Probably because of his status, the organizer arranged an empty lounge for him.


After entering the lounge, Shi Fei looked over the requirements for the competition, and while looking, he asked, “Did you notice anything in what happened just now?”



Xu Zeming thought for a while, “Wang Yuanzhi’s temperament is a bit proud and impetuous, and his emotional intelligence and foresight aren’t very high.”



Shi Fei looked up at him: “Not bad, but there is more.”



Xu Zeming then continued: “He should be one of the less favored ones in Tianxing Media, otherwise they wouldn’t have let him take over this activity for free, just to give Brother Fei a hard time, to put it bluntly, he’s being used as cannon fodder.”



Shi Fei closed the book in his hand and said approvingly, “Quite good, you’re in your 20s, yet you had this realization, if Wang Yuanzhi was as smart as you are, he wouldn’t be treated as an outcast by the company and thrown out without even realizing it.”



Xu Zeming touched his head, embarrassed by the compliment: “No, Brother Fei, you’re two years younger than me and you also see it, that means you’re smarter than me.”



“You know I’m two years younger than you, but you still call me Brother Fei. Just call me Shi Fei directly.” Shi Fei put the script in his hand on the table and asked with his fingers crossed, “You’re still a college student, and when you’re an artist’s assistant, you have to fly all over the place, your schedule will be quite exhausting, are you sure you can take care of your studies?”



Xu Zeming nodded: “It’s not a problem. Our school’s management is more liberalized, I talked to the counselor in advance, as long as I don’t fail the final exam, it’s not a problem.”



Shi Fei said: “Okay, let’s set the rules then. As my assistant, I don’t need you to do a lot of things, I have the ability to solve a lot of things myself. I have been feuding with Tianxing Media for a long time, now they just sent an outcast to disgust me, in the future, relying on press release to grab resources from me and so on will surely happen from time to time, sooner or later, it’s going to be handled. But I think I’m quite a troublemaker myself, so I hope my assistant can be a bit smarter, even if you can’t help me, you should at least be able to carry your weight a bit, not everyone who smiles is a good person in this industry.”


Xu Zeming nodded.


Shi Fei looked at the time and it was almost time, got up and patted Xu Zeming’s shoulder, “You performed quite well just now.”






The nine o’clock start time arrived, due to Wei Ru’s previous hot search thing, there were still some passerby fans interested in her for a short time and they knew that Wei Ru had a competition that would be broadcasted live today.



Idle people also came to see the live broadcast, wanting to see this valiant young lady in action, it was said that people were the most attractive when they were serious about their passion.



The host passionately delivered the opening remarks while holding the microphone,, and then let Wang Yuanzhi on the stage to sing.


As soon as he went on stage and saw a push of Shi Fei fans holding red supporting hand banners under the stage, Wang Yuanzhi felt a little bit of pain.



Those who thought they could see Shi Fei were also slightly disappointed, but they quickly got up their spirits, it was just the beginning of the show, brother Fei was probably going to appear at the back to sing, right?



It wasn’t their favorite singing on stage, so the audience below clearly lacked interest and didn’t listen to the music very seriously. This scene made Wang Yuanzhi feel a sense of melancholy in his heart, leading to him going out of tune while singing.



It was a live broadcast, and many people were criticizing Wang Yuanzhi’s singing.



Backstage, a bunch of designers were standing there waiting in line, a moment after Wang Yuanzhi finished singing, the host would cue them on the stage.



In the crowd, some people found Shi Fei, they were surprised and thought that Shi Fei and Wang Yuanzhi were both going to sing.



They also sighed that the organizers had lost a great deal of money this time, he was a top star, so they definitely did a lot to invite him here.



When Ye Jian saw Shi Fei, his heart missed a beat, and he immediately recalled the day he was beaten up by Wei Ru, Shi Fei was also present on that day.



“Shi Fei, I didn’t expect the organizer to invite you here, you must sign for me later, I especially like you.” One of the designers greeted Shi Fei with a smile.



Shi Fei recognized this voice, it was someone that had just participated in dissing Wei Ru.



Shi Fei turned his head sideways and asked, “So which of my songs do you like?”



The other party was stunned, he was just being polite, he had only heard of the name “Shi Fei”, he didn’t know what songs he had sung.



Then he thought that Shi Fei could play an instrument and hurriedly said, “I especially like the guzheng you play.”



