Hearing this news, Yu Rui frowned, not caring about Jiang Chengyi’s previous actions, and immediately went back to his room.


“Ah Rui, you just escaped so quickly, are you shy?” When Jiang Chengyi saw Yu Rui come back, he immediately laughed.


Yu Rui was thinking about Han Tian’s matter, but also worried about Jiang Chengyi, how could he still care about shyness: “At this time, you still have the mood to talk about this?”



“What’s wrong?” Yu Rui’s attitude was a bit strange, Jiang Chengyi asked.



“Han Tian wrote a new script and signed a contract with World Pictures, he is said to be planning to shoot it together with our new movie.” Yu Rui was just outside, as soon as he heard this news, he knew that Han Tian was in such a hurry because of Jiang Chengyi, but of course he was also a bit worried.



This time, Jiang Chengyi was planning to invest on his own, in which case he lose his money once he lost! Now every year there were countless movies being made in China, and some of them weren’t profitable, so the pressure on him was really not small.


Jiang Chengyi has long known that Han Tian wrote a new script, but didn’t expect him to be so fast …… World Pictures… At the beginning, the script he was holding was invested by World Pictures, a large company. Not to mention Li Baqiu’s Golden Emperor, even Chengguang and Yuanying couldn’t match it.



If they invested in Han Tian’s script, it must be because they felt that this script would make money when it was made, and if this movie went on line with theirs, it would surely affect them as well.



Jiang Chengyi recalled, if the movie that Han Tian made was really “No Thieves Under Heaven”, then the box office of this movie would indeed be very good, but he was unsure of how much the specific impact would be.



“Ah Rui, don’t be anxious, nothing will happen!” Jiang Chengyi pacified Yu Rui.


“I hope it’s okay.” Yu Rui felt a little uneasy.


Jiang Chengyi basically had no time to spare all day today, there was still Han Tian watching intently from the side, and he really hadn’t thought about how to make Yu Rui believe that he suddenly liked him, so he simply put down the matter of confession.


Of course, although he didn’t intend to confess, he didn’t mind doing things like getting close to Yu Rui in words and walking around the room with a towel. Unfortunately, he went to bed early and slept soundly because he was tired , without having the opportunity to see Yu Rui’s sleeping face.



The next day, Han Tian still went out, but Jiang Chengyi didn’t have many scenes to shoot, only the scene of translating for the Japanese, and then being scolded and the scene of sending a telegram alone, and the time was very short, especially the scene of sending a telegram, just a few seconds passed.



But despite that, he still followed the crew around for a day, and when it wasn’t his turn, he followed Li Hui around to help out.


Jiang Heng was an internationally renowned director, and when Jiang Chengyi left the country, he stayed by his side for a long time, and knew roughly what a director had to do, and he was even better at such things as being the director’s assistant, which made things a lot easier for Li Hui.


However, Jiang Chengyi came to help, but Li Hui’s mood became a bit complicated. When Yu Rui brought the dishes he personally made again at noon, he couldn’t help but ask, “Have you studied directing?”



Jiang Chengyi paused before laughing: “No, it should be a result of watching more.” It was true that he had never studied directing before he turned twenty-five.



“It’s true that you’ve had a lot of chances to watch.” Li Hui laughed softly, but in the afternoon, he was relentlessly directing Jiang Chengyi to do this and that.


Jiang Chengyi’s two scenes were very easy to shoot, but being directed by Li Hui to do this and that wasn’t easy. It was reasonable to say that a well-known director like Li Hui may scold the actors during his performance, but he wouldn’t try to harass some actors, after all, it would offend people. But Li Hui, he liked torturing Jiang Chengyi!



But what made Jiang Chengyi a little surprised was that although Li Hui commanded him to do things, he also told him a lot of filming techniques and knowledge to know about being a director, some of which he had already heard, but some of which he was hearing for the first time.



After a busy day, Jiang Chengyi’s first thing to do when he returned was to take a shower. By now, he had truly experienced the hardships faced by some of the crew members. It seemed that he would still need to pay more wages to the staff in the future ……



Of course, Jiang Chengyi in the end was young, his body was also good, after a bath, he felt alive and well again, he changed clothes in the room in a grand manner while observing Yu Rui. Sure enough, Yu Rui stared at the documents on his desk, motionless, and his entire body seemed petrified.



“The screen is very bright ah, is it also able to be used as a mirror for you to see my figure?” Jiang Chengyi smiled, then added, “Ah Rui, I think you need to work out, there’s not much muscle on your body!” As a star, his handsome face and suitable body were his capital, and of course he was well maintained.



