C67– [3.6 – Judgment Day]

“……It’s good that you’re okay,I woke up and realized that you were missing, I thought you had met a robber.”


Looking at Lu Yuan’s empty eyes, the young boss’s gaze swept past the crimson traces at the corners of his coat.


Then, with an expression not much different from the usual one, he stretched his back, seemingly not noticing his abnormality, and turned around to go back to the carriage.


“Then let’s go after refueling, it’s hot outside.”


He wiped away the sweat on the corner of his forehead.


After standing out for a while, he was already sweating from the heat.


Watching Jiu Shu sit back in the car, Lu Yuan’s arm, which was backed behind him, finally relaxed slightly, while his tense muscles still trembled slightly.


Lu Yuan lowered his head, looking at his blood-stained trembling arm.


The face wrapped in bandages showed no emotions, only increasingly emotionless eyes.


Standing in the same place for a long while, Lu Yuan finally raised his head.


He had to hurry.


He picked up the drum behind him, avoiding the vision of the young owner of the car, put the stained drum into the back of the car, and then took out the soft cloth in the trunk to wipe it.


The bl*ood slid down the drum iron, and was wiped away by the soft cloth to the last trace.


Until it no longer oozed bl*ood, the soft cloth was soaked.


It was only then that Lu Yuan realized that the clothes he was wearing were also partially stained.




Looking at the blo*od stains on his clothes, his fingers holding the corner of his shirt tightened for a moment.


He wondered if Jiu Shu had seen it just now.


Probably not.


Because if he had seen it, this young boss who had lived in a greenhouse all his life would have shown a look of disgust and fear just like everyone else.


Thinking this way, Lu Yuan lowered his eyes, but there was no sense of happiness in his numb gaze, and instead he became even more silent.


He just couldn’t help but think about how the boss who was friendly to him would treat him one day after he discovered what had just happened.


Although in the eyes of Lu Yuan, just now he had only taught a lesson to a few ugly meat animals that had spoken out of turn.


Tearing their mouths, breaking their limbs, and listening to them let out piercing hisses of meat pigs.


Until finally they quieted down and only let out weak cries.


But Lu Yuan understood all the same that in the eyes of other normal humans, they were of the same kind, with all the characteristics of humans.


There would be no one who could understand the world in his eyes.


The world that was filled with the color of bl*ood, with walking livestock as far as the eye could see.


It was getting to the point where he couldn’t think of them as humans anymore, he just wanted to dissect them one by one, cut them up, and put them back where they belonged.


It was only his faith in god that kept him barely sane enough to not indulge in the foul desires of k-illing and loathing.


But Lu Yuan didn’t know how long such restraint could last.


Perhaps one day he would go completely insane, so insane that all reason would disappear.


He wanted to be sane too, but it was almost impossible for him.


The image of cutting open the belly of the meat pig and revealing the scarlet interior began to echo in his mind again.


And this time, the images were interspersed with the pretty young man with a look of abhorrence on his face.


Lu Yuan narrowed his numb eyes and suppressed all these images, maintaining his precarious sanity, he continued to mechanically wipe away the blo*od.


A few moments later, in order to prevent the stains on his body from being noticed, he took out the spare clothes in his suitcase and changed into them.


It wasn’t until he was sure that there was no more blo*od on his entire body that he walked over to the gas filler on the left rear side of the body with the gas bucket and poured most of it.


Only then did he put the rest back in the trunk.




Inside the car, the dark-haired young man looked out at Lu Yuan, who was preparing to enter, and said in a warm voice, “Actually, it’s fine to rest for a little longer, you must be tired after driving for so long.”


“…… Not tired.”


Lu Yuan looked at the young boss inside the car.


His eyes paused on his face that was so beautiful that it was out of place in the entire world, and his temples that had begun to throb became a bit more relaxed, finally not as tense as just now.


He seemed to change back to his previous calmness.


Still, he couldn’t help but glance down at the clothes he was wearing once more.


Ensuring that there were no mistakes before getting into the car, he slowly started the car.


