There was only a window between Lin Lang and the men’s singles players who were talking, so not only could he hear what they were saying, but he could also clearly see who was saying it.


The one who had the biggest problem with him was also the one who reacted the most when he heard that he didn’t have any competition experience.



His name seemed to be …… Yu Tong?


The career of skaters was very short, the Chinese team’s talent pool hadn’t been sufficient, to this session, there had become a real shortage of youth.


Looking at the entire men’s singles team, apart from Guan Hao, who was still the mainstay, there were almost all veteran players who didn’t know when they would retire.



In his last life, Lin Lang came three years later than this time, and those veterans had all retired, leaving only Guan Hao alone, still going for the honor of the country, carrying injuries and illnesses, participating in various competitions alone again and again.


But no matter what from the beginning to the end, Lin Lang didn’t have any memory of this Yu Tong in front of him, who looked even younger than himself.


Could it be the butterfly effect caused by his rebirth, making certain developments in this life to be different from the previous one?


Lin Lang stood outside the window, staring fixedly at the teenager in the room who was waving a water bottle, his face red with righteous indignation.


But no matter how much he thought back, what was left in his mind was still unfamiliar.


This kid was only about 14 years old now, counting three years later, he would be 17 years old, which was a good age to be promoted to the adult group.


If he really had the strength to be selected for the national team, why didn’t he participate in his last life?



Lin Lang had been standing outside the window somewhat puzzled, but he didn’t want to stand there for a long time, but at the same time, he was also noticed by some of the people inside.


“Xiao Tong quickly stop talking, since so many people were able to go to such great lengths to get him into the national team, it proves that he must have the appropriate strength.”



“What’s more, after this, even if you’re not led by the same coach, training at the same rink is going to be a regular occurrence, and it’s not good if you say that in case people hear you.”



“That’s right, usually us brothers will spoil you no matter what you want to do, but this time you must be obedient, otherwise tonight you’ll take a bath and sleep alone, even if you meet the red-robed female ghost that specializes in nibbling on people’s ears, there will be no one to care about you.”


The entire national team knew that Yu Tong, this child, although usually fearless, was actually timid.



But in fact, he was most afraid of the dark and afraid of ghosts, perhaps because he was young.



As long as he heard ghost stories, or watched a horror movie, for a week, he had to grab a brother to accompany him to take a bath to coax him to sleep every night.



And now the female ghost in red that those brothers were talking about that specialized in nibbling on people’s ears was one of the characters from that movie that they went out to watch together a few days ago.



Yu Tong was terrified by the image of that female ghost appearing. But he still had to talk tough here when it came down to it.


“If I sleep by myself, I sleep by myself, Coach has already told me that there are no ghosts in this world, those are all movies and novels made up to deceive people.”



“Since I’m already not afraid of ghosts, can I still be afraid of that guy called Lin Lang? He’s as skinny as a stalk of hemp and only grew as tall as me at the age of sixteen, can he still beat me? He’s lucky if I don’t hit him.”



Yu Tong stood in the house with his back against the window, naturally he couldn’t see Lin Lang who was standing behind him at this moment, nor could he see his face which was like a real evil ghost, blackened completely.



Lin Lang could say that he never cared about the things he just said, such as related parties, lack of strength, and so on.



What he didn’t care about before, he wouldn’t care about now, not to mention the fact that the other was just a 14 year old bear child, he wouldn’t even have to get to know him.



If he hadn’t taunted Lin Lang for being short first.



In the sport of skating, if a player was taller, it would often affect their stability after getting on the ice, so the best height for male singles athletes was actually around 170.



With a height of 175, Lin Lang’s balance between stability and aesthetics could be said to be perfect.


But this still didn’t hinder him, as the keywords height and short had become his Achilles’ heel off the field.



After all, children in the north were generally taller, and Lin Lang had always had to be in the front of the line at school, whether he was in a row or standing in line.



Even now, he could still remember when he was in junior high school, he just grew to one meter seven, and went on a trip to Shandong with his parents in excitement, but was mocked by others for not being tall enough.


Everything else that Yu Tong said could not enter Lin Lang’s ears.



Only this sentence, every word was heard by him.



Lin Lang was neither going to scold him nor beat him, but just when Yu Tong was about to be filled with righteous indignation again and he and those veterans were about to say something else.


He quietly climbed up to the balcony, leaning against the window, pressed against the back of the person, and blew on his ear.



That feeling immediately reminded Yu Tong of the scenes and actions of the female ghost eating people in the ghost film he watched that day.



If it wasn’t for the fact that there were his senior brothers standing in the same room with him. Yu Tong would most likely have to be killed off by Lin Lang on the spot.


