C40 – Paranoid Patient


Chu Chen’an took a few steps back, his back against the wall.



Only to see Shen Delu lift his broad palm and reach for his face.



Like a black shadow that covered his circumference ……



He was so scared that he closed his eyes and turned sideways, only to feel the mask around his ears being gently tugged. The mask on his face suddenly fell off, Chu Chen’an opened his eyes, his slender eyelashes fluttering.



Shen Delu’s eyes were gloomy. He, who was 1.9 meters tall, stood in front of Chu Chen’an like a wall. He lowered his gaze and looked down at Chu Chen’an’s white porcelain like face, his eyes darkened.



It was really alike ah ……



Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and trembled in panic.



Only to see this madman leisurely swaying his hand, still staring at him as he retreated to the door of the utility room.



“Well then, doctor take your time finding it.” He raised his palm and waved it twice at Chu Chen’an, the corners of his lips pursed slightly, his voice light and creepy, “Remember to come and bring us medicine at night.”



After saying that, he smiled. He looked at Chu Chen’an two more times, then turned around and left the utility room.



Chu Chen’an’s palms were on the verge of sweating, and he waited for him to leave, then he slowly loosened his palms.



He took out the mini camera.



He bent down and looked at the mask on the floor, and breathed out.






He quickly closed and locked the door to the utility room, stepping on the cardboard box in front of the window, and carefully peering into the cafeteria hall corridor downstairs.



Just as he was about to pinch the camera and start filming, he realized that the corridor had been restored to its original state.







He put the camera back in his pocket, frowned, and came down from the cardboard box.



The patient on the floor who had been trampled to death by the administrators had probably been transferred ……



He’d have to find another opportunity in three hours.



Two hours later.



Chu Chen’an was pulled along by the head nurse to inspect the ward, followed by Lu Chengdong and a female nurse.



The nurse looked to be in her twenties, with bangs covering her eyebrows and eyes, her head was lowered and she didn’t dare to say a word.



“Lu Chengdong, you and Chen Xiao go to the first floor, I will go to the second floor with Dr. Chu.” The head nurse walked at the front, tending to her curly brown hair, her skirt was held up by her size, squeezing out many strips of fat.



She had positively red manicures and wore a gold bracelet and jade ring, too extravagant to be a nurse.



“Okay.” Lu Chengdong nodded as he carried the medicine box behind him.




Chu Chen’an followed the three to Building B, cautiously looking around, the long corridor was silent, only the sound of their footsteps could be heard.



Lu Chengdong and the female nurse named Chen Xiao walked towards the first floor, while Chu Chen’an followed the head nurse and turned into the corridor on the second floor.


There were three wards in the second floor of Building B, 201, 202, and 203.



201 was located on the left side of the corridor, 203 was located on the right side of the corridor, and 202 was located in the very center.



The head nurse smiled as she looked at Chu Chen’an, “Dr. Chu, let’s go to 201 first.”



“Okay.” Chu Chen’an nodded.



They quickly finished their rounds of the two wards and came to 203 at the end of the corridor.



There were four beds in ward 203, and the ones locked up were all female patients.



The first thing the head nurse did when she came in wasn’t to open the medicine box to administer the injection, but instead she walked towards bed #1 on the left side.


The female patient in bed #1 was wearing a red scarf, her eyes were dull and clean looking, and she was staring vacantly at the ceiling.



Something was still being muttered under her breath.



More than two years had passed since he had last left this copy.



The faces of the patients here were rusty to him, probably because a major replacement had taken place in the patients within those two years.



“You’re recovering well today.” The head nurse sat on the edge of female patient #1’s bed, her hand tugging at her hair and touching the jade pendant hanging between her neck.


The head nurse spoke kindly, but her eyes were full of greed, “Patients need to bring less of these things, and you’re still in treatment, come, I’ll help you put it away.”



Chu Chen’an quietly watched this and the corners of his mouth slightly twitched.



He thought.



Maybe the bracelet and ring on the head nurse, was also gotten like this way ……



The bottom of the female patient’s eyes were like a pool of dead water, and her face was expressionless as she lay motionless on the bed.



The head nurse’s obese hand pinched on the necklace of that female patient and yanked it down easily.



Just as the head nurse was about to put the jade pendant of good color into her pocket, the female patient who was staring at the ceiling suddenly yanked on the head nurse’s hand.



The female patient’s face became hideous as she bared her teeth, “Ahhhhhhh! Die! Die! Ahhhhhh damn you, you deserve to die!!!”



“You, you’re sick again, crazy bitch, let go of me!” The head nurse panicked, she was busy trying to retract her hand, but the female patient took a hard bite on her wrist.