Shi Fei responded, “Thank you, but that’s called a guqin, not a guzheng.”



“Is it? Those of us who are engaged in designing don’t know that kind of artistic things, but the qin and zheng both look similar.”



At this time the song in front finished, the host began to preside and let the designers come on.



The man saw that Shi Fei was going to follow him on stage and asked, “Shi Fei, this is a design competition, it’s not your turn to sing.”



While putting his work tag around his neck, Shi Fei said, “I’m representing Lan Lian Fang to participate in the design competition today, I’m Ai Wei.”



The other designers revealed unbelievable stares, some of them were dumbfounded with their mouths open.



Didn’t they say that Ai Wei wouldn’t participate in the design competition? Wasn’t it said that Ai Wei was strangely ugly?



God damn garlic nose and fish eyes, which asshole said he had a mouthful of buck teeth and his face was full of pimples?



No matter how much people thought about it, they never expected that Ai Wei wasn’t only not ugly, but also a current popular celebrity at a very young age.



So four years ago, when he first won the award, he was only 14 years old. Suddenly, many designers felt like they were born useless.



Standing on the side, Ye Jian’s face turned pale and he staggered in place for a moment, especially when he saw the look Shi Fei gave him before he went on stage.



He understood that the sudden appearance of Ai Wei, who had always kept his designs out of the public eye, was retaliation, and with him here, unless Ai Wei’s design inspiration suddenly dried up, there was no hope for Qiluo Pavilion to take first place this time.


As everyone stepped onto the stage, the little fans below all saw Shi Fei coming out wearing a casual sweater.



They froze there with their hand banners, why did Shi Fei follow the designers out?




Suddenly there was an ominous feeling, the expressions of the netizens in front of the live broadcast all lit up, especially those who didn’t buy a ticket, they got the promise that Shi Fei would show up, so they ran to watch the live broadcast.



[What’s with this familiar feeling? Why do I have an sense of déjà vu?]



[Brother Fei your base score is already excellent, there is no need to develop other business.]



[Brother can you keep in mind that you’re a star, singing and dancing is your specialty, don’t add so many messy businesses, okay?”]



[Alas, the daily worry of our star retiring and running away, we really live too humbly.]



Netizens teasing each other was one thing, when the host announced that Shi Fei was the mysterious design master of Lanlian Fang, Ai Wei, everywhere really got heated.



Although his fans had guessed it a bit, when they really heard the host’s announcement, they still expressed that they were devastated and crying with laughter.


“Fan: We just want to see you, we didn’t ask you to surprise us.”



“Upstairs sister, is this a surprise not a shock?”



“Just now I checked out designer Ai Wei, my goodness, he turned out to be a big shot in the design world and has won many design awards.”



“Shut up upstairs, I don’t want to know any of this right now, I just want to know when my brother is going to start singing.”





Tian Sihan started the internship at Lan Lian Fang the next day after she finished recording The Sims last time.



Last night, Teacher Wei Ru had sent her a special message that she must watch today’s design competition live.



In fact, even if Ms. Wei Ru didn’t say, Tian Sihan would definitely watch it, the first day of the Oriental Charm Design Competition was the Chinese dress competition, how could she fall behind.



The people in the company didn’t know about Wei Ru’s injury, so everyone in the company thought that for today’s competition, the contestant was Designer Wei Ru.



When the song was finished and the host announced that the designers from each company were to enter the stage, she heard Ai Wei’s name.



She almost thought that her ears were out of order.


“Teacher Ai Wei.” When Tian Sihan heard this name, her lips involuntarily trembled, and she couldn’t help but thump wildly at her chest.



Was Teacher Ai Wei going to participate in the competition? Would she be able to see what Teacher Ai Wei looked like?



Tian Sihan swallowed, her hands clenched, her eyes staring at the computer screen.



One by one, the designers came out, and each time they came out, the host would deliberately introduce the designer’s name and the company they represented again.


When the name ‘Lanlianfang’ was finally read, Tian Sihan’s hands were squeezed tight, obviously nervous.



Then Shi Fei walked out, Tian Sihan was still a bit confused, subconsciously tilting her head to the side, wanting to see if there were any other people behind Shi Fei, completely forgetting that she was on a computer.


“What is Shi Fei going to do?” Tian Sihan’s mind had some kind of idea flashing through, but she didn’t dare to admit it.



Then she got a closer view and saw the name tag on Shi Fei, she felt her mind thundering.



