Shi Fei turned around and left, Xu Zeming also followed by his side, not asking any questions.


When he turned the corner, he saw Wang Yuanzhi walking towards him, accompanied by an assistant.



Shi Fei looked down and said to Xu Zeming: “There may be a wa.r ahead, it’s time to test you.”



Xu Zeming nodded: “Don’t worry, Brother Fei, I won’t drag my feet.”


Wang Yuanzhi was in a bad mood when he saw Shi Fei.


Because the competition party had first revealed the news that Shi Fei was coming to be the guest of honor, all the tickets had been bought by his fans.


Just now, he asked his assistant to take a peek at the audience, basically there were no fans of his, all of them were fans of Shi Fei holding red banners.



He sang, but the bottom was full of other people’s fans, just thinking about it made him extremely angry.


When he saw Shi Fei’s post earlier, he really thought that the organizer of the competition had invited Shi Fei to be the guest of honor, but after confirming that he hadn’t, he checked Shi Fei’s post again.



Then he subconsciously thought that Shi Fei came to fight desperately out of anger.



At his age, it was normal to be hot blooded.



Wang Yuanzhi didn’t know that when the organizers of the competition received the replacement designer from Lanlianfang, they passed on the information of Shi Fei in order to prevent any mistakes.


They didn’t expect that the designer rumored to be Ai Wei was actually Shi Fei, a popular teenager, and immediately thought that this would be a big breakthrough.



By the time the competition started, the live broadcast would definitely explode.



Therefore, when Wang Yuanzhi asked Shi Fei about his situation, he didn’t specifically explain the situation to him.



As soon as Wang Yuanzhi saw Shi Fei, he felt that he could finally find an outlet for the anger that he had been holding before, and the smug smile on his face was almost overflowing, “It’s really you, Shi Fei, I thought that I had made a mistake at the door before?”



Shi Fei: “Who are you?”


Wang Yuanzhi’s face expression froze: “Shi Fei, no matter what, I joined the industry earlier than you, I’m considered to be your senior, is this how you talk to your senior?”



Shi Fei smiled and then asked: “Senior? If you like to hear me call you senior, I can do that too. Senior, is this okay?”


Seeing the disrespectful expression on Shi Fei’s face, Wang Yuanzhi also felt a surge of anger in his heart. He also knew that Shi Fei had a grudge against the company. If he stepped on Shi Fei today, the company would probably only praise him if he knew.



So Wang Yuanzhi continued: “I don’t even know what you are doing here. How dare you come here? How dare you show up after being canceled by the organizer, don’t you feel ashamed?”


Almost as soon as Wang Yuanzhi’s words fell, the organizer’s staff came over excitedly when they saw Shi Fei: “Mr. Fei, it’s great that you’re here, the competition is about to start over there, so I’m here to ask you if you want to put on some makeup before the competition? After all, you are a public figure.”


Mr. Fei shook his hand and said, “No, I think I look fine like this.”



The staff hurriedly responded, “Okay then, I’ll take you to the rest room first, this way please.” Since Shi Fei was able to enter here, they must have confirmed his identity, the organizer knew that Ai Wei was the popular kid Shi Fei, so they were all excited, this was equivalent to a free popularity coming to their the doorstep.



Wang Yuanzhi saw that the staff’s attitude towards Shi Fei was strange and asked, “Didn’t you say that Shi Fei won’t be used for the opening song?” Seeing how the person in charge was treating Shi Fei, it was obvious that there was something strange.



Seeing that it was almost time for the competition, the staff thought that it would be alright to tell them, so they answered directly, “Mr. Shi Fei didn’t come here to sing, he came here as a designer to participate in the competition.”


Wang Yuanzhi’s face turned pale and he looked at Shi Fei with disbelief.


The staff then kindly reminded Wang Yuanzhi, “Mr. Wang, your lounge is over there, it’s box number 5.”


As Shi Fei passed by Wang Yuanzhi, he whispered, “You just asked me if it’s a shame to come here, I can answer you now. I’m not ashamed, after all, I’m not like someone who can’t do anything but sing, singing is just my side business.”


The staff also felt that the atmosphere between the two people wasn’t quite right, it should be a conflict, but he was just a part-time worker, and didn’t dare to ask anything more.


Quickly, he took Shi Fei and left, leaving Wang Yuanzhi standing there in the wind.



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