C79 – Revealing the Past in Public

“Shut up!” Alan was so furious that he spoke angrily, he really wanted to directly strangle He Yishu, so that he would never have the chance to speak again, however, the truth now was that he couldn’t do anything other than slamming the operation console as if he was venting his anger, “I didn’t concede at all, there must have been a malfunction in the mecha that caused this to happen, so stop bullshitting me! ”


“A malfunction in the mecha? Don’t you think your thoughts are too naive?” He Yishu snorted and finally stopped continuing to tease Alan, choosing to tell the truth, “Seeing as you’re so stupid, I’d better be generous and tell you the truth, the reason why you’re completely unable to move right now is because the rune card I’m using has a special attribute, which is that it can confine your opponent for a certain amount of time, in that case you should be able to clearly understand your situation, right? ”



However such a fact was even more unacceptable to Alan than the mecha malfunctioning, how could this be the effect of the rune card, it was impossible!



Alan was unwilling to believe, no matter what, that a rune card produced by He Yishu could possess such special attributes: “This is impossible! You’re still trying to humiliate me on purpose, that’s why you’re saying this, it can’t be true!”



He Yishu smiled, “So you don’t believe me?”



Alan refused to believe it: “He Yishu, what you said is simply impossible, there is absolutely no way I can be fooled by you!”



“Although it’s true that I’m not obligated to help you figure out your current situation, given that I’m in a good mood right now, I can still answer your questions and solve your problems,” He Yishu said as he exchanged a glance with Adrian, causing him to maneuver his mecha back a few steps, “Don’t you doubt me? Then I’ll give you another chance to see if you can cause 0.1% damage to my mecha.”


0.1% damage, this was definitely a deliberate attempt to humiliate Alan, Alan was about to retort, but in the next instant, he realized that his mecha could move again!



What the hell was going on here? As Alan was confused, a thought rose in his heart that he didn’t want to believe, could it be that the reason why he lost control of his mecha just now really had something to do with He Yishu?



But then, he immediately denied this thought, because no matter what, he was unwilling to believe that the rune cards produced by He Yishu were really capable of such a level!



And right now, if he wanted to deny this possibility, the best method was to directly eliminate He Yishu, and only then would he be able to completely eliminate the raging anger and sense of suffocation in his heart.



Thinking this way, Alan gritted his teeth and launched another attack, but this time he didn’t choose a melee attack, instead, he used the strongest long-range attack that the mecha was equipped with, the Powerful Particle Cannon.



Equipped with the attack-enhancing rune cards used by the rune card masters, as long as this strike was able to hit the target, He Yishu and Adrian would be directly blown out of the match.



Alan’s gaze was fierce as he sent out the particle cannon attack at close range, his eyes red as he stared at He Yishu and Adrian’s mecha, waiting to see them blasted out of the tournament, however, just as the rapidly advancing particle cannon was about to touch the mecha, the particle cannon, which was soaring in the air, suddenly stopped in the air, losing all forward momentum!



How was this …… this possible?


Alan stared dumbfounded at the scene that just happened, unable to believe his eyes!



A particle cannon that was in a state of high-speed attack, and could easily cut through the air and shatter a mecha, had actually stopped silently, as if it had been quietly suspended in mid-air and had never moved.



This was something that simply couldn’t happen!



Alan wasn’t the only one who was dumbfounded by what was happening in front of him, the crowd of onlookers on the virtual network were also in the same state at this moment, if they weren’t sure that what they were watching right now was the interstellar live broadcast of the Mecha Athletic Competition, they might have thought that what they were seeing was simply a fake match.


However, after being shocked for a few seconds, they slowly came back to their senses, and then associating it with the reason why this incident happened, they strangely felt that the scene happening in front of them didn’t seem to be a big deal.



Since Rune Card Big Brother was able to make a C-grade Rune Card exert the effects of an A-grade or even higher-grade Rune Card; since Rune Card Big Brother was able to enhance the maker’s spiritual energy through the creation of Rune Cards; since Rune Card Big Brother was able to increase the number of times a Rune Card could be used, as well as the duration of its use; and since Rune Card Big Brother was able to conjure up a lot of strange and weird things through the use of Rune Cards… …



Then, what was happening in front of them wasn’t really that shocking and unbelievable, was it?



Or, they were now forced to become numb by the Rune Card Big Brother, even if they knew how shocking this kind of thing was, once this matter was linked to the Rune Card Big Brother, it would somehow become understandable.



With this thought in mind, everyone’s admiration for this rune card big brother suddenly grew a few points thicker, they really had never seen such an awesome rune card master before!



