C66 — [3.5 — Judgement Day]

 Looking at Jiu Shu’s withdrawn hand, Lu Yuan’s heart inexplicably tightened, with a feeling of disappointment.

  But after a few moments, he suppressed these emotions.

  He knew that this was the result he wanted.

  He didn’t want this new boss to get too close to him.

  That would violate the god’s ban.

  ”Alright, let’s go.”

  The snow-white-complexioned boss had a calm expression and only paused briefly, not showing any surprise or anything like that due to the episode just now.

  Perhaps in his eyes, Lu Yuan was nothing more than an ordinary employee of the same gender.

  Occasional physical contact was also irrelevant, he wasn’t at all concerned.

  Lu Yuan fell silent as he thought like this.

  The tips of his ears returned to their usual pale color, and he pushed down those ridiculous fantasies in his heart, extended his hand, and smoothly helped Jiu Shu to pick up his suitcase.

  As the boss smiled at him with thanks, he nodded his head shyly, signaling that there was no need for thanks.

  Poor people like him, who lived at the bottom of the hierarchy, had long been used to suffering, while a beautiful young rich man like the boss, who lived in a favorable environment, was definitely not used to doing heavy work.

  He wasn’t used to doing heavy work, he would get hurt.

  Sweeping his eyes from the palm of the young boss’s hand, which had been strangled red by the luggage, Lu Yuan paused and didn’t say anything.

  He just continued to walk forward, but also took over the lighter briefcase in his hand, then he was more careful than usual strength as he carried the suitcase, he seemed to be very afraid of causing any damage.

  ”Just put it in the trunk, then we can leave, if there is no problem, we can arrive in N city in the evening, then go to the hotel to rest first and catch the plane early tomorrow morning.”


  Lu Yuan nodded obediently.

  In the face of this young boss, his original withdrawn gloominess when facing others seemed to have dissipated, only subconscious meekness remained.

  The workers in the slaughterhouse who noticed this scene revealed stunned expressions, unable to believe their eyes.

  Although the Lu Yuan in front of the new director still had an air of indelible gloom and horror, he didn’t stare at the new director with a cold and frightening gaze.

  Instead, he followed behind the new factory director step by step, his tall figure completely covering the new factory director’s back, unable to show a single figure.

  They know if it was an illusion, they had a moment to think that Lu Yuan was acting more docile than a sheep at this time.

  The workers watched Lu Yuan’s figure go away for a long time before they came back to their senses, feeling ridiculous for the analogy they just made.

  How could Lu Yuan, that horrible guy, be described as a sheep.

  He was clearly harboring evil intentions.

  Although under the lulling of the new factory director, a black-hearted capitalist, this silly big man seemed to have been mesmerized into a frenzy.

  Being played by the new factory director in the palm of his hand.

  But they knew that the eerie fellow like Lu Yuan wouldn’t be fooled forever.

  After all, he looked like a murderer.

  It was only feared that one day when he was squeezed hard enough, he would explode completely.

  It might make a big story all at once.

  He was lucky to be selected by the new factory director to accompany him on a business trip, but he could kill the new factory director if he got angry in the heat of the moment, then throw the body in the wild and so on, it seemed very likely.

  Recently, there were a lot of similar news on the news.

  All of them were that the boss went out on a business trip, his originally trusted subordinates stole, murdered the boss and then escaped.

  The current chaotic state of the federal government had also made the process of investigating these murders very slow, and by the time they reacted, the murderer had long since fled to a foreign country out of reach.

  It could be seen that traveling alone with an employee was very easy to reveal the nature of the employee.

  Maybe after this business trip process, the new factory director would completely recognize the nature of Lu Yuan and no longer favor him.

Then their chance would come.

  Thinking of this, the crowd’s gazes, which were still somewhat envious, returned to calm, and the work of the men became lazy again.

  Anyway, no one was staring anymore, and they didn’t have that energy to continue the disguise.

  They’d just wait for the boss to return from his business trip to continue to perform.

  At this time, Lu Yuan who walked away didn’t know the thoughts of the people behind him, and didn’t care.

