C70 — [3.9 — Judgment Day]

Lu Yuan’s pupils were trembling unknowingly.


His mind went blank before he had time to respond.


In the next second, he heard the young boss say with a smile, “For example, work harder.”


“…… Okay.”


Lu Yuan’s voice was a bit hoarse.


Sure enough, it was another misunderstanding.


Fortunately his bandaged face hid his expression.


He could only see the fingers on his knee slightly clench, his mood seemed to be extremely complex.




The young boss looked at Lu Yuan that had fallen into silence, and suddenly his words changed, and his tone became intriguing again.


“How are you going to thank me for what happened just now?”


Lu Yuan’s breath caught.


He raised his eyes to look at the approaching boss.


Knowing that he was referring to the matter of smoothing out those two meat animals just now.


But he wasn’t sure if those words meant what he thought they meant or not.


“…… Of course, I mean a way of saying thank you besides work.”


Seeming to have read Lu Yuan’s thoughts, Jiu Shu’s peach blossom eyes curved as he smiled.


And in Lu Yuan’s field of vision at this moment, the young boss’s lips were like rose petals, translucent with a luscious red color, gently opening and closing.


He could vaguely see the tip of his tongue exposed between words, lips red and teeth white.


His lips were extremely suitable for kissing.


Staring blankly at Jiu Shu, Lu Yuan felt that his heart was about to jump out of the chest cavity.


His pupils dilated, he wanted to say something, but was afraid that it was just his own misunderstanding.


No, it should be just a misunderstanding.


Lu Yuan murmured in his mind.


The ups and downs of his mood tonight had convinced him more and more that this was all a ridiculous fantasy of his own.


His mental condition was so bad that hallucinations were a common occurrence, only now they were even more real.


It was definitely a misunderstanding.


The boss was a person with a normal personality and a gentle character, it was impossible for him to do workplace s*exual harassment as he had fantasized.


Lu Yuan repeated that over and over again.


But his pupils remained dilated.


He seemed to be trying to suppress the surging chaotic emotions in his heart.


And just as he was on the verge of convincing himself of his success, the gentle voice of his young boss came to his ears, “For example, this way-”


As he spoke, the hand that was originally placed on his arm gradually moved up.


It gently stroked over with an intensity that tickled his heart.


The strong implications that permeated it didn’t even require language to describe.


From the tightly muscled pale arm, to every inch of the texture lines on his entire arm.


He finally stopped at a position close to Lu Yuan’s chest.


Then pressed right above his heart.


The speed of his heart beat intensified, there was no way to ignore the palm in front of his chest.


It made him suddenly realize; the previous misunderstandings were true.


That seemingly ambiguous demeanor and intimate movements; the boss did it intentionally.




The knot in his throat subconsciously rolled.


Realizing this, Lu Yuan suddenly felt the roots of his ears burning red.


Excessive shock mixed with other emotions made his tall body just sit stiffly on the edge of the bed, not moving a muscle.


His dark pupils, on the other hand, stared unblinkingly at the boss in front of him.


The young boss who, while still smiling gently, carried an inexplicable colorful aura.


“Do you understand what I mean?”


The young boss’s low voice carried a blush-inducing undertone.


And listening to Jiu Shu’s voice, Lu Yuan’s dry throat prevented him from saying a single word.


Of course he understood what Jiu Shu meant.


He should have refused.


This obvious subterfuge was the kind of desire that god wouldn’t allow.


It was filthy desire.


But for some reason, Lu Yuan just couldn’t make a sound.


He could only look at the boss in his arms in silence, with no emotion visible on his face.


This made the young boss’s demeanor more and more like that of an unscrupulous boss who forced his staff to accept subterfuge.


Fingers stroked frivolously on his subordinate’s body.


And the subordinate could only endure it for the sake of his work.


And so it seemed.


Just like what those employees in the slaughterhouse had said earlier, all of the boss’s previous concerns for him seemed to have ulterior motives.


It wasn’t because of what was previously thought, it wasn’t simply appreciation for the employees.


It was simply because he coveted his body.


“I like your body a lot.”


The young boss’s no-longer-disguised straightforward voice seemed to be wrapped in honey.


It was clear that he should have been outraged at being suborned by his boss.


Any employee wouldn’t feel happy at having their body coveted by their boss.


But Lu Yuan didn’t know why, after hearing Jiu Shu’s words, an unknown and shameful glee grew in his heart.


“So Lu Yuan, you’ve agreed to use your body as thanks.”


His white arms wrapped around his neck, and Lu Yuan felt his boss’s warm and confusing exhale, the careless voice, and the long white ears trembling between his hair.


