C65 – [3.4 —- Judgement Day]

Lu Yuan didn’t dare to look up at Jiu Shu.



As the young boss with a bright smile looked at Lu Yuan, his eyes softened some, he was no longer polite and directly said his purpose: “In fact, today I called you over to ask if you have time in a few days.”



“I need to go to H city on a trip, J just need a bodyguard, if you don’t mind, can you please temporarily act as a bodyguard?”



“After all, H city has been very chaotic lately.”


It should be said that the whole world had been in chaos lately.



Over the past year, the economic depression had caused a lot of trouble for the country.



Many people had lost their jobs and become poor, which had given rise to many illegal and criminal incidents, and the crime rate had also soared.


H city, where Jiu Shu was going this time, was one of the cities most seriously affected, and recently there had been a number of vicious criminal incidents of public murder and robbery.


There had also been many acts of mobbing and burning in the street, and the level of law and order was so low that it had been classified as a tourist danger zone by other cities.



Recently, because of some business transactions, he had to make a trip there.



Since he had to carry a large amount of money for goods, the issue of personal safety became the primary challenge.



“That’s the way it is, that business deal is kinda important, I was still worrying about how to get over there, after seeing you I immediately felt that you are the only one who is the most suitable person for the job.”






Lu Yuan, who had just recovered from his panic, raised his head to look at the young and gentle new boss in front of him.



He didn’t really know much about business matters, so he could only look straight at his new boss with a bit of bewilderment.



To Lu Yuan, this beautiful young boss had a kind of magic power that made people involuntarily feel close to him, especially when he spoke with a gentle and cheerful smile on his face.



As if full of trust.



This kind of trust was something that had never existed in Lu Yuan’s life.


As if in the eyes of the new boss, only he was the most reliable employee.


Only him.


There was no substitute.


And since he was a child, he was never the one who was irreplaceable.



Whether it was his parents or outsiders, he had always been a can be discarded at any time defective product.


Looking at the way those narrow and beautiful peach blossom eyes curved up slightly, Lu Yuan couldn’t help but be a bit mesmerized.



In his scarlet vision, those increasingly sticky scarlet flesh and blood also became enamored and stuck tighter.



So tight that it made him blush.


“So, do you agree?”



Jiu Shu’s voice was as light as a feather in Lu Yuan’s ears, but it carried an inexplicable aura that caused his heartbeat to keep accelerating, giving him the urge to agree to whatever the request was.



But this was something god wouldn’t allow.



It was clear that they had only met three times, but his heart was already beating several times as fast as it used to.



Those desires that weren’t permitted by god were indeed, as they said, the devil’s compulsion that would lead people to hell and never be forgiven by god.



And to Lu Yuan, only his own self after being forgiven by god could be turned into an ordinary person.


So he could only refuse.






Lu Yuan heard himself answer Jiu Shu in a low voice.



Giving an answer that was completely different from what was in his mind.





He tightened his fingers in bewilderment, the palms of his hands resting restrainedly on his knees completely clenched together at this point.



“Great, then you can go ahead and pack some changes of clothes for the next few days, we might be there for a few days.”



The young boss revealed a quick smile and even gave a deposit in advance for being a bodyguard.

“Take it, don’t be polite, it’s what you deserve, and there’ll be more bonuses when we come back from the business trip.”

Lu Yuan hesitantly took the envelope containing the money, his lips parted, utterly unable to say any word of refusal.



Maybe it was just because the bonus was larger.


Recently, he needed to go and repair the aging house, so he needed a lot of money, so that was why he agreed.



Lu Yuan thought to himself, using a reason that even he didn’t believe.


The guilt in his heart for going against the will of god, however, finally diminished, and he left the office in a trance.


And Jiu Shu sat in the office that had quieted down again, his brows lightly furrowed as he remembered the foolishness of the object of punishment just now.



Finally, he wasn’t always silent and devoid of any mood swings like in the original.


For a disciplinary object whose spirit was on the verge of insanity, the calmer the emotions were kept, the heavier the mental repression and bondage would mean.



That was why it was a good thing for him to see Lu Yuan show a trance-like expression.


That meant that the series of moves he had made so far had not been in vain.



Going to H City in a few days to take a break from this land that the object of punishment in the original had never left until his death should be able to further ease his mental state.


Thinking like this, Jiu Shu clicked on the system panel again and looked at the contents of the original with a light frown.



