C23 – The Pillar

While Mu Sichen was busy, Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo weren’t idle either.


They were executing the second step of the plan.


Chi Lian ran back to the office on the fourth floor and brought the eleven patients who remained in the office to the seventh floor.


These patients hadn’t yet been registered and assigned a ward, so as long as they were led by a doctor, they could move around the hospital.


The ten proselytizers were obedient, they carried the unconscious Ke Yi and squeezed into Shen Jiyue’s ward.


Inside the ward, Cheng Xubo waited for Mu Sichen to return with a cart.


Although Shen Jiyue had a general understanding of Mu Sichen’s plan, he still didn’t understand where Cheng Xubo’s cart came from, and what Mu Sichen wanted to do.


He just silently transferred Cheng Xubo’s body blister eyes to himself.


Mu Sichen returned to room 704, seeing that Cheng Xubo’s pollution had been transferred, he became more grateful to Shen Jiyue.


But at this time, there was no need to say thank you, he wanted to use practical action to prove that Shen Jiyue’s trust in them wasn’t wrong.


Mu Sichen casually moved and a crossaxe appeared in his hand, he nodded to Cheng Xubo, “Let’s speed up and smash as many as we can.”


“Okay!” Cheng Xubo rolled up his sleeves.



Mu Sichen swung up the crossaxe, and smashed down the wall of the ward with a hard pickaxe, the wall had a big hole, and the falling soil and rocks were perfectly caught by Cheng Xubo’s wheelbarrow, and he moved outside the door of the ward and threw it away.



The wall was smashed open, exposing the shocked faces of the patients in the next ward.


Mu Sichen and Cheng Xubo rushed into the next ward as if they were no one else and said to the people inside, “Ward expansion, make way.”



As the two smashed a dozen wards in a row, Cheng Xubo suddenly laughed, “You know what? When I played this game, I thought it was an infrastructure game, the kind where you can drive an excavator. I didn’t expect to come into such a broken world, the excavator is gone, the drilling rig is gone, and the infrastructure is gone.
It’s only now that I can enjoy the joy of infrastructure.”



“There is no infrastructure, only demolition.” Mu Sichen nonchalantly demolished the wall.



Mu Sichen didn’t consider the load-bearing walls at all, anyway, this was the top floor, even if he smashed a wall, the building wouldn’t collapse for a while.



He was just using the initial tools to engage in demolition without using special skills, and he didn’t consume any energy value at all, it was just that his stamina value was dropping fast.



Since the duo’s attack was aimed at the sanatorium’s building entity and didn’t shake the sanatorium’s rules, for a while, no one came to stop them.



Mu Sichen opened up all the rooms on the same side as 704, this side were all wards, more than 20 of them.



The holes in each wall were enough for a hospital bed to pass through.


After smashing the wall, the two men, one by one, pushed the two hospital beds through the large hole in the wall and rushed into room 704, directly pushing it into Shen Jiyue’s ward.


The hospital bed could originally be pushed, but the patient was tied to the bed and due to the small size of the ward door, it could only accommodate one person, so the bed couldn’t leave the ward.


But Cheng Xubo’s cart had spatial ability, no matter how big the item was, once it was stuffed into his cart, it could stay.



This was how he was able to take the hospital bed out of the ward.



Now, they didn’t take the patients out of the ward and didn’t use the cart to load the beds, they just let the patients travel through the different wards.



Shen Jiyue saw more than twenty hospital beds piled up in his ward all of a sudden, and Mu Sichen disliked that his ward wasn’t big enough, so he punched through the walls of four or five wards in a row, expanding Shen Jiyue’s room so that he could fit so many hospital beds.



“What exactly are you going to do?” Shen Jiyue asked.


He was going to make a scene within this sanatorium!


Shen Jiyue solemnly nodded, “I’ll get a good grasp of the situation.”


Patients were allowed to voluntarily transfer contamination to their families, otherwise Yao Wangping wouldn’t have become a doctor so easily.



Although Mu Sichen was wearing a volunteer’s badge, his true identity was a family member who could receive the transferred contamination.


