C13—- Pillars

  Mu Sichen thought the tattooed totem was going to be up close and personal, but he didn’t expect it to be drawn far away.   Yao Wangping told him to close his eyes because he didn’t want him to see what was happening. Mu Sichen thought it wasn’t necessarily hidden, according to this world’s […]

C12— Totem

  While communicating with Shen Jiyue, Mu Sichen had already observed the ward in detail without moving.   There were pagers by the patient’s bed and the door of the ward, while some daily work and rest rules were posted on the door.   It was the patient’s meal time, treatment time, and extra notes, […]

C9 – Free Action

  The feather-eyed dependent was killing players to establish their authority and brainwashing, which lasted for more than 40 minutes before it ended.   Mu Sichen noticed one thing, that was, the townspeople’s san value had been fluctuating in a stable range, almost without too much change.     On the contrary, several players san […]

C7—- San value

  The party’s attempt seemed to have passed for a long time in Mu Sichen’s senses, but in reality it was only a few seconds, the doors of the rooms around opened and one after another people wearing cloaks came out.   Mu Sichen endured the sharp pain in his left eye and quietly observed […]

C6—- Big Eyes

Mu Sichen used his crossaxe and other people’s energy to trigger the “digging” skill and get the sticker.   Self stickers could help anyone stay awake, a kind of mental defense props, prop effect would be enhanced according to the growth of Mu Sichen’s strength.     This skill gave him the feeling that he […]