C123 – The End (3)

Although because of the mist, Duan Hengye couldn’t see clearly what type of mecha was in front of him. But he could be certain that encountering an unfamiliar mecha in such a situation was definitely not a good thing.


While maneuvering Nan Wei to retreat, Meng Jinhuai said to Duan Hengye, “The stellar explo*sion contains many combustible gases of unknown composition, and its concentration will rise as the stellar explosion continues.” Although Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai couldn’t hear anything that was said across the room right now, but the atmosphere made it so that Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but lower his volume when he said this. The atmosphere instantly became serious.


Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye became more and more nervous. The point that Meng Jinhuai had just mentioned was something that Duan Hengye had never known before. After the other party’s words had fallen, Duan Hengye moved his line of sight to the front. He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but Duan Hengye felt that the gray shadow seemed to be slowly moving towards them …


Don’t scare yourself ah …… Duan Hengye slowly withdrew his sight, and then took a look at the operating status of the mecha system on the light device at this time. It could be seen that after a period of Duan Hengye’s maintenance, Meng Jinhuai’s control rate over Mecha Nan Wei had now reached over eighty percent. Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye paused for a moment, then immediately exited the interface and turned to look towards the mecha’s defense system.


He saw that because the mecha’s control system had recovered most of its strength, the defense system was now functioning very well. However, after listening to Meng Jinhuai’s words just now, Duan Hengye still didn’t dare to be careless. Taking advantage of the time when Meng Jinhuai slowly moved back in his mecha, Duan Hengye continued to strengthen the defense system.


Right at this moment, Duan Hengye suddenly saw a burst of strong light shining towards him. Although the special material on the mecha’s viewport filtered it, Duan Hengye was looking down at the light device at the same time that the light shone, his heart skipped a beat.


It seemed that he wasn’t wrong just now, that gray shadow was indeed a mecha. Duan Hengye was sure that the mecha that surrounded Meng Jinhuai just now was of a very low grade compared to Nan Wei. Since it was able to control the lights to shine towards this place now that Nan Wei was out of control, it was 80% likely that it was brought behind the asteroid by the energy shortly after the stellar explos*ion started, and then hid in a more hidden place.


In other words, the other party’s luck was indeed good. Sometimes, the success or failure of a w*ar was also closely related to luck.


Although the asteroid in front of him was small in size, hiding behind it was indeed much better than facing the starburst directly. Mecha Nan Wei was still slowly moving backward, it wasn’t that Meng Jinhuai didn’t want to speed up. It was visible that the stellar explo*sion not only did not have the slightest intention of stopping, but on the contrary, it was gradually increasing. Although the mecha could be controlled, it couldn’t resist the enormous thrust generated by the stellar ex*plosion.


At the same time that Duan Hengye discovered this, Meng Jinhuai, who was sitting beside him, spoke first, “There are three mechas on the opposite side.”


Three …… three mechas?


After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help feeling confused for a moment. The mechas on the Li Sheng Alliance’s side were too lucky! It wasn’t enough for one mecha to be sent here by Stellar Ex*plosion, but it actually sent three? If it wasn’t for the fact that Duan Hengye had read the novel, when he heard Meng Jinhuai’s words just now, he would have questioned who exactly the member of the protagonist group in the book was.


He lowered his head and looked towards the light screen in front of Meng Jinhuai – sure enough, there were three points of light there.


Meng Jinhuai continued to explain, ”Before, they connected their mechas in order to better besiege Nan Wei. Later on, the mecha queue was scattered by the stellar explosion, so there’s nothing that screams surprise if three of them were brought here together.” Meng Jinhuai was a marshal after all, and his rich combat experience had given him a calm mindset that exceeded the norm. Obviously, encountering three enemy mechas in the middle and late stages of the Stellar Expl.osion was an extremely frightening thing, but such a close call was just told by Meng Jinhuai in a calm manner.


The cockpit of the mecha was quiet again, and just as Duan Hengye was unsure of what words he should say, Meng Jinhuai suddenly twisted his body over to him, “Ah Heng, are you afraid?”





Scared? This was a feeling that everyone would have. But at this moment, Duan Hengye had nervousness about the battle, and worry about Meng Jinhuai. But …… it seemed like he really didn’t have a moment of fear. He didn’t know where this fearlessness of his came from, but he was very sure that at this moment, he indeed really didn’t have anything to be afraid of.


“Good.” Meng Jinhuai suddenly looked at Duan Hengye and smiled, then slowly turned around to go towards the opposite side of the mecha, “Now that the power of the Stellar Expl.osion has once again increased, the mecha’s backward movement speed will continue to slow down. If we can’t get out of here immediately, then …… it would be better to make a preemptive strike.”