And at this moment, in the gas station behind them, the four wretched bikers had just escaped from the room.


They had thought that the tall monster man should have already left.


But they didn’t expect to collide with him face to face.


Looking at the bandaged man sitting in the car who was preparing to start the car, they were so scared that their faces turned pale.


Through the transparent window, they could see that there was a young man sitting on the side of the bandage man, but they couldn’t see it clearly because of the bandage man’s tall figure.


They could only see that the bandaged man had changed into a white shirt, which showed off the muscles of his upper body more than the dark gray long sleeves from before, and was tall and stocky.


The bulging muscle lines under the shirt allowed one to fully imagine the terrifying explosive power hidden underneath these muscles, no wonder he could drag a strong man up with ease.


Thinking of the scene just now, their legs wobbled, all of a sudden they couldn’t move.


Their eyes watched as the car driven by the bandaged man drove over in their direction.


Did he want to silence them?


Several of them were so scared that they rolled and crawled to the side to hide.


And the car didn’t seem to have the intention of running them over, it just swept past them and slowly drove out of the gas station.


But they were still pale and vold sweat soaked all over their bodies.


It was only because the moment they brushed against the vehicle just now, they saw the bandaged man sitting in the driver’s seat glance towards them.


That face wrapped up in bandages revealed an inexplicable sense of eeriness, and not the slightest emotion could be seen.


The moment the pitch-black eyes locked eyes with them, it made their brains go blank and they nearly fainted.


Witnessing the vehicle going away, they covered their wounds that had just stopped bleeding and were now crumbling with fear, scared out of their wits, struggling and trying to crawl in the opposite direction from the vehicle.


They never wanted to meet that monster again, that bandaged man was simply a monster!


Especially the eyes of the bandaged man, which couldn’t transmit a single ray of light, but gave them an unprecedented fear, even giving them the illusion that they were livestock about to be slaughtered.


Psychological oppression completely forced them into insanity, they only knew how to cry while crawling out.


At this time, Lu Yuan had already driven back to the highway.


At this point, there was still nearly half the way to N city, and the sun had reached directly above the head, roasting this straight asphalt road.


The air conditioning in the car barely maintained a cool temperature.


Jiu Shu was a little afraid of the heat, so he turned the temperature down a little more, and then as if suddenly remembering something, he looked at the object of discipline on his side.


“Is it too cold?”


After all, he wasn’t the only one in the car, and it would be rude to turn it down all the way.


Lu Yuan could see what the young boss was thinking.


He shook his head, signaling that he wasn’t cold.

The freezers in the slaughterhouse had even colder temperatures, and he never felt cold.


In fact, he rarely felt hot either, his physique was almost superhuman compared to normal people.


Lu Yuan was only worried that his boss would feel uncomfortable.


After all, the boss was less able to suffer than a thick-skinned bottom-feeder like him.


He also didn’t want to see his boss show a difficult expression, just thinking about it made his heart tense up.


“It’s really a normal temperature.”


The young boss suddenly reached out and touched Lu Yuan’s arm where his shirt was exposed.


The fingertips brushed over the pale skin of the object of punishment, and the moderate temperature seemed cold and comfortable on this hot summer day.


No fear of the cold indeed.


It seemed that in every world he was physically fit.




Lu Yuan’s body suddenly stiffened a bit.


His ears hidden under his black hair slightly reddened.


A tingling sensation instantly spread throughout his entire arm as Jiu Shu’s fingers brushed over it.


In his ears, what the gossiping workers had called “a more obvious move” resounded once again.


The love that had been forcibly suppressed began to beat in his chest again.


His pupils widened slightly, and he knew that he should reject his boss’s harassing behavior now.


He was a devout believer in god, he should follow all the laws of the god and reject all love and hate, not to mention that he had already violated the prohibition time and time again before.


He could no longer continue.


By no means could he go and touch things like love and affection like an ordinary person, that would make his sins completely unforgivable.


It was also completely impossible to become a normal person.


