C71 — [3.10 — Judgement Day]

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The city of H at night was brightly lit.

The streets were also filled with traffic and people coming and going.


Lu Yuan raised his head and observed this unfamiliar city.


This was the first time in his life that he had come to a place so far away from his hometown.


It was very different from the fallen city and state where the slaughterhouse was located.


The towering buildings were like a concrete jungle covering everything as far as the eye could see, with neon lights flashing in the night.


Underneath the huge signboards at the top of the buildings, the neon-covered pavements of the city were crowded with humans that looked like ants from afar.


Or rather, crowded heads of livestock.


There was a constant ear-splitting hissing sound.


Like the sound of a meat pig before it entered the slaughterhouse, the smell of bl*ood and disinfectant mixed together.


It caused irritation to rise in his heart.


Especially when he stood in the center of the city, looking up at this huge gray city, a sense of confusion arose as if he was the only conscious and lonely being.

He used to think that what he was most afraid of was the darkness and loneliness in a narrow space.


Only now did he realize that the loneliness in the open space under the interlocking giant buildings was even more painful.


He was both dazed and confused.


Retracting his gaze, Lu Yuan sat down on the bench by the side of the road, becoming quieter.


He looked down at his palms.


The pale and rough fingers had thick calluses that were completely different from those of the young boss.


Despite his strong restorative ability, he still had remnants of tiny wounds left behind inadvertently when slaughtering livestock.


Most of them were marks left behind by the first time he entered the slaughterhouse to work when he was fifteen years old.

At that time, he was pale and numb, all alone.


Even if he was rejected by everyone and secretly ridiculed, he numbly acted as if he didn’t hear.

He only used his own ability to work hard, trying his best to get a small piece of the corner of society.


So that he wouldn’t be isolated from the whole society, and wouldn’t be trapped in loneliness forever.


At the same time, he begged for god’s forgiveness with great devotion.


Praying that god would forgive him for his sins and allow him to become a truly normal person, with no more ugly heads of livestock in his eyes.


He wanted to become a normal man, no more pain, no more hallucinations, and no more monsters.

Yet nothing had changed.


He was no different now than he was then.

He was still lonely.

“Guess who I am?”

A pair of warm palms suddenly covered Lu Yuan’s lowered eyes.

He should have noticed the movement behind him.

But perhaps he was too engrossed in his memories, he only reacted the moment his eyes turned dark.

The deliberately lowered voice behind him made him stop the hand he subconsciously wanted to raise.

Feeling the palms covering his eyes, the tips of Lu Yuan’s pale ears suddenly flushed a little.

“Jiu Shu.”

The only time Lu Yuan’s low, magnetic voice was incomparably smooth was when he pronounced Jiu Shu’s name.

It was as if it had been practiced countless times in his mind.

“Correct answer.”

The voice with a smile tickled his ears.


The palm in front of his eyes loosened, and in its place, a pair of soft arms wrapped around Lu Yuan’s neck from behind.

Lu Yuan’s nose caught the rose-like light fragrance of his body.

It was mesmerizing.


Then there was a warm and soft kiss branded on his cheek.

Through the slightly rough fabric of the bandage, Lu Yuan could feel the warmth of the young boss’s lips, as if a flame had burned the tips of his ears red.

His heart also seemed to be scorched by a furnace, emitting a boiling hot temperature.

He completely forgot the lonely emotions he had just been overwhelmed by.


Jiu Shu had walked away for something, now he was back.

“Sorry, it’s been a long wait, hasn’t it?”
Jiu Shu apologized in Lu Yuan’s ear, his entire body pressed against his, his demeanor was incredibly intimate.

But compared to the other more passionate, almost kissing lassoed young couples on the side of the road in H City, the demeanor between them wasn’t particularly noticeable.

Facing the warm body pressed behind him, Lu Yuan seemed to stiffen a bit, and his heart was beating faster and faster.

Though he kept murmuring in his mind that he was being forced to do this, the tips of his ears couldn’t help but redden completely.

“It’s fine.”

Lu Yuan shook his head, signaling that he didn’t mind.


He hadn’t waited too long.

It was just that he wasn’t in the best of spirits and liked to think when he was alone.

It had nothing to do with Jiu Shu.

“See what I bought?”

A rose suddenly appeared between Jiu Shu’s fingers.


The aroma of the rose was similar to the smell of Jiu Shu’s body.


“I came back a little late because I wanted to give you a surprise.”

