“Let’s welcome the winner of the Orcas Silver Statue Award for Best Director, Best Film, and Best Screenplay, Mr. Wang Yaoqing, to the stage to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.”



Wang Yaoqing smiled and stepped lightly onto the stairs, this smooth and elegant way of going on stage, he had already booked a fake staircase at home and practiced for a long time, just waiting for the day of the award to show the world his famous director’s elegance and graceful demeanor.



Suddenly, the host on the stage in a suit changed his appearance into a man with a slim figure, wearing a silk housecoat.



Seemingly, it also looked a bit familiar.



Wang Yaoqing was furious: “Where is the host? Isn’t this my award ceremony? What are you doing up here? Come on, drag him down for me!”


The man in the silk loungewear instantly flashed to his side and smiled gently at him.



Every director knew that an actor’s smile was important; the more stretched the mouth was, the more sincere the smile. Some actors were born with strained mouth muscles and couldn’t open their smiles, making it look like they were faking a smile.


This man in the housecoat smiled sincerely.



But the corners of his mouth continued to widen and widen and widen.



Until he grinned his head in half.


It could be described as the ultimate sincerity.



Wang Yaoqing was so scared shitless that he stumbled on the steps and then rolled all the way down the steps.


He had thought that he would soon hit the ground, but the steps never ended, and he was like a gurgling ball of leather, being hit by the high and low steps so hard that he couldn’t even speak.



How could there be such a long staircase at an awards ceremony?



This didn’t make sense, was he dreaming?



Yes! He was dreaming! He didn’t even have what it took to win the Orcas Silver Statue Award.



Wang Yaoqing woke up immediately after realizing that he was dreaming.



A cold sweat rolled over his body, and his heart was beating as if he was going to die suddenly.



When Wang Yaoqing thought of the man in his dream, his heart was really hairy, like there were small insects crawling on his body, making it difficult for him to sit still.



He felt that the darkness of the house was very scary, so he got up to turn on the light, the light was bright, so he casually wanted to go back to sleep, his eyes casually glanced to the side then he let out a scared wail.



The man in the housecoat was standing in his bedroom!


“I’m dreaming I’m dreaming, wake up wake up wake up wake up!”


Wang Yaoqing closed his eyes and frantically chanted.


“You’re not dreaming, I’m real.”


The voice was cold, very cold.



Wang Yaoqing’s eyes opened a bit and saw the man looking at him as cold as ice. Upon closer inspection, the man was wearing a pair of silk slippers on his feet, which had the feeling of a friendly neighbor, and was out of place with his iceberg temperament.


“You, who are you?”



“I’m Jin Xuecheng. Don’t you know me well?” The self-proclaimed Jin Xuecheng’s gaze was icy cold, “I want to hear your understanding of me for myself, and if it’s not to my satisfaction, I’ll knock your head off.”



Wang Yaoqing panicked and ran outside, but the door to the room wouldn’t open.


“Speak up!”



The cold and clear timbre rang in his ears like a ghost.



No, he was a ghost.



“Ah ah ah ah-” Wang Yaoqing begged for mercy while frantically kicking the door, “Mr. Jin, Master Jin, Grandpa Jin, I was talking nonsense, I’ve only read the preface of Peach Blossom Fan and the Chidu Encyclopedia plot synopsis, ah, please, Please be merciful and spare my life!”



When he was so scared that he was about to faint, there was suddenly another young man in the room wearing the same style of loungewear.



“What are you doing here in the middle of the night without sleeping?” The young man had an unhappy face.


Jin Xuesheng clasped his hands and sneered, “You still have the nerve to ask me? Do you still have any care for your child? You didn’t even know when he was bullied and cried!”



“What?” The young man’s face was full of shock, “Who bullied my cub?”



Wang Yaoqing didn’t really understand what had happened, but he vaguely remembered that Xu Li on the inner pages of The Peach Blossom Fan was very similar to this person.



Could it be that it was because he was using The Peach Blossom Fan to spar with Qiong Ren online that he had lured the Jin Xuecheng’s ghost here?