  He looked in front of the overall streamlined, stylish, spacious brand-name luxury car, it was many times better than the best cars he had driven.

  Lu Yuan didn’t own a car.

  He was only able to learn how to drive because he was asked to be a driver once before when his parents were alive, and he understood how to drive after just a few glances at the operation manual.

 Perhaps it was an innate talent, the first time he drove a car his proficiency was enough to rival that of a veteran driver of many years.

  ”Let’s just use this car for now, none of the other cars have been shipped over, only this one is barely usable.”

 The young boss’s tone carried the characteristic carelessness of the rich.

  It was as if this luxury car, which was enough to buy an entire slaughterhouse, was nothing in his eyes.

  Not to mention the employees within the slaughterhouse.


  Probably because of his nervousness, Lu Yuan’s palms were slightly sweaty, and he restrained the subconscious gloominess in his eyes as he placed the suitcase in the trunk.

  The suitcase that was so heavy that Jiu Shu could only drag it along was light as a feather in his hands, and he put it in with ease.

  ”Hard work.”

  The young boss exclaimed.

  Lu Yuan bowed his head and accepted his boss’s praise.

  His young boss was obviously well-born and elegantly brought up.

  The polite elegance between words and behavior was already engraved in his bones.

  Even to him, a good-for-nothing, poor and ugly fellow, he was still polite.

  There was clearly no need to say thank you.

  He didn’t care about that.

  Lu Yuan watched the tall back of the young boss walking towards the car door, and his dark pupils seemed a bit stunned.

  Only after a moment did he return to his senses and also walked to the car door.

  Opening the car door, he sat in the driver’s seat.

  The good thing was that the operation of the vehicle was much the same, Lu Yuan simply looked at it a few times to familiarize themselves with the operation panel of the luxury car.

  Without having to be reminded by Jiu Shu he had already started the car slowly.

  He drove smoothly and skillfully without any bumps, and soon drove onto the highway.

  Jiu Shu was sitting in the passenger seat.

  This actually made Lu Yuan a bit surprised.

  Because in his memory, most rich people with drivers sat in the back seat.

  After all, the driver and the owner shouldn’t have been put on the same level.

  But Jiu Shu, this young rich man, didn’t seem to care about these things.

  He just looked thoughtfully out the window at the trees that kept receding backwards and the yellow sand that gradually grew more and more.

  The desertification in this area was getting worse and worse.

  Because of the excessive logging during the urbanization back then, it had now turned into a fallen city and state after the depletion of resources, so lonely that it was as if it had been forgotten by the entire world.

  The sparsely populated terrain had also made this city even more desolate, and sometimes they couldn’t find a gas station for more than 10 kilometers in a row.

  However, due to its proximity to nearby cities, it was still occasionally visited by people traveling on their own, but there were often news stories of strange disappearances of tourists, and no bones had been found yet.

  Although the police determined that it was a wildlife attack, rumors of a murderous demon infesting this stretch of highway also circulated online.

  This rumor made Jiu Shu feel somewhat familiar, certain that he had seen it in the original or its spin-offs.

  He couldn’t help but open the system panel and take another closer look.

  His lightly-narrowed eyes became more and more quiet and moving, as if he was leaning against the seat to take a nap.

  At this time, it was already approaching midday.

  Lu Yuan was driving a straight vehicle with only an endless straight highway in front of him.


 The rising daylight distorted the air on the highway and the temperature rose.

  He looked at the gradually unfamiliar road in front of him, expecting to feel nervous and uneasy the first time he left his hometown, but to his surprise, he didn’t.

  On the contrary, his mood at the moment was much calmer than he had expected.

  Perhaps it was because his young boss was sitting beside him.

  It was strange, as long as he stayed beside his boss, his mood would be much more soothed, as if he had taken the most powerful psychotropic medication.

  Without the side-effects of the medicine.

  Lu Yuan thought in silence, his gaze subconsciously looking towards the passenger seat on his side.

  Seeing that the young boss named Jiu Shu was resting her eyes with his eyes closed, his sweaty black hair slightly curled around his pale ears, revealing his snow-white skin.