The object of discipline in the original was always a quiet man.



No one understood him under the bandage, and he also seemed to resist being understood by others, only from the original could one see the object of discipline’s inner repression and bondage.



For example, this clip was from the scene after the end of the world, when the male lead, Li Sheng, travelled to the slaughterhouse to save the female lead.



[Li Sheng was holding a g.un, and he had wanted to go and find his girlfriend, Li Qi, but now he was unable to protect himself.


He could only walk carefully inside the slaughterhouse, his leather shoes gently moving on the muddy, blood-stained floor, making as little noise as possible.



However, even though he had been very careful.



The dragging sound behind him never stopped, and even intensified violently after Li Sheng breathed a little louder.









The broad face of the blade pierced instantly through a rusty cabinet door.



The bulky machete that was clearly full of tonality was incredibly sharp at this point, easily chopping the cabinet door to pieces, leaving only the iron piece at the door handle to block it.



Li Sheng’s expression was ugly as he rolled in place, escaping the coverage of the machete that was half a man high.



When he looked back in shock, only a tall silent butcher’s back was reflected in his eyes.



The butcher had a humanoid body, and his upper body, which was too tall and robust to be human, was wrapped in bandages.



The leather skirt tied around its waist was stained with a thick layer of blood and grime, emitting the smell of the congealed blood of unknown creatures.



And the bulky and wide machete in its hand lifted the wind with the stench of blood, he lifted its weight and swung the heavy blade without feeling the slightest bit of strain.


After Li Sheng fled, the butcher also raised his head and looked at him.



Blood was constantly dripping down from the blood holes where the bandages on his eyes were sunken, and he clearly had no eyes, but he could make people feel the chill of deathly coldness.


That was the smell of death.

It was true as the mouths of the family of fear-filled psychiatric patients from before had said, there was an incomparably terrifying monster inside the slaughterhouse.



That was the butcher.



Li Sheng was still a bit unconvinced before, thinking that it was those people who were exaggerating, how could anyone turn into a monster that would be so powerful.



In his opinion, the butcher could never be more powerful than a flesh and blood mutated monster.



It was just a mortal flesh.


Now, he realized that he was the one who was very wrong.


The Butcher was indeed an incomparably terrifying existence, both his strength and size were far beyond the range of humans.

It couldn’t be harmed at all.



Especially since it had long since lost its human consciousness, and was only relying on its crazy instincts to hunt and kill all living things.



Whether it was a human, or a flesh and blood monster, it would kill them all.




Li Sheng watched as the Butcher ripped open a flesh and blood monster that stopped in front of it alive, blood mixed with black guts spilled all over the sky, staining the Butcher’s bandages that were already covered in stains even more crimson.



However, fortunately, taking advantage of the moment when the butcher’s hand tore down the flesh and blood monster, Li Sheng successfully escaped from the slaughterhouse.



He collapsed at the door of the slaughterhouse in a state of weakness, and saw that the Butcher inside the door, which was only a few steps away, had stopped in its tracks.



It didn’t have the ferocity it had when it had just torn apart the flesh and blood monster, and it just stood at the junction of light and shadow, looking at Li Sheng who had fallen to the ground.



The face that had no five senses and was only dripping with blood seemed to be staring at Li Sheng.



It clearly had a human appearance, but it was filled with inhuman defiance everywhere.



It gave people the creeps.



After a few moments, it looked like it had lost interest in Li Sheng, dragging the heavy machete behind it, and returned to the interior of the slaughterhouse with its still lagging limbs in motion.



It didn’t pay any more attention to Li Sheng who escaped the slaughterhouse.



Li Sheng was saved, but he knew that they would meet again].



The butcher in the original had an extremely strong sense of extra-humanity, and although he was in humanoid form, he actually didn’t much human emotion anymore.



However, from his special reaction when facing the heroine, it could be seen that he still maintained some slight consciousness.



It was just that his repressed spirit had blended all his emotions into madness, reducing him to a monster.



Especially from the subsequent derivative works, it could be seen that the butcher wasn’t unable to leave the slaughterhouse, it just didn’t want to leave.



So as soon as the hero left the slaughterhouse he stopped hunting, looking like he was bound by some kind of rule, but in fact he was bound by himself.



He resisted change and didn’t want to embrace it, locking himself in the slaughterhouse.



And now, he was just in time to correct this repressed mental state.



