C127 – The Ending (VII)

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that ever since the incident had occurred, the hearts of the entire interstellar population had been tightly torn by the changes in this region. The Li Sheng Alliance, as well as several other Stars involved in this w*ar, were of course praying for Meng Jinhuai’s defeat – after all, as enemies, they knew better than anyone else how much of a role Meng Jinhuai could play in this matter.

The Li Sheng Alliance had known from the start that if anything happened to Meng Jinhuai in this stellar expl*osion, then not only the outcome of this w*ar, even the entire Ye Tian Empire would be completely decimated as a result. Especially after the Ye Tian Empire’s military department announced that, in addition to Meng Jinhuai, Duan Hengye had also arrived at the core area of the stellar exp*losion.

Duan Hengye’s appearance was of great significance, and for both parties involved in the battle, his arrival had undoubtedly increased the stakes of this huge gamble. First of all, Duan Hengye had piloted his own mecha to look for Meng Jinhuai. Although his mecha piloting skills were good, finding the other party within the stellar explo*sion was still an extremely difficult thing to do. If Duan Hengye could succeed, then Nanwei would have a chance to survive this Stellar Explo*sion, the tide of the battle would be turned, and the Li Sheng Alliance would definitely miss their greatest opportunity for victory.

But if Duan Hengye failed, not only would Meng Jinhuai’s mecha go out of control due to the stellar exp*losion, his own safety wouldn’t be guaranteed. It was important to realize that this wasn’t only about the safety of both of their lives, but also about the future of the empire. If the worst-case scenario held true, then the Empire’s defeat was almost guaranteed.


And because of Duan Hengye joining the w*ar, defeat wouldn’t only affect the military, but also the future development of the Empire’s technology, and the upgrading of its technological wea*pons. The upgrading of technology and wea*pons would have a profound negative impact.

For a long time, the phenomenon of stellar explo*sions had shown no sign of ending. Many of the citizens of the Empire who had been following this event had felt discouraged, and had decided in their hearts that the Ye Tian Empire would fall into a state of decline from now on.

Although after realizing this situation, the Ye Tian Empire had tried its best to calm everyone down. However, the truth was right there, for a long period of time after that, Meng Jinhuai’s mecha didn’t send out any signals, and the series of chain reactions from the stellar explo*sion were still as strong as ever. Although the Ye Tian Empire had intentionally controlled everyone’s emotions, as well as paid attention to the changes in public opinion, they still couldn’t suppress people’s increasingly pessimistic mood.

However… at a time when almost everyone thought that the battle had already been decided, Meng Jinhuai’s mecha even suddenly sent out a signal to the outside world!

In fact, after careful calculation, not much time had passed since Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye had completely disappeared in the core area of the Stellar Expl*osion. However, due to the fact that people had realized the terrifying aspects of this phenomenon in a short period of time, it seemed as if every minute and every second had been stretched out amongst their feelings.

In a short period of time, the mood of the citizens of the entire Ye Tian Empire was like riding a roller coaster, going up and down constantly. And at this moment, when everyone’s mood had dropped to the bottom with the passage of time, this roller coaster suddenly surged to the highest peak at once.

For the entire Ye Tian Empire, the return signal sent by Nan Wei to Southern was like a shot in the arm. In a matter of moments, the Ye Tian Empire, which was originally wrapped in pessimism, was completely revitalized! After the intensive bombardment of information on the star network, everyone in the empire now knew that the stellar expl*osion phenomenon would affect the control system of the mecha. According to the analysis, if Duan Hengye didn’t succeed and join Meng Jinhuai, or if he failed to comb the system well, then it would be impossible for mecha Nanwei send out signals.

At this moment, there were many mechas waiting outside the core area of the Stellar Expl*osion, and in addition to Dongfang Hewen, who had led the people to join Meng Jinhuai in the battle earlier, even Yu Xinran, who had just come out of the Nutritional Warehouse a short while ago, had arrived here in a starship.

Just now, when the military ministry announced to the public that Meng Jinhuai’s mecha had sent out a message, the entire empire was abuzz. Yu Xinran and Dongfang Hewen, who were now guarding the outside of the core area, couldn’t show their happiness so obviously because they were leading the military ministry and were in the middle of their work. But in reality the two were more excited than anyone else, and underneath the calm exterior, their heartbeats were already accelerating.

Now that the aftermath of the stellar explo*sion had gradually weakened, after a series of professional machines had detected it, the starship Yu Xinran was riding on continued to move towards the core area of the stellar expl*osion. Although Yu Xinran didn’t participate in this w*ar because of her body, her eagerness to see Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai was stronger than anyone else’s. After all, just now, they were in the center of the starburst. And Duan Hengye had piloted his mecha away right under her nose, and it was because of this matter that Yu Xinran’s mental pressure was extraordinary while she was waiting.