He Yishu, who was being watched with admiration by so many people, started to mock again: “Particle Cannon is indeed a very powerful long-distance attack weapon, but even if it’s even more powerful, if it can’t be applied to the opponent, it will still be useless, right? Alan what do you think?”



How else could Alan feel, he was in a state of complete confusion at the moment, anger, chagrin, shock, disbelief, all sorts of emotions filled his brain, making him completely unable to think properly.



As well as that, it seemed as if he had once again been ruthlessly slapped in the face.



He had just mouthed that it was impossible, but it turned out that reality had slapped him very hard, letting him know how ridiculous his words just were.



The person who caused all this was standing not far away from him, and he was unable to move to manipulate the mecha at all, so he could only watch as he flaunted it and said these sarcastic words that made him embarrassed.



“So you’re finally willing to believe my words now, right?” He Yishu moodily mentioned that topic just now, “I said that it was impossible for such a loophole to appear in the Mecha Competition, and you still refused to believe it, so now you finally know, right? But if you still refuse to accept the reality, I wouldn’t mind giving you another chance to have one more experience like this, but do you think it’s still necessary?”



Alan gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything, he was now furious and resentful to the extreme, but he couldn’t lash out, he could only hold it in hard, such a feeling was almost close to making his entire being explode outright.



“Since you won’t speak then I’ll take it as you’ve already realized your problem,” He Yishu also felt that he was already in a pleasant mood, and it was almost time for this matter to be resolved once and for all, “Then next, we can happily discuss the next step, may I ask in what kind of way you’d like to be eliminated? Do you prefer melee means, or do you prefer long range attacks?”



The killing power of this question was too great, and Alan, who was already on the verge of exploding, directly exploded: “He Yishu, shut the fuck up! You are not qualified to humiliate me like this!”


“Do you think I’m not qualified to say that about you?” He Yishu didn’t get angry because of Alan’s words, instead, he laughed lowly, “Then when you took the initiative to find me, saying that you wanted to partner with me, but in reality, you only wanted to humiliate Adrian through me, did you consider whether you had the qualifications to humiliate me like that?”



Alan didn’t expect He Yishu to bring up this matter at this time, but then he became even more furious: “He Yishu, you still have the face to bring up this matter with me, at that time, I sincerely wanted to team up with you, it wasn’t a problem that you rejected me, now you even want to use this matter to attack me, do you still have a conscience?”



He Yishu was waiting for Alan’s words, at that moment, he snorted, “Alan, by now, are you still prepared to continue hiding your calculations? The conversation between us at the beginning has already been completely recorded by my light device, I can re-present the scene at any time, in such a situation, do you still intend to continue lying?”



Alan actually couldn’t quite remember exactly how he talked to He Yishu at that time, but even if He Yishu refused at that time, he shouldn’t have said anything excessive, so even if he showed that video, he should still be the victim.



Thinking this way, his tone became even more righteous: “What exactly was the situation like at that time, you and I both know it very well in our hearts, even if you threaten me like this, it’s impossible for me to change my attitude!”



“Oh? Is that so?” He Yishu purposely slowed down his tone and said word by word, “Then what if I said that the day before the start of the Individual Mixed Match, I overheard you communicating with another person and recorded what I heard?”



He Yishu didn’t make his words too clear, but Alan was the one who felt a pang in his heart , because under He Yishu’s reminder, he clearly remembered what he had done the day before.



Because he had once again been severely abused by Adrian in the practice class, he couldn’t help but call a friend of his to vent his emotions, and at that time, he had inadvertently brought up the matter that he had approached He Yishu about earlier.


He Yishu was obviously talking about this matter, but what Alan couldn’t figure out was how did he overhear him so coincidentally?



Of course, He Yishu didn’t overhear Alan’s communication, Adrian did, and then told He Yishu about it, which was used by He Yishu as a handle to deal with Alan in the match.



As a matter of fact, if Adrian hadn’t told He Yishu about this matter, He Yishu wouldn’t have intentionally stirred up this past incident during the match. After all, judging from Alan’s behavior after he found him at that time, it was really impossible to directly deduce that he intentionally found him in order to deal with Adrian.



But now, since he already had evidence in hand, he naturally didn’t have to remain silent, but could instead take a good breath, after all, such a move would be more in line with He Yishu’s temperament.



“I remember that you said very clearly, that the reason why you found me in the first place was purely for the purpose of going against Adrian, who knew that I would be so ungrateful and choose to reject you, that’s what you said, right?” He Yishu was in quite a good mood as he repeated what he had said earlier, “You also said that I only have money in my eyes, I’m tacky, and only Adrian would be willing to partner with me, right?”




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