While he had no qualms about the closed self of Lu Yuan, it must have been painful for the object of the punishment to be in that state.



Putting away the system panel, he was thoughtful.



There were many reasons regarding the object of discipline’s madness, and in Jiu Shu’s opinion, a large part of it was due to the repression of society.



The original didn’t depict too much about the world before the end.



Only by actually being in this world could one understand that perhaps the world was already on the brink of insanity even before the end came.



There were protest marches all over the world, and under the shadow of the economic crisis was the epitome of a downtrodden and depressing time.



Whether it was a big city or a small, isolated town where the slaughterhouse was located, everyone was shrouded in a depressing atmosphere, and the entire society had an extraordinarily somber mood.



Against this social backdrop, the tragedy of the object of the punishment was a completely logical thing to happen.



With his already poor mental state, coupled with the crowd’s mocking and ostracizing and the heavy sense of oppression given by the times, it was entirely predictable that the object of discipline, as an oppressed humble person at the bottom of the social hierarchy, would go completely insane.



However, for the capitalists at the top of the pyramid, who possessed countless amounts of money, this era was still a time of intoxication.



Any crumbs left on the table could easily change the fate of the lower class like the object of punishment.



The public either hated and envied these rich and extravagant people, or they were fascinated by them, but they couldn’t hide the longing they felt from the bottom of their hearts.



If there was a chance to get close to the rich, then countless people would go for it.



As a well deserved wealthy capitalist in the eyes of many, perhaps in the eyes of countless people, Jiu Shu was the generous person who was about to condescend and change the fate of slaughter.




Thinking in this way, Jiu Shu gathered his thoughts and raised his eyes to look downstairs at the object of punishment.



Downstairs, Lu Yuan was preparing to restart his work.



And having just come out of his boss’s office, he obviously received quite a bit of attention.


Even though they were all scared out of their wits because of the layoffs just now, they were still sneaking peeks at Lu Yuan without any trace.


There was envy and confusion in their eyes.


How could they understand why a rich boss like the new factory director who was so generous with his money would be so favorable to Lu Yuan, a freak in the eyes of the onlookers.



It was simply unbelievable. He’d called Lu Yuan up for a conversation several times in the past two days alone.


And every time he came down, Lu Yuan’s pockets would be bulging, obviously getting a lot of rewards.


Making people more and more envious and jealous.



Lu Yuan ignored those gazes and remained silent as he changed into the apron that was gummed up to prevent blood from spattering and began his own heavy work.


Only leaving the crowd with a tall and indifferent back.



However, to the crowd, this was Lu Yuan showing off.


It was obvious that he had already gained the boss’s favor, yet he still had to act so aggressively, as if he was deliberately setting off their laziness, just to make them feel ashamed of themselves.


What a small-minded person!

However, remembering the indifference of the boss to those sacked employees just now, the crowd was momentarily silenced, no longer bothering to look at Lu Yuan and concentrating on their work.


No one wanted to be the next employee to be laid off.



In this small, economically underdeveloped city, it wasn’t easy to find another job with such a good salary.



Don’t look at those who just walked away very dryly, in their hearts, they must have even regretted it.



Not to mention the fact that the new boss was obviously very rich, and if they worked hard, their wages would definitely be higher than now.


Maybe they would also become the next employee to be valued by the boss.


After all, even Lu Yuan, that freak who looked so scary, could do it, it didn’t make sense that normal people like them couldn’t.



Thinking like this, the workers became quieter.



Even the attitude towards Lu Yuan has changed subtly, no longer like before when they secretly mockrd him.



After all, Lu Yuan was favored by the new boss, no one wanted to offend him, and even went against the norm and started to curry favor.



Quite a few people held the natural thought that if they ingratiated themselves with him, then they would also have the opportunity to get close to the boss.


Even if this person was an object they once despised and disliked beyond measure.


In the face of money, people in this world were extraordinarily real.

Looking at the livestock meat pig in front of him that wore a stiff smile and handed him a towel, the man with a bandaged face just looked at it with a gloomy and cold gaze.



He ignored the towel.



Then, proceeded to cut a deep slit in the abdomen of the pig hanging upside down in front of him.



Unable to see his face, he could only see his muscularly defined pale arm stained with the blood of the livestock, dripping down to the floor.


The worker shivered at the inexplicably eerie gaze of Lu Yuan.