“Shi, Shi Fei is Mr. Ai Wei?” Tian Sihan felt like her entire being was frozen.



Equally surprised was the intern design student next to her, as soon as that person saw Shi Fei, she covered her face with both hands and exclaimed, “I knew it, Brother Fei is going to mess things up again. Alas, what kind of star have I become a fan of, he really doesn’t let people worry about him at all.”



Tian Sihan looked at the person next to her, she has always known that the intern next to her was a fan of Shi Fei, his name never left her lips, so she couldn’t hide it even if she wanted to.



Because the Hanfu episode hadn’t yet been broadcast, she didn’t know that Shi Fei recorded in her own place.



Although listening to her talk about Shi Fei all the time was a bit tiring, the pride in her eyes couldn’t be ignored, obviously there was a kind of ‘my star is really powerful’ signal in it.



Tian Sihan finally realized that she was also a fan of Shi Fei.



Crap, she had spent two days and one night with her idol before, had she done anything unbecoming ah?



Thinking about the photo that was set up, and then thinking about how she had tricked her idol to save money and took him to eat Shaxian snacks.



Tian Sihan hammered on her chest, I’m guilty ah I’m guilty, I actually let my idol eat Shaxian snacks.



She should have realized it earlier, from the fact that Shi Fei knew about Hanfu and could make the Hanfu in everyone’s mind based on the design paper in one night, she should have known that this wasn’t an ordinary person ah.



By the way, she hadn’t asked her idol for an autograph yet.


All of a sudden Tian Sihan became even more inanimate.




The Oriental Charm Design Competition was divided into three days of competition.


The second and third days would be men’s, women’s, and wedding dress designs, and there would also be professional models walking the runway in the clothes.



On the first day, the main competition was Hanfu.



The Hanfu competition was divided into traditional Hanfu men’s wear, traditional Hanfu women’s wear, Han elements of men’s wear and women’s wear and creative awards.


The first two meant making traditional Hanfu, Han Element Men’s and Women’s clothes referred to the Hanfu elements added to ordinary clothes, the resulting clothes often had fewer Hanfu elements and more fashion elements. In a true sense, they should belong to the category of ancient clothing, which wasn’t much different.



The last creativity award was to pick out the most creative among all the Hanfus.



Every company could enter as many items as they wanted.



This time it wasn’t made in advance, but on-site, and each company was limited to a maximum of two designers, who had to go from materials to finished clothes within the stipulated five hours.



With limited time, companies generally chose to specialize in one, up to two.



For example, Mu Ruoxi Pavilion picked traditional men’s clothing, and Mingyue Hall picked Han elements men’s and women’s clothing.



This time, Qiluo Pavilion was putting all their hopes on this competition, so they played it bigger, and they chose to sign up for all four.



On the side of Lanlianfang, only one designer, Shi Fei, was present.



Everyone thought that Shi Fei would only pick one item to register, but Shi Fei looked at the crowd and said, “I’ll pick all four.”



[Are you crazy? You want to make four sets of Chinese Hanfus in five hours? How is that possible? The time is too short.]



[Even if he’s quite talented and can design four sets of good looking clothes in a short time, it’s impossible to make them in such a short time.]


[I do believe that he can do it, but the Hanfu made in 5 hours will be too rushed, it’s fine to wear it on a normal day, but the quality of it for the competition will inevitably not make people look at it favorably.]



Shi Fei didn’t have a big reaction, he just asked the host if his assistant could come on the stage to help him.



Originally two people on the same team were allowed, so this request was of course accepted.



The host asked, “Mr. Ai, you let your assistant come up, why? Is he also a designer?”



Shi Fei responded, “No, he is just my assistant, and he is a college student.”



The host asked again: “Then is he a design major?”


Shi Fei shook his head: “I’m not sure about that, I haven’t asked him yet.”



At this moment, Xu Zeming came on stage, a thin and small man, he was a little shy when he came on stage.



“I didn’t expect Mr. Ai Wei to be good looking, and your assistant is also quite good looking.” The host asked flirtatiously, “Listening to Mr. Ai, you are still a college student, so what are you majoring in?”



Xu Zeming smiled sincerely: “Mortuary science major.”



Crowd: “……”



The host was a bit embarrassed, he didn’t know how to pick up this topic, he didn’t even know that there was this major in university.



One by one, the netizens watching the live broadcast sent out series of ‘hahaha’.




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