Although the general audience of the entire interstellar world and the media were now paying attention to this matter, the w*ar had not yet ended. The military department had received many applications from the media to come to the scene to report, but after weighing the situation, they rejected all those applications. Therefore, at this time, the only starship on the scene wasn’t lively, in addition to Yu Xinran, the rest were a few important staff members of the Ministry of W*ar who were stationed on the large starship.

At the beginning, the signals from Nanwei received by the military department were a little weak. But now, with the complete end of the stellar explo*sion, the signal from Nan Wei gradually grew stronger. At this moment, using Yu Xinran’s light device, they were able to see that Meng Jinhuai’s mecha was moving towards their location bit by bit.

Although Yu Xinran and Dongfang Hewen wanted to see Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai with great urgency, according to the military department’s series of regulations regarding stellar explo*sions, no matter how anxious they were in their hearts, they couldn’t go over there rashly, but could only wait in a specific area as trained.

Finally, Yu Xinran saw that the point of light on the map was getting closer and closer, and when Meng Jinhuai’s mecha moved to the edge of the specified range, Yu Xinran immediately called for the starship she was currently traveling on to move towards Meng Jinhuai’s location.


In a moment, mecha Nanwei would be landing in the middle of this starship.


The starship wasn’t too big, and as it flew over in the direction Meng Jinhuai was heading, the ceiling of the mecha hall slowly opened up. After Nan Wei landed, this hall would be completely filled with its massive body. The position Yu Xinran was standing in was at the edge of the hall, and there was a transparent curtain wall between here and the place where Nan Wei would land in a moment. After the ceiling opened, Yu Xinran tilted her head and saw Nan Wei appearing not far away, she became even more excited.

Yu Xinran saw from afar that although it had experienced a not-so-small stellar exp*losion, Nan Wei didn’t look too damaged. Although the originally smooth outer wall of the mecha had a lot more scrapes and burn marks on it, but with her knowledge of mechas, Yu Xinran knew that these marks wouldn’t affect Nan Wei’s normal use much.

This was good…


Not a moment later, the mecha Nan Wei slowly landed in the hall of the starship. After pausing for a while, a small levitation device flew out from where the cockpit was located, followed by the huge mecha behind it disappearing in an instant. At the same time, the ceiling of the starship slowly closed up, and the transparent curtain wall in front of Yu Xinran disappeared.

Admiral Dongfang Hewen connected his own mecha to the starship, and then drove out into the hall. Dongfang Hewen had always been very calm, but after seeing mecha Nanwei land steadily, a smile couldn’t help but appear on his face.

It all looked so beautiful – a great battle had ended, and Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye had successfully returned to the ship.

The staff of the military department who had followed Yu Xinran to the starship were now all gathered here in the hall, and no less excited than Dongfang Hewen, some of them were already ready to applaud when they saw that the small hovercraft was about to land on the floor.

However, they soon realized that things might be a bit different from what they had imagined…

By the time the hovercraft landed, the hatch hadn’t even been fully opened before Meng Jinhuai walked out from inside. However, before Yu Xinran and Dongfang Hewen, who were standing at the front, could salute Meng Jinhuai, they then saw that Meng Jinhuai was actually holding someone in his arms!

A white lab coat …

This person was Duan Hengye!

After seeing him, Yu Xinran stood dumbfounded, unable to even say a word. For a time, the inside of the starship’s hall was suddenly quiet and somewhat frightening.

Duan Hengye was lying quietly in Meng Jinhuai’s arms, he was motionless and looked lifeless. Slightly moving their line of sight, one could see that the white lab coat Duan Hengye was wearing had a large portion of its chest stained with bl*ood, and they didn’t know when, but Duan Hengye’s arm hung lifelessly.


Duan Hengye…

What was this?

Even though they were all members of the Imperial Military Department with top-notch mental capacity, after seeing Duan Hengye in this state, everyone froze there. But soon, Meng Jinhuai’s voice finally pierced through this fearful silence. Yu Xinran had never seen Meng Jinhuai in such a hurry, after he walked out of the hovercraft with Duan Hengye in his arms, he immediately looked up and asked around, “Doctor! Is there a doctor on the starship?”

As Meng Jinhuai approached, Yu Xinran finally saw Duan Hengye’s face clearly. That said, compared to most people, Duan Hengye’s complexion was already a little too pale. And now his face was as pale as paper… the bl*ood stains on his lips that hadn’t yet been wiped clean looked particularly prominent.


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