All of it was beautiful enough to mesmerize him.


But, as a devout believer of the god of doom, he shouldn’t agree.


Even with all the love and desire raging in his heart, he shouldn’t agree.


“May I? Lu Yuan.”


The young boss arched his eyebrows.


“… Okay.”


Lu Yuan couldn’t control his voice.


It must have been that sinful lovesickness at work.


Or maybe he just didn’t want to lose his job.


So he wasn’t going against god’s will.


He’d just been forced to.


“Then give me a hug.”


The young boss looked at Lu Yuan, who was in a trance and had begun to become mentally unstable again, and said softly.


Lu Yuan’s bandage-wrapped face looked a bit gloomy, as if he wasn’t at all happy to be submerged.


But at the boss’s request, his movements were extraordinarily careful.


He seemed to be afraid of hurting the beautiful black-haired youth in his arms, as well as that pair of furry white wings.


As a result, Jiu Shu, who originally thought it would just be a shallow hug, was slightly stunned for a moment as he held his entire body in his arms, then he smiled.


He didn’t resist, but instead rubbed his soft cheek against his arm and expressed his praise, “Very well done, I like it.”


Feeling the softness in his arms, Lu Yuan was surprisingly nervous to the point of trembling a little.


But he didn’t show it as much as possible.


In his mind, he kept telling himself that he was forced to do it, so it didn’t count as violating the prohibition.


Just as Lu Yuan was thinking this, a touch of warmth and softness was suddenly added to his lips, which passed in an instant.


It was a goodnight kiss from the young boss.


“Okay, let’s rest tonight, and then you can formally thank me tomorrow when we arrive in H City.”


Jiu Shu winked at Lu Yuan meaningfully.


In order to ensure the mental state of the disciplinary target, he really needed to be a bit more intimate now.


And for the disciplinary object who was currently still in a tangle, an underwriting relationship seemed to be a good choice.




A formal thank you.


The eyes under the bandage of Lu Yuan who heard those words inexplicably shone a little.


Even with the cover of the bandage there was no way to hide the panic in them, as well as some shyness that even he himself hadn’t realized.


Apparently, he realized what the so-called formal thanks meant, and as a result, many confusing emotions that shouldn’t be there arose.


He tried to push those emotions down, carefully placing the man in his arms onto the bed and tucking in the covers.


Only then did he move stiffly to sleep on the other side.


As an employee who had been forced by his boss, his behavior could even be described as well-behaved and proactive.


Only his posture seemed extraordinarily tense.


His eerie and horrible demeanor in the eyes of outsiders was completely gone at this moment.


Jiu Shu glanced at Lu Yuan’s stiff sleeping posture that was similar to that of a corpse, and couldn’t help feeling amused.


So, he raised Lu Yuan’s arm, which was placed directly on his side, and rested on Lu Yuan’s arm. He leaned against Lu Yuan’s embrace like before and closed his eyes.


Lying on the bed, Lu Yuan froze for a long time, until Jiu Shu’s breathing gradually became stable. Then the arm embracing Jiu Shu was no longer stiff.


Instead, he circled Jiu Shu carefully, completely gathering this long-bodied boss in his arms.


Though the boss was considered tall to outsiders, he was able to be taken fully into his arms as if they were another part of each other that had been lost.


It gave Lu Yuan an unusually satisfying feeling.


He touched his lips that had just been kissed, and suddenly realized that the corners of his mouth were curved upwards, as if he was smiling.


He couldn’t remember the last time he smiled.


Because even a smile was part of the desire for love that wasn’t allowed.




Putting away the smile that involuntarily rose at the corners of his mouth, Lu Yuan became more and more silent as if he had remembered something.


He closed his eyes, no longer looking at the boss in his arms.


Instead, he kept telling himself that everything was forced. It wasn’t voluntary, so it wasn’t considered indulging his desire.


Such hypnotic-like words were successful for Lu Yuan, and he quickly calmed down.


However, his arm holding Jiu Shu, intentionally or unintentionally, slowly tightened.


Until the young boss’s waist was completely trapped in his arm.


And with that, he fell into a deep sleep.


It was a dreamless night.


It wasn’t until the next morning, when the sunlight spilled onto the floor, that Lu Yuan woke up from his slumber.


It was quite unexpected, he had never slept that heavily before, and actually didn’t wake up according to his usual biological clock.


Perhaps because of the young boss he was holding in his arms, Lu Yuan’s dream last night had been peaceful, not filled with light and strange bl*ood and monsters like in the past.


There was only the warmth of the body heat in his arms and the delightful sound of breathing in his ears.