  There were also those long furry ears that were stuck to the top of his head, slightly twitching because of his happy mood.

  Beads of sweat slid down his fine pale neck.

  ”Time to turn on the air conditioning.”

  Jiu Shu spoke suddenly, and he tightened his grip on the steering wheel violently, relaxing only after realizing that his young boss hadn’t noticed his prying eyes.

  The bandaged and tightly bound face remained devoid of much emotion, only the taut, well-defined jaw could be seen under the bandage.


  The air conditioner was turned on and cool air instantly filled the carriage, dispersing the unbearable dry heat from earlier.

  It also dispelled the beads of sweat on the young boss’s temples.

  ”If you’re tired, you can pull over to the side of the road to rest, the flight is tomorrow, so there’s really no rush.”

  Lu Yuan listened to the young boss’s voice and heard the gentle concern in it, which made his heart beat a little faster.

  Because of the impolite spying just now and those unpleasant fantasies before.

  The love and desire forbidden by god was indeed incredibly ugly, and would make him become shameless and even do nasty things that he had never once thought of.

  Obviously the boss didn’t have those nasty thoughts at all.

  It was only him.


  Lu Yuan answered silently, but didn’t stop.

  To him, driving wasn’t tiring.

  Even slaughtering hundreds or thousands of meat pig livestock non-stop every day inside the slaughterhouse would only make him slightly tired.

  Now this bit of work wasn’t even close to tiring him out.

  Jiu Shu’s gaze swept over the upper half of Lu Yuan’s face, which was covered by his messy black hair, and he restrained the thoughts in his mind.

  Confirmed, that rumor on this stretch of highway was the one that had appeared in the original.

  In the original, the hero and heroine had encountered a family of crazed homicidal maniacs on their way to the slaughterhouse.

  Unlike the ones that never killed before the end of the world, and even after the end of the world mostly only killed monsters that invaded their territories as punishment.

  This was a family of monsters that had no sense of morality in human society.

  They stopped passing vehicles on this road before the end of the world, k.illing all those owners and making jerky for their consumption.

  But after the end of the day, their families were all hunted down and ki.lled by the flesh and blood monsters, and in the end, they were saved by the male and female protagonists.

  Although they loved to eat human flesh, they were quite sentimental and treated their rescuers well.

  Not only did they show the way and send a lot of supplies along the way, they also marked the monsters that might be on the way for both the male and female protagonists.

  Especially the monster butcher inside the slaughterhouse.

  It was specifically marked that it was best not to enter the slaughterhouse and not to go near the ghastly madman who had lost his humanity.

  A tall man who was even more terrifying than them monsters.

  But sadly, the heroine entered the slaughterhouse anyway in order to be guided by god.

  Trying to find any traces god might have left behind.

  In the end, she only found the idol of the god that the butcher had put in the room, and almost put her life on the line.


The good thing was that in the end there was no danger of escaping, and then the family helped them a lot as they recuperated.

  And because of the family’s sense of contrast, they were quite popular to the original novel’s readers.

  They had a lot of goodwill towards the family.

  This led to this family getting a subsequent spin-off game series.

  And, of course, the object of punishment.

  As a monster with a heavy, oppressive presence in the original, it left a considerable psychological shadow on readers, and had the same increasingly terrifying exterior aura in the game adaptation.

  However, perhaps because of the overly excellent game design, the Butcher’s tall and perfect figure actually made many players change their minds.

  Not only did they lose the disgust and contempt they once had, many people even played the game every day just to relive the Butcher’s upper body, which was tied up with white bandages to create a silhouette.

  Especially that muscular silhouette and smooth muscular lines.

  One point more was fat, one point less was thin, carrying the unique muscular beauty of the human body, and was said to have a charm that made people blush.

  It was to the level that could mesmerize people to the point of crazy screenshots even without showing his face.

  Coupled with the Butcher’s silent character, expressionless when beheading players, only occasionally would he emit a weary, low sigh, full of an adult male’s magnetism, it enamoured the players

  So the brutal antagonist’s popularity became high enough to exceed the main characters, and as a result, a number of butcher-related spin-off works were born.

