C69 — [3.8 — Judgment Day]

In the goat woman’s horrified, almost stupefied gaze, the calm young boss closed the door of the room that had just been opened behind him.

It also shut the door on her last hope of escape.

Then, he walked towards the tall man standing in the center of the room.


Moving closer to the crazed and terrified man.


Without the slightest hint of fear on his face.


Calm as if the blo*od-stained, ghastly-looking bandaged man in front of him was nothing more than an ordinary man.


The goat woman curled up in fear, not daring to look any further.


Everything about tonight was beyond her knowledge.


Whether it was the bandaged man with his scary appearance and crazy demeanor, or the young tycoon with his gentle appearance and creepier meaning hidden in his words, it all made the goat woman nearly collapse.


“You seem to be having a hard time.”


In the room, the young boss said softly.


As Lu Yuan, who was originally full of panic, looked at the boss walking towards him, he seemed to have an indescribable look of shock at this moment.


He could only slowly open his eyes without knowing what to do.


The crimson eyes stained with bloo*d only reflected the figure of Jiu Shu.

In Lu Yuan’s eyes, the entire room was covered in flesh and bl*ood.

They were constantly spreading, constantly emitting sharp laughter, wanting to drag him completely into the abyss of madness.

In this world filled with despair and the strange laughter of the flesh and bl*ood, the only beautiful thing that existed was Jiu Shu.

He raised his head to look at him, and his long, white, plush ears in his thick black hair lifted slightly, as if he was trying to gain his attention.

The white feathered wings that gently spread out behind him seemed as if they were glowing, making him look like an angel.

An angel sent by god to forgive him for all his sins.

It made him want to be close, want to have and hold him more intimately in his arms.

“Alright, stop crying.”

Lu Yuan, whose mental state was gradually easing, heard his young boss say so.

He looked at him blankly, wanting to say that he wasn’t crying.

Instead, the moment he lowered his head, he realized that fresh bl*ood was seeping out from under his bandages just like in the hallucination.

And that crimson color also fell on Jiu Shu.


Tinting his pure white figure with a sinful bl*ood red.

“No, I’m sorry”

Lu Yuan subconsciously reached out his hand, wanting to wipe away those dirty traces for Jiu Shu.

The dirty blo*od that flowed out of his body.

Jiu Shu should be clean, he shouldn’t be tainted with the same ugly color as him.

But the next moment, his outstretched hand was held in another soft palm.

At the moment of contact, the warm and soft touch made him flinch as if he was burned, but his hand was gripped by Jiu Shu, his fingertips gently rubbing against his.

His white jade-like fingers were stained with bl*ood.

“It’s okay, I don’t care.”

Lu Yuan heard Jiu Shu say so, his voice soft as usual.

He had obviously discovered his crazy and unpleasant true colors, but his always gentle boss didn’t show a look of disgust like he had once imagined.

Nor did he mouth off like the others, angrily denouncing him as a da*mned monster, an unforgivable mur*derer.

Instead, his dark eyes was breathtakingly beautiful.

Lu Yuan gazed into Jiu Shu’s eyes in a trance.

In those gentle eyes, he actually had the illusion that he was Jiu Shu’s beloved lover.

He knew that this illusion was very wrong, but he still couldn’t move his eyes away for a long time.

Fascinated by this moment of warmth.

His heart was beating faster and faster, and he even had the delusion that he wanted time to stop.

Jiu Shu seemed to see the thoughts of the kill complain, he stretched out his other hand and long and thin fingers touched his bandaged face.

Especially those eyes that had been scratched by himself during the onset of his madness.

The ghastly white bandage was stained blo*od-red, and the wound was blo*ody, with almost all of the area around the eye covered by outwardly turned flesh.

There were obvious traces of finger gouging, the marks were fierce, as if he tried to gouge out his eyes.

And in the original, it was indeed gouged out, leaving only two empty blo*ody holes.

And it never stopped bleeding from then on.

It was as if they were forever shedding bl*ood and tears, grieving their pathetic and meaningless life.

Jiu Shu looked at the bone-deep wounds, and after a pause in his movements, he slid down his eyes, his fingertips caressing at Lu Yuan’s cheeks.

“There’s no need to be nervous, Lu Yuan, I’ll take care of your room for you, what happened tonight is irrelevant.”