He was about to sneak out while the two ghosts were arguing when Jin Xuecheng grabbed him back.



“It’s him, he said that my baby doesn’t understand me, and he aggravated the cub to …… cry! He cried!” Secretary Jin roared and casually pushed Wang Yaoqing away, “Such a big thing happened, yet you actually don’t know?”



Emperor Song: “Cub told you?”


Secretary Jin grew more and more furious, “He said it in the group chat of loveable family! You don’t care about him at all, otherwise why wouldn’t you read the group messages?”



“Injustice, I was at work for too long today, I just changed my clothes when I got home, I accidentally passed by your room and saw that no one was in there, so I looked for it, I didn’t have time to look at WeChat yet.”



When Emperor Song finished speaking, he immediately glared at Wang Yaoqing, “You’re the one who bullied my son?”



Wang Yaoqing was already on the verge of collapsing, what in the world was this, you are both ghosts. Why do you still have a son? Why are you still fighting here as a couple?



He trembled against the door panel, “How dare I offend your son, I don’t even know anyone with the surname Jin or Xu. You guys have recognized the wrong person.”



Hearing that Qiong Ren cried, Emperor Song was also very anxious and asked Secretary Jin, “How did cub cry? Have you coaxed him?”



Secretary Jin took out his cell phone and showed Emperor Song the contents of the message.



“Look, there are four ooohs in the message he sent me, four!” Secretary Jin’s eyes reddened, “He also sent an emoji of a tearful kitten, cub is as cute as a cat, how pitifully the cat cries is how pitiful he is. Cub was bullied like this, yet you still worked, do you still have this family in your heart?”



Wang Yaoqing didn’t dare to speak, but he felt that being hated by ghosts for a teary cat emoji and four oooohs were somewhat reminiscent of snowfall in June.



“I know, don’t cry, aiya, don’t cry,” Emperor Song wanted to embrace hin but didn’t dare, he could only direct his anger at Wang Yaoqing, “I’m not afraid to let you know, my son is Qiong Ren, since you dare to bully him, be prepared.”



Wang Yaoqing never expected that these two fictional archetypes that have been dead for who knows how many years actually came to give Qiong Ren a head start, he was devastated and confused, “But you guys died earlier than Qiong Ren was born, how could he be your child? Can men have children too?”



He suddenly thought of a horrible possibility and his eyes almost glazed over. Jin Xuesheng’s death had always been a mystery, both the information and the novels only mentioned that it was an accidental death.



It was hard to believe that ……



It was actually because he was pregnant with a child and had to retire to the mountains.



Because it was too shocking, the real reason could not be stated to the public ……



Wang Yaoqing looked at Secretary Jin’s flat belly, and his eyes were suddenly filled with confusion, doubt, and strong admiration.



“Where are you looking?” Emperor Song was furious, “You bullied my son and still looked at my wife with thieving eyes.”



Secretary Jin emphasized in a loud voice, “It’s secretary!”



“Fine, fine, secretary.” Emperor Song had a look of do whatever you want, he had just blurted out, “Is it that you don’t have this family in your heart,” but was still insisting that he was a secretary, how dishonest.



“I’m wrong,” Wang Yaoqing didn’t have much of a backbone, two ghosts together was enough for him to kneel, “I’ll make amends and apologize to him tomorrow. You two have lived a long life, just take me as a fart and let me go.”



“How can that be,” Secretary Jin laughed coldly, “You bullied my child, is apologizing is enough?”



Wang Yaoqing had already knelt straight up, his voice shaking uncharacteristically, “Then what do you want? Kill, kill me?”



Secretary Jin was surprised, “Do I look like the kind of ghost that kills indiscriminately without reason?”


“Like, like ah~” Wang Yaoqing was overly frightened and directly told the truth.


“We ghosts of the underworld have always obeyed the law, who would kill you, who are you looking down on?” Emperor Song was very angry, feeling that Wang Yaoqng was insulting his governance.



“Then what exactly do you want?” Wang Yaoqing’s tears flowed down, like two babbling brooks with abundant water, extraordinarily raging because of his despair.


