“The back outer ring around jump was, as always, a very crisp and clean jump.”


“Although Yao Qing has won the Olympic champion on behalf of the United States for two consecutive years, it seems that he still doesn’t intend to start being complacent. This short program and the difficulty of free skating are highly prepared, and it seems that he is coming for the champion.”



“Only this time, whether he can win the third consecutive championship or not, I’m afraid he will go to ask Lin Lang first and whether he can answer or not.”


2022, Beijing Winter Olympic Games, figure skating, men’s single free skating competition scene.


The live commentary coming from the cell phone of the person next to him was so loud that even though Lin Lang put on his headphones, it was still noisy and gave him a headache.



Seeing that he couldn’t sit down in this corner now, Lin Lang sighed lightly, pull the big hat on his coat and walked towards the arena without saying a word.


“Hey, that’s Lin Lang, right?”

“Amazing ……”


Even though he had completely hidden himself in his jacket, there were still many people on the way who recognized him by his figure alone.


After all, since Lin Lang suddenly appeared in the world of skating a few years ago, his name had been in front of everyone’s face, creating miracles again and again.


At the age of 10, he started to learn skating officially, and at the age of 15, he made his debut in China because of a video he made during training, becoming a genius in the eyes of everyone.



The first international competition in his life, everyone was looking forward to his winning figure, but what they didn’t expect was the news of his intermittent evaporation and disappearance from the game.


It wasn’t until three years later that he returned to the ice after missing the most valuable part of his career, and in the midst of all the bad press, he worked his way up from the bottom to the top.


He made a miracle time and again, doing too many things that were impossible in the eyes of the public.


Now, at the age of 26, Lin Lang was already an old man in the skating arena, but he was still maintaining his top level of athleticism, competing in the Olympic Games.


Even though his injuries were likely to be aggravated again, he was still willing to do so.


After all, for every skater, the Olympic Games was the most important competition of his or her entire career.


Lin Lang wasn’t reconciled to being beaten by Yao Qing until he retired. He wanted to beat him here. Although this idea was understandable, it was still crazy.


“He really deserves to be the legendary devil. This whole season, even though Lin Lang has won two gold medals, the difference between Lin Lang and Yao Qing has been only a small difference.”


“The fans seized this point to save his honor, saying that Lin Lang could achieve this result purely because of his extraordinary performance, but based on the state of these two people today, Yao Qing’s face can only to be beaten thoroughly.”



Yao Qing’s free skating was still going on in the arena, and from the gap where the curtain was occasionally lifted, he could see him skating on the ice surface, smoothly.


The white gauze swayed lightly on the ice with his arms, making the overall look holy and romantic. This was the kind of harmless-looking style that Yao Qing was best at, and he could always be seen staging from the ice to behind the scenes.



If it weren’t for the fact that every time he saw him again, he would be able to reveal his original trashy look from that golden disguise, seamlessly.



Even Lin Lang had to wonder if the man standing on the field was still the one who once cast a shadow over him due to deliberate bullying and made him silent for three years.



With regard to Lin Lang’s sudden disappearance at the age of 15, the official statement had always been the personal choice of the contestant for unknown reasons.


The only person who knew the reason for Lin Lang’s disappearance was an extremely serious case of intra-team bullying.


In a training game before the official international tournament, Yao Qing created a deliberate collision, with a sharp ice skate cutting straight through Lin Lang’s calf.


The blo-od that kept flowing on the ice caused him to miss his qualification for that game, and thus he failed to meet his mother’s last wish for him.


He couldn’t imagine his mother on her death bed, watching the TV, trying to find him.


And that was why he could never step on the ice again.


For three years.



Ironically, when he finally got over the shadow of that year and started to receive news about skating again, he found out that the bully who almost destroyed him had already changed his nationality and was at the top of the rink under the new name of Yao Qing.


So he rose to the occasion, not wanting to let such a filthy person, with such a false face, insult the pure and clean white ice on the field.


The past was all behind him, and this time, no matter what Yao Qi thought, he would definitely lose.


“Next up is the Chinese contestant, Lin Lang.”


As soon as Lin Lang’s name came out, the audience immediately boiled over, but he remained calm as always.


He just calmly pulled off his jacket to reveal a seductive all-black gown and slowly skated towards the center of the rink.


The first jump was the highest scoring hook hand around jump among all the jumps, Lin Lang glided freely on the ice with almost perfect condition, making all the audience and athletes there scream and exclaim: “Amazing!”


The entire program was so difficult that everyone was scared, but Lin Lang only felt free and happy at that moment. He did his best to show his strength on the field and completed every move in the program with a very high standard.


But at the moment when he was about to overtake Yao Yi, he suddenly fell to the ground because of a severe abdominal pain.


“Lin Lang!”


Uncontrollable dizziness and tinnitus, the white rink around was once again red with bl-ood, the scene of turmoil was clear and the cold was constantly coming from under his body.


Lin Lang curled up on the ice, breathing fast and feeling life pulling away from his body, only feeling that it was the same scene as when he was 15 years old.


At that time, Yao Qing, who was standing in front of him with his blo-od covered skates, still looked the same at this moment.