Feeling that his gaze was like looking at a dead thing, there was a kind of creepy wooden eeriness.



He could only walk away resentfully.


Jiu Shu in the office rested his cheeks on his palm, looking at everything downstairs, his peach blossom eyes slightly curved.



This was the effect he wanted to get.



Money could make the devil turn the wheels, and the same could change the desperate situation of the objget of punishment in the original.



The next step was to go to H city for a break.



Jiu Shu began to look up the scenic spots of h city, already having a complete plan in his mind.

And at this moment, as if Lu Yuan downstairs had noticed the disappearance of his gaze, he subconsciously looked up.



He could only see the shadowed light inside the office.

Unable to glimpse the face.



Thinking of the appointment in a few days, Lu Yuan withdrew his gaze, and the movements of his hands became a little sluggish.



Going on a business trip with Jiu Shu.



It wasn’t until he walked out of the office that he truly realized what he had actually agreed to.



Something that he had never thought about.



To leave here for another city.



Even though modern technology had shortened the distances between cities and made it possible to go back and forth in a very short amount of time, to Lu Yuan he had never left this small city, and never wanted to.



He was so used to being here that leaving a place he had long been accustomed to would make him feel extremely uneasy and fearful.



He knew it was a mental problem, but he simply couldn’t change it.



Medicine could only cure his intense emotions, but they couldn’t change his fear.



No matter how obscure the memories this place left him with, he had long since accepted it.



Like a long-rooted tree that died when it left the soil in which it lived, he resisted leaving this place.



Just as he had been mentally abnormal before because of the possibility of being fired, he wanted to stay in an unchanging environment, and any unexpected change would make him anxious.

But he had promised the new director.



Jiu Shu’s gentle face came back to his mind, and Lu Yuan’s hand holding the knife paused.



After a moment, it continued to work in silence.



He didn’t think about the words of refusal anymore.



Because he didn’t want to see an expression of disappointment appear on that beautiful face.



Yes, it was just because of that, and for no other reason.



It had nothing to do with forbidden desire, he just didn’t want to see an expression of loss on that face of the only human he could see.



Lu Yuan thought so, and his mood quickly calmed down.



And in the days that followed, he worked as usual, acting as if he hadn’t taken to heart the fact that he would be following Jiu Shu on a business trip in a few days.



It was only on the night before his departure that he lost sleep.



He didn’t know what the reason for his insomnia was, he just looked at the room that he had turned into a mess.



Since he was going to go out with Jiu Shu, he had tried to find the few cleanest and decent clothes he had and some simple necessities.



This feeling, was it nervousness?



Touching his rapidly beating heart, Lu Yuan’s bandage-wrapped face grew more and more silent.

Unsure of how to react to this unfamiliar emotion, he could only keep his eyes open until it was light.

Then getting up and washing, he arrived at the slaughterhouse to work on time as usual.



And at this time, it was still early before the appointed time.



There were only a handful of employees who had just arrived in the slaughterhouse, whispering about something while taking a break.



Recently, the workers had been coming in earlier every day, even more than Lu Yuan.



Even if the trucks loaded with livestock hadn’t come yet and they could only stand dry in the slaughterhouse, they would still come.



Knowing that before, Lu Yuan was the first one to arrive in the slaughterhouse, he had also long gotten used to arriving at that point in time, and being a little early or a little late would make him feel restless.



And a large part of the reason why the workers were behaving like this was because of Jiu Shu’s inspections over the past few days.



Recently, Jiu Shu had been wandering around the slaughterhouse every day, inspecting the efficiency of the workers.


Therefore, as a must see slaughterhouse for Jiu Shu every day, Lu Yuan had become an excellent employee who was praised by him every day.




In just a few days of work, his wages had already risen from double to five times.



The speed was fast like riding a rocket.

So fast that the other employees in the slaughterhouse were dumbfounded, and they became more and more anxious.



Fearful of being compared to Lu Yuan and becoming the next to be laid off.



But even if they tried their hardest, there was always a faint look on the new plant director’s beautiful to the core face.



Although he habitually carried a smile, they could tell that it wasn’t as sincere and bright as he was when he was facing Lu Yuan.



The new factory director’s favoritism towards Lu Yuan was now completely unconcealable.



For a while, Lu Yuan became the only employee in the slaughterhouse that couldn’t be offended, and even the vice plant director had to fawn and give him a smile when he saw him.