“Exactly how, you will know when the time comes.” Secretary Jin said coldly, “Apologize to him tomorrow, is that clear?”


Wang Yaoqing eagerly nodded, “Understood, understood, understood, I’ll arrange it right away.”



Secretary Jin coldly grunted, coldly turned around and coldly disappeared.



Emperor Song looked at Wang Yaoqing, “Idiot, don’t mess with my son in the future. Even more so, don’t mess with my wife. Understand?”


After saying that, he also disappeared.



Scared to the point of snot and tears, Wang Yaoqing, whose knees were raw from kneeling, raised his head and viciously wiped his face.



“Hmph, a mere two brats want to threaten me,” Wang Yaoqing smiled hideously, “I’ll invite a master over tomorrow, and make you two brats’ souls fly away!”



Lovable Family.



[Secretary Jin: I’ve already warned Wang Yaoqing, he doesn’t dare to bully you anymore. If anyone else treats you badly, just let me know.”]



[Emperor Song: Yeah, there’s mom and dad]



Message withdrawn.


[Emperor Song: With Secretary Jin and I backing you up, don’t be afraid of anything. Are you still sad now?]


[Trying to get rich: I’m not sad anymore, I’m so happy to have someone to back me up.]


Qiong Ren sent over a picture of a cat with a heart.



Emperor Song and Secretary Jin stood in the corridor of the huge palace, looking at their cell phones with contented smiles.


Qiong Ren looked at his cell phone and also revealed a satisfied smile.


Even the habit of withdrawing messages after saying the wrong thing was the same… get married, hurry up.




He was currently changing his look and waiting to do a new round of interviews.


“Psychic 101” exploded in popularity, Qiong Ren’s fans went crazy so he received many interview invitations, in order to get rid of these piled up interviews as soon as possible, he simply brought more than a dozen sets of clothes, went to a five-star hotel with a very distinctive room, and spent a whole day to get rid of all the interviews with the media and websites in one fell swoop.



Although the same questions were answered dozens of times and he was tired, he was still happy.



But when he returned home, he did have the feeling of being used hard.



He slept until noon the next day, and shortly after he woke up, he was starving when Yan Mo came knocking on the door.



Bringing four dishes and a soup.



This was the kind of superb boyfriend that only appeared in novels and made-up books, he didn’t know which girl would be able to marry him.


But gods shouldn’t marry people, right? It felt like the ten kings were all ten thousand year old single dogs except for Emperor Song.


The two of them ate lunch together, washed the dishes together, and Qiong Ren touched his round little tummy and laid down on the lazy sofa.



Yan Mo pulled Qiong Ren up, “Don’t lie down after just eating, it’s not good for your stomach.”



Qiong Ren obediently got up and sat down.



Yan Mo planned to tell Qiong Ren that he was the King of the underworld today, and if Qiong Ren wasn’t so angry that he wouldn’t talk to him, he would also have to hurry up and set a moving date.



He planned to do a bit of padding first: “On the day of the filming, did you find it strange why I would still have a building and be able to afford a courtyard when I’m broke.”



Qiong Ren would definitely say it was strange, and he could then go along with the truth.


Qiong Ren’s posture was well-behaved and his expression was sincere: “It’s not strange at all.”


Yan Mo nodded, “Well, actually I …… ah? Not strange?”



Qiong Ren sighed in his heart, neighbor ah, that’s why I’m trying so hard to help you cover your little vest la, you don’t have to thank me, you’re so good to me, this is what I should do.



He began to make things up, “Yes, even if you are a bankrupt businessman. It’s not unusual to have an ancestral unsold building worth hundreds of millions, and an ancestral unsold courtyard worth hundreds of millions.”


This argument couldn’t be said to be exactly the same as Secretary Nan, it could only be said to be no different at all, was this the heart-to-heart between mom fans and idols?



Yan Mo was silent for a moment, and when he opened his mouth again, he felt that it was a bit difficult to vocalize, “The ghosts in the Resident living Office listen to me very well, there is no doubt in your mind?”