However, even so, he was still scared to death. He screamed all the way from the window and quickly moved to the arms of his seniors. It wasn’t until he turned around and saw Lin Lang lying on the window frame through the window that he finally jumped out again, showing signs of resurrection.



“It’s actually you again! Pretending to be a ghost behind people’s backs to scare them, is it fun?! If you’re really capable, go on the ice and compete with me squarely right now!”


Yu Tong stood in front of his senior brothers, pointing his finger at Lin Lang outside the window, his face was red with excitement, he was obviously furious.


Lin Lang, on the other hand, still had the same indifferent look of watching a show, obviously not taking his insults and declaration of w-ar as a matter of fact.


He just flatly dropped a sentence, “No comparison.”




“Because you’re too weak, there’s no point in winning against you.”



It was just this one match, and as usual, according to Lin Lang’s strength, it wouldn’t matter much even if he agreed.


After all, it was unlikely that he would lose at all.


It was just that he didn’t want to go along with this bear child’s wish, who made him just mention his height?



Seeing Yu Tong standing in the room, almost unable to speak because he was so angry, Lin Lang expressionlessly stretched out a finger, lightly pulled his eyelids, stuck out his tongue and let out a slight sound, completing the last wave of mockery, and left the national team’s arena in a satisfied manner, going back to his home.



Looking at his back as he turned to leave, Guan Hao, who had remained neutral behind him and didn’t say a word, finally tugged at the corner of his senior’s coat beside him and asked.


“How do you feel about Lin Lang?”


Hearing this question, that senior brother’s expression was also a bit difficult as he looked at Lin Lang’s back as he left, and in the end, he could only speak realistically.



“Let’s not mention the other leaders for now, just by the fact that he can get Ji Cangshu to be the coach, it can be said that he definitely has some strength. And just now Yu Tong was like that, but he didn’t bother much with him, at least you can also see that he has a pretty good mindset.”


“It’s his retaliatory measure, it’s a bit too simplistic, but it makes people want to caution themselves.”


“In the future, don’t ever, one day, commit a crime in his hands, otherwise there certainly won’t be any good fruit to eat.”



Lin Lang’s appearance made all kinds of collisions happen on the players’ side, and after the self-introductions at noon, it also made the coaching group where Ji Cangshu was from set off a small storm.



The reason why he triggered a collision among the players was because he didn’t have the experience of winning the award, and was mistakenly looked down upon by the crowd as not having the strength to do so.



But when it came to the coaching team, who had some knowledge of Lin Lang because of his explosive video, the situation was completely different.



Ji Cangshu was at the center of this wave, so naturally it was easier for him to see clearly than others, and the reason why this wave started in the coaching team was mostly from jealousy.



Jealous of the fact that at this time when domestic players weren’t enough, Ji Cangshu just arrived at the national team, and there was such a good seed who would surely replace Guan Hao in the future, and become the new No.1 player in China, winning countless prizes.



At the same time, they were also jealous of Ji Cangshu for being one step ahead of them and easily taking away Lin Lang, whom they had been focusing on for a long time.



Not to mention, even the seedlings that they had dug out from various places with great difficulty and cultivated until now, which they thought were not bad, had to be forced to compete with such a once-in-a-century genius as Lin Lang.



Originally, they thought that taking advantage of the fact that the domestic singletons were weak nowadays, even with these seedlings under their hands, they might be able to make some self-deluding name for themselves.



But now with such a Star beside them at all times for comparison, they couldn’t even lose with much dignity.



“Lin Lang has just arrived at the national team, the boy experienced some not-so-good things before, and needs some time to make adjustments.”



“So for his first international tournament, I’m initially going to put it in August next year, at the start of the new season, and have him go to two Grand Prix stops in the youth division.”


The spots for the Grand Prix were limited, and once Lin Lang appeared, there were bound to be some players under the coach’s hand who would lose out with him, so as soon as this came out from the top, there were immediately skeptical voices down below as well.



“Although Lin Lang’s level before does look good, but that’s just a video, not long after the video broke out, he disappeared, how his the real skating skill is, none of us have seen it.”



“And even if he’s really good, he hasn’t been on the ice for a full year. It’s anyone’s guess as to how far he’s regressed, and even whether he’s capable of entering the national team or not is still a mystery at this point.”



“Such a person who hasn’t even participated in a domestic tournament, how can we let him go to the international tournament so easily!”


Everyone present knew exactly how strong Lin Lang was, so as soon as such questioning voices came out, Ji Cangshu immediately replied.



“Lin Lang is in good shape now, and is not too disturbed by the surrounding affairs, since you have raised such concerns, then put everything on the field openly and honestly.”


“In competitive sports, results speak for themselves, whoever wins the All Championships in a month’s time, goes!”



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