It wasn’t long after Shi Fei sent Wei Ru to the hospital that Fang Haozhou rushed over.


He talked to Fang Haozhou about the matter of Ye Jian, and then handed him over to him, and then he and Gu Yueze left the hospital.



Standing in the hospital elevator, Shi Fei yawned: “Mr Gu, why don’t we go get a room.”



Gu Yueze’s back was straight, and his voice had an imperceptible stiffness, “Are you in such a hurry?”



Shi Fei: “Of course I’m in a hurry, it’s already so late.”


Gu Yueze looked at him sideways: “After a long day, aren’t you tired?”


SHI Fei: “Yes, that’s why I said I’m going to get a room.”



Twisting around, he realized that the conversation between the two of them was not right.


“I think it’s too late to drive back to Juan City. Let’s get a room here in Jingyuan City to sleep and rest first, and then go back tomorrow.” Sideways, he squinted his eyes, a sly glint flowing from the bottom of his eyes, “Mr Gu, what are you thinking again?”


Gu Yueze straightened his back, “Nothing.”


Shi Fei came closer, “Were you doing ‘that’ in your head just now?”


Gu Yueze said expressionlessly, “No.”


Shi Fei: “No, it seems that you really have no desire to do anything. So you can rely on the right hand and continue to be single for more than ten years?”


Gu Yueze: “……”


Shi Fei and Gu Yueze went to a five-star hotel together.


With his hand on the front desk, he propped up his chin and said to Gu Yueze: “Normally, according to the script, there is only one room left in the hotel at this time, so we can only squeeze in together tonight.”


Hearing this, the receptionist immediately responded with a professional smile: “You’re kidding, it’s not the peak season, our hotel still has plenty of rooms, how many rooms do you two want?”


Shi Fei: “Two.”


Gu Yueze didn’t mean anything, he asked for two deluxe king-size bed rooms and paid.


Just now, the front desk had been staring at Gu Yueze and secretly looking at him. Shi Fei thought she was interested in Gu Yueze.


Until he registered with his ID card, the other party looked at Shi Fei’s ID card and saw his face wearing a mask, and immediately became excited and wanted to scream, “Are you, are you….?”


“Shh. “Shi Fei placed his finger in front of his masked lips, reminding the other not to shout.



She immediately nodded, and then looked at Gu Yueze next to him, she finally determined that it wasn’t just a look-alike, then immediately became even more excited.



“I feel like I can smell the fragrance even through the door of the room.” Shi Fei pulled Gu Yueze towards the room and hurriedly closed the door.


Laying out the things in his hands one by one, he saw the strings of delicious fried chicken claws and wings and hurriedly picked them up and started eating them.



While nibbling on the chicken wings, he asked, “Where’s the beer? Did you buy it?”


Gu Yueze took out a beer, when Shi Fei reached over to take it, he slapped the back of his hand and took a bottle of AD calcium milk from the bag: “Drink this.”


Shi Fei: “……”


Seeing that he bought him a snack, forget about it.


He also invited Gu Yueze to eat with him, but he wasn’t interested in these things.


Shi Fei ate happily on his own, and the room was filled with the scent of fried chicken claws.


After eating all of those things, Shi Fei burped and tried to stand up, when he suddenly felt that his stomach was getting a little hard.



“What’s wrong with you?” Gu Yueze asked as he saw that his expression wasn’t quite right.


“It seems like I’m holding up my food.” There was no silver needle here, so there was no way to give himself a needle to eliminate the food, Shi Fei massaged himself: “It’s okay, I’ll press a few times and it will be fine.”



“Let me do it.”


Shi Fei laid on the sofa while he massaged his stomach through the thin fabric of the clothes, it was a clockwise massage, which accelerated the stomach digestion, relieving Shi Fei’s difficulty.



After eating and drinking enough, then the massage, Shi Fei went to sleep.



Gu Yueze picked up Shi Fei and put him on the bed, feeling the weight on his hand, he thought: “It’s too light”.