“This is too strange! How could the boss ……”



In the distance, the workers who didn’t realize that Lu Yuan had already arrived were getting together to whisper.



But even if they knew that he hadn’t arrived yet, they didn’t dare to mention his name for fear that they would be heard by Lu Yuan and then he’d go in front of the boss to complain.



Then they would be miserable.

“Yeah, this is too much ……”



“This isn’t normal!”



“If it weren’t for that guy not looking very good, I would have thought the boss was interested in him!”




The lowered murmurs of the workers were clear to Lu Yuan’s ears.




But he didn’t make any reaction, and remained quiet as he changed into his work clothes and did his pre-work preparations.



The new factory director was indeed very good to him.



So good that he was at a loss to cope with it and was at a loss for words.



Even his heart felt like it was stuffed with cotton, soft and uncomfortable.



Lu Yuan thought expressionlessly, his gloomy and indifferent face showing no emotion.



He just subconsciously reached out and touched his beating heart.



But immediately afterward, as if thinking of something, the black eyes under the bandage slowly darkened.



It became numb to the point of being almost empty again.



These love and desires shouldn’t be there, neither for him, nor for Jiu Shu.



Not just because of god’s ban, but because of the young boss who always wore a smile.



As the son of a high and mighty rich family, his ugly desire for love would only be met with the most unsavory of responses once it became known.



Even those mesmerizing tenderness of late would disappear completely.



“Maybe it is!”



A voice reached the ears of Lu Yuan, whose mood had suddenly sunk, causing him to lurch in his movements.



“I’ve heard that ah, many of those rich people from the big cities have strange fetishes! There was a rich old man who was obsessed with priests in the past!”



“Maybe the boss really has a crush on Lu, that guy!”



“But, the boss is so good looking ……”



“But what but, look at the boss’s recent intimate actions, not moving, patting his shoulder and arm, smiling as soon as he sees him, and calling him up to talk alone from time to time.”



“His salary has increased so fast but he always has no expression, it may be because he was asked to do that kind of thing when he went to the office ……”



The worker gave a meaningful expression.



“After all, that guy still has a great body!”



Even those who hated Lu Yuan had to admit that he did have an enviable sturdy body.



His strong and tall physique made him look like an ancient Greek statue even when he stood still, not only giving people a chilling sense of eerie oppression, but also having a perfect visual impact.



Broad shoulders and narrow waist, his body was also tall and sturdy, and had the golden ratio that could best reflect the beauty of the male body lines.



Although his face was wrapped in a ghastly white bandage, the contour of his face under the bandage was equally smooth and handsome, with his neck-length black hair shadowing the upper half of his face, revealing only the hard lines of his jaw.



To some people with a special fetish, it might look like something else.



“Y-You’re really quite reasonable when you say that.”

Everyone else showed a shaken expression.



After all, it was just rich people.



The matter of a rich woman spending some money to play with a poor boy and then dumping him after a while was nothing new to the masses who were always after the rich and even the news was filled with the private lives of the rich and powerful.



It was just that this time the rich guy had a strange fetish for a guy with a gloomy and horrible aura.



That would perfectly explain the boss’s preference for Lu Yuan.



“But I still think it’s probably just that he works harder.”



Of course, most of the workers still showed disbelief.



After all, those pats on the shoulder and such had been done to them by the previous factory director Du.


It was just the appearance of capitalist hypocrisy, using seemingly intimate ways to make people work harder for him, but in fact, it was simply squeezing.


The fact that Lu Yuan, that stupid big guy, had been fooled into working harder lately was evidence of that.



Not many people believed that the beautiful new factory director would have those kinds of thoughts about that horrible, gloomy guy.



Why else wouldn’t he have bagged him earlier to enjoy his fortune, instead of continuing to work in the slaughterhouse.



“You guys don’t understand, rich people’s love affairs are like this, hey! You guys don’t go away! I think what I said makes sense–”



“If you don’t believe me, you guys wait and see, the boss, he’ll definitely make more obvious moves, holding a hand, hooking up or something, hehehe-”



The workers who were just listening to the gossip were full of dislike for this ridiculous gossip news, ignored the lead worker who was full of urgency, and quickly dispersed.



Calm was once again restored in the slaughterhouse.



While Lu Yuan, who had yet to change into his work clothes, continued to sit in the corner of the rest room, his head lowered without anyone knowing what he was thinking.