But, on the other hand, as a newly valued staff member, it didn’t seem right for him to reject his new boss with too blunt an action.


Thinking of this, Lu Yuan’s pale arm muscles tensed slightly, becoming somewhat at a loss for words, and could only allow his boss’s fingers to run over his arm.


Before his blank brain could think of any appropriate response that wouldn’t hurt his boss, his boss’s slender fingers retracted again.


Leaning back on the passenger seat like it was nothing, he played with his cell phone.


The boss on his side acted as if nothing had happened, so Lu Yuan’s stiff body slowly returned to its original shape.


He should be grateful.


The boss’s friendliness towards him wasn’t mixed with any other factors, it was just out of appreciation for his hard work, which was a good thing for him.


It was also the only way he could better suppress the dirty love and desires in his heart until they were completely obliterated.


Whether it was for him or the boss, it was a good thing.


Thinking like this, Lu Yuan’s emotions returned to calm.


But in the dark pupils that were narrowed, there seemed to be a loss that he himself didn’t even know.

The vehicle was still moving.


For the rest of the trip, it was safe and sound.


The highway was so quiet that there was only the sound of yellow sand flying, and in the car there was only the breathing sounds of Lu Yuan and Jiu Shu.


Jiu Shu was seriously playing with his cell phone, his fingers quickly clicked on the keyboard, and Lu Yuan could only see his snow-white, beautiful side face.


The young boss’s skin was delicate, different from his pallor, there was a beauty that was permeated with luster, and the white plush long ears that were hidden between the hair strands was even more so that he couldn’t help but take a look at it again and again.


Coupled with the regular breathing of the young boss, Lu Yuan’s emotions gradually smoothed out, and there was more than a smudge of fondness in his eyes.


On this uninhabited highway, the feeling of being the only two people in the airtight car, him and his boss, was really subtle.


It gave Lu Yuan’s heart a warm feeling.


Compared to the previous feelings of love and desire that only made his heart beat wildly, this feeling made Lu Yuan feel unfamiliar, yet incredibly enamored.

Looking at the endless highway in front of him, he even had the delusion of wishing that the road would never end.


That way time would stand still in this quiet and peaceful moment forever.


There was no overwhelming madness, nor was there a sense of guilt for going against god, there was only a warmth that made his heart soft.


However, delusions were just delusions, and all journeys came to an end.


The sky darkened slightly, the roadside scenery was still desertified yellow sand. However, one could vaguely see the bustling city at the end of the road, with buildings arranged in rows.


Looking at those tiny humanoid shadows in the city, Lu Yuan’s eyes under the bandage became obscure and seemed to be a bit out of focus.


Soon it would be time to reach their destination, and when it was, there would be no more time for the two of them to be alone like this.




Nor would there be that warm feeling again.


Lu Yuan’s fingers on the steering wheel subconsciously clenched.


He didn’t know what to call his current mood, he could only feel the discomfort that was depressing him.


He knew that it was probably those annoying sinful desires at work again.


He should ignore the feeling.


“We’re almost there ah, let’s go to the booked hotel to rest first.”


The young boss also realized that he was about to reach his destination, he put away his cell phone, looked at the distance, and gave a gentle smile to Lu Yuan.


“It’s been hard for you on this journey, let’s go and have a good meal when we arrive at the hotel in a while, it’s my treat.”




Lu Yuan froze as he looked at the beautiful smile on Jiu Shu’s face before collecting his heart, which had begun to beat again, and responded in a muffled voice.


He glanced at the speed of the car and hesitated for a moment before changing it.


He knew that his young boss was probably hungry.


Not everyone was as resistant to hunger as he was; he was just used to being hungry since he was a young boy, and his boss wasn’t.


He couldn’t deliberately drive slow just because of those inexplicable emotions.


Just like that, after the sky darkened, Lu Yuan also finally drove the car into the city.


N city was a more prosperous city than F city where the slaughterhouse was located, and as soon as he entered, he could see the lights on the roadside lit up next to each other, and the crowds of people coming and going.