  A number of hack-and-slash mini-games, in which you control a completely deranged Butcher as he hacked and slashed his way through a post-apocalyptic world.

  It also represented what the production team wanted to express, the Butcher’s never-ending end after the end of the world.

  Just like those monsters born from humans in the apocalypse, there was no room for any established fate under the apocalypse.


  Jiu Shu glanced at the well-developed muscles of the object of punishment, which were indeed very fit.

  But he seemed to become even taller and more ghastly, even less human, in the process of mutation after the end of the world.

  It was drifting away from the normal human life he wished for.

  Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze thoughtfully and once again looked out the window.

  According to the original depiction, it should be almost to the hunting range of the family.

  This family loved to scatter glass shards on the road, puncturing the tires of vehicles before pretending to be good guys and exposing their hideous true colors after compelling them to enter the house.

  And in the game, the family’s combat prowess, even when beefed up by the production team, didn’t seem to be able to withstand a single hard hit from the Butcher.

  Only their escape was fast.

  ”Hahaha! So slow!”

  ”Slow, slow-!!!”

  Suddenly, two speeding motorcycle locomotives came by the window of Lu Yuan’s driver’s seat.

  The locomotives were modified and painted with flowery graffiti and swear words.

  Obviously the work of the two young men and women on the motorcycles.

  They were probably the jobless youths spawned by the recent social climate.

  Dyed hair of various colors, permed curls, dark eye shadow, and gothic makeup.

  Foul-mouthed and with a decadent scent, they had lost hope for the future since their adolescence due to a repressive society, and had become bikers who simply pursued sensual thrills.

  ”Pay no attention to them.”

  To these rebellious teenagers, the more one payed attention to them, the more troublesome they became.

  Lu Yuan’s pale arm resting on the reverse disk was originally slightly tensed, but at this moment, it relaxed again.

  He seemed to be obedient to his young boss’s orders.

  But where Jiu Shu couldn’t see it, the dark eyes under his bandages looked over at the youth who was about to spray graffiti on the car window.

  His eyes were cold with an inhumane light.


The bandaged face had the oppressive look of a monster with the look of a predator at the top of the food chain, sending chills radiating from the bones of all who looked directly into the gaze.

  He didn’t want anyone to hurt Jiu Shu.

  Even if it was a vehicle he didn’t care about.


  The youth didn’t know why, but looking at Lu Yuan’s bandage-covered face, he suddenly didn’t dare to spray paint it like he’d seen a ghost.

  But then, he reacted.

  Looking at his girlfriend’s contemptuous gaze behind him, his face reddened and he hurriedly gripped the handlebars of the locomotive and added full throttle, wanting to make a clean break.

  But Lu Yuan’s car skills were far better than these people, he easily suppressed them to death behind the car, while still not having a scratch on the car.

  His car skills were top notch.

  ”Very good.”

  The young boss’s voice carried a smile, unexpected and appreciative.

  Lu Yuan was stunned, as if he then reacted to his own self-interest, and couldn’t help but tighten his fingers a little nervously, fearing that the boss would be disgusted with him for this.

  But the young boss didn’t seem to care about such minutiae, he just rested his palm against his cheek and looked at the unchanging rambling grass outside the car.

  The ground was sparse, leaving only flowing yellow sand.

  The only sound left in his ears was the rustling of the yellow sand flying, and the sound of tires rolling over the road, restful and quiet.

  ”Be careful of the ground in a while, I heard that people scatter pieces of glass on this road for robbery.”

  Jiu Shu lazily rested on the recliner and reminded softly.

But Lu Yuan watched as Jiu Shu’s neck, which had become increasingly fair after relaxing, and the wings that had been folded up behind him, pausing on the pure white and lovable feathers. After a moment, his gaze quickly shifted away.

  It was only after a long time that he finally remembered and responded with a hmmm, indicating that he knew.

  Sure enough, on the ground not far away, Lu Yuan saw large shards of glass on the highway.

  His natural keen intuition for danger made his dark gaze sweep past a few wooden houses along the road, noticing that there seemed to be someone inside staring at them.

  But he didn’t say anything, just skirted the area and continued on.