The next morning, Shi Fei and Gu Yueze had breakfast at the hotel and drove back to Juan City.


After sending him home, Gu Yueze rushed back to the company.


Before he sat down, Wei Ru called him to confirm that she wanted him to participate in the Oriental Charm Design Competition.


Originally, Wei Ru participated in the competition in the name of Lanlianfang, so even if Shi Fei replaced Wei Ru now, it was fine, he was still the main designer of Lanlianfang.



“If I participate now, I won’t be able to submit my design in time. It can’t be that I’m allowed to participate with your design, right?” Shi Fei stepped on his shoes with his feet and changed his sneakers into house slippers.


“No need, didn’t you just win a foreign award for two sets of Chinese dress designs before? Just take that to compete, I’ve asked the program team, it’s fine as long as it’s this year’s design work. At that time, the competition system will be strong, I believe that in this regard, you can kill the Qiluo Court.” That scene has always been Shi Fei’s strong point, Wei Ru believed that with him in, It wouldn’t be Qilou’s Pavilion time to shine.


Wei Ru wanted revenge, after a strong persuasion, finally Shi Fei could only agree.


Then he called Song Yiyuan and asked him to adjust his schedule a little bit.


After hanging up, Fang Haozhou’s side sent another message, mainly to tell him that Xu Tianshen and Wu Ziqiang were arrested last night, but both of them had a tacit understanding not to give up Ye Jian.



Of course they wouldn’t confess, they were still counting on Ye Jian to save them.



Plus, if Wei Ru didn’t take the initiative to mention it, Ye Jian could really relax for a while.



Afterwards, a passer-by revealed that Wei Ru was kid-napped last night, saying that she was a patient at the hospital and met Wei Ru, Shi Fei and Gu Yueze last night.


Wei Ru’s appearance was very messy, especially her hands and feet had strangulation marks, he presumed that there was a possibility of her encountering a kid-napping plot.


“No way, still kid-napping? Who dares to take the risk?”



“Is this guy watching too many crime movies and brainstorming? If she was really kidnapped, she couldn’t call the police?”



“Do you know if they did or didn’t call the police? Can’t you still have connections with the police to check it out?”



“The owner of this post can’t be looking at Wei Ru and Shi Fei’s recent popularity, so he wants to rub it in, right?”


Then this post suddenly disappeared, no picture, no truth, the post was deleted, the account was also reported, this didn’t cause great concern.


Shi Fei noticed the post and guessed it was Fang Haozhou.


Wei Ru, a girl, was kid-napped by a per-vert like Xu Tianshen for two days. Some sympathized but there were always those from the dark side who speculated on evil aspects, which wasn’t good for Wei Ru’s reputation.



At the same time, Gu Yueze received an email from Wei Weidong.


Mainly asking him if some of the scenes from the next episode could be edited in for broadcast.



Previously, during the recording of the Chinese dress theme, Shi Fei and Gu Yueze had not spilled a lot of sugar, the two of them were hugging and nibbling on their ears at night, and when they got up in the morning to brush their teeth, they were still flirting, so there was quite a lot of content.


If you really cut it all in, the audience would see that the two of them had a leg up.


Wei Weidong couldn’t afford to give up such a good material, and didn’t know where Gu Yueze’s scale of acceptance was, so he first sent the edited version to him.


Of course, some particularly intimate scenes would be cut off, but just looking at other scenes, it was also the first phase of high sugar production.


Gu Yueze didn’t agree after seeing it and asked him to delete most of the high sweetness between the two of them to make it look like they were just normal people when they got along. Instead, he secretly saved the edited episode.



Wei Weidong who got the news was very disappointed, he had to cut such good material ah, his heart ached.


Obviously, these would explode if released, and the hot searches would be pre booked.


But if the wealthy father Gu Yueze disagreed, what could he do?


As a result, that afternoon, a few days before the third installment of the program aired, Shi Fei was the first to hit the hot searches.