Until now, it had been as good as a dream.


Waking up in an embrace with his young boss, a scene that he had only fantasized about during his most rampant period of love and desire, had now come true.




Looking at the still-sleeping Jiu Shu, Lu Yuan’s gaze swept over his arm circling the young boss’s waist, and after hesitating for a moment, he still didn’t move his arm away.


Moving it now would wake up the boss, so he couldn’t.


It wasn’t that he was love-struck, it was just that as an employee he had to pander to his boss.


Then, he lowered his head and quietly looked at the sleeping face of the young boss as if he couldn’t get enough of it, and didn’t move his eyes away for a long time.


The face wrapped in bandages made it impossible to see his expression, and one could only see his mesmerized movements of gently rubbing on the waist of the person in his arms.


Compared to his broad pale palms, the waist of his young boss was far too slender.


But when stroked, it was supple and strong to the touch, and even through the fabric, one could feel the traces of his strength.


Although he didn’t have well-developed abs like him, he wasn’t skinny, and he could still feel the muscular lines that felt good to the touch, his slim physique had a youthful aesthetic.




The sleeping Jiu Shu frowned slightly at the itch on his waist.


Only then did Lu Yuan stop moving as if waking up from a dream, as if he couldn’t believe what he had just done, his body stiffened a little.


He averted his gaze, not daring to look at Jiu Shu’s face again, he only hugged Jiu Shu a little tighter.


This was to appease him, lest it woke him up.



Soon, the alarm clock rang and the young boss woke up from his nap.


His eyes were sleepy and the long ears on top of his head wilted to the side of his ears, but upon seeing Lu Yuan, a gentle smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.


So gentle that it was as if the tall man in front of him wasn’t a lover who had been arbitrarily taken, but his most beloved lover.


“Good morning.”


The young boss’s voice was warm as he branded a kiss on Lu Yuan’s cheek.


Despite the bandages, Lu Yuan could still feel the soft touch.


“Good morning.”


Lu Yuan said in a hoarse voice, and followed his boss’s example. In the gentle gaze of the young boss, he lightly kissed his cheek.


He was only doing it out of politeness.


The tips of Lu Yuan’s ears flushed red.


Looking at him, the young boss seemed to have read his mind and raised an eyebrow.


Then he stood up to wash up, and Lu Yuan followed him, they’d wash up together.


The two stood side by side in the mirror looking like a young couple who had just confirmed their relationship.


“Later on the police will come to get a statement, don’t worry, you just need to say a few simple words.”


Lu Yuan nodded, signaling that he knew.


The young boss smiled and reached out his hand to stroke Lu Yuan’s cheek, as if praising him for his good behavior.


Lu Yuan froze and didn’t resist, instead, he lowered his head to make it easier for him to move.


Then, there was an additional kiss on his cheek.


“Very well behaved, here’s a reward.”


The young boss’s voice with a smirk made Lu Yuan become a little silent, he could only curl up his fingers and continue moving without a word.


He was just doing his duty as a lover should.


So it wasn’t love or desire.


Soon enough, Jiu Shu was done washing up, and he walked out of the bathroom to change into a fresh pair of casual clothes, and Lu Yuan changed as well.


After the two cleaned up, breakfast was also brought to the door.


Along with the breakfast came the lawyer and the police who had an appointment earlier.


In fact, for rich people, after having a lawyer, they didn’t need to be present in person, everything could be done on their behalf.


But perhaps because the case that was solved this time was rather large, the police simply needed to get a statement.


And with the help of the lawyer, Lu Yuan smoothly turned out to be a good samaritan in this case.


Although he hit the m*urderer a bit hard and beat him beyond recognition, after all, it was a good deed, so no punishment was made.


And after the statement was completed, the suspect and the victim were taken away by the police.


“Oooo – monster! Monster!”


Outside the door, through the doorway, he could see a beaten and immobilized pig in the next room, who could only keep saying “monster” in slurred speech.


Behind him, also taken away by the police, was a nervous goat woman.


She was looking around suspiciously, and had obviously been scared out of her mind.


Suddenly, her eyes met with Lu Yuan through the doorway, and in just a second, she was so scared that her face turned pale and she didn’t dare to look around anymore.


“What are you looking at?”


The young boss inquired curiously.


“No, nothing.”


Lu Yuan withdrew his gloomy gaze, seemingly recalling some unfriendly memories from the past, and became silent again.


The young boss looked at Lu Yuan and reached out his hand to caress his cheek, soothingly saying, “It’s time to go.”


“Okay.” Lu Yuan’s dark eyes softened unknowingly.


He wasn’t the monster.