The smile on the young boss’s face was warm and intoxicating, and the pure white wings behind him happily spread slightly, so beautiful that it was like a fantasy.


The tall man looked at it for a while as if he was mesmerized, before picking up the flower that Jiu Shu had given him as if he had just woken up from a dream.

He was silent for a long time, not knowing what to say.

No emotion could be seen on his bandaged face.

Only his fingers curled up as if he was nervous, and his grip was as light as possible.

He was afraid of breaking the gift that was so incredibly precious to him, and he did his best to keep the rose intact.

“Thanks, I really, really like it!”

For the first time, Lu Yuan began to hate his tongue for not listening.

It had been too long since he had spoken before his encounter with Jiu Shu, after all.

So even though the emotions in his heart were as strong as they were, all that came out were these shallow words.

“That’s fine.”

The young boss didn’t seem to care about his lack of words, and just rubbed at his cheek, suggesting an early return to the hotel.

They had just taken a brief stroll through H City after booking the hotel, and Jiu Shu could obviously tell that Lu Yuan didn’t like shopping.

In fact, he had only come out to shop to buy some things.

Now that the things that should be bought had been bought, it was time to go back.

Go back and formally thank him.

After hearing Jiu Shu’s words, Lu Yuan’s mind instantly recalled what he had agreed to before.


As an employee who had been suborned, it was time for him to use his body to repay his boss for helping him.


He was just forced to do it.


So it was okay, having a physical relationship wasn’t against god.


Thinking so, Lu Yuan briefly convinced himself before replying, “Okay.”

After saying that, Lu Yuan seemed to feel that his reply was too perfunctory.

Compared to the flower that his boss had specially gifted him, he seemed to be a bit too incompetent as an employee who had been suborned.

Thus, the man with a bandaged face looked at Jiu Shu’s face leaning at the nape of his neck, paused, and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

He was showing his appreciation.

Jiu Shu smiled, seeing what the object of discipline meant, and said, “If you’re thankful, how about carrying me back to the hotel?”

With that said, Jiu Shu pressed closer on Lu Yuan’s back.

The way he pushed was really like an unscrupulous boss who was mol*esting his employee.

Eager to touch the employee’s body that he loved.


“…… Hmm.”

The tall-built man hmmmed briefly after a long time.


As if forced, the tips of his ears still had an undiluted red color.


The arm of the tall man who seemed to be forced to carry his boss behind him was very careful, as if he were holding a fragile object.


The palms of his hands caressed the body behind him, and with just a little bit of force he held Jiu Shu behind him.

There wasn’t the slightest wobble between the movements, revealing great strength.

Jiu Shu crouched against the broad spine of the object of his discipline, the momentary weightlessness caused his eyes to widen slightly.

A laugh ensued.

“Good, that’s a lot of strength.”

“Will you be this strong when you get to our room in a moment?”

The young boss seemed to mean it.

His words made Lu Yuan instantly stiffen.


It took a while for him to relax.

The roots of his red ears covered by his black hair gave away his shyness at that moment.


He didn’t know how to reply.


Seemingly realizing his boss was teasing him, he remained silent.


In his heart, he was thinking that he wouldn’t use that much force, it would hurt if he did.


If he hurt the boss, his duties as an employee wouldn’t be realized.

So, it wasn’t desire, it was just an employee’s duty.


“But it’s actually okay to be a little stronger, because I like your body a lot.”


The young boss whispered in his ear, his lowered voice full of blush-inducing implications.


Just as the words fell, Lu Yuan suddenly accidentally hit a roadside pole.

However, his first reaction was to protect the boss behind him, so he wasn’t affected.

Only the bandage on his forehead was slightly red.

It was bleeding.

Apparently he had just hit it with such force that the pole seemed to shake.

The boss behind him seemed to sigh, his fingers gently stroking his forehead then he blew on it.

“It won’t hurt anymore if I blow on it.”

The boss had said the same thing before.

And amazingly enough, it really seemed to be the case.


The place that had been blown by the boss didn’t hurt, but instead it was flooded with an unbearable itch.



Lu Yuan slowly tightened the arm that rested in the crook of Jiu Shu’s leg, pressing the young boss’s body a little tighter.

The closeness seemed to be indistinguishable.

He was only holding his boss a little tighter to thank him for his help and to keep him from falling off his body.

Jiu Shu rubbed the cheek of his disciplinary target and restrained the smirk that tried to escape.


