Soon the host found a topic of conversation, and everyone started the competition.



The space here was still big enough, each designer was prepared with a table, a sewing machine, and pens, rulers, scissors, etc. for tailoring.


The rows and rows of tables looked quite spectacular.


Soon the organizer pushed two mobile racks over, one on the left and one on the right, the left one was full of rows of fabrics, all of which were for making hanfus.



On the right shelf was a pile of threads, all kinds of threads, which were for designers to use for embroidery.



As the host said it was time, all the designers started to quickly go and pick their own fabrics.



All the designers started to quickly pick up the cloth and needle and thread they wanted.


In terms of materials, the organizer still gave quite enough, there was no situation where a color had to be grabbed, after all, this was a design competition and not a reality show, there was no need to make it more difficult.



Shi Fei quickly selected four colors of cloth, one of the cloth was spread on the table.


Xu Zeming asked anxiously from the side, “Shi Fei, is there anything I can do to help?”



While drawing a line with a ruler, Shi Fei asked, “Have you ever cut paper?”



Xu Zeming nodded: “I have.” Almost everyone cut paper before, there were a lot of handicraft classes when he was in school.



Shi Fei drew the lines very quickly, and soon drew the size and shape he wanted, handing the scissors to Xu Zeming: “Cut the cloth according to this line.”



Xu Zeming immediately started cutting.


Shi Fei went back to the fabric area, picked up a dark-colored jujube-red cloth, came to the right side, picked some green threads, and went back to his own position to start threading the needle.


“Is Shi Fei still planning to embroider?”


“He still knows how to embroider? Don’t turn the mandarin ducks into ducks when the time comes, that’s what they all show on TV dramas.”


“Not to mention whether or not the embroidery will look good, will it be too late?”


“Brother can also needle embroider, I feel like I’m a waste, I can’t do anything but eat, drink and shit, I’m such a waste.”



After threading the needle, he quickly embroidered on the cloth.



The crowd watched, Shi Fei’s behavior was simply confusing, originally one person had to make four sets of Chinese outfits and the time was very tight, so to speak, there wasn’t enough time.


Embroidery itself was quite time-consuming. Nowadays, many Hanfu clothes were called purely handmade, but the embroidery on them was actually done by machines.


One was that besides a few designers, most of them didn’t know how to embroider, and the styles they embroidered may not look good. In contrast, machines embroidered much better.


Secondly, machine embroidery also saved time



The host would also wander around and ask designers some questions from time to time during the production process.



When he turned to Shi Fei’s side, he saw that Shi Fei’s embroidery was so fast that he felt that his eyes couldn’t keep up with his speed.


Soon one of them was finished, and he found another spot to continue embroidering.



As the camera zoomed in, everyone could see that the piece he had embroidered before was a clump of turquoise pine leaves, which were so lifelike that it looked like the real thing.


As Shi Fei embroidered a piece in the east and a piece in the west, it looked random.


Soon enough, several finished pine leaves were embroidered.


At this time, Xu Zeming finished cutting the cloth and hammered his back, which had been bent for too long, and said, “Shi Fei, I’ve finished cutting the cloth.”


Shi Fei put down the embroidery needles in his hand, pulled Xu Zeming along, and this time, he directly carried 8 pieces of cloth back.



The audience was stunned by this move, did he need so much?



Well this wasn’t something he spent money on, so he could just waste it.



Shi Fei didn’t know what everyone was thinking. At this moment, all his thoughts were focused on design. He picked up a pen and ruler and drew on one of the cloths. This time, he drew one by one.



The crowd was even more confused, this cloth was drawn as a strip, could it be cut out as a strip in a while? Was there such a Chinese hanfu?


“See the length and width of the cloth, cut all the cloths like this to more than twenty.” After Shi Fei had passed the thread on top of one of the cloths, he once again picked up the green needle and thread and continued to embroider.


Over there, Xu Zeming was also cutting extremely carefully, and he even consciously bundled and sorted the cut strips of cloth according to different colors.



Time passed by minute by minute, all of a sudden two hours have passed, many other designers had already started to make clothes.


Those who were fast had a piece ready.



Another hour passed, Shi Fei finally stopped the hands of the needle and thread, drew the line and then handed it over to his assistant to cut.



He placed the embroidered cloth aside, sat down on the sewing machine and said to Xu Zeming, “Bring the cut No. 2 and No. 3 cloths over here.”


When he drew the lines earlier, he had numbered each area of the cloth, so it would be easy to find them by just saying the number.


Xu Zeming had originally categorized the cloths by number, so finding them was particularly facile.


Shi Fei lowered his head and skillfully operated the machine at a speed that was several times faster than what he had done before when he was recording The Sims and making hanfus all night at night.



That time, after all, was just recording the program, this was a competition.



Shi Fei called out the number and Xu Zeming handed over the materials, the two of them were very much in sync.


Sitting in front of the computer watching this scene, Tian Sihan’s heart was on the verge of bursting with acidic water.



Her fingers obsessively touched the person on the computer screen, “This is my idol, idol ah.”



The idol’s serious look when he was doing the hanfu was so handsome.



The trainee next to her screamed with love in her eyes, “Brother looks so handsome when he makes clothes, how can my little heart stand it.”


“Yes, it’s quite handsome.” Tian Sihan also chimed in.



“Right, right, you also think he’s handsome, don’t you. Even if he is handsome, he is also multi-talented, he’s too talented.” That person covered her face, “Look, his every move is flirting with my heart. If only I could get an autographed photo of Brother Fei. If I can speak a word with him from a distance, I think I’ll die in peace.”



Tian Sihan listened to the words of adoration for Shi Fei next to her, lightly biting her finger, her heart was broken.


You may not believe me if I say it, your star even stayed in my house for two days, I shopped and dined with him to do a program.


But what’s the point, I don’t have an autographed photo either.


She was devastated!





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