They were the ones who were.


He was liked now.


Even if it was just because of this body.


On the way out of the hotel, Jiu Shu seemed to recognize Lu Yuan’s gloomy mood at this time and reached out his hand, interlocking his fingers with his.


Lu Yuan walked next to him and lowered his head, looking at his hand being held by his young boss for a long time without averting his eyes.


This was the first time he had ever held hands so intimately with someone.


So intimate that it was as if he would never be alone again.


Never again would he be abandoned.


A reserved car was already parked in front of the hotel, and Lu Yuan sat in the back seat with Jiu Shu.


As the vehicle started, it became quiet.


Jiu Shu began to play with his cell phone.


On the other hand, Lu Yuan, who was sitting beside Jiu Shu, looked at his hand that was empty, his gaze a little dazed.


Generally speaking, if one was suborned, one’s boss would try to mo*lest them on various occasions, right?


Jiu Shu didn’t seem to do that.


Looking at the young boss beside him, who was intently tapping on the keyboard of his cell phone, Lu Yuan’s dark pupils reflected his snow-white and beautiful side face.


Every subtle expression made his heart beat faster.


If this was love and desire, then his young boss didn’t seem to show it.


At least his gaze never rested on him for long.


This made him wonder a little out of his mind if Jiu Shu really liked this body?


If so, why hadn’t he shown a hint of it?


Or was it because this was a public place, so he didn’t show that kind of intimate demeanor like before?




After all, this body was the only thing he had that was more attractive, and it was only natural to keep his distance in front of outsiders.


And he had been forced to accept this relationship just to keep his job, there was nothing more than a still-unfinished physical relationship between them.


He was just an underground lover who couldn’t see the light of day.


So this was all normal, and he didn’t need to care.


In the car.


Jiu Shu stopped his fingers from texting with a subordinate of the company and looked at the object of discipline beside him.


The tall body sitting in the car looked extremely oppressive, his head hung low, and although he had no expression, his aura was becoming subdued at a speed visible to the n*aked eye.


Like a large dog that had suddenly realized that its master didn’t love it.




Jiu Shu held back from smiling then he reached out his hand and quietly held the fingers of the object of discipline where the driver in front of him couldn’t see them.


Although he could only hold a few fingers, he still rubbed them ambiguously a few times, like a pe*rverted boss who couldn’t wait even in public.


The man with a bandaged face stiffened for a moment after noticing Jiu Shu’s movements but didn’t move his hand away, he just accepted his young boss’s intimate demeanor in silence.


Peaceful like a cowardly subordinate who silently endured his boss’s bullying.


Only the tips of his reddened ears hidden in his black hair revealed his true emotions.


Jiu Shu maintained this state of holding the cell phone in one hand and the fingers of the object of discipline in the other until he got out of the car.


The airport was just up ahead.


It was the first time that Lu Yuan had ever been this far away, and he looked out at the crowds of people hurrying outside the airport, each with hideous livestock heads, each ugly beyond recognition.


He lowered his head and looked at the young boss at his side.


He was the only one with color in this airport.


Whether it was the long, fluffy white ears or the feathered wings gathered up behind him, he was beautifully out of place with the rest of the livestock.


But then again, the back that never looked back seemed incredibly cold, as if no one deserved to look back at him.


At least he wasn’t worth it.


Jiu Shu suddenly glanced back at Lu Yuan, his expression gentle as he extended his hand toward him.


“Let’s go, it’s time to board the plane.”




The tall-built man stared blankly at Jiu Shu for a while before stifling a hum.


He took hold of the palm that Jiu Shu extended.


The force wasn’t great, but it was enough to firmly hold this white and slender palm, refusing to let go of it in the slightest.


Even after getting on the airplane, he didn’t let go.


In the single room of the first class cabin, Jiu Shu didn’t say anything as he looked at the object of discipline who, although didn’t say anything, kept holding his hand and wouldn’t let go.


On the contrary, he revealed a smile and lightly kissed Lu Yuan’s cheek.


“Take a nap, we’ll be there when you wake up.”


Lu Yuan’s recent mental state was precarious, and more rest would at least have a moderating effect.


But Lu Yuan didn’t feel like sleeping, he actually wanted to look at Jiu Shu a few more times.


“Otherwise, the formal thanks for the evening will be delayed.”




Lu Yuan hesitated for a moment, but still obediently closed his eyes.


Not out of anticipation, but simply because it was requested by the boss.


For his part, Jiu Shu sat back and his gaze softened a bit as he watched the quiet object of discipline as he closed his eyes.


Then, he looked at the time of the airplane’s arrival and opened the system panel again.