He was finally in better shape.

Still, he stopped teasing him and quieted down to prevent too much irritation.

And Lu Yuan’s eyes under the bandage seemed to dim a bit after Jiu Shu stopped talking.

At the same time, he was a bit lost in thought, although it was an unwritten rule, shouldn’t the boss take advantage of the opportunity or something like that?

Was it because of gender that there would be differences?

But if he liked this body, why wouldn’t he take advantage of being carried up to touch it?


Maybe it was because it wasn’t liked enough.

Thinking like this, the man with a tall physique carried the youth behind him with his head lowered; his mood seemed to be a bit low.

A moment later he suddenly felt the palms of the hands that were originally peacefully wrapped around his neck and intertwined in front of his chest move.

Seemingly caressing over his neck and shoulders, tracing over those smooth muscle lines, stroking back and forth as if he felt that the feel was very good.

“I wish I could get to the hotel faster.”

Jiu Shu rubbed his fingers against the object of discipline’s cheek, his voice soft and ambiguous as he looked at the man who had written all his emotions in his eyes.

“You think so too, don’t you?”

The flirtatious tone made the speed of Lu Yuan’s steps stiffen a little.

He didn’t say anything, but the movement of lowering his head exposed the ears hidden between his black hair.

For the rest of the way, Jiu Shu stroked his cheek and chest every now and then.

The voice filled with amusement made Lu Yuan’s heart almost jump out of his chest.

The feeling of the warm and soft body against his back made him feel as if they would never be separated.

Lu Yuan’s lips under the bandages seemed to rise slightly, with a curve that even he didn’t know was there, no longer feeling like he was alone.

He wasn’t alone.

At least at this moment, he had a lover of his own.

A lover who loved his body and loved him.

And to his lover, he had a value that could not be replaced.

This was the first time Lu Yuan had been an irreplaceable person.

Not as an employee of a slaughterhouse, but as the lover of his young boss.

Lu Yuan’s dark eyes under the bandages became much softer, and with that, he carried his boss behind him all the way back to the hotel.

They weren’t far from the hotel, so they arrived quickly.

The moment he put down Jiu Shu, Lu Yuan even had some reluctance in his heart.

But immediately afterward, he didn’t have the time to be reluctant.

Because he suddenly realized that they were about to enter the hotel room, and that the agreed upon formal acknowledgement was about to begin.

Would his body satisfy Jiu Shu?

Lu Yuan was a little nervous for some reason.

It wasn’t because of love and desire, it was just the fear of being criticized by his boss.


Lu Yuan thought, as his body tensed a little, he looked more intimidating.

The few people who gradually walked into the elevator area were somewhat scared.

Fortunately, the elevator arrived soon, and they only saw the back of the young man with a beautiful appearance beside them. They were attracted by the tightly clasped hands and could hardly believe their eyes.


After all, how could a terrible man with a face full of bandages and a young, beautiful, well-born youth be a reasonable pairing?

But no one paid any attention to their thoughts.

Jiu Shu and Lu Yuan soon entered the hotel room.

“Let’s take a shower first.”

Jiu Shu curled his eyes and pointed to the bathroom next to him, “Want to join me?”

Lu Yuan’s pupils trembled, and a shameful image instantly surfaced in his mind.

Out of his faith in god, he moved stiffly and refused.

And while Jiu Shu seemed to have a smile at the corner of his mouth as if he knew the answer, he sighed as if he regretted it and picked up a change of clothes and walked into the bathroom.

Listening to the sound of water that soon resounded in the bathroom, Lu Yuan’s hands on his side curled up nervously, and even with the bandages wrapped around his face, he couldn’t hide the panic that was visible.

He hadn’t had experience before, either of the same or opposite gender, and he’d never fantasized about having s*ex with another person.

But after spending a lot of time in the slaughterhouse, facing those workers who always had a lot to say, Lu Yuan still had some relevant knowledge.

But after all, there was no practice, so he was inevitably a little overwhelmed.

And just now the refusal…

Wouldn’t it make the boss very sad?

Lu Yuan remembered how Jiu Shu sighed, and the hint of sadness on that snow white face.

It had nothing to do with love and desire, simply out of respect for the boss, he shouldn’t have casually refused the boss’ request.

He shouldn’t let his boss show a sad expression because of some embarrassment in his heart.

Standing in the room, Lu Yuan lowered his head in silence, seemingly with some remorse.