Jiu Shu’s tone was gentle, as if he were calming a panicked subordinate after he had done something wrong in the tone of a normal superior.

The action, however, carried an intimacy that a superior shouldn’t have, and his fingertips rubbed against Lu Yuan’s cheeks intentionally or unintentionally.

If the expression on Jiu Shu’s face wasn’t calm, then this behavior would undoubtedly be workplace s*exual harassment.

Lu Yuan stared blankly at Jiu Shu, feeling the fingers that Jiu Shu stroked over his cheeks, feeling the ambiguous friction.

The tips of his ears slightly reddened.

“…… Thanks.”

There was a long moment of silence before Lu Yuan replied in such a low voice.

Apparently, Jiu Shu’s method worked.

Lu Yuan, who was only focused on feeling Jiu Shu’s fingers, finally snapped out of a trance.

The sounds roaring in his ears calmed down, and the flesh and blo*od stopped spreading.


It was only that they began to wind their way towards Jiu Shu’s direction.


The bl*ood red writhing flesh was like flowing bright red flowers, making Jiu Shu’s snow white limbs look more and more beautiful, glowing white under the entanglement of the flesh.

It also seemed to represent the uncontrollable sentiment in his heart at this time.

“You’re welcome.”

The young boss replied with a light laugh, his long plush ears quivering lightly.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you just saw fit to save an innocent hostage, wouldn’t you say, ma’am?”

Jiu Shu turned his attention to the goat woman who had been cowering in the corner, shivering.

She immediately shook like a sieve at the words and nodded.

“Yes, yes, I was kid*napped here by my boyfriend oooh, it was Mr. Lu Yuan who saved me ……”

Looking at the young boss’s eyes, the goat woman was so frightened that she was incoherent and her face was pale.

Although the bandaged man called Lu Yuan clearly had the intention to ki*ll her after saving her, it was true that he hadn’t had the time to commit the crime yet, that was, there was no evidence to speak out.

Not to mention that the young tycoon in front of her had an incomparably luxurious team of lawyers.

If she really wanted to sue the bandaged man, it was very likely that she would be counter-charged with the crime of slandering a person’s honor.

As a stock exchange worker who was used to seeing the shady secrets of the rich and powerful, the goat woman knew more than anyone else about the many tactics that the rich and powerful at the top of the pyramid possessed.

It wouldn’t take much effort at all to screw over an ordinary person.

When she thought of the careless look that Jiu Shu had given her when he had said that he would “clean it up”, she couldn’t help but shudder.

Until now, she had never imagined that this rich man with a beautiful young face could be so frightening in his private life.

Although it wasn’t as outright frighteningly murderous and terrifying as the bandaged man’s, the tinge of coolness that spread to the bottom of her heart was enough to make her feel suffocated.

“Perhaps you should say thank you.”
Jiu Shu reminded calmly.

Like a good superior who simply stood up for his subordinate.

At that, the woman’s shaky voice stopped for a few seconds and seemed to freeze a bit.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, he actually asked her to thank the bandaged man who was as horrible as a mu*rderer.


But after getting a glance from Jiu Shu, she could only hold back her insults and nervously thanked him.


And in the goat woman’s field of vision, in the face of her voice of thanks, this tall and ghastly man just stood quietly at Jiu Shu’s side, covered in blo*od, with blo*od constantly seeping out from underneath the blo*ody bandages on his face.


Yet it was as if he couldn’t feel the pain, silent as he looked at his young boss, not knowing what he was thinking.


It took a long time before he put his eyes on her.


Especially her goat’s head, which was well suited for plucking out the skull and churning out every piece of brain flower with a sharp knife.


It was the only way she would never be able to go near Jiu Shu again and dirty him with all that filth.


The residual madness in Lu Yuan’s brain still didn’t seem to have receded.


There was still a brooding, ghastly light in his eyes as he looked at the goat woman where Jiu Shu couldn’t see it.



The goat woman almost cried at the look in his eyes.

She thought it was Lu Yuan who wasn’t satisfied with her thanks, and could only thank him repeatedly like a repeater, fearing that she would cause these two to be displeased and then she’d be completely silenced.


Or maybe she would be beaten half to death like her murd*erous boyfriend and have to lie on the ground and cry.