  Shortly after driving out, in the rearview mirror, flames rose from that road.

  It appeared that a vehicle had collapsed there.

  It was probably the speeders who had refused to give up.

  Lu Yuan withdrew his gaze to the young boss, who was oblivious to everything behind him, and resumed his silence.

  He didn’t inform him of these things, because he knew his kind and gentle young boss would be in a tangle over it.

  And really, those strangers were none of their business.

  So, Lu Yuan continued to drive earnestly, trying to keep the car as smooth as possible so that he wouldn’t feel the slightest bump.

  The face under the bandage was as indifferent as any normal person who was driving, without any change in expression.

  There didn’t seem to be the slightest sense of empathy for the injuries of his kind.

  To him, those people really weren’t his kind, just some meat animals that kept making noise.

  Another distance was driven.

  The yellow sand filled environment had finally changed.

  There were lush trees crowding the roadside, and a gas station appeared not far away.

  The map showed that it was the only gas station on this highway.

  Lu Yuan looked to Jiu Shu at his side, wanting to tell him that it was time for them to get gas and gain his approval.

  But Jiu Shu seemed to have fallen asleep.

  Always looking out the window at the unchanging scenery was really hypnotizing.

  Looking at the sleeping face of his boss, Lu Yuan’s dark eyes trembled and seemed to freeze for a while before coming back to his senses.

  Then, his eyes softened a lot in a rare way.

  He drove more and more slowly, slowly pulling into the gas station.

 Seeing that the automatic refueling machine was locked, with the words machine malfunction, he had to go to the staff.


Lu Yuan looked at the interior of this gas station that stood in the middle of nowhere and was somewhat dilapidated, and inexplicably had a strange intuition that wasn’t exactly dangerous, but only felt revolting.

  But now the amount of gas in the tank was really not enough to last until dark.

  Lu Yuan paused, but still got out of the car.

  But before getting out of the car, he adjusted the air conditioner to the right temperature and closed all the windows and doors tightly.

  Ensuring that no one other than Jiu Shu himself could open the car door from the outside before giving up.

  The car had bulletproof glass, and the body had been specially thickened, designed for rich people to prevent being attacked, so Lu Yuan was quite relieved for the time being.

  Still, he decided to go and return quickly, not wanting to leave him alone for too long.

  With this in mind, Lu Yuan walked to the room inside the gas station.

  Before he even walked in, he heard the sounds of men and women screaming in agony with their mouths covered from inside.


  ”Please …… oooooh, let me go!”

  ”My parents will give money ooooo-“

  Lu Yuan heard that it was those two pairs of speeders.

  He walked past with an indifferent expression, checking the other machines nearby, which were also broken.

  Looks like the only way to find it was to go inside.


  Lu Yuan took after his boss’s gentle self and knocked somewhat stiffly and politely on the door.

  The movement inside the door stopped instantly.

  ”Who is it?”

  It was the middle-aged man’s rough-voiced voice.

  ”Refueling. Machine, broken.”

  Lu Yuan’s voice was wooden.

  And the person inside the door seemed to hesitate for a long time before coming to open the door with confidence, and after opening the door, he saw Lu Yuan’s tall to ghastly figure and that bandaged face.

  The dark, almost numb eyes stared at the person without blinking.


  Lu Yuan handed out the cash.

  The bald man inside the door, on the other hand, looked at the silent, wooden look of Lu Yuan and suddenly broke into a hideous grin.

 ”Oh! I remember, aren’t you the car owner who bypassed the glass! Hahaha! Actually sent yourself to the door! Dad, I told you, we’re bursting with luck today!”

  ”Look at this piece, we can scrape out a lot of meat, enough for our family to hold a barbecue party hahaha!”

  The bald man opened the door wider, so that the people inside the house could see the man standing outside the door, and the same, Lu Yuan also saw everything inside the house.

  Several people with salivating mouths had meat cleavers in their hands and were cutting meat from the bikers they had tied up in the corner.

  Piece after piece, blood was dripping, and the bikers were also white with pain, no longer having the same demeanor as before.

