C36 —- Superiority

Change privacy settings Being overturned violently, the octopus doll seemed to be a little angry, shrinking its seven tentacles into a ball, but like a cat’s hand in the bottom of the backpack, it stayed as peaceful as a real doll.   Mu Sichen touched his healed arm, and his sight fell on the octopus […]

C35 — Self-Marking

Change privacy settings “If you want to go to the assembly area so badly, why are you still in the energy area after three days?” Mu Sichen asked. Shen Jiyue said, “The lady tricked the supervisor into pressing the button multiple times in a row; what hint did you get?” Chi Lian responded, “I was […]

C32 – Extra Emotions

Change privacy settings Mu Sichen stepped forward to stop him, pointing at the van and asking knowingly, “Is this the bread that is given to the townspeople every day? Is it shipped from the assembly area?” The man gave Mu Sichen a wooden look, his reaction extremely slow. He just glanced at him, then pushed […]

C31 – Changing Faces

Change privacy settings If they were in the real world, empty words would be hard to impress people. Fortunately, this was the another world.   This was a strange and dangerous place due to spiritual pollution, and it was easy to move people’s hearts due to emotional infection. As he finished speaking, Mu Sichen sensed […]

C30 —- The Self

Change privacy settings The first step was to start by changing the mindset of the townspeople.   This required him to be able to use the power of the “pillar”. Mu Sichen didn’t first become a god-level monster and use his god-level power and the townspeople’s faith to build the “Pillar”. His “Pillar” was gotten […]

C28 — Infiltration

Change privacy settings   Despite He Fei’s constant threats, Mu Sichen stayed at the hotel for the full three days.   He asked a friend in the same dormitory building to contact He Fei, and found that there was nothing unusual about He Fei except for his hurt foot.     He Fei even went […]