Either way, she didn’t want it.

“Let’s go, this room is too messy, you’ll rest in my room for tonight.”


Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze and made a suggestion to the object of discipline.

After all, they had a plane to catch tomorrow, and if they didn’t rest well tonight, they would not be able to get up on time.


Lu Yuan’s body seemed to stiffen instantly after hearing this suggestion.


However, he still barely maintained the appearance of silence and nodded.


It was simply just sharing a room with his superior, he shouldn’t have thought much about those messy things in the first place.


Despite thinking so, the originally silent man couldn’t help but lower his head.


He didn’t dare to let Jiu Shu see his trembling pupils, afraid that he would reveal his true emotions.


Those tainted sentiments that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


The two quickly left the room.

Before leaving, Jiu Shu didn’t forget to remind the goat woman that he had already called the police.

It was just that due to the recent strain on the police force, the police wouldn’t arrive until tomorrow morning, so in order to keep the crime scene, she’d need to stay there for the night.

“I hope the lady rests well.”

The young boss’s voice was easygoing and seemed to have regained its previous gentleness.


But in the room full of bl*ood, the gentle voice only seemed to grow more gruesome.



The door of the room was closed.

The goat woman was also finally able to relax for the time being.


She froze as she looked at her boyfriend, who was beaten to a pulp on the floor, still with a fear on her face that was hard to hide.

Everything tonight had been too exciting for her, so exciting that she felt like her every nerve was taut and she was about to go crazy.


Although she had planned to make a fortune with her boyfriend by deceiving Jiu Shu.


She didn’t think that her boyfriend would actually be a wanted murd*erer, seeing that he couldn’t hide his identity, he directly moved to k*ill.

As a result, she was almost strangled to death, not to mention that she also met the bandaged man who was even more terrible than the mur*derer, a horrible madman.

Raising her head, the goat woman looked at the closed door of the room, remembering the backs of the two people who left together just now.


Even though it looked incredible and disproportionate from the outside, the experienced goat woman could tell that the relationship between these two people was definitely not ordinary.


Perhaps it wasn’t the relationship between employer and security guard as she had thought before, but rather the relationship between a gold backer and his lover.

The goat woman actually couldn’t even fathom why someone like Jiu Shu would look at that horrible lunatic of a bandaged man.

Though judging by the fact that Jiu Shu’s first reaction upon seeing the murder scene was to clean it up, he was by no means a normal person either.

But the bandaged man was a madman who could go crazy at any time, strong enough to easily subdue a serial k*iller who had ki*lled countless people, and exuded a chilling aura all over him.

The goat woman knew that it must be that Jiu Shu, a young and reckless young tycoon, didn’t realize the terror of the bandaged man.


Just for the sake of freshness, he went to take care of a bandaged man who he could only see his figure, thinking he could control the whole situation.
The goat woman didn’t know how to describe the arrogance that was unique to rich people like Jiu Shu.


He probably thought that the bandage man would be like other lovers who were only interested in money who could be let go at any time.

But the bandaged man wasn’t like one of those vases.


He was an extremely dangerous monster.


The goat woman could tell that the bandaged man looked at Jiu Shu with fascination.

He seemed to be mesmerized by the rich young boss as well.

This was normal, after all, no one would be unimpressed by a young, beautiful and rich tycoon who was willing to take care of him.

But as a typical bottom-feeder, it was inevitable that he had a paranoid and irritable nature.


Perhaps when this young tycoon got tired of playing with the bandaged man and wanted to abandon him, he would discover his horror.

The goat woman had seen many rich men playing with their lovers before, and they were finally k*illed by them.

Especially when a bottom-feeder like the bandaged man, who was already a despicable character with nothing to lose, was emotionally irritable and could easily become hateful for being abandoned.

Just like beating her boyfriend to the point where all he could do was wail, the woman felt that the bandaged man would probably hit even harder when the time came.

Hiding the boss who tried to dump him, imprisoning and s*exually assaulting him and then splitting his body or something like that wasn’t something you saw too often on the news.

But in the goat woman’s opinion, these two were not good people anyway, they were just two crazy people who couldn’t be more compatible! Even if they k*illed each other, it was for the sake of the people. It was better for both of them to lose!