Qiong Ren rattled his head.


“No, not at all.”



Qiong Ren looked at him with innocent eyes, “You are a noble landlord, the ghosts of the Resident living Office are all laborers, and laborers certainly have more respect for their landlords. Besides, didn’t you say that your family has been serving in the underworld for generations and has connections. They definitely have to listen to you.”



The logic was smooth and unbroken. Qiong Ren nodded in his heart with satisfaction.


Yan Mo was already in a daze.



Was this a case of Qiong Ren trusting him too much, or was Qiong Ren incredibly slow in some way?



Since this was the case, he would abandon the padding and directly tell the truth.



Yan Mo: “Actually, I’m ……”



Qiong Ren’s phone rang and he apologized, “I’ll take the call first.”



The call was from his manager, informing him of the exact schedule for the Love Encounter Starlight Night.



After speaking for a few minutes, he hung up the phone, “Where were we just now.”



Yan Mo didn’t realize that there were so many little obstacles to confessing one’s identity, perhaps it was inappropriate to do so today, so he planned to address another matter first, “When are you planning to move?”


“Move? Move where?” Qiong Ren suddenly thought of a certain possibility and asked tentatively. “Moving to the big house with a lotus pond?”



Not understanding why he was so shocked, Yan Mo said affirmatively, “Uh-huh. The house has been transferred to your name.”


Qiong Ren: “Transferred ……”



Wait a minute! Wasn’t that an act?




Yan Mo thought that Qiong Ren didn’t believe it, pursed his lips, and pulled up the real estate title photo from his cell phone to show Qiong Ren: “Your name.”



Qiong Ren saw the crookedly typed word Qiong Ren on the real estate license, and was unable to speak for a long time.


Yan Mo looked at Qiong Ren staying stagnant for a long time, a little worried, he asked the Rabbit, “What’s wrong with him?”



Rabbit typed on his cell phone, “The shock is too great.”



“Why? Wasn’t the house given to you a long time ago?” Yan Mo shook his hand in front of Qiong Ren’s eyes, “Qiong Ren.”


It took a long time for Qiong Ren to avert his eyes from the real estate license.



As a qualified poor person, Qiong Ren had no idea how much a house like this was actually worth, but he was sure that it would be in the hundreds of millions.



Such an expensive thing was actually said to be given away ……



He personally didn’t know about this matter, how did the title deed come down? Could it be that he went through the channels of the underworld?



Yan Mo continued, “Don’t you want to raise Red Lotus very much?”



Speaking here, Yan Mo’s white face flushed a light red, he slightly lowered his eyes, “In fact …… Red Lotus also wants to be raised by you. After you move over, there will be a place to raise him.”



Qiong Ren did want to raise Red Lotus, but that was before he smelled the minty strawberry flavor that was actually on Lotus.


And ……


Wasn’t Red Lotus just Yan Mo? So ……



Yan Mo wanted to be raised by him?



This hobby was a little bit special, wasn’t it?



Or was it a racial nature, such as how dogs naturally loved their masters, red lotus naturally wanted to be raised by people, then what did dragon people like?



Yan Mo had seven incarnations, if each of them had a racial nature and so many hobbies, would he be able to keep himself busy?



Qiong Ren’s gaze at Yan Mo was a bit subtle for a moment.



But also immediately made up his mind in his heart.



“Then, then there’s no way,” Qiong Ren inexplicably stammered a bit, he still wanted to fulfill his neighbor’s wish, even though his neighbor’s wish was a bit strange, “The house doesn’t need to be given to me, such a beautiful place, I’ll be happy if I can live in it.”




It was actually quite nice to move.



Since he and Yan Mo had appeared on Psychic 101, the number of loiterers squatting downstairs had gotten significantly larger.


Many people wanted to watch the love story of a tycoon living in an ordinary neighborhood and a popular star.



The security in this neighborhood was indeed a bit poor. It wasn’t suitable for him now. His agent was also urging him to change his house.



Although when he advised him, he immediately refused. But it was definitely not his intention to refuse his neighbor. Nor did he mean to happily agree as soon as the neighbor suggested living together.