With the light in his eyes, he could clearly see the happiness and complacency in it.


His previous memories, quickly flashed past in front of his eyes, and one by one, slipped through Lin Lang’s mind.


In the end, when he was already delirious, there was only one thought left in his mind.


He wanted to skate, he couldn’t let go of this ice rink.


Even if it meant borrowing ten years from the heavens, even if it only gave him the time to rise again and defend his title.


As the strength in his body continued to pass, Lin Lang finally couldn’t support himself and slowly closed his eyes.


Since he closed his eyes, all kinds of memories belonging to him before the age of 16 that should have been gradually forgotten began to emerge miraculously and clearly.



The first turning point in his life was the happy family, the plain and rich life, and what broke all of this.


When his mother died and he met with bullying, his original dream was overshadowed. Less than three months later, Lin Lang welcomed his father’s remarriage.


The person who was once in love with his mother at her bedside, those words, as if it had left together with his mother, drifted away with the wind.



Lin Lang couldn’t accept this and simply broke off relations with him in a fit of rage, pulling a small suitcase all by himself and moving from home to school.


“Brother Yang! Go, go online.”


“Wait a minute, I’ll be right there!”



Lin Lang was lying in bed when he was woken up by the sound of his roommate calling his friend to go to the Internet cafe.

The calendar above his bed showed the time, December 12, 2011. It was his first birthday since he moved to school, his first day as a 16 years old.


Just a few months after his freshman year in high school, he wasn’t very familiar with his roommates.



Lin Lang got up from the upper bunk and went to the washbasin to look at himself in the mirror.


At that time, because of the deep shadow, he hadn’t taken care of it for a long time, and his hair looked a little messy, and because he didn’t have money after falling out with his family, his eyes were obviously sunken, and his cheeks were emaciated.



No matter in any way, it was really the 16-year-old him.



Whatever the reason, it seemed that he really borrowed ten years from God.


Lin Lang looked at himself in the mirror, and touched his face now, which looked awkward and childish.


The first thing he wanted to do was to find an ice rink.



After all, ten years wasn’t short, but it wasn’t long. His mother died of stomach cancer. When he finally died suddenly on the court, although he didn’t know the cause of his death, he did vomit bloo-d and suffered from stomach pain.



So Lin Lang guessed that the cause of his death might also have something to do with it.



Although it was true that he was reborn ten years ago, who could tell exactly how long God gave him?


Maybe he would live today and die next month. It wouldn’t even take him a month, a few days or even a few hours.



Therefore, he must seize this limited time and quickly slide.


Just before that, he should deal with the problem of his image.


After all, since rebirth could happen, his mother may still be watching him in some places.



He had to live life well to make her feel more or less relieved.


Lin Lang took a good bath in the public bath house around the school, and then cut his hair in the barber shop outside the bathhouse.


Lin Lang was beautiful. When he came here, his messy hair almost covered half of his face. Now after taking good care of him, even the normally ferocious landlady in the bathhouse and the little barber who was dull as wood couldn’t help staring at him.



“The boy is a little too handsome. I have opened a shop here for such a long time, and I have never seen a boy with such a face.”


“Xiao Chen, don’t you just need a model? Or we should discuss with the child and take a picture of him and post it outside the window. The people who want a haircut will come one after another.”


The little brother surnamed Chen, who cut Lin Lang’s hair, was stunned when he saw what he looked like.


Lin Lang looked white, tender and delicate. He wasn’t big when he was seventeen. Now he couldn’t keep up with the nutrition when he was at this age, so he looked much thinner.



Originally, when he told him that he would cut this hairstyle, as a barber, he was afraid that Lin Lang couldn’t control such a wild style.


But now after the haircut, this hairstyle was suitable for his eyes and showcased his strong temperature from the inside out.


He wasn’t charged for the haircut, and he got an additional 200 yuan as a model.


Although he didn’t have much money, Lin Lang, who had broken off his relationship with his father, could only live on his savings.


Any opportunity to make money shouldn’t be missed.


After all, skating was an extremely expensive sport, hiring coaches, making costumes, finding choreographers, and even travel expenses for competitions were a huge amount of money that ordinary people couldn’t afford.


Now, even if he didn’t think about what he needed to participate in the competition, the most basic venue fees required for training were a huge sum of money that he couldn’t afford.


Lin Lang was standing in the only indoor ice rink in the city of B, H Province, where he lived, looking at his dry wallet, and after paying for the rink, he had to pay for a pair of skates with great pain.



These communal skates didn’t fit perfectly, but during the year he wasn’t able to go on the ice, his feet grew a lot and he couldn’t wear his old skates anymore, and new skates were too expensive, he really didn’t have the spare money to buy them.



He could barely cope with it.


Lin Lang sighed and sat on the chair beside him silently changing his skates.



But he didn’t expect that his shoes were only half worn, and suddenly several figures that didn’t look happy stood out in front of him.


“Huh, I didn’t expect that you would dare to come.”



“Didn’t you dare not even go to the ice rink because of the previous incident? You are a crybaby with a dead mother.”





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