The head nurse had a piece of flesh bitten off alive by that female patient.



That female patient chewed the raw meat in her mouth, bared her mouthful of bloody teeth, stared deeply at the screaming head nurse, and began to laugh insanely.



“Oh …… who let you cheat on me …… bite off your stuff, go to hell ah bitch man …… this is your retribution, hahahahahahahahaha …… retribution!”



Chu Chen’an was stunned by this scene, he lowered his head and began to rummage through the information of the patient in this No. 1 bed.



Wang Xue, female, moderate mental disorder patient (Class A). Mentally deranged after learning that her boyfriend was going to break up with her, she stabbed her own stomach at home to remove the five-month-old fetus, and bit her boyfriend to death three days later.



Chu Chen’an looked at the nurse’s hand and sucked in a mouthful of cold air.



“Damn crazy bitch ……,” the head nurse’s face grimaced in pain, she stood up and raised her hand to slap Wang Xue, causing Wang Xue to fall straight from the bed to the ground, “You’re tired of living!”



The three female patients in the ward all covered their ears and stuck to the corners, not daring to say anything.



Wang Xue, still showing her bloody teeth, got up from the ground and smiled at the head nurse, wanting to pounce on her again.



The administrator came at the sound of the loud voices, a string of red numbers printed on the back of his uniform, 33.



He raised his gun and aimed it at Wang Xue.




A loud bang followed.


Wang Xue was shot in the abdomen.


She twisted her head down and realized that a bloody hole had appeared in her stomach ……



Wang Xue fell to the ground.


“She’s already crazy like this, why don’t you hurry up and pull her out!” The head nurse’s eyes were furious as she glared at Wang Xue, who had collapsed on the ground and was foaming at the mouth.



The administrator walked towards Wang Xue and watched closely as blood splashed out.



“Be quiet, so much for that. If you weren’t lazy and finished checking, could there be so much going on?” Administrator #33 placed his foot on Wang Xue’s stomach, crushing it hard.



Like stepping on an ant to death.



Wang Xue suddenly spat out a few mouthfuls of blood, convulsed a few times, and then stared at his eyes without a sound ……



Chu Chen’an furrowed his brows, witnessing a living person die in front of his eyes.



His eyebrows twitched, and with difficulty he calmed himself down, his hand feeling into his pocket and gripping the invisible camera.



He remembered that the last time he’d been in this copy, the administrators didn’t kill patients so indiscriminately.



Could it be that the administrators here had all changed drastically, too?



He felt that he didn’t even need to deliberately discredit them, as long as he directly exposed this place as it was, it would inevitably cause a great deal of public opinion and sensation in the outside society.



The patients here were treated like ants.



Their lives were trampled under the feet of these administrators who wore a high crown of power.


The head nurse was also unconvinced, as she covered her bloody wrist and raised her voice, “Who’s lazy! It’s this crazy bitch who got sick herself and pounced on me! Damn, I’m really unlucky today, yuck!”



The administrator glanced at the head nurse as if he were looking at a dead thing, “If you keep fucking yelling, I’ll kill you together.”



The head nurse glared, came a few steps closer and didn’t show weakness, “You dare! Shoot me and see! If I die, then let’s see who will manage the medicine in this hellhole, and the one on the fourth floor also ……”






The administrator raised his hand and slapped her, “I think you really want to die, you dare to say anything!”



Chu Chen’an took advantage of the gap between their quarrels and busied himself with revealing the invisible camera in his hand.



He quickly pressed the button of the camera.



Filming this scene of the administrator stepping on the female patient.



The head nurse was still chattering, and the noise caused the administrator to directly drag the corpse away.






[Congratulations, you have completed mission point one]



[Reward Points: X20]



Chu Chen’an sighed with relief in his heart and put the invisible camera back into the pocket of his white coat.



What he didn’t realize was that the short-haired girl hiding in the furthest corner was witnessing the entirety of his actions with her eyes wide open.





No matter how much he tried to avoid it, the night still came.



Chu Chen’an carried the medicine box and walked towards Building B alone.



The light of the building at night was dark, the lights on the hallway were all voice-activated, they looked like they were already some years old and were fluttering and flickering.



The stairwell was crisscrossed with light and darkness, and Chu Chen’an’s hand holding the small flashlight was trembling slightly.



He summoned up the courage to step over the iron gate on the third floor of Building B, and cautiously and carefully walked up the stairs on the third floor.



He had just taken a stand at the stairway entrance, and before he had a chance to step out of the door to the stairway entrance, he heard the sound of people coming from the hallway of the building.



He took a sudden step back and carefully poked his head out to watch.



There were two men standing in the end of the hallway.



It was Shen Delu and an administrator.