The goat woman thought this way, seeming to have gained some psychological comfort, she laughed like she was having a nervous breakdown.
She could only stay in this messy, bloodstained room, waiting for the police to arrive in the morning.

And at that moment.


Lu Yuan, who was extremely gloomy and irritable in the eyes of others, had already followed Jiu Shu into the room.


He looked at the young boss sitting on the edge of the bed ready to wash and rest, stopped and became more and more silent.

He was confused, not knowing what to do next.

Recently, his fantasy symptoms had gotten worse.

He would always fantasize that the boss was interested in him and would make some harassing moves towards him.

Thinking of the palm of his hand that Jiu Shu had held when he had calmed him down earlier, and the feeling of his fingers tracing over his face, Lu Yuan was a bit out of his mind.

He knew he was perhaps on the verge of complete madness.

Those desires that were not allowed by god had swelled to the point where he couldn’t control them and would have many nasty fantasies.

And to this young boss who didn’t mind his crazy and brutal demeanor and would treat him gently, such fantasies of his were too shameful.

It was something that should never be had.

To have such fantasies was simply an insult to Jiu Shu.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan’s movements paused, and the fingers resting on his side slowly tightened, forcing these fantasies to be suppressed.

He knew in his heart that his mental state on the verge of collapse was all due to the indulgence of love and hate over this period of time.

Those emotions that were forbidden by god would cause him to become more and more insane.


Thus, he couldn’t continue to violate god’s prohibition.

It was time to bury those filthy desires completely.

That included going about fantasizing that his superior was harboring some sort of ulterior motive for him.




Thinking like this, Lu Yuan’s gaze subconsciously looked towards the young boss who had been sitting on the edge of the bed since a while ago, quietly organizing his clothes.

From the moment he entered the room, the boss hadn’t said where he was resting tonight.

He guessed he’d stay in the guest room next to him.

Thinking this way, Lu Yuan looked at the several rooms next to him.

There were several guest rooms in this luxury suite, enough for the two of them to rest in separate rooms.

But if it was according to those clichéd subterfuge plots on TV, generally if the boss wanted to subterfuge the subordinate, he would deliberately find an excuse to force the person to share the same bed.

Even if there were a few guest rooms next to them, they would pretend not to see.

Clenching his fingers fiercely, Lu Yuan stopped his unrealistic and ridiculous delusions and dispersed those unbearable desires.

“By the way Lu Yuan, you can rest here tonight, this bed is enough for the two of us.”

Saying that, the young boss curved his pretty peach blossom eyes and pointed to the pillows and bedding that had just been packed.


Lu Yuan seemed a bit bewildered and his fingers trembled, as if he didn’t quite believe his ears.

“Did you want to go to the guest room next to it?”

The young boss seemed to have read Lu Yuan’s mind and inquired in a warm voice.

Lu Yuan looked at the boss’s frank and natural expression, and the heartbeat that had gradually gone out of control slowly returned to its original state.

He knew that he had probably misunderstood again just now, and that the boss just wanted to give him a choice.


He was being polite.

In the end, he would still let him go and stay in the guest room, it was impossible to allow him to lie on the same bed with him.

After all, even if they were of the same gender with normal se*xual orientation, the act of sharing a bed was a bit too intimate.

“…… Hmm.”

Unable to speak of the thoughts in his mind, Lu Yuan lowered his dark, numb eyes and nodded.

The boss’s casual courtesy, he couldn’t take it as true.

That wouldn’t only be blasphemy against the divine injunction, but also an offense to the boss.

It was just that if it really was subterfuge, no matter what he said, the boss would insist on sharing the same bed.

Lu Yuan felt that his fantasies were really pathetic to the core.

It turned out that love and desire could really make people so stupid that even though they had repeated countless times that it was a fantasy, they would still continue to fantasize over and over again.

No wonder god had strictly forbidden those tainted emotions, they really shouldn’t exist.

“But, I want you to sleep here tonight.”

“Sleep beside me.”

Jiu Shu’s voice was still gentle, but the end of his voice was slightly hooked, as if it was some sort of hint.

If it wasn’t for the expression on Jiu Shu’s face still being gentle and bland, it would simply look like a superior who was so ho*rny that he couldn’t wait to subvert his subordinate.