  They looked at Lu Yuan outside the door, revealing desperate pleading eyes.

  Lu Yuan’s dark eyes lightly narrowed, not speaking or responding to those bikers.

  He could only see the ill intentions of these people.

  It seemed like the refueling would become troublesome.

  This made Lu Yuan, who originally wanted to go and return quickly, a little agitated, and the fingers resting on his side trembled nervously.

  But the god taught people to abandon love and hate.

  Neither the emotions of love and desire, nor hatred should be indulged.

  He had gone against it many times recently.

  It could no longer be violated.

  And just as Lu Yuan fell silent, another ugly male with a strange expression stepped out of the room.

  He looked at Lu Yuan and smiled.

  ”Let’s see! Oooh I remember, at that time there was also one sitting on his passenger seat, looking at that look, these two relationship seems to be unusual hehehe!”

  ”Two guys? Don’t gross me out, man!”

  ”How would I lie to you, I took the binoculars to see clearly, that the man in the passenger seat had white skin and tender flesh, but he really looks like a water spirit, even more good looking than movie stars! Hey you say, how does it feel to fu.ck him?”

  ”Isn’t it great–“


 The ugly man’s eyes widened in horror as he was choked to death by a pale, strong palm.

  One could only see his toes in the air.

  The unprecedented sense of weightlessness made him experience for the first time the fear of those humans he had eaten in the past.

  The fear reached its peak especially when it met the eyes of the owner of the pale palm that seemed to be devoid of emotional fluctuations and seemed to be filled with horrible emotions.

  Cackle- The creepy sound of the bones in the neck being compressed.


  A brief silence in the gas station was followed by angry curses from the others in the room.

  ”You, fu.ck! Let go of Lao San!”



  They couldn’t see the tall man’s face, and his messy black hair covered the upper half of his face, making him look gloomy.

  He stomped the bald man who wanted to come up to save the man under his feet.

  The enormous to unbelievable force caused the bald man to spit out several large mouthfuls of blood with a pale face.

  It was completely unexpected that this big man in front of him who looked like he just had developed limbs and a simple mind actually did have such great strength.

  Being able to lift a burly man with one hand, and still being able to easily trample him under his feet.

  Now, the family in the room understood that they had met a tough opponent, and their faces became sinister.

  Gu.ns were pulled out from their bodies and aimed at Lu Yuan.

  Lu Yuan slightly sidestepped, his inhuman face locked eyes with them.

  Bang Bang-!!!

  After the deafening sound of gu.nshots…..

  Inside the car, Jiu Shu’s eyelashes fluttered and he opened his eyes.

  Looking at the empty driver’s seat, he sat up straight and looked out of the car to the gas station.

  At this moment, inside the dimly lit gas station room, on the floor piled with leftover bones,
  there was a succession of crashing sounds resounding.

  It was as if something was constantly hitting the floor.

  From time to time, there were sounds of bones breaking and blood splattering, frightening to the extreme.

  In the corner, the speedster who had a piece of belly meat cut off by the family were in tears, but they didn’t dare to make a sound.

  They didn’t even dare to breathe, desperately struggling with the gradually loosening ropes on their bodies.

  Only wanting to quickly leave this horrible place.

  They swore that they would never race after going back, they would never race again!

  Originally, they thought that the family was scary enough, but they didn’t expect this mute and gloomy looking freak to be even scarier than them!

  Even with a g.un, they couldn’t stop this monster, instead they got themselves shot by themselves and were killed or injured.



  DING DING DING – The sudden ringing of a cell phone interrupted the noises.

In the dim light and shadow of the gas station, the neurotic, pale palm constantly knocking his mouth on the floor, stopped moving.


  In the horrified gazes of the speedsters, the man with a tall to grotesque build and a bandaged face pulled out his slightly worn cell phone from his pocket.

  The call was answered with an intensity that made the speedsters feel overwhelmed with horror.

  ”Are you in the gas station?”

 On the other end of the cell phone came the confused concerned voice of a young male.

  The soft tone was highly at odds with the blood splattered everywhere in the room, and with the man standing in the shadows covered in blood, as if he were in two worlds.