The noisy sounds could be faintly heard even with the car windows.


The boss seemed to be a little curious and looked at everything outside the window, he also followed the boss’s gaze and looked over.


He saw hideous grinning pigs and other animal heads…


Without exception, they were all common livestock in slaughterhouses, and even their walking postures were becoming more and more similar.


Perhaps they would become more and more alike in the future, until they finally became livestock altogether.


“Want to go out for a stroll later?”


The boss took the initiative to invite after noticing his gaze.


It seemed like he was saying this because he felt that his employee wanted to go out and play, revealing the thoughtfulness of a competent boss.


“I can reimburse all expenses.”


The boss smiled kindly, clearly the kind of good boss that all employees wanted.


Lu Yuan’s bandaged face grew whiter against the neon lights on the side of the road, and he looked at Jiu Shu at his side, shaking his head in silence.


He didn’t really feel like wandering.


Especially since walking through streets littered with livestock would give him the illusion that he was about to get to work, with a restrained desire to k-ill.


“Alright then, I happen to be a bit tired as well, here’s the address of the hotel, it’s just around the corner.”


Jiu Shu didn’t care about Lu Yuan’s refusal, he curved his beautiful peach blossom eyes and pointed in the direction of the hotel.


It was the most luxurious five-star hotel in the city, occupying a high-rise building.


The hotel’s light sign that towered over the high tower looked particularly bright in the illuminated night.


And after arriving at the hotel, the hotel’s maitre d’ quickly arranged everything for the two.


But Jiu Shu still needed to go to do a more detailed registration, he let Lu Yuan wait there for a moment, they would go to the hotel room together in a while.


Lu Yuan nodded obediently, his tall figure and eerie bandaged face actually looked a bit well-behaved at this moment.


Jiu Shu saw this and left with peace of mind.


Leaving him standing in the corner of the hotel’s gilded hall, near the elevator, looking at the people coming and going, there was not the slightest fluctuation of emotion in his eyes under the bandage.


No matter how much the guests walking past him looked like a meat animal to be slaughtered, he didn’t make a move.


He simply narrowed his eyes and curled his palms together, ignoring the tinnitus that was gradually ringing in his ears as he waited for his young boss to return.


But a few moments later, he suddenly heard a strange sound of water coming from nearby.


When he turned his head to look, all he saw were two meat animals leaning together, their lips interlocked with each other, even with their fat tongues sticking out.


One was a meat pig with drooping skin and the other was a sheep with relatively tight skin.


Both were well suited to be cut down the middle, and were sure to ooze out a lot of greasy fat.


Then the cuts were layered and divided into fat and lean pieces of meat.


“Alright baby, wait for me to check-in and we’ll get a room in a few minutes!”


The male meat pig spoke in a middle-aged man’s hoarse voice from his salivating mouth.


While the sheep with slightly curled fur in front of him nodded and made the sound of a young man’s pretentious voice.


“Be quick oh! I can’t wait~”


It was two same-gender meat animals.


Jiu Shu’s gaze swept over the sheep, causing him to subconsciously shiver.


Only when he followed the gaze did he realize that it was a tall man with a bandaged face.


Looking at him expressionlessly, his aura was gloomy and he was dressed like a typical country bumpkin.


The Sheep looked down at Lu Yuan’s clothes, his face showing disdain.


After Meat Pig walked away, he seemed to have instantly changed into a different person, not the softness he had just had.


“Hey, stupid big man, what are you staring at me all the time for!”


“Ho ho it’s envy, I can see it, don’t you also have a gold backer following you around? I didn’t see his face, but he’s younger than me~”


Lu Yuan stayed silent as he ignored the meat animal’s accosting and averted his gaze.


He was just curious as to why two same-gender meatbeasts were together just now.


Unlike his boss, who was se*xually normal, and him, who held fast to his teachings, these two meat animals seemed to have a filthy love for each other.


So dirty and filthy.


As the doctrine said, filthy and unappealing.


