C22 —- Sight

When Shen Jiyue saw Mu Sichen, a trace of surprise flashed in the frog’s eyes, “You’ve already written down the supplementary rules?”



“Not yet, I have something to discuss with you.” Mu Sichen said seriously.



When he approached Shen Jiyue, Shen Jiyue had wanted to open her mouth to say something, and when she saw Mu Sichen’s badge, his eyeballs suddenly stopped rolling.


Shen Jiyue’s appearance at this moment was too terrifying, and Mu Sichen couldn’t see his expression. However, being able to detect Shen Jiyue’s emotions through his eyes, he was extremely suspicious.



“Don’t worry, I used a special method exchange someone else’s chest plate.” Mu Sichen pointed to the name of “Zhang Sansan” on the plate, “If I become a believer in big eye, the name on this should be ‘volunteer Sha Dayan’.”


Shen Jiyue’s stiff eyeballs turned 360 degrees twice, looking like he let go of his suspicion.



Conversing with intelligent people was that simple, at least Shen Jiyue wouldn’t not listen to his explanation just because of a volunteer badge.



“What things do you want to discuss with me?” Shen Jiyue quickly regained his composure.



“About the additional rules, I think what we need is not the rule of ‘family members can accompany the patient for the discharge procedure’, but rather ‘not to harm the volunteers and not to stop the volunteers’, to dd this rule, I need your cooperation.” Mu Sichen said.


All the blister eyes on Shen Jiyue’s body turned at the same time, looking a little scary.



“What are you talking about? Don’t you want to find the ‘pillar’?” Shen Jiyue dryly laughed.



Mu Sichen said, “Of course I want to find it, but the discharge registration office on the ground floor can’t be where the ‘pillar’ is located, the ‘pillar’ doesn’t have an entity at all, it’s not in any room and in every room. ”


Shen Jiyue didn’t speak, all eyes gazed at him together.



Mu Sichen told him: “in the sanatorium, patients can be ‘cured’ and discharged, the doctor that brings a sufficient number of patients can be discharged, family members that become a doctor can be discharged in the same way as a doctor.”



“Volunteers are discharged in a different way, they are the ones who can be promoted after good performance, for every patient they assist the doctor in curing, they get a pair of eyes, when the number of eyes reaches more than 10 pairs, they can be promoted and become followers and rotate to work in other positions, this is also an alternative discharge.”



“Everyone wants to be ‘discharged’ and everyone is unable to leave the sanatorium, which is the real desperation.”


“Based on this principle, where do you think the ‘pillar’ is?”


Shen Jiyue didn’t answer.



Mu Sichen continued, “I think the power of the ‘pillar’ is decentralized, and it fills every corner of the sanatorium.”



“I haven’t seen any other ‘pillars’, and I don’t know what a ‘pillar’ should look like. But I think that since the sanatorium is the domain of the big-eye, the form of the ‘pillar’ should be closely related to the big-eye’s abilities.



“Therefore, I think that the ‘pillars’ should be ‘sights’ scattered throughout the sanatorium, overlooking every corner of the sanatorium, and would not be fixedly located in any one room! ”



Out of Mu Sichen’s expectation, Shen Jiyue didn’t reveal a look of surprise, he just said faintly: “I didn’t expect it to actually be guessed by you.”


Mu Sichen saw Shen Jiyue’s appearance and suddenly understood one thing: “You already knew? You have been lying to me?”



Just as he finished speaking, Mu Sichen immediately figured out what Shen Jiyue wanted to do, he changed his words, “No, you didn’t lie to me, you and I have the same purpose!”


Shen Jiyue sighed, “Since you guessed, I won’t hide it.”



“That’s right, I knew from the beginning that the ‘pillars’ were lines of sight. There is only one way to find the ‘pillar’, and that is to make the sights scattered throughout the sanatorium focus on a certain point.”



“When all the lines of sight all converge on one point, the ‘pillar’ will naturally appear.”



“You want to do something on your discharge to draw the focus of the sanatorium and summon the ‘pillar’.” Mu Sichen said.