  ”Got the gas.”

 ”Soon, go back.”

  The tall man’s voice was low and magnetic, but inexplicably a certain meekness could be heard, and the speedsters in the corner showed expressions like their worldviews were shattered.

  They must have misheard.

  ”Oooh-” And just as he replied.

 The ugly man at his feet who had his mouth full of teeth knocked out let out a thin sob in a haze of consciousness.

  He was already in so much pain that he was unconscious.

  All he remembered was being choked the entire time, only being able to helplessly wiggle his toes, and never being able to break free, he was obviously an overweight adult male.

  It was only when he was about to suffocate that he was released to meet even more agonizing torture.

  And the family members who had wanted to shoot to save him all fell to the ground.

  Either they were beaten and broken all over, or they were used to block the g.un and were shot into a sieve by their own people.

  Too terrible …… that man ……

  Not human …… was a monster! Definitely a monster!


  Stomping the last piece of cheekbone on the ugly man’s cheek and silencing those annoying livestock noises, the tall man’s expression under the bandage was devoid of emotional fluctuations and almost mute.

  He lowered his eyes to look at the strange man who had spoken out of turn to insult Jiu Shu.

  They hadn’t known each other before, there was no grudge built up.

 But he still couldn’t help the emotion of loathing.

  Though it was only a forced counterattack, they were the ones who shot first.

  They weren’t dead either, just slightly injured.

  Not to mention that these injuries were insignificant compared to what they had done.

  But he was still considered to have gone against the will of god.

  Looking at the family in the room with massive fractures all over their bodies, Lu Yuan seemed to have just reacted to what he had actually done, his expression growing numb.

 He shouldn’t have done this, against the will of god, he had sinned deeply ……

  Loosening the strength of his feet, the man’s face under the bandages actually had a bewildered expression.

  It was as if all that bloody abomination just now had been unintentional on his part and he was bewildered by it.

  He even curled his fingers up a little nervously.

  All he knew was that he had to hurry back, he couldn’t delay any longer.

  Jiu Shu was still waiting.

  ”There seemed to be a noise over there?”

  The young boss suddenly let out a confused inquiry.

  Apparently, he had heard the ugly man’s cries just now, as well as the cries of the others.

 Upon hearing this, Lu Yuan paused and looked at his blood-stained palms, his pupils trembling as he wiped them clean on the clothes of the ugly man who had been beaten into shock at his feet.

  Only then did he reply somewhat hesitantly, “It’s the sound of a television.”

  ”…… Okay, I’ll wait by the car.”

  After a moment of silence, Jiu Shu didn’t seem to notice anything unusual and agreed with Lu Yuan on a meeting place.

  Lu Yuan didn’t put the cell phone away until after he hung up.

 Ignoring the speedster in the corner who was so scared that he was on the verge of fainting, he didn’t forget his purpose and carefully rummaged through the house for a fuel drum.


  Pressing the bald man’s wrist, which was softened into a puddle of rotten meat, under the fuel drum, Lu Yuan silently looked at the amount of fuel before putting down the cash and leaving.

  And just as he was about to walk to the car, his eyes already able to see Jiu Shu, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

  Because he realized that he hadn’t wiped the blood off his arm, and the blood was dripping down from the bottom of the drum drum, as if he had just killed someone.

  Everything looked like what those who had once denigrated him had said he looked like.


  ”Is something wrong?”

 The young boss leaning against the car door looked up at the tall man in front of him.

  Jiu Shu put his pale, blood-stained arms behind his back and also rested the oil drum on the ground.

  Unknown emotions settled in his dark pupils, causing his arm to tremble nervously, “The machine is broken, so I went to get the fuel drum.”

  And behind him, the moistened soles of his shoes were crimson bloodstains.

  Thick blood was roiling out from under the drum.

  ”It’s okay.”

  Lu Yuan blocked it from the vision of Jiu Shu in front of him, his pitch-black pupils were dilated, but he still tried to pull the corners of his mouth, revealing a slightly rusty smile under the bandages.

  To his young boss, everything was fine, nothing had happened.

  There was no blood or bodies behind him.



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