Shen Delu looked lazy and gloomy, ”As I recall, you were only allowed to clean up the trash outside. Did I give you permission to come in and bother my wife?”



The administrator’s uniform had the red number 7 printed on the back of it, and he bowed his body in horror as he bowed repeatedly to him.



“I’m sorry, it’s my negligence, I’m really sorry …… please let me off this time, I beg you ……” He held the g.un in his hand yet backed up repeatedly, almost kneeling on the ground.



“Oh, you almost forgot, he likes to make the least amount of noise when he’s asleep.”



Shen Delu muttered to himself, turning the ring on his ring finger, his chilly gaze suddenly flushed with a hint of softness.



“If you dare to make noise again you’re dead.” He passed the administrator and walked towards 401 and said with his back to the administrator, “Get lost.”



The administrator raised his eyes and looked at Shen Delu’s back, his eyes suddenly flashed a different color, “Recognizing a dead man as a wife, monster, go to hell.”



The administrator muttered with dark hatred, he lightly clenched his teeth, raised the g.un in his hand and aimed it at Shen Delu ……



Since the big change of patients, the g.uns in the administrator’s hands had all been replaced with live ammunition.


But just before he pulled the trigger, his arm holding the g.un suddenly broke.






The sharp pain hit him violently, and when the manager looked down, he saw his arm lying in a pool of blood.



Blood spurted out.



His arm, how did it break?



He stared wide-eyed, his eyes filled with violent panic, looking towards Shen Delu, who had already walked more than ten meters, “Impossible …… impossible, how is it possible! Ah ah ah ah my hand!”



His shouts immediately echoed in the hallway.



“You don’t seem to understand human language yet ……,” Shen Delu touched the back of his neck, slowly turned around and looked at the shrieking manager, his eyes chilly, “You’re disturbing my wife.”



He walked briskly toward the administrator, grabbing the gu.n that was in a pool of blood in his left hand.



“Just now you said that my wife is dead?” Shen Delu looked at the administrator sorrowfully.



The administrator shook his head in fear.



Shen Delu shoved the muzzle of the gu.n in the administrator’s screaming mouth.



He let go as soon as he put it in and took a few steps back to watch the proceedings.



He looked at the administrator’s fearful eyes, his lips turning up in a faint smile, and whispered, “Boom.”



The g.un’s trigger literally moved on its own with a loud “Boom”.



Blood splattered on the wall ……



Chu Chen’an ducked back into the stairwell, covering his mouth in fear.





Shen Delu stained his hand with blood, but didn’t care.



He leisurely walked towards the entrance of the building, and while walking, he said with his hand on the intercom, “Come up here and clean up the garbage in the building.”



He paused in his steps as he passed the stairwell.



At the doorway of the stairwell, he looked sideways inside and smiled, his voice was so light that it was creepy, “Doctor, what are you doing hiding here?”



Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled in fear as he carried his medicine box and walked out in Shen Delu’s gaze.



“I, I just arrived.” His eyes trembled chaotically, full of pitiful panic.



Looking at him, Shen Delu’s eyes narrowed.



What a resemblance.


Chu Chen’an only saw that the madman’s left hand was being stained with blood, his handsome face was clearly defined, and he smiled in a chilly and creepy manner.



“Then please come in.” Shen Delu gazed into Chu Chen’an’s eyes, “I’ll take the doctor to say hello to my little wife.”


Shen Delu quickened his pace and walked in the direction of 402 again.



Chu Chen’an very much didn’t want to follow, he very much didn’t want to face his corpse in this copy ……



But due to the invisible pressure from the madman, he still followed.



He passed the administrator lying in a pool of blood and squeezed the handle of the medicine box.



Shen Delu pushed open the door of the room and led Chu Chen’an into the bedroom.



“My wife likes quiet, please keep your voice down.”



Shen Delu sat himself down in front of the easel not far from the bedside, and said to Chu Chen’an, who was standing in the doorway, “Wait a moment, I’m still a little short of finishing the painting.”



He used the blood on his fingertips to paint red lips for the young man in the portrait, his movements careful and gentle.



The crimson lips set off the white skin color of the young man in the painting.



After Shen Delu finished painting, he looked at the painting obsessively for a long time before gazing sideways at Chu Chen’an, “How about it? It’s very pretty, isn’t it?”



Chu Chen’an looked at it in a panic.



In the past, Shen Delu loved to draw him.



Shen Delu, in order to draw him…..


Specially placed a full body mirror in front of the bed.





On the occasion of crazy possession, Shen Delu would forcefully make him look at the mirror.



Let him see clearly and deeply memorize every scene.



“An An, see clearly, you are mine.”



His low words always clear in his ears.



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