“Yes, I want to tell all the patients about the fact that they can’t be discharged.” Shen Jiyue pointed to the mirror in the hospital room, “I have an ability to make the images I recorded automatically play on the items that reflect light.”


Mu Sichen understood Shen Jiyue’s intention, he wanted to spread the images of being discharged from the hospital and having their souls absorbed by the sanatorium in an infinitely expanding manner, so that everyone in the sanatorium would know that everyone could not be discharged from the hospital at all.



At that time, the crowd’s perception of the rule that patients could be cured and discharged from the hospital would be broken.


Once the people became skeptical of the rule itself, the sanatorium would not be able to function on its own.


This was to shake the foundation of the sanatorium, once Shen Jiyue did this, the eyes would certainly focus on him, the “pillar” would also appear in the discharge registration room.



Shen Jiyue really didn’t deceive Mu Sichen, but only concealed some of the truth.



“If you do this, you will die.” Mu Sichen sighed.



“I thought you understood my thoughts long ago.” Shen Jiyue said calmly.


Yes, in the original plan Shen Jiyue didn’t leave a way out for himself. But at that time, Mu Sichen thought that as long as he saved enough self stickers, he would definitely be able to awaken Shen Jiyue’s sanity.


But Shen Jiyue’s plan simply didn’t leave a retreat.


It was impossible for him to give Mu Sichen the chance to awaken himself, he just wanted to be swallowed up by the sanatorium and pass this message on before he died.



“Alright, we’ve been honest with each other, please cooperate with my plan.” Shen Jiyue said, “After I lure the ‘Pillar’, everything will be in your hands.”


“I don’t agree.” Mu Sichen said.


“This is the only way.” Shen Jiyue advised him.


Mu Sichen shook his head, “Who said this is the only way, there are always more ways than difficulties, there is no need to use this way! I’ll attract the ‘pillar’, you just need to cooperate with me.”



“I don’t want to argue with you, fighting to be the first to die this kind of thing will only be a waste of energy.” Shen Jiyue said decisively, “If you don’t agree, I’ll find a way to find Yao Wangping to cooperate, with his character, he will definitely be more than happy to sacrifice me.”



“I’ve never thought of going to die, I’m a person who cherishes life.” Mu Sichen held Shen Jiyue’s hand and said seriously, “I wish to find a way where everyone can live, I have a great certainty, please help me.”


His sincere attitude impressed Shen Jiyue, he asked, “I need to understand your plan first.”


Mu Sichen told Shen Jiyue about his plan.


Shen Ji Yue was very smart, he didn’t need Mu Sichen to speak in too much detail, as long as he said the beginning, he could guess what Mu Sichen was thinking.


“This is indeed a safer way, but to do so, the risk you take is too great, the slightest carelessness will cause it to be ruined.” Shen Jiyue said worriedly.


He was resolute when it came to sacrificing himself, but when it came to Mu Sichen’s turn, Shen Jiyue became hesitant.


This made Mu Sichen feel even more that Shen Jiyue was trustworthy.



He said: “The world is so dangerous and bizarre, maybe one day one will go crazy or die without warning. Today you’re safe, tomorrow you may face danger. Surviving in the world is already as difficult as walking on thin ice, every moment is taking risks, why should we be afraid to take risks?


“If I don’t have the courage to face danger, how can I resist the ubiquitous spiritual pollution?”



“Since you agree with my plan, please cooperate with me.”


Shen Jiyue still wanted to persuade Mu Sichen, but something came to mind, he shook his head and didn’t persuade any further.


He smiled and said to Mu Sichen, “If you can successfully leave Tongzhi Town, please come to my town, it’s a calm, safe place where the townspeople live peacefully and happily.”


“Let’s talk about it then.” Mu Sichen didn’t respond.


He didn’t trust Qin Zu, he didn’t want to go to Xiangping Town, and didn’t think that any town in this world belonged to him.



After convincing Shen Jiyue, Mu Sichen began to carry out his plan.



The first step was to trick the not-so-intelligent sanatorium and write down supplementary rules.



To do this, it was necessary to temporarily contaminate Shen Jiyue.