#Shi Fei Sends Math Exam Papers To Jiang Yu #


The reason for this was that Jiang Yu received a box of math papers from Shi Fei, and sent a picture of the papers with a devastated emoji to Weibo: Shi Fei, didn’t you say five sets of question papers? Don’t tell me this box is five sets? (It’s too hard.jpg)]



As one could see from the photo, a whole box of math papers, spread out to look at every stage from elementary school to college.


“It’s still unclear what it is, but this picture makes me want to laugh so much.”


“This can’t be the math test papers that our family’s Fei sent to Jiang Yu, right? Why? What is Shi Fei sending this to Mr. Jiang Yu for?”



“Elementary school, middle school, high school and college, what’s going on here? Is our brother Jiang going to participate in the Olympiad?”



Soon below this post, Shi Fei left a message: [Go for it!]


This reply was quickly topped as the number one hot comment again.


“So what the hell is going on here? Is there anyone out there who can explain?”


“I’ll give a dollar, please get to the bottom of this immediately.”


“I’ll give five dollars, please have someone come out and explain it clearly.”


“Don’t guess, the official new trailer is out, you guys go watch it and you’ll know hahahahahahahaha.”


“I’ve seen it, Jiang Yu, sorry I laughed too.”


Soon many people asked which official it was, and someone left a comment that it was the official blog of The Sims.



A new trailer had just come out two minutes ago, which perfectly explained why Jiang Yu had received the test paper.



It was a specially edited one, and going in it showed the two of them, Gu Yueze and Jiang Yu, each giving a question.


Jiang Yu’s question was of the stolen-concept type, and while many people didn’t get it at once and wete really stumped, there were others who see through the question at a glance.



Gu Yueze’s slightly disgusted expression was especially clear under the close up shot, after which Gu Yueze also asked the question and everyone heard Jiang Yu’s answer underneath the laughter.


Especially when he was still not convinced and chased after the question, that expression was really too silly and cute.



After that, Shi Fei gave Jiang Yu a snail math problem and Jiang Yu quickly figured out that it was nine days.


Shi Fei then said he was going to send Jiang Yu math papers to fill in his shortcomings, and the order of the two was slightly switched.


Jiang Yu then replied, “I think I’m pretty good at math, so what’s the point of filling in?”


This was the end of the story and explained why Shi Fei sent Jiang Yu a math paper.


“Brother Jiang, do you have any misconceptions about your math level?”


“Suddenly I want to ask myself what the hell I’ve been a fan of (crying and laughing.jpg).”


“Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Brother Jiang are you trying to make me laugh to death so you can inherit my workbook?”



“Our little Yu can do these topics.”



“Cub ah, now mom can’t help you, follow Shi Fei and study hard.”



“All of you spread out, spread out, don you want my brother Jiang to lose face?”


“After that, it was revealed that brother Jiang lost his girlfriend fans by exposing his intelligence (dog head. jpg)


“After that, I secretly poked and felt a bit like knocking on their CP.”



“Drag that person upstairs away, black and white CPs are not allowed.”



Wei Weidong knew a new short teaser would be coming out when he saw Jiang Yu and Shi Fei’s interactive posts.


Sure enough, once this trailer was released, it fired up The Sims a bit more.



He hurriedly cued both Shi Fei and Jiang Yu to send out another post promoting the show’s airing this Saturday. As for Gu Yueze’s side, Wei Weidong didn’t dare to ask for anything, anyway, he wasn’t as popular as these two, so it was the same whether he publicized or not.


Gu Yueze was also spying on the netizens’ messages, and when he saw that there were actually netizens who wanted to stand up to their CP, his brows furrowed.



He took out his cell phone and sent a message to Shi Fei: “Shouldn’t we fulfill the contract?


He wasn’t a good person, he was a good person, he was a good person.


Gu Yueze: [Dinner and a movie date].



After chatting with Shi Fei, Gu Yuzhe sent a message to Wei Weidong: [The content of the next installment will be the same as the one you showed me before].


Wei Weidong: ……



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