“You! What kind of appearance do you have! Are you looking down on me!”


The sheep man looked at this country bumpkin who ignored him, and for a moment, his nose almost turned crooked in anger.


If it wasn’t for the fact that he had seen his own gold backer, he wouldn’t have cared to pay any attention to this kind of country bumpkin dressed in old-fashioned clothes.


As a result, this person actually dared to ignore him, and even though he couldn’t see the expression on his face, the sheep man’s intuition told him that this person was looking down on him.


“Hmph! How noble do you think you are, you still have to serve a backer to get in here, by yourself, you won’t be able to get in for several lifetimes!”


“You wait for me, even someone like you can only look up to me, which shows that your gold backer’s vision is really poor. I can take him and -”


Before the words were finished, the man suddenly felt like he had been strangled, unable to make a single sound, and could only see the sinister eyes of the bandaged man who looked over fiercely.


There was a creepy coolnessseeping into his bones.


“You! What do you want to do! This is a public place!” The sheep man was frightened by his look.

For the first time, he realized that there really were people whose eyes could be so intimidating, looking at him with empty eyes that was almost as if he was looking at livestock to be slaughtered.


Sheep man bluffed and took a step back, although his expression was still arrogant, his forehead was already covered with cold sweat.


He was sure that he might have messed with a mur*derer on the run this time.


Recently, the law and order in N city was very bad, several mu*rder cases happened one after another, the culprit still harn’t been found, and it was rumored that the dead people could already fill up the morgue.


If it was the bandaged man in front of him, he was completely convinced of the truth of the rumor.


“Mess with me and my man won’t let you go! Even your gold backer will be implicated ah-”


Before he could finish his words, the sheep man was grabbed by a large pale hand by the collar of his shirt, and was actually carried up in the air.


He was so scared that his face turned pale, his hands desperately trying to move the bandage man’s palms away, his neck was already strangled by the collar with red marks, and his breathing wasn’t smooth.


Even though this was a hotel lobby, there weren’t many people in the corner, and coupled with the fact that a mu*rderer’s mind couldn’t be put into consideration, the sheep man felt that there was a high probability that this man would kil*l him on the spot.


Now he finally knew he was afraid, his mouth turned white and he trembled as he apologized to the bandage man, just begging not to ki*lled.


“I’m sorry sorry sorry! I shouldn’t have said I was going to take your gold backer oooh- I’m wrong, I don’t dare to do it anymore!”


Sheep man apologized repeatedly, but the bandage man seemed unmoved, still facing him with his bandaged face, his face with unreadable features had a monster-like inhuman feeling.


Sheep man was so scared that he almost peed his pants, he couldn’t breathe.


Only after a long time did the bandaged man speak out with numb eyes, “…… No, gold backer.”


The relationship between him and his boss was clean and clear, there was no tainted love affair like that.


They would never do dirty things in plain sight.


They just had a boss-subordinate relationship.


“Ah yes, it’s not the gold backer, it’s not oooh, you guys are in true love, you’re in love with him, and he’s in love with you-” before the sheep man could finish his sentence, the hand at his neck tightened violently again, and the bandaged man’s gaze became even more sinister.


Meeting that lurid gaze, Sheep Man broke down completely.


He really didn’t know what this country bumpkin wanted to do, he was really a homicidal maniac, his thinking was completely incomprehensible, and he didn’t have a good face even when he said something nice.


The sheep man was unable to breathe from the tightened collar, he was snotty and didn’t know what to do, while in his praying gaze, the horrible homicidal maniac man in front of him finally spoke again, his tone still raw: “No, love.”


There was no love.


There was no love that god would allow.


Neither he, nor the beautiful young boss, should dabble in that filth.


“Oooo let me go oooo I know, no love, you don’t love him!”




Behind him, the young boss who happened to be coming back stopped in his tracks.


He seemed to have heard the phrase “don’t love”.


Lu Yuan, who had his back to Jiu Shu, froze, and suddenly had a feeling of not being able to breathe.



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