Fortunately, Shen Ji Yue has long been ready to be “cured”, he asked Mu Sichen to bring a mirror: “I use the ability of mirror reflection, I have recorded the ‘daytime’ and what the big Eye looks like in the mirror. ”


“You still have this ability? That’s amazing.”



“The kind of ability in your plan is also amazing.” Shen Jiyue said.


Mu Sichen didn’t want to expose the system, he smiled drily: “Eyes can hang in the sky, sanatoriums can eat people, an octopus can become a god, anything can happen in this world.”



Shen Jiyue: “Indeed.”


His palm rested on the mirror, instructing Mu Sichen: “The mirror records the light reflected by the big-eye, looking at the mirror is not the same as looking directly at it, but the power is still not small. After I secretly recorded this image, I didn’t even dare to look at it myself.”



No wonder Shen Jiyue had the confidence to lose control anytime he needed to, it turned out that he had this killer move.


He could even withstand the purification of the feather-eyed dependent, and the only one who could contaminate Shen Jiyue was probably the big-eye itself.



“I just need you to be in the process of being contaminated, my companion is going to interrupt that process, and eventually you must stay awake.” Mu Sichen said.



“It’s fine if it doesn’t take more than a second.” Shen Jiyue said.



Mu Sichen walked out of the room and whispered this and that to Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo who were standing outside the door.


The two solemnly nodded.



Mu Sichen walked into the door of the room, took out the mirror that was upside down and faced Shen Jiyue.



While flipping the mirror, Mu Sichen said loudly, “Shen Jiyue, give up resistance and return to His embrace!”



Shen Jiyue’s eyes fell on the mirror, his whole body’s eyeballs froze at the same time, and a mesmerized look appeared in the frog’s eyes.


At this instant, Chu Lian and Cheng Xubo, who heard Mu Sichen’s voice, kicked the door in, Cheng Xubo pounced on Mu Sichen and pressed him down, and as he did, Mu Sichen snapped the mirror down in a smooth motion.



Cheng Xubo made a gesture to hit Mu Sichen a few times.


Chi Lian, on the other hand, blurted out, ”What are you going to do to my patient? Volunteers can only assist the doctor, not take matters into their own hands! How can you treat a patient without authorization ……”



Chi Lian’s line of sight landed on Shen Jiyue, and she was so frightened that she couldn’t speak.



She had only seen patients with a little bit of blister eyes before, and had never seen someone like Shen Jiyue whose body had been completely contaminated.


Shen Jiyue’s appearance is no longer disgusting, but horrible, the kind that would make people lose control if they weren’t careful.


Thanks to Cheng Xubo timely pressing down the mirror, Shen Jiyue’s eyes quickly returned to normal.


He stabilized his emotions before saying to Chi Lian, “Don’t be afraid. I …… Dr. Ke? How did your appearance change?”



Shen Jiyue looked at Ji Lian’s badge, his eyes were a little confused, then he snapped out of it, “So you changed your badge too.”


Chi Lian didn’t have the mood to exchange pleasantries with Shen Jiyue, her body stiffened and she said loudly, “Quickly, quickly, quickly, I feel a sight glaring at me, what a ruthless sight ah, as if it wants to kill me with their eyes!”



Cheng Xubo stopped his movement, “This line of sight is even more terrifying than the one I encountered before, it’s too ruthless, too ruthless, my goosebumps have turned into blister eyes. Captain Mu, how are you?”


Mu Sichen, who had been punched a few times, raised his head and gave a thumbs up, “The plan worked, I heard the broadcast, it told me to add the rules!”



“Yay!” Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo gave an excited high five.



Mu Sichen nodded to Shen Jiyue, put down the mirror, and dashed to the first floor, seeing a pen appear on the wall of the Administrative Rules.



He first according to the original plan, “can not hurt volunteers, can not stop the behavior of volunteers”, but his ears rang with a “rules do not stand” prompt, the words disappeared.



Mu Sichen thought for a while and rewrote: when volunteers operate on patients, no one can interrupt the volunteers’ behavior and cannot hurt them.



This time, he heard the prompt “rule established”!



The added rules were clearly written on the Administrative Regulations, the first step was completed, and all the conditions for implementing the program were established.






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