Shi Fei looked at the other, then asked word by word: “Designer Lin Kun, you are in such a hurry to deny, are you not afraid of hitting your own face?”



Lin Kun argued: “I don’t know what you want to say, the cleaner the clearer, these two sets of Chinese outfits are my own designs, and I made it very clear where the inspiration came from.”


At this time, Ye Jian also stood out and said: “I know that our Qiluo Pavilion and your Lan Lianfang have some disagreements, a while ago our company’s former design director Xu Tianshen did have some behavioral misconduct, the company has already dismissed him, and also issued an apology statement, you can’t just to splash our company with this kind of dirty water because we accidentally recruited a person with character problems, we were also unaware of the situation.”


“Firstly, Xu Tianshen’s behavior has been heard throughout the industry, so I don’t believe you were unaware. Secondly, what I just said was about Lin Kun’s suspected plagiarism, so don’t try to divert everyone’s attention.” Shi Fei finished speaking and looked at Lin Kun again, continuing to ask, “Designer Lin, have your two sets of Hanfu design concepts, Sunrise and Sunset, been publicly published before this?”




Lin Kun said: “This is my inspiration for this competition, it has not been published, and the pattern copyright has not been registered? So you can’t say I plagiarized it, right?”



“Then that means it’s absolutely impossible for your design to be available on the internet.” Shi Fei nodded, “It’s fine if you say so.”



Shi Fei said to the judges: “Ladies and gentlemen, Lin Kun’s two designs of ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ were plagiarized from a designer of ‘Little Duck’, who, as far as I know, is fond of Han Dynasty clothing. As far as I know, she’s only been into hanfu for less than half a year, but her design talent is very good, and these two hanfu designs are her work.”




“This little girl is still young and doesn’t know that people’s hearts are dangerous. Every time she has inspiration, she likes to draw it and share it with people on Weibo, sharing her design pictures. Lin Kun stole Little Duck’s design. You can search for ‘Little Duck’ on Weibo and see that there are many of her usual designs on her Weibo.”

Many people on the scene took their cell phones and started searching to find ‘Little Duck’ the designer, and saw that it did draw a lot of design manuscripts, due to the fact that she was drawing and doing it on her own, the design talent was good, and the finished products were all still very little.



Plus, the Hanfus she made hadn’t been sold, so in the Hanfu design world, she was unknown.



After reading it, Tang Ke asked: “Ai Wei, this little duck is really quite talented, I saw several designs on her page that have amazed me. However, I didn’t see these two sets of design drawings in her page. You can’t prove what you said yourself, so can I assume that you don’t have proof and are even talking nonsense?”



Shi Fei took out his own cell phone and handed it to Tang Ke, saying, “Teacher Tang, please look at this for me.”



What Shi Fei opened was his Ai Wei’s Weibo page and there was a private message.



It turned out that little duck’s idol was Ai Wei.


Sending a private message to one’s idol, pretending as if they were chatting, was something that many fans would do.



Even if they knew that the other would never reply, they still liked to take this place as a place to talk about their heart.



Almost every day, Little Duck would run up there to chat, sending private messages to Ai Wei about her moods and inspirations or what designs she had drawn.


This little girl, he didn’t know whether to say she was naive or stupid.



He noticed the messages early, but never replied.



Until two days ago, little duck sent a particularly painful message.




“Mr. Ai, I’m in a terrible mood. My mom sold two of my designs for a thousand yuan without my knowledge. She also deleted the posts I made earlier about the designs. When I found out, I wanted to return the money to the other party, but the other party didn’t agree and threatened me saying that I had signed a contract and that I would have to pay 200,000 yuan for breach of contract. That person also wanted to buy my other designs, which I didn’t agree to, I didn’t want to turn my own designs into someone else’s work.”



“I’m in a terrible mood right now, my mom scolds me every day for seeing money and not earning it, saying what I’m doing with all those design manuscripts that I’m putting aside won’t make money. I know I’m still a student and don’t have the money to buy those materials for making hanfu, but these designs are my heart and soul, just like my own children, Mr. Ai, do you have children? Can you understand what it’s like to have your child taken away from you?”