“There’s no such thing!” Yu Rui lowered his head, Jiang Chengyi’s changes over the past few days were just too much, it was all a bit overwhelming for him!



Jiang Chengyi still wanted to say something more, but Yu Rui’s cell phone rang, the already embarrassed Yu Rui immediately picked up the cell phone, picked up with the fastest speed and put it to his ear, so that he could use it to escape from Jiang Chengyi’s questioning.



At the beginning, Yu Rui still had the time to “threaten” Jiang Chengyi with his eyes, but later, he became more focused, and his expression became more and more ugly, but despite this, he still said a few words gently and hung up the phone.



“Ah Rui, what’s wrong?” Jiang Chengyi heard just a few words and could guess some of them, but in the end, he couldn’t be sure.



“Qian Zhengming can’t direct our new movie.” Yu Rui took a deep breath. He had a good relationship with Qian Zhengming, but in the end, the friendship wasn’t as big as the money, and this time, many people were optimistic about Han Tian’s new script, and there was a big investment and excellent treatment from World Pictures…….



Previously, Qian Zhengming had agreed to them because he didn’t have any good movie he could direct for the time being, and now that there was a great opportunity in front of him, why would he need to direct a movie that he personally invested in and shot?



“It’s okay, even without him, we can still find a better director.” Jiang Chengyi comforted Yu Rui.



“Chengyi, you also know that Qian Zhengming is also one of the top directors in China, so if we hire …..” Yu Rui was still a bit worried.



Jiang Chengyi got a flash of inspiration: “Big deal, this time I’ll be the director!” He knew some of the knowledge required to be a director, and for this movie, he believed that no one could understand it better than him! He wouldn’t dare take on other movies at his current level, but this one was different…….


Of course, he couldn’t rely completely on himself, he still needed to pick two better assistant directors to help out …… Jiang Chengyi thought about Wei Na for a brief moment.



Wei Na had told him two days ago that Golden Emperor wanted to cooperate with him, but he hadn’t given a definite answer, instead he had planned to wait until he had finished filming the scenes here and then talk to the other party, but now it looked like he could actually finalize the cooperation first!


When Yu Rui heard Jiang Chengyi’s words, he was surprised: “What did you say?”



“I said I’ll be the director.” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth, and in order to ease his heart, he added: “Ah Rui, I’ve learned how to be a director before, just don’t worry!”


“Also ……” Yu Rui thought of something and nodded, then added: “Then I’ll go contact a few more people to be your assistant director? If you personally direct, this can also be one of the promotional and selling points of this movie.” It was rare for Jiang Chengyi to become a director at such a young age!



“No, we don’t need to, we can work with Golden Emperor.” Jiang Chengyi decided to deepen the cooperation with Golden Emperor a bit, and at that time, some small roles could also be given to Golden Emperor’s people, it should still be possible to negotiate.


Yu Rui nodded when he heard Jiang Chengyi’s words, although everyone knew that Golden Emperor wasn’t very clean in the past, it couldn’t be denied that Golden Emperor’s development over the years was still very good!



In fact, if Han Tian could have stayed in Golden Emperor for a few more years and endured, with Li Qianqian’s love for him, even if Li Baqiu didn’t like him, he would have been able to make it big…….


“Then it’s good!” Yu Rui nodded in approval.



Jiang Chengyi studied the way of cooperation, but in the end, he hadn’t talked to Li Baqiu and couldn’t come to a conclusion. He knew that Golden Emperor was definitely capable of investing in his movie, but since he had already made up his mind to invest fully on his own, he didn’t want to have too many more disputes over accounts with Golden Emperor ……


The top priority was to resolve the investment issue first.



After Jiang Chengyi thought about it, he gave Jiang Heng a phone call and said what he was going to do, and also mentioned the matter of borrowing money: “Dad, I don’t have enough money on hand right now, I want to borrow six million, I will give interest, of course, you can also choose to buy shares …… ”



“You never called me before, but these days you called me several times one after another, just for this matter?” Jiang Heng interrupted Jiang Chengyi’s words and opened his mouth.


Jiang Chengyi froze, he did want to repair his relationship with Jiang Heng and then get a helping hand …… so even though Jiang Heng asked bluntly and coldly, Jiang Chengyi still quickly admitted: “That’s right, dad, I hope you can help me.”


When Jiang Heng heard Jiang Chengyi admit, he didn’t feel unhappy at all, instead he smiled: “You’ve figured it out now! What’s a man who thinks about petty things all day? It’s normal for him to make good use of the people around him if he wants to make a career.”



Jiang Chengyi didn’t expect to get Jiang Heng’s affirmation …… like this instead, but he also knew that Jiang Heng was an ambitious person, and he, a yellow man who could make a name for himself inside a group of white people, had definitely seen more than enough of all kinds of dealings and all kinds of tactics as well.