It was only that as an ordinary citizen who would eventually enter the underworld, he wanted to make a small and insignificant contribution to King Yan’s hobby.



“Then I’ll have the moving company come over now.” Yan Mo wasn’t in a hurry to let Qiong Ren accept the house, he’d first live in it, and then they’d talk about the rest slowly.


Qiong Ren: “So soon?”


Yan Mo: “If you’re not available, I’ll just move it.”



“Ah, no,” This was too fast! Just how much do you want to be kept, was this really Red Lotus and not a dog? “Today then. I’ve been busy lately, and it’s the only day I’m free.”



Qiong Ren was a very disciplined person, and when he said he was moving, he immediately took action.



Organizing and packing and grouping, soon the living room was stacked with boxes.



Yan Mo saw that there was still a piece of clothing covering the head of the god of Fortune statue and thought that Qiong Ren had forgotten, “There’s another piece of clothing here.”


He said and went to get it, Qiong Ren was squatting this time to organize the dishes, his movement was one step slower, he could only watch as Yan Mo took the clothes in his hand.



Yan Mo finally saw the “god of Wealth Statue” that he had been thinking about for a long time.


Qiong Ren’s heart immediately lifted up, he was worried that Yan Mo would be angry, but Yan Mo was very calm, he couldn’t see joy and anger, he couldn’t even see a fluctuation in his expression.



Yan Mo quietly looked at the idol.



If he wasn’t wrong, this statue should be Master Wu’s work, his style of individual ghosts was very strong and unique in the underworld.



Although his clothes were slightly ostentatious, but the carving was delicate, the knife was precise, the lines were beautiful and smooth, the coloring was soft and beautiful, it was a rare wood carving treasure.



Because of Master Wu’s precise and delicate style, he was able to restore 100% of the character’s original appearance in the carving.



Just like this statue, it was exactly the same as him.



Qiong Ren looked at Yan Mo who was as still as a statue and said stiffly, “This wooden carving of the god of Fortune is very pretty right, I think it looks a bit familiar but I can’t remember who it is. Hahahaha.”



Yan Mo’s eyes suddenly came alive a little. Qiong Ren sighed in relief.


The agent called again, “Hello.”


Qiong Ren: “Uh-huh.”



Agent: “Ever since I met your neighbor, he always looked familiar, but I just couldn’t remember. It just finally occurred to me, doesn’t he look exactly like the god of Fortune statue? No wonder you immediately blocked the god of Fortune statue the last time he was here, that store is infringing on your neighbor’s portrait rights, right?”



The agent’s voice was loud.



The agent’s tone was worried.


“You can’t hide this kind of thing, you have to talk to him about it, the right of likeness has been violated, and it was used on the idol, what should I do if the god of Fortune hates it. You must remember to say something to him. Let him pay homage to the god of Fortune and apologize.”



Qiong Ren replied with a dry “Oh”.



Yan Mo looked at the statue.



The left and right couplets of the statue read Peace in the World and Prosperity at First Sight respectively.



Qiong Ren was different from his agent, he was very smart, even if he wasn’t familiar with this style of dress, he should be able to associate it with the words on the Black and White Impermanence’s hat, this was a statue of the King of the underworld.



In other words, for so long, Qiong Ren had always known that he was the King of the underworld.



Just now, he desperately hinted at it, but Qiong Ren didn’t suspect that he had a problem at all, not because Qiong Ren was slow, but rather, he was helping him to cover it up.


This tenderness, at this moment in time, seemed extraordinarily heavy to Yan Mo.


He was in a trance and couldn’t help but think of his first encounter in the haunted house, the unforgettable day in his godly life.



That day seemed to be repeating itself once again.



Some gods died due to decline, and some gods died running to mend the heavens.



And there were gods who died after seeing their own idols and having their sanity crumble.



Let me die …… Yan Mo solemnly thought that only death could save him.



His eyes suddenly became sad.



But he was the king of the underworld, no matter who died, he couldn’t die.



Why did a god actually have to bear such terrible suffering.



