C3—- Qin Zu

  “…… has cleared all dependents within Xiangping Town, and Xiangping Town has become a completely safe and harmless safe zone. Please ask the survivors of other towns to hold on and not be contaminated by the dependents and not be swallowed up by the town they are in. Xiangping town is expanding, we have […]


  He clicked repeatedly, but the “Exit Game” button didn’t appear, but a line of words appeared.   [Newbie protection period has expired, the player agreed to enter the game, please try to complete the internal test tasks.]   Mu Sichen: “……”   He thought the novice protection period was to give players time to […]


Mu Sichen received an email.   ——Dear player, your honest and outstanding performance has stood out in the construction of the town. My Ideal Town sincerely invites you to participate in the game’s internal test. If you are willing to help us build the best town, please fill in your personal information, mailing address and […]