Originally still mocking himself, Lu Yuan stiffened for a moment and slowly raised his head, his pitch-black pupils trembling a little.

The sound of his heartbeat once again rang in his ears, and he was even suspecting that he was having a shameful dream.

The next thing he knew, though, was that it wasn’t a dream.

“You’ve had a lot of scares tonight, it’s safer to stay together.”

“Lest it go wrong again.”

The young boss’s tone was tinged with concern, just the right amount of polite gentleness like a competent superior who simply cared about the mental health of his subordinates.

Did he misunderstand again?

The thin lips under Lu Yuan’s bandage pursed up somewhat nervously.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, tonight he had some fantasies that he shouldn’t have, as if he hadn’t recovered from that crazy state.

The offer to share a bed was probably just his boss seeing that he wasn’t quite in the right state of mind, and it wasn’t even as despicable as he thought it was.

Even though he hadn’t told his boss about his condition, after witnessing what he had just seen, Lu Yuan knew that Jiu Shu must have gotten the hint.

His boss, on the other hand, was clearly a gentle and soft-hearted man, and instead of staying away from him and ostracizing him like the others, he chose to sleep with him in order to take care of his mood.


Thinking like this, Lu Yuan looked at the boss sitting on the edge of the bed, his gaze sweeping over his beautiful face.

His heart softened because of the warm concern that he had never felt before, and at the same time, he felt guilty because of his dirty fantasies.


Lu Yuan nodded obediently.

Then, he saw the young boss arch his delicate eyebrows, seemingly happy that Lu Yuan didn’t continue to resist.

The simple natured boss had no idea of the sordid fantasies in his subordinate’s mind.

Lu Yuan lowered his eyes, his expression becoming more and more wooden.

He quickly went to the bathroom to finish washing up.

When he changed out of the blo*od-stained clothes on his body, he looked at his bl*ood-drenched face in the mirror and didn’t do much more than simply wash it.

Then where the mirror couldn’t see, he used a replacement bandage to re-wrap it in a circle.

The action was familiar, and full of almost numb disgust.

Until there was no longer a trace of skin to be seen.

Only when the ugly head of the animal couldn’t be seen could the action be stopped.

And just as Lu Yuan was wrapping the bandage, there was a knock at the door from Jiu Shu.

He reminded, “Don’t wrap the bandage too tightly, I still have to put medicine on you.”

“I, don’t need to.” Lu Yuan paused before replying.

Lu Yuan rarely took medicine except when he had an attack.

His body’s healing ability was excellent and he had long gotten used to pain, so he didn’t need to bandage his wounds.


“I’m just informing you.”


Jiu Shu’s voice was gentle.

“Or I’ll undo the bandage myself.”

The boss was a rather dictatorial person.

Lu Yuan thought somewhat helplessly, but his eyes couldn’t help but soften.
He knew that this was Jiu Shu caring about his wounds and that he had no malicious intent.

Lowering his head, looking at the bandage in his hand, Lu Yuan hesitated for a moment, but still wrapped the bandage a little looser.

But it was still maintained to cover his face.

To Lu Yuan, he didn’t want to let Jiu Shu see his ugly side.

But in the face of Jiu Shu’s concern, he couldn’t help but want to fulfill his every request.

This was already the limit of what he could do.

Outside the door, Jiu Shu was waiting for the object of punishment to come out.


He sat on the edge of the bed, looking over the detailed information about him on the system panel, with no emotion in his eyes.

In the original story there was a brief introduction of what happened in the disciplinary object’s life.

The day before the end of the world, he burned down his house in a fire because he had completely fallen into madness, and gouged out his own eyes.

Then, following the example of his parents once, he walked into the flames that were said to wash away sins.

At the same time it was clear from the details that he actually knew that it didn’t really wash away sins and that he would be greeted with death.

Jiu Shu could see that he was hoping for his death, hoping to be free from the madness and pain that had accompanied him all his life.

However, he didn’t get his wish.

He came back to life after the apocalypse, like one of those mutated monsters and constantly prowled the slaughterhouse, the remnants of his former life.

As if maintaining his previous habits, and as if wandering aimlessly.

Until finally the female lead cut open his body with a meat grinder and he was completely immobilized.

As the heroine said, he had indeed been waiting for death for a long time.