One could only see the tips of his ears under his black hair gradually glowing a conspicuous red color, and the palm of his hand that was originally going to put on his work uniform was placed on his knee at some point.



It seemed to be entangled in something, his fingers subconsciously entwined together.



There was also a dazed look in the dark eyes, as if imagining some picture that had never been fantasized before.



Some image that was even more difficult to talk about than what the Flesh and Bloods had done.



“Let’s go, Lu Yuan.”



A gentle voice suddenly rang in Lu Yuan’s ears.


He jerked his head up, loosening the fingers that had been tangled and hooked together moments ago.



The bandage-wrapped face was clearly unable to show an expression, but he had a kind of heartiness that was visible.






Jiu Shu’s beautiful pupils swept over the roots of Lu Yuan’s reddened ears.



With a face like normal, he continued, “Time is almost up, let’s go, we need to drive to N city first, this place is too remote, there is no direct flight, it just so happens that my private plane is being repaired.”



“Right, I forgot to ask, do you know how to drive?”



The young boss inquired with slight distress, his driver had recently gotten sick as well.


He was beginning to understand why this place was so remote, so many things were inconvenient, even drivers couldn’t be found.



If any tourists came here, they would first be defeated by the inconvenient lifestyle of the last century.


“I, can.”



Lu Yuan spoke up, his voice tinged with a less familiar rawness.



It had been a long time since he had spoken too long a sentence, and it was hard to get used to.



Facing this pretty young boss, he seemed to have done many things that he wasn’t used to before.


Even Lu Yuan himself was a bit puzzled, clearly he used to hate having his habits broken.



Paranoid, stereotypical, and neurotic was his daily routine.



But now, it seemed that all habits would change because of Jiu Shu.


And surprisingly, he didn’t find it hard to adapt at all.





Jiu Shu smiled happily.



Though, he had known for a long time that the object of Discipline could drive.



The object of Discipline in this world might not have been overly bright, but he had always been impeccable when it came to things that required a hands-on approach.



And that had been the only thing he could rely on to get recognized by others and get a job.



It wasn’t until he was sacked in the original that he completely lost the only value of his existence in society.



At least as far as the object of the discipline was concerned, that was his only existential value.



Once lost, he would be abandoned and forgotten, and in the original work, he was indeed forgotten in the corners of society, completely insane.



Jiu Shu just wanted to give him more recognition now.



To make him realize that he was worth much more than just being a butcher in a slaughterhouse.



“Thank you so much, I don’t know what I would have done without you, Lu Yuan.”



The smile on the young boss’s face was tinged with celebration and surprise, his dark pupils filled with the reflection of his face alone.



It was as if he had only him to rely on, so he trusted and relied on him with all his heart.



“…… No, thanks.”



Lu Yuan lowered his head, avoiding Jiu Shu’s gaze, revealing only the tips of his ears that were so red that it seemed like they were about to drip blood.



As a competent employee, this was what he was supposed to do.



“Then let’s go.”




Saying that, Jiu Shu saw the suitcase at his side.



He picked up the luggage’s lever with his hand, but at the same time, Lu Yuan was also ready to pull the luggage.



For a moment, the fine white fingers touched Lu Yuan’s large pale rough hand.



Smooth and soft, it was a very different touch from his rough and scar-filled palm.






Before Jiu Shu could react, Lu Yuan first cringed in dismay, his face under the bandage reddening all the way to his neck.



He remembered the words of the worker just now.



Holding a hand, hooking up or whatever was the demeanor of a rich man who wanted to take a lover.



And he had made a vow to god to stay away from all love and hate, especially desire.



Mother had also asked him to remain pure.



Only by being pure forever could he be forgiven by a merciful god.






Jiu Shu looked at the large pale hand that covered his palm, which seemed to be trembling slightly, but never moved from under his hand.



He also stayed silent.



Blinking, Jiu Shu looked up at the object of discipline and withdrew his hand.



He figured the object of discipline was probably having a stress reaction.



After all, too much intimacy was too much when you hadn’t been in contact with people for a long time.



“Sorry, I wanted to help you, but it’s true that you’re a bit stronger, so it’s better if you do it.”



Before Jiu Shu’s words fell, he saw the redness that had just extended to his neck turn pale at a speed visible to the na.ked eye, even paler than before.



It was as if he had made some incomparably hurtful move that caused the heart of the punishment target to stop beating instantly.






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