“Jason, since you have figured it out it’s good, you are my son, I definitely won’t shortchange you, when you first came of age, I was planning to give you a startup capital, but since I didn’t give it at first, I’ll give it to you now, I’ll set aside 10 million for you tomorrow, and you don’t have to return it to me.” Jiang Heng continued to speak, he had directed several commercial blockbusters with high box office, and the share he got from them was quite a lot, so of course he wasn’t short of money.



“Dad, thanks, but I’ll pay you back.” Jiang Chengyi responded, taking Jiang Heng’s money directly like this was still a bit uncomfortable for him.



“If you want to return it, just do so.” Jiang Heng didn’t insist on giving it.



After negotiating with Jiang Heng, Jiang Chengyi felt a lot more relaxed.



It was already late, so Jiang Chengyi didn’t go to find Wei Na, but went to bed early to rest – since he wanted to be a director himself, he would need to ask Li Hui for some more guidance tomorrow!


Early the next morning, Jiang Chengyi came to Li Hui’s side once again in high spirits to help.


Seeing Jiang Chengyi even dared to come to his side, Li Hui’s face showed some surprise, he had done that yesterday, and thought that Jiang Chengyi would stay far away from himself today, who had thought that the other party even took the opportunity to stick up!


Faced with such a situation, Li Hui of course wouldn’t be polite, but although he left a lot of things to Jiang Chengyi to do, but at the same time, he also explained a lot to Jiang Chengyi.



Jiang Chengyi still ran all day this day, and by the afternoon, even the several assistant directors and cameramen were looking at him with some admiration – he was doing more than them, and Jiang Chengyi was also an actor who needed to act on the set… …



This day, Jiang Chengyi had a lot to gain, but of course, he was also tired enough, so when he went back to his place for dinner in the evening, he didn’t want to move as soon as he sat in his seat.


“Jason, you’re very persistent ah, you’re also very talented, do you have any plans to move behind the scenes?” An assistant director opened his mouth and asked. This was a chubby middle-aged man, although he was an assistant director when he followed Li Hui, he had directed a few dramas himself.



“I’m pushing the limits and decided to mix it up both ways.” Jiang Chengyi joked, however, he did have the intention of switching to a career behind the scenes, after all, if he was an actor, he couldn’t see that he could stay as an actor until he was old, but directing was different, if he also invested in opening an entertainment company ……



“Really? Then I’ll be waiting.” The other party also laughed, not taking Jiang Chengyi’s words seriously at all, with Jiang Chengyi’s age now, it was the peak of his acting career, so he was sure he wouldn’t give up easily.



After eating, some people stayed behind to chat, but Jiang Chengyi hurried towards his room, but he wasn’t even halfway there when he saw Han Tian.


After the crew started shooting, Jiang Chengyi hadn’t spoken to Han Tian, but this time, Han Tian called out to him: “Mr. Jiang, please stay.”



“You’re older than me, no need to be so polite.” Jiang Chengyi stopped his steps and spoke with a smile, but emphasized the words “older than me”.


Han Tian’s face remained unchanged: “Is that so? When I looked at you, Teacher Jiang, I thought you were older than me……. Teacher Jiang, this time I wanted to apologize to you.”



“Is that so? I thought you wouldn’t be able to say sorry.” Jiang Chengyi laughed, before, Han Tian calling him “Teacher Jiang” would still make him uncomfortable, but now when he thought that he might be even more uncomfortable when Han Tian called him that, he felt that this title was good!



“How could it be? I unintentionally hurt Teacher Jiang this time, I have to apologize,” Han Tian pulled at the corner of his mouth, although it didn’t contain a trace of sincerity, it was still considered a smile, “I just found out that Teacher Jiang wanted to invest in a movie and even looked for Director Qian, if I had known it earlier, I definitely wouldn’t have signed with Director Qian.”



“Really? Who did you hear that from? There’s no such thing, I’m planning to work for myself and be the director and lead actor myself at the same time, if you’re interested, you can try it too.” Jiang Chengyi’s face didn’t look different at all, smiling happily: “You were able to write such a good script through a short period of study, I’m sure you’ll be able to learn to be a director very quickly as well.”



Han Tian originally intended to watch Jiang Chengyi’s joke so he worked behind the scenes, which wouldn’t cause any trouble like before. However, he didn’t expect to get such a result, and his face suddenly became tense. But at this moment, Jiang Chengyi had already left without him.



Jiang Chengyi …… he didn’t believe that this time he couldn’t win over the other party.





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