To him, this world meant nothing, and he was just a madman isolated from the human world.

No one cared, no one paid attention.

Under the extreme loneliness, he had long since run out of reasons to want to live.

However, he, who was eagerly anticipating death, never realized his wish.

In the spinoff of the original, the object of punishment became more of a symbol of the undefeatable than the grim and ghastly butcher of the original.

He no longer died, but just wandered the apocalyptic world ki*lling the monsters that ran amok in the apocalypse, becoming more silent.

It seemed that he no longer had a sense of humanity and would never want to be a normal human again.

Jiu Shu clicked on the standby video of the object of punishment in the game.

The tall body with the upper half of his body wrapped in bandages stood in a city filled with scarlet flesh and blo*od.

And he just stood quietly in place.

His bandaged fingers gripped a huge machete, the bandaged face couldn’t see through a single slit, and only blo*od was seeping out of the eye area.

It was like tears of bl*ood were flowing.

He hung his head low, as if refusing to look at the blo*ody and muddy world around him, and only acted when the monsters approached, moving his heavy and tall body to cut them down inhumanly.

The movements were mechanical and stereotypical like a ki*lling weapon.


Compared to the current object of discipline that would still be shy, it was like a puppet.

He just didn’t know if this puppet felt despair.

Despair for its own never-ending pain.



Jiu Shu watched for a long time before closing the video.

Raising his eyes, he looked towards Lu Yuan, who had just walked out of the bathroom, his demeanor formal and seemingly uncomfortable with the bandages becoming looser, and arched his eyebrow slightly.

“Alright, come here, I’ll treat your wound.”

His eyes swept over Lu Yuan’s eyes that were exposed outside of the bandages, and the smile at the corner of his mouth deepened.

The way he sat on the edge of the bed and stretched out his arms was like he was expecting a hug.

In response, Lu Yuan could only lower his head, not daring to look at Jiu Shu.

He silently and obediently sat next to Jiu Shu, so close that they could hear the other’s breathing.

If it was subterfuge, it was probably only right to get closer now.

Lu Yuan began to fantasize again.

He frowned slightly, trying to force down those unpleasant thoughts, but in the next moment he was stopped by a finger on his brow.


“Don’t move, you’ll touch the wound.”

The young boss leaned forward and carefully looked at the wound near hiss eye.


It was indeed healing very quickly, the bones had been almost visible, but there was now a thin layer of flesh and bl*ood over it.

“It will hurt a little, don’t be afraid.”
The gentle exhale made the tip of Lu Yuan’s ear completely red.

He lowered his eyes, not daring to look at the boss who was close by.

But the boss leaned closer and closer until the point where he was close enough for them to kiss.

Just like what he fantasized about.


Lu Yuan’s body became extremely stiff.

However, the boss just gently blew on the wound.

Laughing softly, he said, “It won’t hurt anymore if I blow on it.”

“…… Hmm.”

Lu Yuan responded in a muffled voice, and then became more and more silent.

His fantasy symptoms were getting worse, perhaps it was time to take medicine.


In order to avoid developing resistance, he had rarely taken any medication lately.

This might also be the reason why his fantasies were getting worse.
While Lu Yuan thought so, he couldn’t help but look at the young boss in front of him.

He was in the process of applying medicine, using a cotton swab to apply it little by little.

The movements were so light that he could barely feel the pain.

Obviously it didn’t matter, it was fine to just sprinkle the medicine on, he didn’t care about the insignificant pain.

“I care.”

Jiu Shu replied seriously.


And Lu Yuan could only curl up his fingers as if nervous, not knowing how to respond.

Faced with a warm concern that he had never seen before, he simply didn’t know how to react.


Especially when there was all that unpleasant love and desire hidden in his heart.


The young boss said softly, putting away the swab in his hand and also straightening up again, increasing the distance between them.

Lu Yuan couldn’t tell what he was feeling at the moment, he just lowered his eyes and curbed those unpleasant delusions.


It was time for him to recognize reality and stop deluding himself about those unwarranted things.

He obviously didn’t watch TV, but he still fantasized about those subterfuge content, it was really ridiculous to the extreme.

“Just thank you? No compensation?”
Lu Yuan felt familiar fingers trailing from his arm, it was as ambiguous as before.




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