C21 —- Beginning of the action


If it was really as he suspected, then trying to find this “pillar” would be almost impossible, because this “pillar” didn’t have a physical body at all. Mu Sichen frowned.


“Speaking of which, when I was pushing my patient to run, I also felt this line of sight. It wasn’t even a slight degree like an afterimage sweep, but it was as if someone was glaring hard at me.” Cheng Xubo said, “Then the radio went off.”


Mu Sichen looked at Cheng Xubo, a thought gradually taking shape in his mind.



“Wow! So mean?” Chi Lian said in as light a tone as she could, “You were just pushing a patient out the door, how did you get a harsher sight than the three of us despairing together?”


Cheng Xubo said, “Using my professional mind to explain, this is the program automatically correcting errors, right?



“It’s like a small game program, you charged 100 dollars worth of money. The program will automatically record this 100 dollars of income, but will not pay too much attention, after all, there are too many users recharged 100 dollars.”



“But if there is a small bug in the recharge system at this time, even if it’s a very small one, the program will report the error as soon as possible, after all, it’s very likely to affect the income in the future.”



Chi Lian nodded, “Just now, the three of us despaired, it’s equivalent to recharging 100 dollars, getting the sanatorium’s gaze once, it’s equivalent to automatically recording the recharge amount, right?



“You pushed the patient out of the ward, although I don’t know what the principle is, but it’s equivalent to moving the sanatorium’s recharge system, and the sanatorium immediately reported an error, so you were given a hard stare.”


“That’s how it works.” Cheng Xubo said.



The two of them used the reasoning of modern society to explain what happened in the sanatorium, but it was just to improve their mood, to cheer up their emotions.



Their analogies and conversations, perfected Mu Sichen’s plan.


Although this plan was extremely dangerous, the slightest carelessness of the implementer may cause them to be contaminated, become a complete madman, and ultimately become the “pillar” of sustenance.


But at the moment, only this plan was the most likely to succeed.


Mu Sichen was the most suitable person to implement this plan.


If possible, Mu Sichen also didn’t want to take risks, he didn’t want to push himself to the edge of the cliff.



But this was the plan he came up with, based on his immature speculations, it should be his responsibility, and he couldn’t involve others.



But he wasn’t going to die for nothing. He would make sufficient preparations and get himself enough security before he went into action.


Within this sanatorium that didn’t have enough intelligence and would only function automatically, there was nothing that could protect him more than the rules.



Mu Sichen looked up at the paper on which the rules were written, looked at the two supplementary rules on it, and pondered on how he could write enough supplementary rules to protect him for a while.


At the moment, it seemed that the only way to supplement the rules was to start with the patients, after all, this was the nursing home’s “recharge system”.


But what Mu Sichen wanted to write down was a rule that was enough to protect the volunteer’s actions from being affected, so how could he place the subject of the rule on the volunteer?



Mu Sichen’s line of sight fell on the first supplementary rule of “medical staff can enter any room in the nursing home”, this was a rule that was extremely favorable to medical staff, how did Yao Wangping use the bugs in the nursing home to write this rule?


Mu Sichen tried to imagine himself as Yao Wangping, a person with an extremely sensible and cold-blooded personality who could sacrifice anyone in order to achieve his goal.


He simulated Yao Wangping’s conditions, this person was capable, protected by Qin Zu’s totem, and perhaps had helpers also from Xiangping Town.


If he was Yao Wangping and wanted to add a rule that favored his actions, he would definitely do whatever it took, even sacrificing his companions.



Combining these conditions, Mu Sichen modeled a feasible scenario.



In this scenario, Yao Wangping could have his companion block the door of a certain room and do something in the room that wasn’t desired within the sanatorium, such as borrowing Qin Zu’s power to purify the blistering eyes on the patients or their families.



Within the sanatorium, even if the patient managed to change into a family member, the blister eyes on him didn’t really disappear, they just transferred from the patient to the family member.



The ugly blister eyes were the source of the patient’s loathing and fear, and if the sanatorium wanted to create despair, then the blister eyes could never be purified by any means, but could only be transferred from one person to another, and could be increased, not decreased.



Yao Wangping’s companion’s act of purifying the blister eyes would inevitably draw the attention of the sanatorium’s automatic program, ordering Yao Wangping to supplement the rules as soon as possible and fix the bugs.



At this time, Yao Wangping could add a “medical personnel can enter any room”, with the protection of this rule, he could break into the room and prevent his companion from purifying the blister eyes.



Of course, in order to deceive the sanatorium’s automatic program, this heretic companion who used Qin Zu’s power was destined to be sacrificed by Yao Wangping.



In Yao Wangping’s opinion, despite contaminating one or two companions with his own hands, being able to accomplish his purpose made it all just worth it.



After simulating this scenario in his mind, a picture floated before Mu Sichen’s left eye.



In a trance, he seemed to actually see Yao Wangping breaking into a restroom and carrying a patient out, the blistering eyes on that patient’s arm had mostly disappeared.



Yao Wangping said something to the patient, the patient’s eyes gradually relaxed, his arm had more blister eyes.



This patient with a dull gaze then walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the first basement floor.



“What is this?” Mu Sichen thought darkly as he covered his left eye.



Could it be that because he happened to guess what Yao Wangping did, his left eye automatically “saw” what had happened before?


The ability of his left eye was obtained after he spied on the big-eye, and so far, it had shown three abilities.