Although hiding behind the asteroid had maintained their strength to a certain extent, but in the end being in the middle of a stellar exp.losion, the other party’s mecha control system must have been affected as well. By attempting to get closer to Nan Wei, they were trying to close the attack distance to ensure that they gave this side the biggest blow. Therefore, what Meng Jinhuai meant by “pre-emptive strike” was to attack the other party before they got close.


But this was also a very dangerous thing to do, after all, this was the core area of the stellar exp.losion. Even though the attack was directed towards the other party, their current position would inevitably be affected. However, just like Meng Jinhuai said, if they couldn’t leave, then the only thing they could do was to pre-empt the attack.


After Meng Jinhuai finished speaking, Duan Hengye saw the viewport in front of the two of them slowly turn opaque. As the designer of Nan Wei, Duan Hengye knew that right now, Meng Jinhuai was turning on the complete defense mode of the mecha. In this mode, the viewport baffle that was originally made utilizing high-strength materials was also once again covered with even thicker materials – after all, this place was directly in front of the cockpit.


The scene in front of him was no longer a purple mist, and seeing that his line of sight was being blocked, Duan Hengye became a little uncomfortable. He turned his gaze to Meng Jinhuai’s side, only to see that because most of the mecha’s systems had been restored, Meng Jinhuai was now able to use the mech’s positioning system to automatically track down the target of attack instead of utilizing the window of vision and his eyes.


On the light screen in front of Meng Jinhuai, three light blue dots appeared, and according to the location and movement trajectory, it could be judged that these were the three mechas that had luckily been brought behind the asteroid. Once the image was loaded out, Meng Jinhuai quickly positioned himself on the light device then prepared to launch an attack.


But their enemies were far more frantic than imagined. According to Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye’s imagination, the three mechas from the Li Sheng Alliance should have aimed to get close to Nan Wei’s current location and then launch a close-range strike at them. But the truth was …… that those mechas couldn’t wait that long.


Now that the power of the Stellar Explo.sion was getting bigger and bigger, those three mechas, although they had been hiding behind the asteroids, were gradually losing control. Seeing that Meng Jinhuai was moving into the distance and realizing that he was getting farther and farther away from them, one of the mechas finally made a crazy move.


Although it was separated by a thick layer of mecha shell, after a few seconds, a loud sound was still heard in Duan Hengye’s ears. That sound was blocked by the soundproofing material on the outer wall of the mecha, and it was a bit muffled after reaching the ears, but it was like a w*ar drum that heavily beat onto Duan Hengye’s heart.


It wasn’t a weap*on attack, after all, currently Duan Hengye only heard an exp*losion, and there was no abnormality in Nan Wei. Although the sound was weakened quite a bit by the soundproofing material, after it reached his ears, it still called for this powerful mecha designer to judge the cause in a matter of moments.


–Just as Nan Wei’s wea*pon system was positioned, one of the mechas on the opposite side couldn’t help but turn on its self-destruct mode.


They clearly knew that with their mecha’s current chaotic systems, they wouldn’t be able to accurately launch the attack on Meng Jinhuai’s side. And Nan Wei as a top level mecha, its strength was unpredictable and mysterious, although there was a chain reaction of stellar explo*sions to help, they weren’t sure how much damage could be inflicted on the mecha Nan Wei, since the wea*pon system’s attack wasn’t enough, what about …… one of the mechas?


Duan Hengye knew how terrible a mecha’s self-destruct mode was. In addition to all the wea*pons loaded on it attacking outward from the center of the mecha at the same time, all the energy loaded on the mecha itself would also be instantly converted into artillery fire and attack everything around it.





Although the viewport had already been closed and Duan Hengye couldn’t see the scene outside, according to his experience, the energy generated by a mecha after it opened its self-destruct program was already enough to cut off a quarter of the nearby asteroid,…… not to mention that it was still the time of a stellar eruption.



Would a mecha’s self-destruction cause a chain reaction in the middle of a stellar eruption? Duan Hengye couldn’t say, but he instinctively felt fear.


The above thought only happened in a split second, and immediately afterward, Duan Hengye unfastened the safety belt on his body as fast as he could, and then lunged in the direction of Meng Jinhuai’s location.


Although he was already injured, at this moment, Duan Hengye’s movements wasn’t slow. The quick reaction ability that ancient martial arts brought to him was all manifested at this moment……. Before the world turned gray, the last thing Duan Hengye saw was Meng Jinhuai’s incredulous eyes, as well as his shocked expression.


“…… Ah Heng?”


His consciousness sank into darkness once again.



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