyone was also beneficial, and saved him from being questioned about his feelings in the future.




Since he could strike Han Tian and Mo Yuting, why wouldn’t he do such a thing?



Jiang Chengyi put down the phone and saw someone with a cell phone, the person stood across him and took a few pictures, then walked to his side and continued to take two more. He couldn’t be mistaken, this person wearing a big hat and sunglasses in the middle of summer was Li Chao.



Now that there might be someone nearby, Jiang Chengyi didn’t say anything, just continued to walk back in a “muddled” manner. After a while, Li Chao caught up with him and went into the elevator: ” Jiang Chengyi, what did you want to see me about?”



“Let’s go back and talk slowly, I need you to do me a favor.” Jiang Chengyi’s expression turned back to indifference as he spoke.



Li Chao witnessed Jiang Chengyi’s quick change of expression and was a little surprised: “Were you acting just now?” He also knew something about Jiang Chengyi’s loss of love nowadays, but various media outlets have defaulted to the fact that such things weren’t allowed to appear in the newspaper. In fact, like his unit, even if they received photos of Jiang Chengyi and Han Tian fighting, they would never have sent them out if there was no big fuss online – they always had to sell Morning Light a face.



“Yes,” Jiang Chengyi glanced at Li Chao, “if not, how can things get bigger?”



“Is that why you asked me to come?” Li Chao gave Jiang Chengyi a surprised look, because of his relationship with Yu Rui, he knew a lot about Jiang Chengyi. But, Yu Rui said every day how much Jiang Chengyi liked that girlfriend of his, but now looking at Jiang Chengyi’s performance, how come he didn’t see a trace of affection in it?



“That’s right, I need a favor from you.” Although he hadn’t been filming all these years, there were also good artists, journalists, hosts and so on, but none of these people lent a helping hand after his despondency, he certainly couldn’t trust easily. If not for this, he wouldn’t have looked for Li Chao.



He was really cold-blo-oded …… How could Yu Rui look at such a person? Li Chao frowned, he suddenly felt that Jiang Chengyi being straight wasn’t a bad thing. Yu Rui was his good brother, he didn’t want him to get hurt.



When the two entered the apartment, Yu Rui had already made two dishes, Jiang Chengyi handed him what was in his hand, “You can make a few more dishes with this.”





Li Chao knew that Jiang Chengyi was trying to avoid talking in front of Yu Rui, so he pulled out a chair and sat down: “What’s the matter? Just say it.” For the sake of Yu Rui, he was also sure to help Jiang Chengyi.



It didn’t take much time for Jiang Chengyi and Li Chao to discuss things, by the time Yu Rui came out with the braised pork and a few dishes, they were done talking.



“Ah Rui, you are indeed very virtuous! Braised pork is my favorite!” Looking at the dishes that were brought up, Li Chao immediately smiled.



“Eat more if you like.” Yu Rui continued: “I remember you like celery too, right? And carrots.”



“I don’t like carrots the most, why do you have to make me eat them?” Li Chao frowned, he wasn’t a picky eater, but he just didn’t like carrots.




Jiang Chengyi looked at Yu Rui and Li Chao talking, he suddenly regretted calling Li Chao, but Li Chao had always been very good to Yu Rui, and later he got revenge for Yu Rui …… he couldn’t like Yu Rui, right?



The sudden appearance of a person who may be a love rival, made Jiang Chengyi unable to eat.



Yu Rui talked to Li Chao, but Jiang Chengyi’s situation quickly discovered, he looked at him several times: “Chengyi, you don’t like the dish?” He made all the dishes Jiang Chengyi loved, and the braised pork was something Jiang Chengyi asked for, so why did he seem to have lost his appetite now? Was it because he lost his love? Thinking of this, Yu Rui couldn’t help feeling a little jealous again.



“No!” Jiang Chengyi immediately replied and ate a big mouthful.



After eating, Jiang Chengyi originally thought that Li Chao would soon leave, but he actually sat on the sofa and began to chat with Yu Rui, moreover, Yu Rui also brought fruits, peeled it and gave him a plate, but also brought the plate to the coffee table to eat with Li Chao …… they actually ate together!



The fact that there may be a love rival made Jiang Chengyi very depressed, but, soon a more depressing thing sooon happened.



No one knew his phone number, but now, the woman on the other end of the phone spoke in an arrogant tone: “Jiang Chengyi, you ba-stard, if you dare hurt Han Tian, I will immediately send someone to sho-ot you!”



Li Qianqian, Han Tian’s first woman, the only daughter of a g-angster, currently, should have broken up with Han Tian …… Of course, the two would make up later.




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