The first was that when the Feathered Eye dependent killed the four players, Mu Sichen lowered his head and didn’t look at it, but his left eye automatically showed him what had happened. This was the ability to “see” even if he didn’t actively look, as long as the event happened within his visual range, as long as he wanted to know, he could “see” it.



The second, after seeing the souls of the four dead players being absorbed, was the visualization of Qin Zu’s totem. This was the ability to see things that ordinary people couldn’t see.


The third, was just now, when he guessed or knew what Yao Wangping did, he could “see” everything that had happened.



These three abilities was summarized as “Seeing is Visible”, “Everything is Visible” and “Knowing is Visible”.


Mu Sichen wasn’t sure how he had stolen these three powers, but it was conceivable that Big Eyes also possessed these three powers.



That was to say, when the next “day” came, even though what they did happened when the big-eye closed his eyes, as long as the big-eye opened his eyes, he could “see” clearly what they did in the “night”. They didn’t have a second “dark night”.


Everything had to be resolved tonight.



There was no turning back.


Mu Sichen looked determined and pointed at the Administrative Rules, “I want to add a rule, ‘No harming volunteers, no stopping volunteers’ actions’.”


“Why do you want to add this rule?” Chi Lian froze, “Wouldn’t that leave us with no way to create self-stickers by turning volunteers into patients again? Your self-stickers are useful.”



“Don’t worry, there will be no shortage of stickers.” Mu Sichen said with a smile.


Chi Lian slightly relaxed, then said despondently, “It’s hard to add this rule, right? We just hit so many volunteers and the sanatorium didn’t even look at us.”


Mu Sichen said confidently, “That’s because we’ve turned volunteers into patients, the sanatorium can’t wait for the number of patients to increase, so of course they won’t pay any attention to us.”


“Then I’ll go and beat up the volunteer controlling the elevator now?” Cheng Xubo asked, “Can I beat him up? That tentacle eye looks so scary.”



Mu Sichen: “…… I think if you attack him, even if he can’t beat you, he can still call in a lot of volunteers to help.”



“Oh yeah, volunteers have the ability to think, it’s not the same as the automatic program in the sanatorium.” Cheng Xubo scratched his head.



“Then …… I’ll turn Cheng Xubo into a volunteer and then we’ll beat him together?” Chi Lian made a suggestion.


Mu Sichen: “…… We turn volunteers into patients and the sanatorium won’t even care, could it be that if we injure or kill a volunteer, the sanatorium will care?”


“That’s the reasoning haha, so what should we do?” Chi Lian asked.



“The key is still in the patients, we have to utilize them wisely.” Mu Sichen said, “After all, they are the program’s ‘recharge system’.”


Yao Wangping’s supplemental rules utilized the patients, Cheng Xubo’s supplemental rules were also related to the patients, he also had to start with the patients.


“Find patients and volunteers who can cooperate with us, get the volunteers to make moves that appear to be hurting the patient, but are actually healing him, and then have a third party interrupt, and the interruption can be done using your favorite way of punching the hell out of them.”



Chi Lian: “We don’t like being beat up ……”


Cheng Xubo on the other hand said, “The sanatorium is watching a patient about to get treatment but is interrupted, that is, charging money but halfway through the system lagged and the transaction failed, of course this kind of bug needs to be fixed!”



“Exactly, this is the time when we can easily write rules about protecting volunteers.” Mu Sichen nodded.



Chi Lian asked, “But what’s the point of writing down the rules? What exactly are you going to do, Captain?”



“Finish the task that the system explained.” Mu Sichen said, “Destroy this ‘pillar’ located within the sanatorium!”



Chi Lian wasn’t sure how Mu Sichen was going to act, but she trusted her benefactor unconditionally and patted her chest, “Whatever you need me to do, Captain, just order!”



“Turn me into a volunteer now.” Mu Sichen commanded.



Chi Lian said, “Okay, that requires Captain Mu to lend me a little energy value!”



“Please feel free to use it.” Mu Sichen now had 300 energy value, which was enough for Chi Lian to use her cut and paste ability twice.



They circled around the first floor and found a volunteer who was sweeping the toilets. Chi Lian casually grabbed his hand in the void and took out a pair of scissors, gently cutting it twice and exchanging their badges.



The volunteer became “Family: Sha Dayan”, while Mu Sichen became “Volunteer: Zhang Sansan”.


Cheng Xubo said with great envy, “You two can share energy values, that’s great, is it the cooperation ability that comes with teaming up? Can I team up with you guys?”



It wasn’t sharing energy values at all, it was the believer Chi Lian who was casually using his energy values without even needing his consent. Mu Sichen thought with some sadness.



“You can’t team up with me for the time being, once you do, your identity will become that of a patient, when the crisis is lifted, I will explain the conditions of teaming up to you, and then you can decide whether or not to become my teammate (believer).” Mu Sichen said.



“Okay, where do we go next to find a cooperative patient?” Cheng Xubo asked.



Mu Sichen: “To the seventh floor, to find my patient, can you go to the seventh floor?”



Cheng Xubo: “My patient lives on the 3rd floor, but doctor Yao Wangping’s office is on the 7th floor, I can go.”


Cheng Xubo’s patient’s attending doctor was actually Yao Wangping? That must be acted upon as soon as possible, otherwise Yao Wangping would most likely harm the patient’s family in order to achieve his goal.



The three of them came together outside room 704, and Mu Sichen instructed the two of them to wait outside the door and rush in to interrupt him as soon as they heard the code word.



After they discussed their countermeasures, Mu Sichen opened the door to the room.



Shen Jiyue was sitting on the hospital bed quietly waiting for him.




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