From her words, he could feel that this ‘Little Duck’ wasn’t very old and had some chattering attributes, but he could also feel that she was really sad from her words.



Watching her own design being taken away and put under someone else’s name, she couldn’t say anything, it really didn’t feel good.



Shi Fei replied to her with a ”I will help you get your design back.”



After that, there was all kinds of unbelievable blah blah blah excitement from Little Duck.



Several judges read the private message that Little Duck sent to Ai Wei, it was so long and many pages long, and in the one month of chatting, there were indeed two designs of ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ that Little Duck had sent.



The two sets of hanfu that were exactly the same as the two sets of hanfu that Lin Kun made right now.


Lin Kun staggered backward two steps, his eyes looked at Ye Jian with fear, if this went on, his design career would be ruined ah.



Ye Jian never thought that the little kid had the habit of chatting with Ai Wei in private messages, which actually became the evidence in the hands of Shi Fei.



Several judges were looking at Lin Kun and Ye Jian, and the fans behind him were booing Ye Jian.


Tang Ke looked at the two with a slightly sunken expression, “What else do you want to say?”



Things were already like this, he couldn’t implicate the company, so he could only sacrifice Lin Kun, he gritted his teeth and accused: “Lin Kun, how can you do such a thing? I believed in you so much and sent you to represent the company, yet you did this kind of thing, how can you face me, how can you face to the company.”



Lin Kun looked at him with disbelief: “Mr. Ye?”



Ye Jian said: “If you still have a little bit of conscience, then hurry up and admit it yourself, at least on the basis of you being my company’s employee, as long as you are sincere to change your ways, I can also introduce you to a job.”



Shi Fei couldn’t help but laugh: “Mr. Ye, are you here to play a low version of Luangya Pang? Threatening someone so obviously, are we all fools to you?”



“You’d better tell the truth, otherwise no one can help you. Don’t count on Mr. Ye, after leaving the gate of this competition, your Mr. Ye will be taken away by the police.”


Lin Kun was surprised: “What do you mean?”



Ye Jian was angry: “Shi Fei, do you have to be like this? Don’t be too vicious at such a young age.”




Shi Fei looked at the other and said indifferently, “I have always been cruel to human animals.”



The moment he said this, everyone in the room sucked in a breath of cold air.



You have to know that this was a competition site, and a live broadcast, everyone was watching.



For an ordinary person, such bluntly cursing words were nothing, at most, others would say that this person had no quality.



But for a public artist, it had an extremely negative impact and could play a very negative leading role.


“Is Shi Fei drifting or what?”



“No matter what, he’s still a public artist, I don’t think it’s good to talk like this in public.”



“Brother Fei wouldn’t talk about people like this for no reason, this surname Ye is a bit of a thief, not a good person at first glance.”


“No matter what, it’s not good to scold people like this, right, I’ll unfollow from here.”



“Thank you for turning to the other way, go slowly and I won’t see you off.”



This side, Shi Fei, however, didn’t explain why he cursed.



Lin Kun didn’t consider it for a long time, and after lowering his head and dwelling on it for about ten seconds, he raised his head and said the whole thing.



These designs were indeed given to him by Ye Jian, originally he came to participate in this competition with his own designs, but Ye Jian looked at it and felt that it wasn’t possible, forcing him to use other people’s designs.



Lin Kun didn’t deserve any sympathy for this matter, although it was caused by Ye Jian, Lin Kun was also an accessory to the crime, knowing that he was using someone else’s design, he still agreed to take this design to participate in the competition.



The result was obvious, several of the awards that Qiluo Pavilion had just taken before were canceled, and Lin Kun was also included in the blacklist of the Oriental Charm Design Competition.



In addition to Shi Fei’s first place, all the other rankings came up in the order.



Ye Jian looked at Shi Fei with a venomous gaze, that expression that said he wanted to skin him alive.




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