The sound of bare feet stepping on the carpet carried a lightness, it was Jiu Shu coming out.

The body still carrying water vapor walked to Lu Yuan’s side, his fingers slightly traced his tense body, then he warmly said, “It’s your turn.”

After saying that, the tall young boss half laid on the bed with just a loose yukata over him.

Narrowing his eyes, he carefully looked at the magazines and newspapers he had bought during his previous shopping trip, seemingly unconcerned about the snow-white skin on her body that was exposed as the bathrobe slid down.

Along the shadows under the bathrobe, one could see delicate collarbones, as well as deeper muscular contours.


Not knowing what he saw, the tips of Lu Yuan’s ears suddenly reddened, and his gaze became averted.


It was only until the young boss threw a puzzled look at him that he maintained his silent demeanor and walked into the bathroom with nearly the same hand and foot movements.


The first thing he smelled after entering the bathroom was a faint rose scent, and his thin lips couldn’t help but purse up nervously for a while before calming down.

Then, he began to carefully wash his body as his boss requested.

When the cleaning was completed, the ugly head was wrapped again with a clean bandage.

The boss only liked his body, so this head had to be hidden even more tightly to make it work.

Lu Yuan’s pale, rough fingers wrapped the bandage a little tighter than before.

Only then did he look at himself in the mirror, lower his eyes, and walk out of the bathroom.

The dark-haired, dark-eyed young boss was still reclining on the bed reading a magazine, seeming to see the highlights with a serious expression as he looked at the pages.

He didn’t even realize that Lu Yuan had already come out.


Lu Yuan looked at the boss who was full of seriousness, and was attracted by the long ears on top of his head that trembled slightly.

Jiu Shu’s ears were known to change in response to his moods.

The wings, too, now quietly fit at his gracefully slender spine, showing off his powerfully thin waist.

Watching him, Lu Yuan couldn’t tell what he was thinking, the tips of his ears became a little redder for a moment before he silently moved closer to Jiu Shu on the side of the bed.

Jiu Shu raised his eyes and smiled softly at the object of discipline.

“Ready already?”

His tone was flippant like a scummy boss who couldn’t wait to subvert his subordinate.

“…… Uh-huh.”

Lu Yuan was similarly dressed in a bathrobe, only he wore it neatly compared to Jiu Shu’s casualness.

It was just that the even-sized bathrobe in the hotel obviously didn’t fit him very well, and wrapping it up even more tightly could only reveal the smooth lines of his muscles underneath the bathrobe.

Compared to his daily life where he either wore a work uniform or a simple shirt and pants, his broad shoulders and narrow waist that was now revealed by the material of his clothes was indeed very attractive.

It was almost exactly the same as the one in the original spin-off game.

No wonder he was a much loved character by gamers.

Every inch of muscle was well-proportioned and appropriate, and the curvature of the muscle bulge was just the right amount to best represent the lines of the male body.

It wasn’t overly exaggerated, nor did it look skinny, it was the kind of muscle that one would love to touch.

Jiu Shu set the magazine aside, arched his eyebrows slightly, and extended his hand towards the object of discipline, “Then let the formal thanks begin.”

Lu Yuan’s pale, broad palm took the young boss’s hand with careful strength, but with a burning love that was hard to ignore.

He didn’t really know how to proceed, and even the kissing seemed raw and awkward.

But the boss didn’t seem to mind, and instead he whispered encouragingly against his ear, “It’s comfortable.”

The soft, slightly breathy voice made his heart race, especially the pair of slowly unfurling wings behind the snow-white spine, which was too beautiful to describe.



The knot in Lu Yuan’s throat rolled a few times unknowingly, hugging the boss in his arms tightly.

As an employee, he should only make his boss more satisfied, and even if he wasn’t skillful, he should try to become skillful.

The lights in the room quickly dimmed, and only the moonlight peeked through the tightly closed screened windows to catch some of the messy breathing and sticky water noises inside the room.

It wasn’t until the light of day that the commotion in the room subsided.


Jiu Shu was too tired to talk.


He was lying on his back on the bed, with a few red marks remaining on his sweaty back, which looked more and more ambiguous and confusing on the white sheets.

Revealing their confusion and indulgence.

The feathers affixed to his spine closed in, rose and fell with his still-unsettled panting.

Beside him, the tall man looked at the marks with some guilt.

It was caused by his unfamiliarity.

