C126 — The Ending(VI)

From childhood to adulthood, Duan Hengye had never associated the word “use” with Shen Yiyu.

If it had been two years ago, Duan Hengye would have been slightly disdainful deep down when he heard his father say this. But the problem was that Duan Hengye heard these words two years later. The current Duan Hengye was no longer the same geek that he once was on Earth, he had gone through two years of hard training in the interstellar era, and had experienced several dangerous scenarios that would have been unimaginable in a normal person’s life.

What must be recognized was that now Duan Hengye’s perspective on problems and things was no longer as simple as before.

Especially after Duan Hengye saw that after his father’s words fell, Shen Yiyu, who was kneeling on the ground in the distance, didn’t refute him but remained silent. Seeing this situation, Duan Hengye’s heart couldn’t help but sink. In his impression, Shen Yiyu wasn’t a person who was willing to suffer.

Even if the person Shen Yiyu was facing was Duan Hengye’s father, who was the head of the family. If the other party’s words were incorrect, Shen Yiyu would definitely refute them. Rather than choosing to compromise because of the identity of the speaker.


…… Since Shen Yiyu had remained silent, then it proved that he was indeed using him as his father had said.

Duan Hengye couldn’t see his own appearance right now, but he knew that his expression didn’t look very good.

Two years ago, Duan Hengye might not have been able to figure it out, but he now understood that Shen Yiyu might have approached him with an objective and used him. Although Duan Hengye was only a marginal character without real power in the family, and was also very “unprofessional”, the relationship within the Duan family family was very harmonious; his family loved and cared for him.

His friendship with Shen Yiyu was a good thing that everyone knew about, and this relationship could help Shen Yiyu in his family’s power struggle to occupy a favorable position. After all, under the premise that the entire Duan family wasn’t too deeply involved with Shen Yiyu’s family, the relationship between Duan Hengye and Shen Yiyu represented the Duan family to a certain extent.


Duan Hengye looked at Shen Yiyu, and for a while he actually didn’t know what he should do.

Just as he was looking at Shen Yiyu in a daze, his father had already walked up to the second floor. Now in the hall, besides Shen Yiyu who was kneeling, there were also Duan Hengye’s cousins. Although it could be seen from their expressions that Duan Hengye’s cousins didn’t want to see Shen Yiyu here at all. But the other party’s identity was rather special after all, and seeing that he was still kneeling there motionless, after some time, one of Duan Hengye’s cousins finally walked over, and then stood across from Shen Yiyu and said, “Mr. Shen, now that it’s already nighttime, it’s better for you to go back quickly.”

There were many ancient martial arts families in the country of China, and each family had a different school as well as a different history, which also gave rise to the different temperaments of its members. People often said that the people of the Duan Family all had an elegant temperament about them. It could be seen that even though he was already very impatient in his heart, after walking up to Shen Yiyu, Duan Hengye’s cousin was still very graceful, and he didn’t show his inner displeasure visibly.


He didn’t know what happened, but Shen Yiyu seemed to have been in a daze since Duan Hengye’s father went upstairs. Only when he heard Duan Hengye’s cousin speak did he slowly raise his head to look at the other party.


Shen Yiyu was a very decent person, regardless of whether he was at a disadvantage or not, he never let himself look wretched. After reading the hidden emotions behind the other party’s eyes, Shen Yiyu slowly stood up from the ground. According to Duan Hengye’s understanding of Shen Yiyu, after something like this happened, he should quickly leave his house. But Shen Yiyu didn’t walk towards the door after getting up, instead, he very politely bowed towards the other and then asked, “May I ask if I can go see Ah Heng now?”

…… Duan Hengye didn’t expect that Shen Yiyu would ask this question after getting up. He wanted to see him? Wasn’t he right here?

But as expected, after hearing Shen Yiyu’s words, Duan Hengye’s cousin’s expression, which had been very polite just a moment ago, completely darkened.

“Mr. Shen, now is the time you should leave.” The man standing across the room dressed in black spoke in a deep voice.

Shen Yiyu didn’t say anything, and for a while the atmosphere inside the hall became unusually serious. Duan Hengye even felt that he vaguely smelled the odor of g*unpowder. Because of the words that Shen Yiyu and his father had just said, Duan Hengye now had a very complicated view of Shen Yiyu as a person, and for the time being, he didn’t want to see him.

But this didn’t mean that Duan Hengye wanted to see Shen Yiyu clash with his family. Standing inside the hall, Duan Hengye opened his mouth to speak, but after realizing that no matter what he said they wouldn’t hear, Duan Hengye clenched his fists again and continued to stand there, quietly watching them.