He had recently been studying the final ending of the object of discipline in the original.


In the spin-off game of the original, it was actually implied that his ending was an endless cycle of reincarnation, and becoming a monster was even his destiny.


In the game, he was shown to have a life that couldn’t be ended and k*illed over and over again, with eternal loneliness accompanying him.


But the object of discipline was a person who was very afraid of loneliness.


Such an ending was worse than death.


Due to coming from a religious family, Lu Yuan’s childhood was basically spent in a gloomy room.


Every day, he was urged by his parents to complete his prayers and devotions to the god of Doom, and was brainwashed day after day, until finally even he believed that he was devoutly believing in the god of Doom.


Lu Yuan wasn’t always quiet, as a child he had his mischievous moments.


And every time he made a mistake as a child, he would be locked up in a dark attic that was so cramped that he couldn’t even straighten his back, and could only huddle inside, looking at the darkness around him.


Little Lu Yuan would cry his eyes out every time, and then stay there for an entire day, after which he would stop crying under the whipping of his parents.


After each punishment, he became better behaved and more silent.


Until he finally became an expressionless child, a perfect follower of the god of Doom in his parents’ eyes.


This was also why, after one of Lu Yuan’s occasional outings, his mother became so angry after learning that little Lu Yuan might have been touched on the head by someone else.


Because she felt her masterpiece had been ruined.


And the way to repair the work was to rewash the remnants in flame.


After being cleansed by the flames, the object of discipline became a monster, and everyone mocked his ugliness.


Instead, he just walked through the crowd with his head down, like a true follower of the god, without sorrow or joy.


But Jiu Shu knew that he wasn’t really emotionless, he was just suppressing his emotions, unwilling to expose them.


Because of these experiences, the object of discipline became silent and didn’t like to come into contact with people.


At the same time, he was extremely afraid of the feeling of being alone in the dark.


It was probably the shadow brought by that attic that he couldn’t get rid of until adulthood and even death.


He resisted human contact, but at the same time, he was terrified of being alone, of being abandoned by his parents in the dark.


He hopes that someone would be by his side and never leave him.


A very contradictory and pitiful life.


Putting away the system panel, Jiu Shu looked at his clenched fingers.


Although he was sleeping, he still remembered to relax his grip, as if he was afraid of hurting him.


Jiu Shu gripped his fingers back and interlocked them with his, then he closed his eyes for a nap as well.


He didn’t know how long it took, but by the time they were woken up by the stewardess, they had already arrived at their destination – H city.


A city that was said to be even more chaotic than N City.


But it had extraordinarily prosperous tourist attractions and business districts.


It also had a Church of the god of Doom that was said to be the oldest.


Jiu Shu felt that it would probably help to help him understand that deity more.


Most of the descriptions of the deity in the original text were plausible and not detailed.


And he had done a lot of research on the god described in the teachings and had come to some preliminary conclusions.


Of course the other reason was that there was a mental hospital here that housed the male and female lead from the original.


When he had time, he would visit them.


“How about going to the hotel first, and then go shopping in the evening?”


Jiu Shu suggested, and Lu Yuan nodded, heeding whatever he asked.


It was just that he was still a bit hesitant regarding the formal thanks for the evening.


Because he had never touched anything in this area before, he was afraid that he might hurt Jiu Shu.


The thought of Jiu Shu showing a vulnerable and hurt expression made Lu Yuan feel unsettled.


However, as a lover, he probably couldn’t disobey orders.


So he could only touch his young boss as carefully as possible tonight.


He had to be very careful..


Not just because god forbad desire; it was out of the most basic concern for his boss.


“Your ears are so red, what are you thinking?”


The young boss’s flirtatious voice snapped Lu Yuan out of his thoughts, and as soon as he lifted his eyes, he saw those beautiful peach blossom eyes, looking at him without blinking.


It was as if he was the most important person to him.


“…… Didn’t, think anything.”


Lu Yuan stared at Jiu Shu for a moment before answering.


Jiu Shu arched his eyebrows but didn’t expose his lie, he just looked at him and reached out his hand, slowly grabbing his fingers.


Walking with him on the way to the hotel in the intimate posture that he most desired.


And Lu Yuan looked at their clasped palms the whole way.


The happiness he had never felt before made his heart feel like it was rising, and even the guilt in his heart for going against the will of the god of Doom was gradually pushed over and disappeared.


It was just that Lu Yuan didn’t notice when the  corners of his mouth under the bandage subconsciously rose.


Within H city, in the oldest Church of the god of doom, the god bound to the stone pillar seemed to shed a line of blo*od tears at the same time.



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