Shen Jiyue placed his palms on Mu Sichen’s eyes and instructed, “Don’t close your eyes.”


Mu Sichen saw the hand of blisters on his eyes.


A strange touch came, Mu Sichen only felt that his eyes were wrapped in warm water, a feeling that wasn’t unpleasant, but on the contrary had a sense of comfort.



Soon, his eyes bulged out and his body was covered in horrible blisters.


Just as Mu Sichen felt pain, Shen Ji Yue let go of his hand.



Mu Sichen’s eyeballs turned three hundred and sixty degrees, and he saw that Shen Jiyue’s eyes returned to normal, only the left side of his face and neck still had blister eyes, and the rest of his body had become like a person.



Shen Jiyue really was an extremely handsome person, from the intact right side of his face, he had a calm temperament, giving people a reassuring strength.



Like the moon in the middle of the night, the moonlight gently sprinkled on people, illuminating the road ahead in the darkness.


Shen Jiyue sighed, “This feeling is so unbearable, I hope you can return to normal as soon as possible.”


The almost inhuman Mu Sichen reached out and nodded the mirror at Shen Jiyue just looked at it.


Shen Jiyue picked up the mirror and shook it at Mu Sichen.



Only for a moment, Mu Sichen’s left eye became blood red, he seemed to see countless rays of light in his own eyes, each ray of light was the appearance of big eye.


Mu Sichen’s brain was suddenly dizzy, the sound of the choir that had disappeared once again echoed in his ears, and it was as if he had already seen Big Eye bathed in holy light, beckoning to him.


At this moment, he actually didn’t think that the big-eye was ugly, on the contrary, he inwardly had a want to worship.



His SAN value must have dropped below 10, his mind was filled with crazy thoughts, and his expression became hideous.


“Luckily, it’s still possible to stay a little bit sane.” Mu Sichen knocked his head.



A dense pinprick of pain came from the totem on his chest, which seemed to be awakening his sanity.


Mu Sichen pressed his hand on his chest and threatened in a low voice, “Qin Zu, if you dare to stop me, I’ll dig you out.”



The stinging sensation faded away, and Qin Zu seemed to have given up on stopping Mu Sichen.



He dragged his crossaxe towards the proselytizers and the real doctor, Ke Yi, who stood in line behind Chi Lian, and laughed somewhat maniacally, “Big Eye, no, ‘Sky Pupil’, I’m considered a believer of yours for the time being, aren’t I? Lend me some power, will you?”



When he said the words “Sky Pupil”, a totem appeared on his left eye, a totem of the three celestial bodies of the sun, the moon and the stars reflected in his pupil, as if heaven and earth were all in his eyes.



A bloody light enveloped the crossaxe.



Mu Sichen swung the crossaxe at a proselytizer, and the bloody light enveloped the proselytizer like a sight.



Having been contaminated by Shen Jiyue and having seen Big Eyes’ image in the mirror, Mu Sichen was at this point extremely close to being a soon-to-be-healed patient, and even more so, a Big Eyes’ believer.



The blistering eyes and spiritual contamination on his body had a similar effect to Qin Zu’s totem, and as long as he prayed sincerely, he could obtain the totem by peering into the Big Eye and pray to Big Eyed Boy for power.



Borrowing this power, Mu Sichen turned the proselytizer who had just turned into a believer of Qin Zu back into a believer of the Big Eye.


This believer’s badge also reverted to a volunteer badge.



At the same time, a self sticker glistening with blood appeared in Mu Sichen’s hand.



This time, Mu Sichen had tapped into Qin Zu’s wall and turned Qin Zu’s believer into Big Eyes’ again.



Unsurprisingly, the entire sanatorium was immediately red and loud, and the radio constantly sounded an alarm.


It was because a patient had disappeared.


Regardless of whether it was the swapping of patient and family identities or Chi Lian’s cut-and-paste skills, the total number of patients wouldn’t decrease.



In the rules of the sanatorium, there was only one way for the patients to decrease, and that was to be discharged.