Just when the atmosphere became stagnant, Duan Hengye heard another burst of footsteps coming from the corridor on the second floor. Duan Hengye’s father, who had just gone upstairs a short while ago, reappeared at the railing, and the man who had taken off his trenchcoat just now was still wearing a black shirt without any decoration, his expression still so serious.


He coldly glanced at the scene in the hall, then lowered his head and said to Shen Yiyu, “Mr. Shen, it’s getting late.” Although Shen Yiyu could stand there against Duan Hengye’s cousin, it didn’t mean that he had the guts to go against Duan Hengye’s father. After hearing his words, Shen Yiyu was silent for a while, before finally turning around and bowing deeply towards the man standing on the second floor before speaking, “Sorry uncle, I’ll leave now.”

After saying these words, Duan Hengye saw Shen Yiyu turn around and slowly walk towards the thick wooden gate of his house. Just like when he came, Shen Yiyu’s back appeared extraordinarily forlorn.

After Shen Yiyu had re-closed the gate of the house, Duan Hengye’s cousins inside the hall who were originally sitting together finally stood up one by one and then walked towards different rooms. Seeing the hall that had calmed down again, Duan Hengye thought for a while and once again walked towards the second floor.


The Duan Clan mansion was very large, and on the second floor, in addition to the bedrooms, there were several living rooms that were not small in size as well as parlors. After walking up the stairs, Duan Hengye discovered that his father hadn’t returned to his bedroom to rest, but was sitting alone in a small parlor in the corner of the second floor. A brown leather sofa was placed there, and a floor lamp was lit next to it. The light was a bit gray, but the atmosphere was particularly gloomy. In Duan Hengye’s memory, his father usually liked to sit there when he was free. He used to come here to read and relax, but the expression on the man’s face today clearly had nothing to do with the word “relax”.

Now that it was completely dark outside, Duan Hengye saw a cup of extremely strong coffee sitting on the small table in front of his father. Just as he walked over, the man took a sip of the coffee, then suddenly took out something from the pocket of the trench coat hanging on one side and placed it on the table.

Duan Hengye recognized it – it was his cell phone.

The man sitting on the sofa suddenly got up after finishing the cup of coffee, and then walked towards one side. Duan Hengye saw his father walk into the balcony and then take out a cell phone from his pocket – someone was calling him. After the call was answered, the man looked a little anxious, and after saying a few words, he walked out of the balcony again, then put on his trench coat and walked downstairs quickly.


Duan Hengye saw his cell phone lying alone in front of him like that.


He was certain that no one could see him at the moment, and even the noises he made could only be heard by himself – of course the weirdest thing was that he could only touch physical objects when no one was around. After seeing the cell phone lying in front of him, Duan Hengye hesitated for a moment, then slowly reached his hand over. As expected, after his father left, Duan Hengye’s hand was able to touch the cell phone again.

After not touching this thing for two years, touching this cold metal object once again felt a little strange. But it was obvious that his cell phone hadn’t forgotten its owner.

The phone’s fingerprint lock was unlocked, and when he saw that familiar interface, Duan Hengye’s breath paused. His fingers trembled slightly as they moved towards the screen, he hesitated for a moment then tapped on the novel reading software installed in his phone.


The book “Dumping Interstellar” was still lying peacefully in the library.


At this time, a long period of time had passed since the start of the w*ar, and the entire interstellar media had all focused their attention on that small corner of the interstellar world. Regardless of whether or not they were participating countries in the wa*r, everyone was waiting for the end to come.

After all, regardless of the outcome, it could be predicted that this w*ar would completely set the tone for the development of the Interstellar in the coming decades or even centuries.


Finally, under the expectation of hundreds of millions of people in the interstellar world, this stellar exp*losion that lasted for an exceptionally long time finally came to an end. They didn’t know if it was because people paid little attention to this natural phenomenon before, in their impression, it seemed that this was the biggest stellar expl*osion in recent decades.

Now, although the natural activity had ended, because the phenomenon was very unstable, no one dared to go in and look for the participating mechas.

Everyone was waiting for the final result outside the core area of the stellar explo*sion.

Time passed by and some people in the stars couldn’t help but be discouraged once again. Far away in the Southern Star, the Ye Tian Empire’s military department suddenly received a very familiar signal, and the owner of this signal was their Marshal – Meng Jinhuai.

Mecha Nanwei sent out a signal to the outside world!



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