“This ……” Qiong Ren swallowed, seeing Yan Mo’s eyes gradually lose focus, his mouth turned dry and his heartbeat quickened, “I can explain, I can really explain.”



“That …… Lotus,” Yan Mo’s voice was very soft and low, “do you know it too?”



“Ah …… this.”



Yan Mo understood, his eyes dimmed completely.



Qiong Ren tried to explain, “You smelled of the laundry detergent I gave you, and there was just no way I couldn’t recognize you. You can’t blame me for this one.”



So ……


All this time, Qiong Ren had been silently watching him perform?



He had just thought his heart couldn’t hurt more, but it turned out it could.



The handsome god closed himself up.



Yan Mo never expected that the person who hurt him the most in this world was actually Qiong Ren.



If gods could suffocate, he would have suffocated by now.



At this moment, the rushing Three Way River suddenly came to a standstill.



The cruise ship ferrying the ghosts was stuck in the middle of the River of Forgetfulness, and the ferryman in the red vest tore his heart out when he saw the river that had stagnated into a giant ruby.



“Life is over! The River of Forgetfulness has stopped flowing, and the King of the underworld is gone! Underworld is finished!”



Qiong Ren looked at Yan Mo with a lost soul look and silently pulled out his cloth and the statue of King Yan and put them away.



Yan Mo looked at the cloth with a sad face, and then looked at him with a condemning expression.


Qiong Ren: “……”


This was the first time his neighbor had looked at him with such an expression!!!!



He silently took off the thin jacket he was wearing and handed it to Yan Mo.



Yan Mo pinched the cloth, and his face looked much better.


The River resumed flowing again. The red vested ghost held up a trumpet and shouted, “The River of Forgetfulness is flowing again, King Yan isn’t dead, and the underworld is not finished for the time being! Don’t worry.”



The ghosts were enraged, aren’t you the one spreading anxiety and rumors? They swarmed and beat up the red vested ghost.


In the living world, Qiong Ren’s house, he wanted to say a few more words.






Yan Mo disappeared with Qiong Ren’s cloth.



Qiong Ren: “……”



Was this him running back to underworld and breaking up with him? It wasn’t so bad, he’d been working very hard to help cover his little vest, why was he still so angry.


He was a little aggrieved.





Yan Mo appeared again, his handsome, pale face filled with worry: “Moving, you won’t back out, right?”



Qiong Ren: “…… Won’t back out.”



Yan Mo: “The cloth, can I have another one?”



Qiong Ren: “……”



He randomly pulled one out and handed it over.



“As long as you don’t get angry,” although Qiong Ren was a bit aggravated, he still decided to coax the lost soul of Yan Mo, “There are still a few more pieces for you. In fact, if you think about it carefully, we were kind of cheating each other, rounding up that’s a tie, no one is angry, okay?”



How can it be like this?



Yan Mo was shocked!



He wasn’t angry at all, he just really wanted to escape from Earth, and he was worried that Qiong Ren would be angry with him.



But if pretending to be angry would get him a reward, he, he could pretend too!



Yan Mo thought quietly for a moment.





He couldn’t pretend.



There was no way he could be mad at Qiong Ren.






“Let’s keep moving.”



Yan Mo said calmly.



Qiong Ren: “……”



Yan Mo was so hard to predict.



Since he dropped his disguise, naturally there was no need to hire a moving company, and within a minute, Qiong Ren was living in a new house.


Before he had a chance to say anything, Yan Mo disappeared at a rapid speed holding his clothes.



After disappearing, Yan Mo appeared directly in the Yan Temple Hall, with his seven incarnations merging into one, he strode towards the back hall.



There was a huge bronze coffin placed there, and King Yan entered the bronze coffin, holding Qiong Ren’s clothes and laid down slowly.


The inside of the bronze coffin was immediately filled with a nice smelling aroma.


Yan Mo felt that his devastated heart was slightly comforted.



It was impossible to be angry, but he was going to leave this horrible world for a while.




I giggled throughout this entire chapter, they’re so cute, they make these longer chapters worth it 🥺

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