However, Mu Sichen utilized his “digging up” skills to make the patients, who were heretics, become believers of Big Eyes. This wasn’t treating the patient at all, but directly utilizing the power of Big Eyes to dig up a believer.



As long as they were believers, they were volunteers within the hospital.



The patients were reduced in an extremely bizarre way, but not discharged, completely violating the rules of the sanatorium.



However, just now, Mu Sichen had already written down the supplementary rule of “when volunteers operate on patients, they cannot interrupt the volunteers’ behavior or harm them”, and according to the rule, no one could stop Mu Sichen’s actions.



There was a conflict between the rules of the nursing home and the rules.



For a while, the automatically functioning sanatorium seemed unable to solve the problem, only issuing an alarm but not proposing a solution.



“Hold on tight, next.” Mu Sichen’s left eye was bloodshot, and his appearance resembled that of an evil demon.


He kept swinging his crossaxe, striking at the ten proselytizers, doctor Kei, and the twenty or so patients they got from other wards, and a blood-red self-sticker appeared on Mushen’s body.



“Alarm, alarm, someone is violating sanitarium rules, alarm, alarm!” The radio resounded throughout the sanatorium, and everyone heard it.



At this time, Mu Sichen had already harvested twenty self stickers.



Suddenly, the ceiling was smashed open, and a man fell from the sky, none other than the Feathered Eye Dependent.



He immediately rushed to the sanatorium after receiving the volunteer’s call for help.


When they saw the dependent, Chi Lian and Cheng Xubo decided to get under Shen Jiyue’s hospital bed, not daring to look at him at all.


The feather-eyed dependent wanted to kill the rioters in the sanatorium immediately, and all the eyes on his left wing opened up, enveloping Mu Sichen.


However, a mist inside the sanatorium surrounded Mu Sichen and protected him.



Supplementary Rule 3: When a volunteer is operating on a patient, the volunteer cannot be interrupted and cannot be harmed.



Even the Feather Eyes Dependent wasn’t allowed.


He was slightly stunned, and when he took a closer look, he saw that Mu Sichen was continuously increasing the number of believers for the “Sky Pupil”, so he immediately stood in place, and fell into a deep state of perplexity.



What on earth was happening? Why did he have to eliminate the devout follower of the Sky Pupil? This believer was so outstanding, and to see that he had turned so many heretics into believers of the Sky Pupil was a feat worthy of praise. The feather-eyed dependent thought seriously.



Even the feather-eyed family member couldn’t do anything about Mu Sichen, but Mu Sichen had already obtained the twenty-first self sticker.



A huge eye had sprouted from his back, and his entire person had long since lost his human form, with only a little bit of human emotion still visible in those bulging frog eyes.



He also didn’t know how much SAN value was left, and if it was still enough for him to keep his sanity.


This thought flashed through Mu Sichen’s mind, and he no longer had much energy to think about it. All he could do was swing the crossaxe and continue to challenge the sanatorium’s bottom line, drawing the eyes over.



Twenty-two! Mu Sichen put away his ego sticker, and as he tried to swing his pickaxe once again, a light was released from beneath his feet and enveloped him.



A huge eye appeared underneath Mu Sichen’s feet, with three pupils in the eye, and the three pupils reflected the three celestial bodies of the sun, the moon, and the stars.



This was precisely the totem of the big-eye!


Sitting on the hospital bed Shen Jiyue immediately got up, a rare trace of excitement appeared on his bland face.


It was the “pillar”!



Mu Sichen succeeded, and he finally forced the “pillar” to concentrate all its gaze on him, gathering at his feet to form a beam of light that condensed its gaze.



Along with the appearance of the pillar, the voice of the radio echoed throughout the entire sanatorium: “Error, error! Correct, correct! Delete Supplemental Rule Three, Erase Volunteer Zhang Sansan!”



On the Management Rules on the first floor, Supplemental Rule Three, which had just been written down, was erased by an invisible force.


Subsequently, a volunteer tied up in the restroom on the first floor disappeared.



The one who disappeared was the volunteer Zhang Sansan, not the family member Sha Dayan.



Mu Sichen stood amidst the pillar, getting a breath of fresh air.




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