It made him restless, even wanting to go find some ointment to apply to the wounds.

It wasn’t until Jiu Shu’s arms wrapped around his neck and he pressed himself into his arms that he managed to quiet down.

“It’s okay, this body satisfied me.”

Satisfied to the point of it being a bit too much, for the time being, he didn’t want to come back a second time, although he collected his strength, but in the end, he was a bit unable to bear it.

Especially when the proficiency level went from being unfamiliar to being familiar, the progress speed was too fast, and his learning ability was indeed very strong.

The young boss’s comments might seem excessive to outsiders, as he only valued ​​the body of his subordinate without any emotional attachment.

But to Lu Yuan it was something that made his ears red.


He looked at Jiu Shu’s sweat-soaked hair, plastered at his cheeks, his brows were lightly furrowed, yet it still carried a tired beauty.

He was obviously so tired because of his rustiness and lack of restraint, but he still quietly pressed into his arms with immense intimacy.

It was as if his young boss was relying on him and so didn’t mind everything he did.


The feeling of happiness that welled up from his heart made Lu Yuan only be able to look at his boss in his arms blankly for a long time without moving his eyes away.

It wasn’t until his boss was completely asleep that he carefully kissed his boss’s forehead.

The arm placed on the boss’s waist hugged him a little tighter.

He had satisfied the boss.

The corners of Lu Yuan’s mouth subconsciously hooked up, and his face, which had always been silent, appeared to have softened considerably.

It took a while before he closed his eyes and went to sleep with Jiu Shu.

And his sleep no longer had the nightmare of bl*ood and flesh that he had been unable to get rid of since he became a teenager, instead, there was a startled gasp, the warm touch under his palm and his boss’s smile.

The unprecedented feeling of happiness that came with it seemed to change him into a different person, and all the negative emotions of the past disappeared.


But he didn’t know why, in his sleep, Lu Yuan seemed to have sensed someone’s gaze.

Crazy and dark, filled with loathing, saturated with hatred for these synchronized feelings of happiness.

But the sensation was fleeting, and soon faded into the dreamscape, forgotten by him.

In the Church of the god of Doom, the blo*ody tears on the idol’s cheeks added another line.

Inside the church hall, the crazy man who had just escaped from the mental hospital looked at the idol’s strange appearance and became more and more convinced of those memory images he had just seen.

Those memory images of the future!

All the changes had started last night, it seemed to be the evening when he had suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of fear in the mental hospital, and immediately afterward, he had fainted and had a dream.

In the dream, he traveled with another girl named Li Qi, and together they went in search of the god of doom, wanting him to save humanity from doomsday.

However, it wasn’t until they actually found the god that they realized that he had long since gone mad.

He had long since turned into a large, monstrous being at the end of the world that only made filthy whispering noises.

Most of the speech was unintelligible, and the speech that was understandable was upside down.

It was even crazier than when they, the mentally ill, were at their craziest.

When a human was insane there were still doctors to heal them, but when a god was insane there was literally nothing that could be done.

However, it seemed that god of Doom still had what was left of His sanity, and He also wanted to stop going crazy, so He gave a way to cure Him.

But at that point in time, the end had been too long in coming for them to be able to do so.

And now, before the end had come, it was the time to go and cure Him!

That was – ki*ll the butcher!
The male lead, Li Sheng, knelt in front of the idol and listened carefully to the words of the god of Doom, knowing that his memories were given to him by the god of Doom.

Although he didn’t know the reason, He must have His reasons.

Perhaps it was because he had been favored by god, Li Sheng suddenly realized that he could understand the voice of god.

Compared to the completely insane god of doom in his memories, the current god of doom seemed to still have some sanity, and although his speech was still not very fluent, he could basically understand the meaning.


Blo*od was still seeping out of the idol’s face.

Li Sheng reverently memorized every word.

[K*ill Ki*ll K*ill -]

[Ki*ll – happy]

[K*ill all–]

[- Humans.]

K*ill the butcher and the humans around him, or ki*ll all humans?

Li Sheng inexplicably stopped his pen somewhat warily as he looked up at the idol.


The god that was bound to the stone pillar didn’t have his usual compassionate demeanor, and instead showed some creepy madness under the covering of blood.

It should be to k*ll the butcher and the people around him.

Li Sheng subconsciously gulped, the hand holding the pen began to tremble uncontrollably, and kowtowed several times in a row, assuring the god that he would complete the task before leaving the church.



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