C25 —- Hope Town

  Cheng Xubo, who was hiding under the hospital bed, saw Chi Lian disappearing, and immediately jumped out, searching for her location.   As a player, Cheng Xubo recalled Chi Lian’s actions before she disappeared and immediately realized, “Chi Lian went offline? Is it possible to go offline now?”     He excitedly called up […]

C24 — Safe House

“How dare you try to destroy the pillar of Tongzhi Town, heretics!”     The moment the Pillar appeared, the feathered eye dependent, who had just arrived, finally realized that this farce was all about summoning the pillar of the town.   Even Yao Wangping, who was sent to Tongzhi Town, knew the information about […]

C23 – The Pillar

While Mu Sichen was busy, Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo weren’t idle either.   They were executing the second step of the plan.   Chi Lian ran back to the office on the fourth floor and brought the eleven patients who remained in the office to the seventh floor.   These patients hadn’t yet been […]

C22 —- Sight

When Shen Jiyue saw Mu Sichen, a trace of surprise flashed in the frog’s eyes, “You’ve already written down the supplementary rules?”     “Not yet, I have something to discuss with you.” Mu Sichen said seriously.     When he approached Shen Jiyue, Shen Jiyue had wanted to open her mouth to say something, […]

C17—- The Believer

Bonus Chap: Thanks for the ko-fi ✨✨ PurpleYellow ✨✨   “Ah, benefactor!” Seeing Mu Sichen, the girl’s eyes lit up as she dragged Mu Sichen inside the office.   Mu Sichen was about to go in and obediently entered with her.     The situation was a bit bizarre, but Mu Sichen still chose to […]